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Nathalie Jun 30
He drew from her lips
Tender notes of
Passion; affectionate
Bites of desire
Which only fueled
And elevated her craving
For which she tried
To tame but could
No longer contain
His powerful gaze
Pulled her even deeper
As his hands curved
Around her waist,
Inching closer
Into a warm embrace
They melted into
Each other with
Yearning understanding
And unspoken words
Of unhibited attraction

JB Oct 2018
People poke at my sides jokingly
"She's so skinny? What are you like a size 0?"

No, size 2
I wrap my arms around my abdomen in shame

But it's not where I want to be
0, 00, 000
That's my wish

"You're such a twig! Haha"
"Let me see your arm, wow!"
"I could wrap my whole arm around your little waist, haha"

Am I a freakshow
Or the star of it
It feels the same

I hate
and hate
and hate
and hate
until there is nothing left
The thoughts of a skinny girl
Natalie Oct 2018
soft grip of her waist

lips close to her ear

she knows you’ll say


what she wants to hear
liza Sep 2018
i dreamt of an older me
looking back at my life,
And i cried
not about all the mistakes
i made, but all that i
 could've done right
 if i hadn't waisted
so much time
crying over those mistakes
Inked Quill Aug 2018
Dear Darling
What turns me on
Isn’t the thought of you
On that date
That you held me
At my waist
Pulling me to you
What turns me on
Is what your tongue
Can do to the moist heat
Between my legs
And I look forward
To a sensuous serendipity
When it’s least expected of you
Thomas EG Jun 2018
I cannot feel for you in moderation
All of me desires you
And I can feel the guilt already
Just thinking about everything
That I would discard for you
Or put on hold for you
Because you are worth it all
There's so much beauty in the world
Yet you have all of it
In my eyes, God your eyes
Your waist, your hands...
And it's hard feeling such extremes
Because when life's bad, it's bad
But with you
It's just so good
Clearing out my drafts
~May 31st
mjad Mar 2018
Now you hold my gaze
I let your hands grab my waist
Please, don't let me go
I still **** at haikus
mjad Jan 2018
they come and go
i never say no
hold my hand
grab my waist
pull me under
hold my face
bite my lip
have a taste
no time to waste
all the same
copy and paste
Olga Valerevna Aug 2017
on fringes of fingers of hands I don't know
I watched my whole body retreat to my soul
and now that I'm one with a body unseen
I'm more of a human than I've ever been
see, Truth has a layer of skin in itself
a skeleton clothed in eternity's breath
the one conversation you cannot ignore
it carries you forward and promises more
than anyone ever could possibly dare
a fire that smothers what shouldn't be there
hello, are you free?
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