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Brett Jul 6
The sunset awakens the lonely dreamer,
Who gives no deference to the day.
Early mornings meet late nights on a one-way street and,
A late June crescent moon
Becomes a suitable seat,
To watch the world spin below my feet.  
I cast a kiss from way on high and,
Watch the wind carry my intentions
To the window of her bedroom.
It doesn’t stop and stare, it changes its shape.
The bluest of birds; perched, sings for her to wake
From the silence of her sleep, where somewhere down deep
I imagine that,
She was thinking of me. The lake through the trees
Where we waded waist deep, skipping our stones, together alone.
River of souls, to wither we go.
Lost love lingers like a loose thread on your favorite blanket.
Brett Jun 21
How do we spend the days of our lives? What slice of the pie do we leave,
for our parents eyes? Add the time spent driving,
going to and from. Divide that up and, you get
about three hours every six months with the ones you love.
Imagine that.
                Life’s a laugh track
Like a re-run sitcom that will never get its air back.
That’s why I spin in circles at the square dance.
If the water is wet,
Then I am diving headfirst and swimming laps.
Rivers turn to roads and,
there ain’t no coming back. I slip out a straw and,
Sip the sun.
Inhale and expand my lungs until I float above,
The streets. Here lies the stoop kid,
Who became a balloon on the breeze.
How much time do you spend with the ones you love. Cut off the fat and truly add it up. How many minutes wasted on the faceless. If like is what you make it, I am building a bridge to ensure I can always get to you.
Aŧül Mar 4
I found you
Looking for me,
Looking for some guidance,
Which I gave to you,
In return,
You gave me your heart,
Which I shall cherish forever,
And ever.
My HP Poem #1910
©Atul Kaushal
JKirin Feb 26
Gentle breaths, huffs, escape your sweet kiss-swollen lips.
At the feel of your heartbeat, my own wildly skips.
I am content right here with your head on my chest.
I will hold you close, dear, while you’re taking your rest.
Gabriel Feb 13
My hands love your hands
like a jigsaw, like roots in the soil
and oh, how they grow. They love
the way hands know how to love,
softly, gently, always working for a rest.

And my eyes love your eyes
when they're looked at, looked into.
It's love in the same way that divers love the ocean;
how astronauts cherish the moon,
the love my eyes love is a way of saying
that learning about you is the only thing I want to study.

Dearest, my lips love your lips
because there is nothing else in the world
they could ever fit quite right onto;
they ache for miles as I walk home to you,
the same way Jesus walked on water
and pirates searched for treasure.
They will love you when they are chapped
and love you when they are quivering
and love you when they are so far apart
that they understand how atoms can never touch.

The way my face loves your face feels so much
like loving myself, like mirrors are suddenly kind
because my face is loved, and how could that not be beautiful?
How could cheeks be rosy or tear-stained
and still feel the same?
Still cold without you,
my face loves your face and your hands the same,
my face loves feeling like it isn't going to be longing and untouched forever.

And my heart, oh, my heart
loves you the way the sun burns.
My heart knows that one day
it will be engulfed and ache in dying
and yet not for a second will it cease to revolve
around you. Around your heart,
which beats in the way the world turns;
my heart believes solemnly that yours is the centre of the Earth,
its beats as revolutions,
and dare it break, dare it stop
even for a moment,
the world would collapse,
because nothing can love and be loved
the way your heart loves and is loved;
I mean it not lightly,
from my lips and my voice and the pull in my chest,
the world would end were your heart ever to stop beating,
stop loving. My heart is a soldier,
my heart is a bodyguard,
my heart will lay down its feeble beats for yours in an instant,
and still your heart is kind.
Your heart makes mine swell,
gives it confidence and understanding,
gives it love upon love upon love,
that beats through every atom of my body
making me who I am.

I am who I am,
all those little parts that seemed so incoherent and ill-fitting before this,
because I love you.
A poem for my wife for Valentine's Day.
We’re standing together now, under the light of our winter moon.
Standing proud, for the love we will share begins soon.
I see your face, shining, with that certain celestial light.
You’ve brought back my hope to glow eternally bright.
Unattested, you have answered my call; all I’ve been praying.
And I’ll always cherish this peace and the love you’ve been saying.
You’ve filled the gaps, sitting idly inside my heart.
It’s been longing for you, all this time we’ve been apart.
I will cherish this life we’ll have, so you can be closer to me.
And for the greatness, we’ll share, growing endlessly.
I want nothing more than to face this all, together.
And the chance we have to start our “happily ever after.”


Acum stăm împreună, sub lumina lunii noastre de iarnă.
Stând mândru, pentru dragostea pe care o vom împărtăși începe curând.
Îți văd fața, strălucind, cu acea anumită lumină cerească.
Mi-ai adus înapoi speranța de a străluci etern luminos.
Neatestat, mi-ai răspuns apelului; tot ce m-am rugat.
Și voi prețui întotdeauna această pace și dragostea pe care ai spus-o.
Mi-ai umplut golurile, stând în inima mea.
Mi-a fost dor de tine, în tot acest timp am fost separați.
Voi prețui această viață pe care o vom avea, astfel încât să puteți fi mai aproape de mine.
Și pentru măreția pe care o vom împărtăși, crescând la nesfârșit.
Nu vreau altceva decât să fac față tuturor, împreună.
Și șansa pe care o avem de a începe “fericit pentru totdeauna.”
English and Romanian
Sarah Lane Jan 30
You are made of gold
But each moment you can’t hold
Even you are not your own
Though each breath is what you’ve sown
Your life is in God’s hand
Who counts each grain of sand
So give everything you are
Because death is never far
Once in the lifetime
We got to meet
Like minded person
A mirror reflection
Of own's soul
And the rest will be
The history

Frozen in forever
And for you, let me scribe tender words i've not heard myself say. Now and then.
Jo King Jan 13
With your whispers
In the hollow of my ear
And your gnashing teeth
Along with the touching of ribs
I want them traced
You want to break them
The natural charm you have
The flash of a small smile
I'll beg for a kiss
You beg for more blood
And ripped flesh
All I want
Is to be loved by you
To be cherished
I want to be the only one
So please
Destroy me
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