I see the crowd all coming through,
But all I ever want to see is you.
Here I am again waiting for another maybe,
Like I used to, only prolonging my agony.
I try to leave pieces of proses and poetry whenever I can wherever I go written in uppercase, pink letters. This is the third one I left on my seat on the last place I've been to on 01-12-19.
Time and distance may separate us,
Forgiveness and acceptance lead us here,
You were never really gone from my life,
For the sun is always shining,
The sunflower is always blooming,
And you are the Sun and Sunflower.
a single hello from you
is like a field of sunflowers
blooming all at once

Aishah Jan 6
it wasn't long
before I realised
you were the sun,
a riot of yellow

reflecting towards
my black and white

awakening the green meadow
from inside

I grew sunflowers
as a way of worshipping you
and thanking you

for bringing colours
into the darkest part
of me
he helps me grow in ways I didn't expect

a short letter to my lover, page five
Corey Dec 2018
You dip into the sea
long lasting and
intimacy with the

Over time, perhaps you could
recall how difficult it is for others to
absorb a
new spark of love; to
give way to
even the slightest change in hue

Remembering how
every shift in light causes a
different reaction

under different circumstances, your
relationship with the water could be
permitted to grow, and then unite;
little did you know,
even the sea simply reflects your light
Pyrrha Dec 2018
Green may be my color, but I don't carry envy with me.
I prefer yellow and gold to wrap around me, spread across my features like sunbeams bearing happiness and pride.
I coil and turn away from such **** shades of jealousy.
Calliope Dec 2018
You, my sweet boy, are yellow.
Not sick or jaundiced, but the hue of a cancary on an April afternoon.
The pastel tone painted on Easter eggs every year.
And the bright shade of the walls in the room where I met you.
dadens Dec 2018
she wears yellow when she’s sad in hopes that she’ll start to view herself the way the world sees her, happy
dadens Dec 2018
when you found me, I was shattered inside and out
you slowly filled my cracks with your sunshine
until I was radiating light everywhere I went
but then I started shining too bright
so bright that I outshined you
and you didn't like that
so then you began dulling my light
exposing the cracks once more
until there was nothing left of my foundation
and I crumbled like never before
my happiness and shine turned into ashes
and you left me just as you found me, shattered
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