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A knight pretending he
Is imperfect,
Surrendering the bind
For softeness and
Passing his earthly
Emptiness to the
Sleepy sea.

A surreal muse for
This rejected girl;
Emotionally abandoned
And feeling discarded.
A knight armed
With charm
Was gifted to me.
For “R” series
A Simillacrum Sep 19
Lose a tire? Tires,
they come and go.
Do you have a grip?

The wheel works, but,
what's the point
if the blue sparks fly?

Some words stuck
well inside this
sternum of mine
just need be said.

What's the point of
you and I, then?
Are we always safe?

What's the point of
this fear of life
when I'll soon be
nothing more than dead?

Hold your eyes, then,
til the heart arrives.
Sparks cannot fill
me up inside with dread.
I was raised to protect the throne of the king
A warrior summoned to slice everything
Fighting for years a battle not mine
If polished my skills, it made me shine

I cannot count the lives I've taken
Nor the screams of children I've been slayin'
All I remember was the sword I'm swinging
Under the rainy sky, I felt like drowning

How can I be a hero of my country?
When only few of us returns home out of many
This has nothing to do with fate and destiny
This is clearly a product of a greedy authority

I was once a coward, couldn't face the truth
Being just a knight, it ruined my youth
Wearing this armor symbolizes my dignity
I took it off, it sent me to reality.

ALesiach Jul 27
Sleep my love, sleep.
Rest your head on my *******
and place yourself into my keep.
Then, dream us on a mighty quest.

To a land where dragons exist.
Where we can run through mystical forests,
as we chase unicorns through the mist.
Then, on pretty balloons will float, I promise.

As through the marsh we must flee.
Toward evil knights guarding the keep,
where the buried treasure is we seek.
Before we escape on the murmuring seas.

Sleep my love, sleep.
Close your eyes and spread your wings.
There is no reason for you to weep,
for in your dreams you are king.

ALesiach © 05/29/2014
Em MacKenzie Jul 29
I put in my time and I paid the price,
I gained the honour to be your personal sacrifice.
I traded my last breath for your new beginning,
it wasn’t the alter I envisioned, but I still consider this winning.

I swear every single word up and down,
it was voluntary; you didn’t need to trap me.
You know I’d crush my structure to resist your frown,
and I’ll give anything to know I played a roll in making you happy.

I spoke the oath now do the deed,
to help your growth you know I’d bleed.
I swapped my last day for the first in your new life,
I apologize for bleeding while suggesting a better way for you to hold the knife.

I demolished my own walls for you to see open doors,
I’ll remain motionless, no need to strap me.
I always promised you that I’d gladly give my life for yours,
it would be worth it knowing I played a part in making you happy.

I reject my last rights and deny my last meal,
I ponder an anaesthetic but choose instead to feel.  
And if you were to offer me a chance to leave and run,
I’d suggest the most dangerous game but I don’t have a gun.

Some would call me a down right fool,
and supportive well wishers would tell me I hold more worth than this.
But to assist in your desired creation; I’d be canvas, supply or tool,
to be responsible for that smile is the only thing that’s priceless.

After it all I’m reduced to dust and bone,
you’ll keep going on and I’m now put to rest.
But you know deep down you’re never alone,
you’ll still carry my heartbeat within your chest.
Arya Night Jul 24
You are my love story and I write you into everything I do. Everything I see. Anything I touch. You are the words that fill all my pages. The one thought that has entered my mind and never left. My hands belong to you as I write every one of your smiles into our story.
Some may envy our tale because what we have others can only hope to hold. But I shall not waver in my trust in you, for they are just dragons for you, my knight to slay. With your hand in mine, we'll leave the beast in the shadow of our past and step into the light of our future together.
Then I shall hold my breath until the next page turns, because I am eager to see how our next Adventure spells out like a never ending fairytale. For you are my love story and without you. My life would just be empty pages. Without your laugh, I would have not reason to hear. Without your smile, I would have no reason to see. Without you next to me, I would have no reason for a heartbeat.
You are my knight, my sword, and my pen. I love you.
Robert Jun 8
a knight in shining armor
visited me today
he said
**** I'm taking yo girl
Sorry, I'm drunk.
Jo Meyer Apr 6
the  paranoid  King                                    the  adama­nt  Rook
the   soulless  tyrant                                   icon  of   bloodshed
an  empire build on                                    build  on  the  ivory
fright   and  despair                                    fragments of  death  
                                    the   vacant  Knight  
                                    servant   of   demise
                                    the  bearer   of   fate
                                    bound  to the  night
the virulent  Queen                                    the  twisted  ­Bishop
daughter   of  doom                                    preacher   of   battle
the   graceful  terror                                    true worshipper  of    
clad   in  gilt  debris                                    the  god of  carnage
Zywa Mar 25
It is my destiny
to be a female knight
awakened in a dark tomb
my soul draws drops of deep sea
up from the earth

to a fountain of love
that lifts me up to float
to the light

It is my destiny
to be a female knight, young
without blemishes on my soul
that is waiting in me
for reports of a distress

which is too bad
to check off unseen
I must take action

It is my destiny
to be a female knight, I intervene
and reverse the chances
furiously, with superpowers
of good will
Inspired by “Tristan's ascension” (2005, Bill Viola)

Collection “The migration”
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