halsey 10h
You're the obsession
I will never learn to let go of.
Let me fall in love again
Let me, for once, try not to feel the pain
Let me walk alone for some distance
Let me, for once, learn not to cause any penance
Let me sing to my favorite song
Let me, for once, live in that moment for long
Let me travel to distinct places
Let me, for once, learn to not leave behind any more traces
Let me be myself some more times
Let me, for once, try not to consider it as another one of my crimes
Let me stay up and tall
Let me, for once, learn not to sit back even after I fall
Let me set myself finally free
Let me, for once, show myself what I can be
Madeon 7d
The easiest is to get
The most difficult - to learn to belong.
Dear Asshole that is me,
Learn to live in reality
You have proven your weakness
Somehow you believe you deserve more
In your hurt is spite and pain
But you need to learn
You do not deserve anything
It must be earned
Learn to live life in reality
Not in your fantasies
Love, me
I am sick of myself
Ash Feb 10
The oblivious night in need of salvation
The moon emits love to the night’s unaware starvation
We the stars, reflect that love in our light
An outlet of faith to the incognizant night
Idiosyncrasy Feb 10
I'm sorry I don't know how you work yet, so I tend to cross boundaries that I shldn't. I hope you'd forgive me for that. Still, I'm learning, slowly but surely, like how I know in full

I love you
Gage B Feb 6
A slip
                        A stutter
I fell way deep          
          Into that trap
     my life once surrounded
     just as it surrounded me

i could not escape
until it no longer wanted me
and put me high high high up
Out of the temptation
Away from the attention

I so desperately wanted to just jump
Jump and fall until
I hit that sweet spot
Back into it's entrancing world
But with every step I took towards
Falling in
The farther away the ledge was
From my feet.

Sealing off
a world that I was
Accustomed to

And now
I think about recovering
And also
I think about slipping back in
I think that I will never learn
R.I.P 8/20/2015 - 11/10/2017
It was time well spent
Just because you learned something new
Doesn't make that information true

It was learned from someone
Or somewhere before
A chain of Chinese whispers
That has a lot to answer for

People like to get up on their high horse
Pushing their opinion on others
With aggressive force

The anger that arises
When they are opposed
Leaves the listeners minds
And thoughts closed

Question the validity
Of everything you hear
And in return
Some valuable information
You may just learn
And in your opinion
Others may yearn

But if you choose to be opinionated
And can't rise above it
Then you can take your opinion
And you can shove it.
Greco Feb 7
I’d love to see my past with more accuracy than memory allows.
View the world from the many perspectives it holds.
Follow the people who never spoke up.
Learn by watching the mistakes made by the men and women before me.
Converse with history’s heroes,
And party with the problem starters.
I’d love to explore what has come before me.
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