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Lovely Mar 7
Strangers of the night.
Poets trying to write.
Lovers who love a good fight.
We bring the sun to it's knees every night.
We look so good under the moonlight.
You're my knight of the night.
God, why does this feel so right?
Em Mar 2
I was home alone
Sitting in my room
When ringing invited itself into my home
A package has been delivered

I jumped  up
My feet barely touching the ground
And made my way to the door
It was another summer day
Soft wind blowing
Trees rustling in the distance
Birds singing joyful songs of freedom

As I open the door
The smell of summer morning slaps me in the face
Telling me it’s time to wake up

I grab the package
My fingers swiftly graze the tape
My eyes wonder
And fear holds me tight
An invader
I realize I’m in grave danger

A scream leaves my lips
Dropping the package
I run inside
I close the door and look through the sparkling glass window
There he sits
On the side of my fence
Chirping knowing that he’s in power

Behind me walks my knight in shining armor
Calmly making her way towards me
Minding her own business
Fear takes the lead
And I reach for help

Quickly opening the door
I swing her short furry legs
And on the third time
Target is down

Tears find themselves in my eyes
And camp in for a while
I thank my cat
For saving my life
And we go back home to eat
Never to speak of what happened again
a silly poem i quickly wrote
Amoy Mar 2018
Death, darkness, despair, that how I found you.
Stardust, gunpowder, riffle, nine, I’m glad I came in time
Loss, anger, no fear, no care, oh dear!
I stared deep in your eyes and wonder, wonder, wonder and wonder
Why oh why did I let you go
Why oh why did you tell me no
Time, ring, cell, nothing can keep it in
Tears, pain, emotions I wanted none
Gun, run, no fear, no fun, in a minute the bullet left the gun
Into the darkness you retreat, leaving no trace of light not even from the sun
Walls closing in, dark as night, that’s where I found you
Clinging tight to the pain, let me be your knight
You took my hands and we drifted, drifted out of sight
Haylin Jan 20
My knight does not need to be
in shining armor,
nor blessed with prestige
or countless honor.

It only needs to be you,
someone who could wield
a sword, respectable enough
to be able to strike a heart of gold.
Haylin Jan 20
Sleep tight, my love...
I know you're tired and sick.
I feel sorry I'm not there to relieve you.
I know you're strong
and you can handle yourself like you always do.
But baby you are like a princess to me.
And I am a knight
willing to risk his life
just for you to be alright.
But right now I can do nothing.
and that makes me feel sad.

It feels bad that I'm too far when you need a hug.
It feels bad when
you need food but I can't provide it.

Oh how I wish
I can be the knight
Whose always there
When you need him most.
But how can I do that
If you won't let me?
Rocco Siravo Jan 1
We compose our stories on marble slabs
Hung proudly above our doors
Building characters we call home
Engraved with tall tales of self-motifs

We are damsels awaiting shining armor
At the top of locked towers and guarded floors
We are warriors in search of fallen glory
On the grounds of enemies we swore

We are protagonists of a book still being written
But in an attempt to spoil the ending
We set into motion biblical truths
That twist the plot of our own devices

Woven between the alabaster lining of our prose
We reveal traits self-labelled
Of antagonists we antagonized
Rooting in narratives we first spoke

To what does the princess owe the knight
Held captive in white towers she raised
To what does the warrior owe his king
On reddened battle fields strung for him

We slay dragons we provoked
Melt witches we cursed
All for the sake of the arc
For the script remain unflipped

So we return to the home we had built
With our marble words and stone stories
Alchemizing into a prison cell of rough drafts
Lined with tall tales of self-motifs

With tear swelled eyes, down the slab came
Smashing the etchings from which we bore
And with marmoreal shards scattered at our feet
Commuting the sentences we had so effortlessly written
This is one of my first poems. All feedback is welcome :)
Sunshine Dec 2018
My happy place
My safe grace
My funny bone
My annoying groan

My happy & sad
My good & bad
My crazy & sane
My ball & chain

My wrong & right
My dark & light
My surrender & fight
My delight & despite
My silence & recite

This is Just Some
of what he ignites

My knight of knights

that's right
Nothing is wrong
with your sight
he's wearing my tights
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