some kind of perpetual motion
perpetual motion
this movement took this

what a strange love
strange disgust
where did all this come from

what a strange light
strange moon and stars
where did all this come from

what a strange night
strange strange shadows
where did these shadows come from

oh my mind oh my mind
oh why do I say it all
why there is all this

why the torch burns on fire
why the blood runs running
where did all this come from

why disappearances
why is nothing to us all
never reach
why there is all this

It's not the shadows themselves that are alive.
The darkened places are where you shove the thoughts you dare not face.
What did you expect?
Some people only feel when they hurt
Investing in a taker is like throwing your hard earned money down a bottomless well
It will never prove a return
Echos and silhouettes
Apparitions and mirrors
Yet not amounting to the real thing
Dogs barking at shadows on the lawn
Chasing their own tail ... Chasing the wind
Death is a more considerable option to the taker
As long as he doesn't have to give
Written by Sean Achilleos 05 July 2018©
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Floating up my spine
Feathers rise
Nerves suspend me
My breath—
‘Don’t tease me’
Fervor fills us
As our shadows arch

Our hazy selves
Crash and merge
Morphing into black
Flickering forms
Desperate to solidify
And take the form
Of each other.
I am here connecting with the soil,
with the smallest suggestion
of a breeze,
before the day’s heat hits.

Across an ocean, we were
to have met again, had
you been there, my friend.

Now, we do our best
to be where are.

Across the bare wooden floor,
new leaves dance shadows
onto the dark green Roman blinds.
Copyrighted by Elisa Maria Argiro
Amanda Jun 27
Night came and swept your soul away
Staring at space left behind
The depth of your vacant body is heavy
Wish I had the strength to save your sick tortured mind
Written 6-20-18
Lyn-Purcell Jun 24
My mind seems to float
in shadows of rising mist
Mysteries of time
I think I think too much...
Be back soon
Lyn xxx
polarisspark Jun 24
He is there
Mingled with both colors and shadows
Melting with wondrous affection
The interval between reach and grasp is where all
His serenity dissolved as thistles of devilish
Born like that , with that passion's sins in his eyes
That was his beauty.
kk Jun 22
I clung on to the feeling
You and I were molded the same way
By our foundations and roots
Nestled deep in the same place of belonging
Quiet and withdrawn, in the shadows
We grew slow, dipping our leaves into a shy beam of sun
But only I dared to branch out
Come out of the shadows and search for the light
To stand in the glory and to expand.
We’re both standing in the sun now.
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