Hannah 15h
Wait till the acid kicks in;
Wait to feel nothing. Feel everything.
I am my mother’s daughter; I’m looking to learn something in everything, or to find some piece of truth in this world.
I feel it wasn’t my choice being here, but I’ve never been out of place;
Maybe that’s why it’s called fate.
And fate is how I came into this world and they said it was written all over my face—
Eyes wide; I was never terrified
Of what I’d find.
To be high on life
Means you must learn to let go
And embrace the new
Sam Aug 3
To fall is to be broken,
to break is to be wounded.
To have wounds
means to have pain,
and pain gives us
something to learn.
Why do I care
My heart reminds  too
I wear  my feelings out there for the world to see
I don t  want be the sucker at the end of your stick
But the man who gives you the reason to smile
I don t want  be just another number
Or be  the model of your past mistakes
Hold your own hand,
Pat your own back,
Blow your own horn..
Not to be selfish,
But to learn to be there for your self when no one else is there for you.
lara Jul 31
I'm excited
and anxious
and indecisive

I can't wait
but wish it would
take some more time

more time
to figure things out
more time
to learn
about myself
and life

but I can't wait
to start over
can't wait
to explore the world
can't wait
to find out
what future
has planned for me
thoughts of a teenage girls who can’t decide if she’s happy or not that time flies by so fast
Parents teach their children to believe in God,
but not to believe in themselves,
They give their children phones,
but they don't teach them how to communicate,
They tell them to clean their room,
but not to clear their mind,
They teach them how to ride a bike,
but not how to meditate,
They get their children new videogames,
but don't teach them playing with people's feelings is not okay,
They teach them not to talk to strangers,
but not how to speak up for themselves,
They pay a tutor for their children so they can get good grades,
but when they show signs of depression they don't get them a therapist, because "you're still a kid, you don't need it, it's all in your head anyway".

And then, we wonder, why kids nowdays are so messed up.
Karisa Brown Jul 21
I dont think
We see the dark
Until we see a crack of light

I woke up
Same as always
Too stuck in thinking
The fog was normal
Was supposed to be there

That somehow I Needed
Permission to be just Me
My high impact crazy ass
Overdoing it fast self

Yes I may be too much
And I really have to watch
My limits
But that's not the issue

I trust myself to come down
Off my highs
And all the things
That say I can't fly
Were Never mine

I release the need to please
To act as if I belong
I only belong to me
I am only accountable for me
No one else has a right to
Change me unless I let them
I guess I am owning it
My actions my consequences
It's the only way
I'll ever learn
What's BEST for Me! Peace
Dondaycee Jul 20
After I graduated, I thought about two things,
I’m certified, I am now apart of “the people”,
All I have to do is make a choice and I’ll find success,
Gave it my best, “no test?”; I had to teach,
No stress, I had to be,
The O next to the V,
The ego; “which is me”
V+V=4, it’s a six thing; you know love without the zeas,
But with the zeal; well; Overcoming Variables was never a test,
-Or a problem; I speak geometry, I took 2D, made it 3D, and that was simultaneously; how could I not be the best…
(What is a, reiteration?)
Two lovers, Zodiac signs,
Balanced is equivalent to love,
Be here, focus on now,
Now look up the meaning of dove…
If you think linear, you saw the O next to the V,
If you think like me, you saw the six steps in between,
I had to put my ego beside me or else I couldn’t teach,
That only happened because I met a woman who was a reflection of me,
It literally was a zodiac thing, that type of thing sparked protection with/in me;
There’s no uncertainty in my reality; I’m certainly certain,
I don’t see nature Changing,
I see people Loopin,
“Why” the (people) Shooting;
Their mind: This isn’t Workin;
Knowing for a fact; the solution occurs during the attempt; in working,
(Cliff Swallow); People Symbolism;
Outcome, United is; if chirping…
Well… I’m just saying (it) worked,
Because I no longer have belief; I’m a knower,
I mastered Mind, no need to grow up,
Please don’t say –“show us the-”-because the waves not for us,
If for is four, I’m removing it; not us;
Notice; Not Only That, Us…
It’s time to meditate,
Breathe and wait;
Losing all my words; like I had no say,
I’ve been a wave cause I flow with waaaves,
Change is who I am… I’ll reiterate;
By 7th grade,
I was late,
Happiness was mad; I had to elevate,
When I graduate (-ed),
Thought: “I couldn’t make “it””
Happiness was sad; that’s why I elevated,
Didn’t have a voice; that’s why I hesitated,
Now I have no voice because I -
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