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We don't just study
To pass the exams
We study
Because we want to learn.

Studying lasts for years.
Learning lasts a lifetime.
Study the appearance of a person. Years later, you might forget how he or she looks like. Try to learn about that person, because what you learned, you can never forget.
Nature, let us learn from thee;
   let us feel your wind and grace!
Nature, let us grow with thee;
   let us see your forgiving face!
Nature, let us shine with thee;
   let us sing in fields of barley!
Nature, let us win with thee,
   let us flee this enmity and parley!

  Your tranquil eyes know no haste
      with what we waste;
      our beauty effaced!

   Your sleepless heart knows no time
      with what we’ve signed;
      no aspiring chimes!

Nature, let us learn from thee;
   let us be our makers dream!
Nature, let us learn from thee;
   let us be your faithful stream ...
Being positive is my thing,
But I do have an evil twin,
I imagine some weird things,
Like being a gastric surgeon,
Give laryngospasms for these durgeons,
I don't think they'll ever be men,
Ah, it's no use snivelling, you ken?
Hope they get chicks better than me,
Else, who is going to cook your tea?
You must stop being such sooks,
Get off buns, and learn how to cook!
Feedback welcome.
Renee Oct 7

01. Poison can be the sweetest taste (how do you know til you try?)
02. Sometimes people change their minds, it isn't always about you.
03. Tension is only as strong as the force from both ends of the rope.
04. Electricity without facility cannot keep the lights on.
05. A facility without electricity is still in the dark.
06. Not everyone will keep their word. Keep yours.
07. Not everyone is like you. Let your eyes stay open.

People are life lessons, darling.
We are just humans’ beings.
No one of us is perfect.
No one of us is holy.
Mistake, mistake, we’re learning.
Fall down and up, we’re growing.
Before we judge, let watch ourselves.
No one of us is perfect.
No one of us is holy.
c Sep 27
I am unlearning you
The way I learn Spanish
Repeating your name
Until it sets on my tongue
Like caramel
And I trap it in my throat
Bhill Sep 26
There are clouds in life and we all take a turn
They come from a place that helps us all learn
Just take on that cloud and acknowledge it's there
Do not dismiss it when it strikes as it will come, so unaware

The clouds we detect will be of all shapes and meanings
Just know that there and except some cloud teachings
We learn as we grow and we learn from just doing
The clouds in our life can keep us improving....

Brian Hill - 2019 # 242
Life clouds aren't always dark...
Steve Page Sep 25
Not horrible, but incredible, not nasty, but dynastic - some fantastic stories (I'm talking histories) - that pre-existed our weary scurries across this all-the-worlds-a-stage, so pay attention to this sometimes sage narrator and you'll be glad you did later on when you find that the story's on repeat and despite calls to the contrary lessons are rarely learnt and once burnt doesn't lead to twice shying away from the danger of descending down frequently encountered pitfalls, so pay attention and you may hear a history that lends itself to self discovery and avoidance of common snares and having to ask - "haven't we passed this way before?"
Will we ever learn.
Poetic T Sep 24
When the tall falter,

        Then those

Who were beneath

   Can show that

Even below.

      They were always

Beneath view.

Standing tall beneath shadows,
       They shone bright.
c Sep 23
Mr. Spider
You’ve caught me in your web again
I’m sorry I haven’t learned
From past mistakes

It’s my own fault
That my wings are damaged

I have a passion
For flying into things too fast
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