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AceLione 19h
Oh Mighty Knight, why do you keep fighting?
Oh Mighty Knight, how firm are you holding your banner?
Oh Mighty Knight, When is the last time you cried?
Oh Mighty Knight, Who will die for you?
Oh Mighty Knight, What is between you and death?
Oh Mighty Knight, Where will you take your rest?
Oh Pitiful Knight...
Kyle Reeves May 24
beads of salt and sweat edge
the Cuban sandwich zest from
the tip of my tongue
flavors of my own theme song
echo in my throat

I'm merry ******* footfalls
on hot concrete snares
and the groans swinging
between my thighs take lead
singing cat whistles
along Main Street

snakes will be snakes
and tight cotton shirts
is asking for venom vial shots

don't worry though
those are my brother's loosened trousers
I'm a sweet gardener
I hold doors open
and voted for Hillary
I'm blinding reflection
standing over the hill

but don't shake my thoughts
with your pepper singed howls
cleaning you up messes my stride
dress like a lady and
monsters look for prettier things

oil stains dripping through
the elbows of my shirt
writes working man sonnets
across noir alley doorways
named Touch But Don't Tell

keep quite and use the suggestion box
and don't blame me for chromosomes
genetic randomness isn't my fault
biochemical cocktails don't drown babies
you just fill your bathtub with them

why do you need life jackets
to fill my shirts
empty your oil can and get a promotion
so you can buy your own

I'm tattered sheets stuffed
over hotel window rails
you're a frail damsel selling dreams
I won't buy, I peep keyholes
save digital copies and call the cops
stop screaming and let me save you

your fingers compress a sweaty glock
rioting my stomach
your tones too ******* loud
remember I loaded the bullets
so at least credit me the shot

beads of blood and sweat
whisper cat o' nines tails
see I'm your martyr
but only on favor street.
Novera May 14
I know how the fairytale goes.
Nobody wants the dragon
Guarding the tower.
They want the Princess
They can save.
But I have scales for skin
And I breathe fire
Through my fangs.
Don't assume I won't
Eat you for dinner
And use your bones
To pick my teeth.
J E A Cole May 5
Carnation-faced child
A curling wave of youth
Do tell me of sea breaking, moon fishing, star milking and dream weaving
Carpaccio's knight
Let me sink into you
Handle me thy sword and armour
You may go pick a flower
Shalott's lady
Lit me your candles
Row me to the shore
The river's barley-scented song will slumber you away and wake me nay
On Carnation, lily, lily, rose ; Young Knight in a Landscape & The Lady of Shalott
lua Mar 12
Roses and daffodils
Peach blossoms too
Sunflowers, bright and tall
I reach out to you

Valleys and flower fields
Ranges and runes
Magic spells, hieroglyphs
A world just for two

Crystal ***** and hooded cloaks
The future and more
Blinding lights and silent thrills
This dream of yours

Armour and the clang of steel
The monsters you slay
Broken glass upon the floors
You push me away

The brave warrior's battle cry
The fire in your soul
The dreams that you set aside
The blood overflows

Strong hands that once were warm
Ones that held me
You lay there upon your crimson pool
The Gods will hear my scream

Sunflowers, bright and tall
Roses, red and blue
Your memory stays close to me
As I reach out to you.
a witch falls in love with a knight, but fate has different plans
TS Mar 11
Some days I'm the dragon,
Others I'm the knight.
But most days I'm the peasant girl in the darkness searching for light.

Where Shelter Jan 2015
bare it straight...

the knight-fool referenced here,
me, scrabbled, scrambled writer,
moat-surround builder,
petard hole-blower in walls of captivity.
letting those inside out,
letting those outside in...

all the beloveds from
ailments hurtful,
in and ex ternality
fearful of eternality

guise of knight errant,
salve and solve,
two pocket protectors,
needy, downtrodden, love-hurting,
slip inside and hide till ready
to come out on acceptable terms

entrapped, locked down and in,
show me the walls for to break,
make the solitary unobligatory
hands holding you will lead us,
all writ on clean new chance foolscap
open sourced coded for sharing

knock knock knock
come calling,
my calling...
to come...
I love cheap money

I love giving it away

cheap money is
that which you give
to the the brave ones....

not much of a poem

because it is the least expensive
way to justify your own existence
and better someone else's

someday I will write
actually share,
the poem long dusted on the bottom
of the pile entitled,

**Just Money**

a long tale of how I learned
the value of monetizing

but let us ask where shelter,
shelter is in the human embrace,
like I said,
not much of a poem,
more a good look
in the mirror

and the shelter of liking
what you see
Amanda Feb 11
I am the dreamer still naive enough to believe in "happy-ever-after"

Known for many years that happy endings are unlikely and that even the best relationships/friendships  come to an end eventually
I am wise enough to realize the difficulty of finding Prince Charming in today's cruel society

Instead of  fairytale romance I grew up with we face a world strewn with sexting, online dating, and a myriad of other technology-polluted dating norms

**** pics are plentiful and chivalry scarce

Hungering for lustful acts of pleasure while I simply thirst for meaningful connection

Gaining not one while those around me ravage conquest after ****** conquest

Rather live a stoic empty life than one full of temporary careless moments forgotten before they are even completed

So I wait to meet my knight
In the barren fields of a loveless plane

Carrying antique values like heavy sandbags
A challenge to bear
But providing necessary balance
You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one
-John Lennon
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