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Irem Sep 10
Blue,blur,turquoise shimmer
Makes me remember how beautiful this universe and
How everything is temporary.

Waves of oceans are
Striking to my mind and they
Take all of my thoughts away.
Makes me drift away from everything.

Salty smell of waves
Cherishes me like a good dream
A dream which I don’t want to wake up from.
B D Caissie Sep 2
I believe one of the main reasons for time is to accumulate and cherish all of life's little things.

After all, the whole purpose of a clock is for the little hand to remind us that the big hand is moving.

Cherish Aug 29
Do you still remember how you would take silly pictures of me just trying to get my attention so I'll do back the same too? I miss that feeling

Do you still remember you asking me if im hungry? So caring.

Do you still remember we would always eat ice cream after our meals? You love those chocolate cone.

Do you still remember bringing me for a ride to the place i requested? That's where we talk about our life.

Do you still remember you would bring me to your friend's event even though im not invited? Sorry for making you left out.

Do you remember helping me to clean my small wound and place a plaster for me?

Do you still remember you came down to my place? We ate dinner together that day.

Do you still remember making breakfast for me? It felt like im happiest ******* earth.

Do you still remember i dozed off at ur bed and woke up in the middle of a night finding for you and straight texted you asking you where were you? You were eating at the kitchen, i was worried.

Do you still remember you would make sure i have enough money to go home and make sure im home safely?

Do you still remember how many times i made you sad?

Do you still remember what's the promises you made before we cut contact?

Do you still remember you hugged me that one night and i hugged it back tightly didn't want to let go? I didn't want you to see me crying it hurts because i know no matter how much i try its never ur expectations.

Do you remember those promises?
I always broke ur promises

But i kept one of our promises till today. I promised you I will never leave, i promised me, i promised us

Till today im still waiting, been a year dear.

What happened to the promises that you say you're gonna prove to me?
Bring me back to the moment even if its for awhile.
I miss you till today
Christina S Aug 24
I love you and unlike Shakespeare
I cannot count the ways....
Being in your arms, it's like heaven
with the passing of the days

Cherished are these moments
spent lying next to you
Without you by my side
I don't know what I'd do

Because no one can compare
to the sweetness of your soul
And no one could ever fill
that void and make me whole
Lets just hope we have many years together :)
annh Aug 15
Her dreams to cherish,
Her disappointments to tell;
If Nature had words.
‘The Earth has its music for those who will listen.’
- George Santayana
Donna Aug 21
There’s nothing better
than beautiful photos filled
with special moments

love my family photos I have plenty hanging on my walls at home always makes me smile when I look at them ;❤️
B D Caissie Aug 16
I want to believe in happy endings.
So I live moments like short stories.
Lance Jul 23
I believe we are entitled to certain things
To be loved the way we choose to love
And to be treasured the way we treasure people

But despite such, Cruelty in the world prevails
Hate overwhelms love
Selfishness triumphs above all else

Maybe it was given to us that way
But Its up to us to change that..
This was written when me and my mom argued about entitlement how I didn't deserve many things and still acquired them.
Acina Joy Jul 18
We fill them with love, and love, and love—

then they are filled with love to share with someone else.
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