Hello, such a small but powerful word, it's greatly preferred, putting smiles on faces and gets the spirit stirred.

But in our hectic lives, moving fast, moving slow, always on the go and traveling solo. We forget about a simple Hello.

Although hello is below the super ego. To them it's absurd and starting to become a ghost word.

Now have we become drones, we keep our faces buried in cellphones. Are we programmable clones, believing they make us all about ology, while blinding us with technology.

So wether novice or pro even if you have a super ego, it's good to bestow because it don't bring about woe and it can make faces glow. Plus,blessings could overflow, just from a simple HELLO.
you can learn
more & more
about one thing

but you can
never know
about anything

total knowledge
is impossible
"The time to make up your mind about people is ... never!"
Katie Hepburn
Erased from ancestral DNAs
Now they had forgotten violence
Above lines reffers to the tigers of nest in bhutan. Erasing Innate Traits are legitimately seen there.  Are they true creatures now or did they shedded down their truest trait . May be someday in ancestry they got the soul tormented to behave carnivore perhaps they never possessed those sharp canines in their fossils. For them atleast Hein hunger was the reason , so now tilt the mirror on us.....
Wake early in the morning see the sunrise, feel vibrant, alive, to your suprise,it can also make you wise.

Sights beyond man, link with infinity, ask and understand.

This was all planned.

Be amazed, smile and nod when you witness the art work of GOD.

It's all around even on the ground. A blade of grass, an insect so beautifully engineered, so complex.

You can clearly see His light is free. The brightest of the bright. Shine in GOD'S light.

Wake early in the morning see the sunrise. No longer will you surmise. You'll Recognize.
Early to bed and early to rise.
Walk out of the shade
sense the heat, in your veins
resist squinting your eyes, in the day
for afterwards you are sunburnt, in pain.

Every day taking slow steps
always want more, always guess
bad days, we always detest
yet, good days earn you less.

As night falls the beat flows
time slows
colours true show
drink, until less we know.
sara May 13
I loved til I was black and blue
without much right or reason to.
I loved you soft like morning dew.
You'll fool me once but never two.
dont wear your heart on your sleeve it will get wet
E over c2 May 12
curiosity doesn't kill the cat
not in my case.
curiosity itself kills me
looking into the box
and seeing a cat
that ; is what helps me survive
whether its dead or alive
Erin Knight May 11
I find that mental health is a facade we like pertending we have.

"No one is truly sane, right Elizabeth?" I whisper.
"Sure," she whispers.
She's not really here though, is she..?

I find it amazing how we trick ourselves into thinking we're not okay, even when there's so much to be okay with.

But it's truly weird in itself. It's uncomfortable making yourself bleed, the preist told you it's a sin.

You trick yourself into fizzing your clear brain channels. You flush your memories out one too many times, and you forget everything.

I don't know why you're doing this to yourself.

It's not making you any better.
just forget it, okay?
we all know you're not okay, but you shove it into our faces.
we tried helping you, now go away.
Reflections come many a kind yours one way different comes mine.

Now when I look in the mirror my image couldn't be clearer but is who I see the true me?

Because we are all like a two edged sword and the mirror image we see is us backwards.

So do our image string us along, make us headstrong and all the time we see ourselves wrong?

You see her name was Affection such a lovely complexion, behold and get an erection but she was very good at rejection, only collecting hearts for her collection.

She was the main dish, elegant, swish but she had a blemish and it was hidden in her mirror image.

Until one day her bubble burst, she felt she was under a curse so for knowledge she started to thirst and found her reflection was her in reverse.

And her problem she did address and she did it with zest, her true self became manifest and she got Blessed.

Now if you're experiencing rejection, people treating you like you have an infection and you can't seem to make a good impression, it could be misdirection.

When you look in the mirror do think, I'm too hip, I'm all that and a bag of chips. Maybe it's time to flip the script.

So when you're feeling rejection, can't make a connection. Check out your true Reflection.
It's all about true Life
alexa May 11
I FREAKING LOVE POETRY. i don't care that the boys snicker about me behind my back because i was writing verses on the top of my math binder. i don't care that my friends call me overdramatic for it, don't care that everyone forgets to support my endeavors until it concerns them don't care don't care don't care

2. LOVING YOURSELF DOES NOT MAKE YOU SELFISH. my love, it's necessary. it's okay to look in the mirror and think you're pretty. it's okay to put on makeup because you like the way it looks, or wear nothing on your face at all. it's okay to wear a dress because you know it's your crush's favorite color, but it's also okay to dress up for yourself. wear what you want, do what you want. fuck shit up.

3. SHOOT YOUR SHOT 2018. go for it. go for him, go for her. take a risk. the worst thing they can say is no! and if they say no, you get the next best thing... closure and the ability to move on! release your fears like a truckload of bricks and let yourself learn to love.

4. YOU ARE TRYING YOUR BEST. YOU, YES YOU. life is freaking hard. it will kick your ass. but the question you need to ask yourself is will you get back up? there are dark days. i won't deny it, there are days when the rain won't stop pouring and you'll be drowning in it. but then, one day, the rain will cease and the sun will shine again. it may seem like a stretch, but one day.... i promise.

5. EVERYONE, LET ME LIVE MY LIFE. if i want to be a writer, let me. an engineer? that, too. take the classes i want? yep. hang out with the people i want to be surrounded with? definitely. don't judge my choices and compare them to your own, there's a reason i made that decision and not you. mind your own business, if it concerns you, i will consult you.
not exactly a poem but...some reminders about life and general and things everyone should understand. life can suck, but you can't deny the beauty in the little bits of joy.
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