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am i
to help
but fall

for the greens
your passions

or the mustard yellows
of your

you don't make
it easy to simply
move on.

not with

not with
- s e c o n d a r y -
Joy Oct 22
Autumn came quickly this year.
The skies tinted themselves gray.
The children were suddenly
under three layers of clothing.
I noticed I drank hot tea
instead of iced coffee.
My summer dresses
were replaced by my favorite
grubby sweaters.
Scarves flew in formation
to guard my neck from the cold air.
My music playlist went
from rock and roll
to acoustic.
I promised this autumn,
sadness will not strike.
I promised to leave
summer paralysis
back on the beach.
I was not to fall off
like the yellow leaves
from the oak outside my dorm.
You met me on my way to lecture.
You were cowarding
under three layers of clothing,
eyes tinted gray.
You were giving off
the scent of exhaustion.
You said I looked as if I were out to conquer the world.
You said I was armed with my algebra textbook.
I said you looked in harmony with the weather.
You laughed.
I believe you meant to stab me with that laugh.
To remind me how in August
your blue eyes did not want me.
But it's October.
And I'm detached from the thirst for you.
Autumn came so quickly this year
it made you irrelevant.
October turned your blue eyes
a negligible splash of gray,
made you fall off
like a yellow leaf
from the oak outside my dorm,
blurred you with the backdrop.
Autumn came so quickly,
October painted my green summer eyes
a fiesty, burning yellow,
a flame in contrast to the tinted sky,
made my footsteps soothing
like an acoustic guitar,
made my lips taste like hot tea in my own mouth.
Becca 6d
lukewarm freckles berade my skin
like soldiers to the sea
There was yellow in you
Soft and bright like the sun peaking through the cracks
Of a rainy morning
Where just in small trickles
I could hear you playing them through my hair
The promise of home in your fingers
As soft and gentle as the rain
But still making my eyes slowly drift
And my muscles relax
Forgetting where they started and yours began
I have an obsession with this color help
Yule 2d
I wanted to venture the depths of you
in the lows of the ocean blue
But at least you let my heart leap
when our eyes brushed for a millisecond

— our eyes met
Yule 2d
Like the sun, he was shining
As an admirer, I could only watch from afar
180807; 10:00 PM
Yule 5d
I saw him today,
we didn't meet eyes
But his presence enough
lingered to me the whole day
180806; 6:17 PM
Yule 5d
Ever since you,
I stopped wishing on airplanes
And I looked beyond the stars
Ahead, I prayed to the Divine
for our fateful meeting

— I have prayed for you
180804; 9:42 PM
Yule Nov 3
Your smiles and your laugh enough
can bring the sun to shame
Your colors enough, so perfect
to pop up the hues,
for them to show through
mils Oct 28
I will never see yellow the same
As when I asked her
Of my favorite color
Truth be told, I never had one
She shouted with this flame
And in a spur
I bet every dollar
And she still won

I won’t argue or complain
Even when she calls me birdbrain
For I love her
Through and through
She has always been true
And I hope she thinks of me too
Man, this actually happened to me though. She's so cute.
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