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I have used my life to stay alive
Nurturing death into its prime
Only to be saddened by facts
For my eternity resides
Within lines of defeat
So unique and rare
Even I,
Have questioned happiness

But I’m here
Making silver into gold
Bronze into the richness of life
For an unknown to profit sincerely  
That I am still here
Desire is delicious
It's the lingering taste upon
my tongue
it's the exsquisite pleasure
of tasting something so delicious
It leaves the trace upon a soul
It leaves you wanting needing more
That temptation to try only a bite
Yet it leaves you craving that tingling
tasteful delightful feeling you get
when you get a little more
You can't have a little
you got to have it once more
So what's your desire so delicious
that leaves you craving more
© Jennifer Delong 2/19
Freddie Ruiz Feb 9
I remember every detail of that day
as if it were yesterday;
the two of us, alone together
at midnight on that Saturday 21st.
My heart was beating fastly,
my legs wouldn't stop shaking;  
a part of me wanted to leave
while the other was dying to stay.
And then we stopped behind your car
and after a simple goodbye you grabbed my arm.
My shyness went away and I felt an urge in my heart
to kiss you intensely until we ran out of breath there in the dark.

For once I was going with my feelings
as I pressed you closer to my body,
and I felt the need to let go of everything I had suppressed
when I saw you leaning against my chest.
I was so full of intense desires
while circulating your waist with my fingers
that I succumbed to my own weakness
by allowing my heart to guide me with no resistance.
And then I kissed your lips for one last time,
and I felt emotions overflowing deep inside.
And for a while I got lost looking in your eyes,
as the passers-by saw how we melted under that street light.

On my way back home I kept on thinking about you
and if that would’ve been the right moment to say: "I love you",
just when I had you in my arms, lost in your eyes
and gave you that one last kiss goodbye.

When the desire invades me
unforgettable memories come to mind again
of a moment that belonged to the two of us,
in front of your house, on that 21st of June.

1/17/2000                                                                                                                           81
Written on January 17, 2000
Composition number 81
Nathalie Feb 9
You draw from me

Breaths of desires

That awaken

A flowering love

I bathe in this

Blissful feeling

To which

I surrender

My heart

As I welcome

This pleasure with

Open arms

And honoured grace

I am grateful

For you…

A joyful gift

Born to life.

Bansi Adroja Feb 3
Wanting is a strange feeling
an abstract emotion
that can tie you up
in all sorts of ways
days undercover hiding
or running away
from a ghost
a promise
something tangible
A Poem a Day: What do you want from life?
Sudeshna D Feb 3
Do you feel it when
Your mind is drifting to
Someone other than
The one you’re talking to?
I ignore it as often
As I think I can possibly do
But do you realize the space
Captured in my head by you?
I know not what to call this
It’s breathable and new.
I do not want to spoil this
Fearing what it’ll turn into.
The paranoia of losing it
Is what I’ve already grown into.
Conservative, feeble, shy?
Call me whatever you want to.
Elle Jan 24
What do I want?
There’s so much to want how do I choose?
No deep down what does your heart long for?
Well there is one thing I do want
I want to lift my arms up and feel the wind on my face
I want to dance barefoot on the cold grass
And sing like it’s my last day on this Earth
I want to have all the weight suddenly lifted off my exhausted shoulders
I want to go to sleep and not have ever worry come to mind, clogging my head shut
I want to close my eyes for just once second and feel at peace
I want to wrap a silk blanket around my body and take away all the aching it has
I want a veil of pure joy to cover my whole body
I want to look in the mirror and be able to see someone worth living
I want to be a child again
ren Jan 16
i am not talented
nor am i skilled
yet i have this dream i wish to fulfill.
i wish to be my own,
not wanting to be like someone else
even if they’re what i’ve always wanted to be–
my heart says to just be me.
with high hopes,
i will be my own
so the tears i’ve shed
and the feelings i’ve expressed
weren’t useless.
Euphie Jan 3
One day, I will return
to the place where dreams
come alive, in Agua Azul.

A place where if I had
an anchor of a feeling,
I would be a sailboat
on the beach full
of our burning desires.

Where the silver moon
rises in the evening time.
It will be my reward,
during sleepy hours.
I want to be moved
Day to day
To revel
To  weep
Even in strangers conceit

But why can’t the thing that moves me just be my own two feet?
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