Billie 5h
You’re in love with a yellow girl.
A girl who thought that it would be more positive than all that black she owns,
that if yellow is everywhere it will eventually get inside her,
positivity beaming from deep within her gut.
She thought that if she practiced painting everyone around her yellow,
someone would give some back.
She wants to become pure sunlight,
happiness in human form,
someone to give back the happiness you gave her.
Her favourite colour was yellow,
the colour of her,
but now her favourite colour is you.
Indescribable in depth and safety.
Instead of continuing to paint in yellow,
she now paints in you,
her bedroom walls,
her hands,
the words on her page.
She doesn’t need the yellow from the sun anymore,
realising that yellow is also the colour of stinging bees,
sour lemons,
the colour of the flames she’s been trying so hard to get away from.
I have all the sunshine and positivity I need,
taking the colour of you.
Yellow no longer reminds me of the fake smile I plastered on,
but you,
real warmth and happiness.
I can do anything as long as you’re by my side.
I will continue to surround myself with yellow,
as long as I am happy.
i have so much yellow it's drowning me. at least it's not the ocean.
ph 1d
Golden-yellow, silky smooth skin
the color of honey begs me for a taste.
I mustn’t forget, the last time I came to
her seeking sweetness,
I was stung.
English Jam Jun 14
The air is perfumed with fresh rosemary's
And the wild springs with lush berries
Their presence colours the nursery with a sweet loom
It bleeds into the forecast for tomorrow's gloom
Nostalgia hits hard, heartbreaking and eerie
For a day when I wasn't paranoid and weary
Well, I'll be down by the Brighton pier
Watching birds float past in lonely fear
I'd love to turn away

The pristine sun shines like Hades
The outside scent is yellow, maybe
Little daises laugh in the foreground
Gardens sow a loving sound
Once I could see hope in the trees
And the love that whispered on the breeze
Now the trees foreshadow longing
And the gale howls with wronging
I'd love to turn away

The intimacy in my yellow tinted flowers seems to have faded
And the soft orchards have been invaded
My words burnt in a smouldering pile of dust
And steaming with the heat of my lust
I told a crowd I had something to say
But the people turned away
Maxim Keyfman Jul 11
I looked in the mirror today
and again I saw the volcano
against the background of the ocean and farms

I looked in the mirror today
and again my eyes were yellow
on a strange bluish face

I looked in the mirror today
and again I saw myself
I saw a girl of future times

Maxim Keyfman Jul 10
bright yellow white fire
came from the blue summer
from a beautiful forest
at my feet

and mine eyes were fire
and my heart and heart are singing
about the forest about the forest about the forest
I will build a house
in your soul

Bee Jul 10
she had always said
her favorite color was yellow
for the girl with buttery skin and crystal eyes
it seemed rather fitting
yellow was the color of sunshine
and the color of her hair
after it had been bleached by summer
it was the color of the bumblebees
that drank from her favorite flowers
flowers that now
line her grave

she told you
her favorite color was yellow
because she knew you needed someone
radiant with light
to ease the depth
of your own darkness
so she said
when autumn arrived
you could watch the ground
become littered with yellow leaves

when you asked what color
lie beneath her skin
she told you it was yellow
she made herself believe
her body was freckled from stardust
and not from the amber glow
of cigarette burns
she still said
her favorite color was yellow
so she could continue being the light
in your colorless world

soon enough
your favorite color was yellow too
but not for the same reasons
she fell in love with it
you only saw yellow vaguely
in the form of teeth
stained from tobacco and too much coffee
smiling grimly through cracked lips
dripping poisoned honey
you guilded the word ¨love¨
with muted ochre lies

and now
she no longer feels the warmth
that once emanated
from her favorite color
she no longer tastes
the sweetness of butterscotch
and papaya on your lips
for you left her with nothing but
the sour residue of lemons and bile
as your gentle breath
extinguished her golden flames
and reduced her heart to ash

and now
she realizes that bumblebees
can also administer a piercing sting
and as she watches the sunset
with its amber hues
she no longer sees
the color yellow

Lillian May Jul 8
My favorite color is yellow
I like the look of it
The scent
The feel
The aura around it
I like the word
I like the way it tumbles off the tongue and out of the mouth in a little jig
I like the connotation of it
It’s happy and light
It’s sunshine
It slows time and sings like a bird
And maybe the poet in me in dramatizing this but
I don’t care because I like yellow
let me tell you about the sunshine girl
cloaked in copious shades of yellow
radiating kindness and hope
from every atom of her being
a single girl who is brighter than the universe in its whole
she has a heart filled with celestial beauty
and hands that carry galaxies
always found on her rooftop
admiring the moon and her stars
van gogh's sunflowers
loving that he and she alike
swallowed yellow paint in search for happiness
using the brightness of yellow
to escape the darkness of their minds for awhile
and while you think she's just admiring
the moon
and paintings
deeply thinking
or daydreaming
she's really waiting for a shooting star
to hear her wish
and take her far, far away from here
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