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Savio Fonseca Jun 2023
Your Humour splits the World
and the Universe begins to Laugh.
Your jokes flow like a Fountain
and splits Me into Half.
Your Smile makes Me Quiver,
along My nervous Spine.
It's like the Ripples of a River,
Where the high tide begins at Nine.
Your Beauty is so Beautiful,
It moves My naked Soul.
Your Kindness is so much Loving,
It sewed My broken Heart to Whole.
I was waiting for My Heartbeats,
So I could Dedicate a Poem with Words.
But Words were hard to come by,
So I stole them from the Birds.
Robin Carretti Jun 2023
Sounds dreams art form
In age norm- brainstorm
Wake -up alarm rainstorms
    Carmel Clouds
Barking noises and hounds
Chasing to be found

Monstrous- snowstorm

Dreams to heal
In uniform
Please no harm
love embraces  
Chasing the wrong faces

Gazing- engaging- singing
Dreams touch a nerve
Reacting jump ringing*
Chasing and saving
Memory of words
Wild child-hummingbirds

Floating in the air taps
No time like a normal nap
The cell phone pictures
and apps
Chasing big stir coffee sips
Valuable time trips
Chasing our dreams

Is real what it seems?
Lips* met* the *sunset
Eyes water love just met

Chasing- raging- event
Lullaby Lighthouse
Does your dreams make any sense?
Chasing our minds what about our bodies are we always chasing things we will never have? How does your dreams react?
Danica Jan 2022
A deep conversation with heaven
Unspoken words and sorrows
Emanate from my fountain pen
Igniting my creative flows

-talking to the moon about you
Lead K Jan 2021
Festival time - A favorite time of year
When Mothers and Fathers sing the their children as gifts
Dance in the love of Old Grandpa Wally
Even when he can't find his socks, or sits on the dog
Aunt Dorcas bought the tickets to the Fantasy Festival
So all the good little Girls and Boyos can play!

Open your arms
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your family
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your Daddy
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your Mommy
To the Fountain of Clowns

Will you go with me to ride the Spring Mares?
Or see the sights at the Showy-Magic Tent?
Maybe learn  what the Pizzazz Wizard sees for our Tomorrows?
Maybe a kiss at the Promisatorium
All of your Sister's dreams can die and be born again
If your tired, rest your head on Brother's lap and take a drink

Open your eyes
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your heart
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your insides
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your mouth
To the Fountain of Clowns

Laughing and Crying are the flavors of love
The scars on your heart will open its flowers
Look deep in the eyes of the children who surround you
Ask them for love with your arms and your tears
The sun in the sky was meant for your Heart
Maybe the Queen of Summer will never end

Open your past
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your future
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your body
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your heart
To the Fountain of Clowns
Take a walk with me to the festival grounds - Let us see what magic we can make!
Star BG Aug 2020
I be a fountain of words
ready to take breaths spoon,
and scoop them up to scribe away.

I be the mighty river
expanding with waves of phases
to invite fish like eyes to wander.

I be a sun that breaks through clouds
to tickle with rays of hope infused verse.

Come and ride this moment
to feel rich with my abundance of words.

Come dance upon my field of blossoming
libretto’s that match birds who sing.

I dance with life using my skateboard of pen.
I fly with moment to open hearts who gather.
I be a poet with destiny to offer
lyrics from my love fountain
for all to drink.
Inspired by a chat with Old Poet MK   Thanks
Amanda Hawk Jun 2020
These days, anxiety pools around feet
And I drown, which means
I wake up randomly gasping
Pulling at the air, searching for a ladder
Flailing in early morning
As if I am trying to fly
I want to fly away or pull the moon down
So I can build sandcastles on its surface
Then move in, taking residency up in the stars
Fear comes in waves, ebbing and flowing
Over my nerves, breaking down sandcastles
Anxiety, a fountain, always overflowing
Seeping into the corners of my eyes
And I cry for a raft in this tumultuous sea
Claudia May 2020
What is life?
Life is
The magical moments
That keeps your heart levitated,
That keeps you on your toes,
That fills you up with warmth,
Filled with loving moments,
That you can’t get enough of,
And wish that it stays.

Life doesn’t give you what you want,
No matter how many pennies you throw into the fountain.
What is life?
Life is
The dark moments
The ones where you cry when something doesn’t go your way,
The ones where you must carry an umbrella and wear all black,
The ones where you feel like S*;
These ones are when you feel hopeless
No matter how many times you fall,
And don’t feel like you should get back up.

Everyone’s day feels like one of these.
Wake up and find out: Are you having a magical or a dark day?
But the worst of all, are the ones where it is magical then it slowly turns dark;
Where you think everything is in your favor,
And you are about to show the world that they should not mess with you
Then a text or a tweet comes in
And everyone turns their back to you.
thispanman Apr 2020
This fountain
Started off beautiful
Water flowed gently
All parts working together

But like good things,
Something dark looms
The outside looks put together
The inside is a mess

It takes a lot of work
To make the fountain function
The outcome may be beautiful
The road there isn't

Gears turn
Pumps push and pull
To make the water gush
So majestically

To become what it is
It had to be built
With hard labor
And ugly sweat

Sure the foundation gets attention
Sure it gives so little
Sure it's beautiful
But that's not what it takes
To be so great
idk what I even wrote tbh, so much has happened at once and I just let the emotions flow out of me.
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