Thomas Halls Oct 14

Looking out over the city night entices me to shudder my eyes which otherwise would feel the thousand piercing needles of endless light.

Bathed in darkness I feel whole. A dark armor against the perversion of the all consuming nothingness.

The bleak abatement of perception withholding the inner workings of natural thought replaced by extraneous rhetoric.

The dark star shines in spite of the sinful rain and jet black flowers bloom from barren earth where dreams have died.

A blood stained sky looms in regret and longing over the scarred eye of the world.

This flood of tears casts a dysmorphic shadow on the horizon.

Immutable darkness holds it's breath as an ephemeral light chases shadows once again across the earth.

Growing up in a loud and boisterous world,
makes it easy to seek solace in the
It allows for a fine-tuning of the senses,
in order to mirror what those around you

Quietly and dutifully, you play nursemaid
to everyone else's needs
Eventually losing touch with that inner voice that pleads

Remaining consistently neutral and in-tune
with others, has seemingly served
you well
Though the waves of ignored and
forgotten emotions, uncontrollably start
to swell

So becoming comfortable projecting a
voice, that you never really had
Is quite the challenging and daunting task
to an introverted empath

It's easy to lose yourself while being genuinely concerned for the well-being of others! It actually can take on a life of its own, if done long enough...Never forget that an empathetic soul, that willingly and easily hides among a crowd, also needs to be heard and nurtured!

'Neath nimbus cloud and blackened sky
Where spirits lurk and shadows lie
In sleeping streets I saunter by
As demons mock and seraphs cry

Unto my crypt ere day draws nigh
Were i lay hollow as i die
In madness seen by no mans eye
I'll lay desolate, the shadows and I

Why did the darkness
Want you so badly?
Why does the light
Need you still more?
Why were the shadows
Screaming your name,
While shafts of moonlight
Whisper deep within your soul
Words that shatter you more
Than the ghosts ever will?

How did the angel
With wings of light
And a heart of darkness
Find you so easily,
Though you'd buried yourself
In long-lingering secrets
So perfectly?
Why does she ache
To carry you away?
You belong to the shadows of night
And the light of day

Unable to have one
Without the other
Following you
Wherever you go

Machel Yvan Dec 4

I took the seat across and breathe deeply
Trying to ignite the will to last the night to make it easy
Folios with galloping notes reflected my eyes
Ascribing them as you started rippling nice

Taking your place behind those keys
while I guard the front as it seems
You fiddled the catguts, and I learned their secrets
And as you edify, I got lost in the sequence

You exuded the decree to keep my valiance
I lodged around the shadows keeping my silence
Risking the chance that was left of me
As I chant the cadence with complexity

I ogled before you with such esteem
As my mind creeps alone towards glaucous dream
Wishing that in every thing written in the sky,
You will always be my Marshall and I am your Spy

give me Tuesday morning's and bed sheets
skin kissed by shadows and tangled feet
give me a love that chooses me
sober confessions and forehead kisses
and maybe we were never innocent but this is romance in it's purest form
and know that you are more than everything that I settled for
love me and all of the ways I've mistaken them for you
and I will choose you every midnight and Monday and all of the inbetweens

You know
The dogs are barking
At you
The shadows
Are moving too slow
To catch you
Your heart
Has heard all the things
They say about you
Your feet
Move faster than the curses
They spit at you

The pain
Dissolving like a pill
Inside you
White smoke
Rising up from the fire
That surrounds you
Those dreams
Got caught up in your throat
Too soon
And you know
The wolves are singing
For you

Whence a shadow
Ceases to be a shadow,
Love can be seen
In the Light
That hath vanquished
The pain in its iniquity.

Who I am ceases to be
When the
Beneficent Matriarch Mirror
Unfurls the Pandemonium
Ruminant behind the glass.

For this umbra
Is still the darkness
Of a heart
In its own Dark Orbit.

Until the Dawn
Shines Eden
Upon Flourishing Spirits
Purged of the
Loveless Blight
Existing only in their minds and hearts.

<3 <3 <3 Know that you are loved regardless of what the world may bring your way. I send you my undying warmth and immortal heartsease. Be encouraged Gaia, darkness shalt subvert the light much longer. It has been foreordained. Be blessed, be beatified. <3 <3 <3

Its not like I don't want to be here
I'm just tired all the time is all
I can handle the work they give me and the shit that goes around
I can handle the people who pass by and the strangers who coexist
but god so help me
I cannot bear the loneliness, the depression
its a sinking feeling that wont go
I can concentrate on it real hard and I can get angry
I can think myself into a mood and its so frustrating in the way that makes me forget
I can easily sleep it off but I want to hold onto this anger
Yet I don't, its so exhausting
I'm so indecisive and tired
I can't handle this stress of a mental illness
You can never chase away a shadow

Garry Nov 23

I'm not afraid of “the dark”,
After all, it isn't anything but
the space between photons,
I'm much more scared of the light
With its heat and momentum
and relentless, expectant gaze

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