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Why did it have to happen
What is it , I am supposed to learn from it ?
If my life wasn't perfect already
Well now it's gone to ****
Walking around with a mask on
What used to be me
My uniqueness
What's that ?
No hugs Stay away
No going out
No rock concerts
That was what keep me alive
That's what made it worth it ..
Not alone sheltered from living and laughing
Being with others
Going places
Enjoying being alive
Enjoying the beauty of nature
That's living
Talk about depression
I wonder why keep living
Alone and Depressed
I wonder why ?
What's this life lesson
What did. I do in a past life
to deserve this ..
Hmmm ...
© Jennifer L DeLong 10/24/2020
Just my feelings right now ..
Be the golden thought,  
made from golden yarn,
in a golden night,
on a golden bed,
from a golden dream,
in a golden life!
Find the gold in your story!
Find the courage in your wings!
Be the golden star in your flying dreams!
She took everything from me.
There was nothing left to identify.
She replaced all my insides with a darkness I can’t hide
And whenever it came down to my needs,
It was “What else have you done for me?”
My momma said
Love should be a treasure.
My momma said
Love should give you pleasure.
Well I guess I’m new to love.
How do I get lovin’ like that?

You say you’re what I’ve been missing.
You say you can get me feeling so high,
And we’ll never hit the ground, that this high won’t come down.
Gave a wink and blew some kisses at me,
Mmm just sweepin’ my feet.
My momma said
I just need a refresher.
Well maybe you
Could be my professor?
I’m sorry, I’m new to love,
I can’t take much more combat, no.
If you’re not new to love,
How can I get lovin’ like that?
Isabella Oct 17
Today I learned
The sky isn't blue
It's red, yellow, orange
Green and purple too
It's just that we are
Too blind to recognize
The kaleidoscope of colors
Right before our eyes
Ingram Oct 4
My mirror reflects someone
I don’t recognize
but I love her
and I respect her
more and more
Creases and lines guide our malleable vessel,
the mind.

Doubts, fears, and anxieties breakdown even the strongest of vessels to the core,
can it take much more?

Drowning in emotion, the exterior begins to erode apart, board by board.
How much more damage can such a small vessel endure?

Lust and greed lead the moaning vessel through the wrong currents and paths,
seemingly like a sociopath on a warpath.

We can only call on one savior in such detrimental times.

The mind.

Love, empathy, kindness, care, happiness, and positivity is the quickest escape, it has no name as it's inside every brain.
Our existence.

The mind.
luneforgi Sep 23
life changes
in blink of an eye
everything turn
up and down
in a seconds

give me
time to breath
time to think
time to process
so I can reading
the situation

even the word right
might be never enough
Luna Sep 19
On good days it's easy to feel like you are on top of the world
On good days bad emotions can still slide in
Like anger or fear
Keeping them at bay is a skill for the wise
Which is not yet me I don't think
The mind
Is fertile

Any age
One can learn
Genre: Minimalist
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