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Rotting flesh
Something isn't right
Troubling smell
Aching heart
Darkness closing in
Silence echoing loudly
Shadows claw their way through your heart
You're breathing stops
It's inching closer every second
The emptiness
I sing to the shadows in my room
And play the piano to comfort my gloom
I hum in the hope that something will bloom
And write as I await my own doom
knowing the shadows are there
insisting that they are not
love has left me
love has left me lost

make me happy again, im begging
end this sadness before it ends me
imagine, right?
annh Oct 17

I write to right the write-less, the unvoiced compendium of my experience. A

panoply of shadows between each line and behind the fumbled words, miswritten

out of loyalty to the fiction I maintain. The letters which move beneath the page,

scintillating with suggestion, leaving their impression - a glimmer here, an echo

there; they are more honest than the fraught narrative that I deem fit to 'save'. I

write to right the write-less, to balance the unwieldy, to illuminate the implied.

‘Every act of reading is an act of forgetting: the experience of reading is a palimpsest, in which each text partially covers those that came before.’
- James A. Secord, Victorian Sensation: The Extraordinary Publication, Reception, and Secret Authorship of Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation
Traveler Sep 27
Shadows are the part of us
that refuse to grow.
We need to integrate them back
neatly in stow.
Traveler Tim

Ken Wilber
Amanda Hawk Sep 24
In the evening
Turn off the lights
Slip on my headphones
And I disappear
Into thunderous beats
My feet learn to fly
As I dance around
In the living room

I only dance in the dark
Even on a full dance floor
I find a corner
Tucking myself in shadows
Allowing the beats to spin
Around, around my waist

So at night
I dance
Stomping out my emotions
Tears and rage
Cascading out with each step
Leave my bones aching

And I fall forward
Allowing my tears to escape
In beads of sweat
I only dance in the dark
Letting my emotions ache in bones
And upon bruised palms
Avis Green Sep 20
Have you seen the downcast faces
fraternized with the loathed ******?

Look behind you,
You owned the shadow of facade
That moves between the surface of falsity
with the light of profound verity.

Can you see the similarities
Of the downcast and *****?
Or can you recognize yourself,
Together with those words?
Nylee Sep 20
Things are happening in the shadows
I am aware, but unaware
What takes place in those dark places
Then I think, should I care
Should I not,
Is it okay, if it is not.

Time is of essence, I am losing it
What's to come, it is happening
I am affected, should I be affected
It is out of my hands
Should I try to grasp it
Maybe there is more to come.

It is dark, the day hasn't began
No truths have come to light
It is all well hidden
The plotting and plans unfold
The sequence it uncoded
I should have been prepared, no?

But no, there comes a fall,
A dive, trust shattered
Heart battered,
It is all too fast
Yes, I would move on
Leave behind the baggage I don't want.
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