My mouth is dry
drier than an African desert
with the salt water of your tears
I'd dab my cracked lips
hydrating my weary soul
scarily preparing for a tomorrow
that may never come

My words are stuck
steadfast in my throat
unable to unwind my vowels
without howls of frustration
a constant consonant battle
this maddening March the definition
of a life lived in the shadows
a self assessment
My nightmares,
Are you my shadows that glare,
In contempt at me,
Such that sleep has deserted me.
Are you there to persecute me,
In bed,I turn and toil,
In terror,like a foetus I coil,
For mercy ,to my Lord I shout,
Pray, what my nightmares are about?
Yet, you continue to gnaw,  
All the courage I strive to draw.
I swear, your attempt I shall foil,
Your plans I shall  spoil,
I shall seek to rise,
Every horror you cause I shall prise,
Bit by bit,a clean slate,
Possession of me you shall never satiate.
My nightmares were terrible.They came every night.I prayed hard, meditate and even took medical help.I promised myself to overcome them and I did.
Umi 5d
The start is empty and dark, a realm of shadows consumes your mind, your soul and your fragile eyes with no hope for light to unfold
Try leaving the rest, or better,leave it all up to your imagination,
So you may not get lost in this loitering darkness which everlasts!
As you progress it becomes clearer, the picture begins to form alike pieces of an distorted puzzle with discord in between each of them.
When you close the door and enter once more however you will never know what you find, the image truly has corrupted itself,
This place is a secret which holds no meaning; Absolutely Undefined
A shadow can change its shape, reconstruct itself and resize too,
What you get may be what you see, though is it really what you get if you aren't able to trust your eyes through this ominous tenebrosity
A labyrinth, unhinged, seemingly endless cast away in illusion awaits those who make it through without being blinded by their eyes,
But why make progress, I will send you back to the start, empty and dark so that the joy of exploring this world of change never ends.
All or nothing, what is the goal, in this undefined loitering darkness.

~ Umi
tamzid ahmed Mar 9
Dazed and confused our solemn eyes
Helplessly seek,
A retreat
Beyond the thousand distant stars
Where beauty everlasting
Cushion the two shaky mortals.

Our tired wings
All so innumerably pierced
That minds can fly no more

No more the drowsy dreams of
Promises untrue.
Down there we flew-
Our own polar tracks.
Shadows they remain,
And Laugh and growl
Like the moments bygone.
Yet our bodies part
And mingle perplexedly
With the new ones.

Only the shadows,
They remain
They fight and they weep
They fall asleep,they adore,
They wait,they suffer,
They touch and they wonder
At each other for long
And for long,
They remain.
a fickle attempt to freeze the time more golden than gold itslef :P
Show me all the parts of you, that you choose to hide away.
I will love you regardless, whatever you have to say.
You can't hide in the shadows, never letting all of you see the light of day.
That's the lesson we have to learn, that the right one will love you anyway.
Until you feel you can tell me, you can be the night and I will be your day.
We are all full of both light and dark, just dont let it devoid you of your spark.
you still cast shadows

even after you left me

Jeff West Mar 2
I'm inspired by the fire dancing on the walls
as shadows crawl across the floor toward unopened doors.
I'm pushing boundaries profoundly past my sanity,
past the vastness of my vanity.
I'll capture the rapture of ever after
as disaster's cast around me.
I'll find the magic in the moment
in the beauty to invoke it.
For I've broke and I've been broken
and fear is now outspoken.
I hear the mystery in music and words unheard before.
Like the seers whom always saw it and couldn't be ignored.
Implored by Heaven for the masses
the stars will guide the way.
I'll swim through this sea of darkness
until tomorrow brings us day.
The crashing waves caressing me
at the helm of my dismay.
Splashing me incessantly
whispering foreplay.
Johnny Noir Mar 1
I have a Barbie doll that is so cheap & slutty
she's wearing a belly chain like the cheapest
blonde stripper/hooker on the beat up strip;
seems she struck up a thing w/ a Hans Solo
I found but he's holding a laser pistol &
has articulated wrists; so I get that at first sight
he's thinking who's this nasty little piece
of white trash  w/ the nice ass of pink
molded plastic; he's got hard slick backed hair
& he's wearing that stiff Star Wars outfit cuz
god forbid they give a male doll a decent wardrobe;
so he's no metrosexual & I guess technically
he's a movie star; he does look like a young Harrison
Ford; Barbie on the other hand has long slender limbs
& hard fake tits that look real except
she has no nipples which I've heard can happen
& a thin wasp-waisted torso; long out of whatever
clothes she had on as if she's been wandering
back alleys dizzy & naked; I know that happens
but it's never a good story exactly; I'd already
stripped her naked
& dripped hot wax
all over her perfect little butt so now it's covered
in clear solidified drips of viscous wax;
it looks nastier than its sounds; wax on plastic: ouch...
so I had been thinking about polishing her up; u know
giving her a Barbie Spa day to make up for abusing &
mistreating her; treating her like a toy I can just set
on the shelf & forget about; I've lost so many gfs
that way but me & Barbie we're not serious;
I mean she's my property but u know I understand
she's got needs & we're two different...well, I set
Hans Solo beside her on the shelf & next I see
he's on his knees with his pants down sniffing
at her dirty butt; I'm thinking not a good look
but when I pick him up to move him
he winds up behind Barbie with his pants
down; his left hand's tangled in her hair
and his right's holding the gun to her head;
I figured she's had worse & left them to it;
they're still there & I haven't forgotten
I still owe her that Spa Day
subconscious growling: bitch u made me do it! Why'd u have to wear that! I couldn't help myself! It's ur own fault. get up, bitch...into the back of the car. u wanna go to jail? get to it or we'll taze ur ass & leave u here  in a hot puddle of ur own piss & u won't say shit to anybody...that's a good bitch
Mornings delude with a false sense of awakening.

Nightmares don't disappear by first light,
They haunt you like shadows until they blend with the dark.
words call out to me
through the shadows of the day,
I thought you'd understand
you know me better
than any words can say.

I try not to speak,
afraid of words that hide inside,
silent flames burning in my eyes
scream to be seen,
but they shine too weak
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