MyDystopiA Sep 13

Rinse repeat
the soul clean
walk the tightrope
to my dreams
pull apart
my stitches and seams
bleed out the bleak
buries me beneath
drowning in defeat
living on my knees
upside down
the yellow screams
in threes.


Ollie Sep 9

I don't even like the color yellow
Unless it's happy and bright
But you've never been here to stay for the night
I know because of my nightmares
I have nowhere to go and even though your arms held me you disappeared
I think you like dresses and have blonde hair
I think you dress in yellow
I don't like yellow
Yellow doesn't get a hello, more a goodbye
Because that's what you say to me anyway
Why can't you just stay with me for a while longer
Be in my smile longer
I can feel you wrap around my lips, I can feel your soft kiss when my mouth makes that move
You dance to it
Groove to it
I lose you to it
Like I can only be your muse while I'm laughing
I think that you like sunshine
But I wish you could be mine
Do you like dancing?
Cause you could almost prance around like you own the place
Is this because I don't like yellow?
I like black
The color gives me a heart attack
I shake
I quake
My heart will break
I wish I liked yellow
But black is so good at covering you up
Black likes waves but black doesn't seem to like me as much as I like it
A love-hate relationship, almost as if I love to love it but hate to experience it
Black is dark
Black creates some spark in me but yellow could do it so much better
But yellow, you can't be too bright
Lights give me headaches
I'm left flightless and stricken in bed
My will to take flight and leave is gone
Yellow, why can't you stay once in a while
Yellow, you make me pull off my style so much more
Yellow, I like your style
Black is just good at covering you up
With crayons, it may seem, drawing swans under yellow sunlight
Until a black raincloud covers it up
Hello, blue
Sometimes I think I've missed you
Why do you drown yourself in things like this
Why do you cover yourself in my frown
Why are you only around when I'm down
Blue, don't be
Why don't I like yellow
You vanish so much
Sometimes without a touch
You leave without wrapping yourself in my smile
I laugh when you're around
You make me so daft and irrational
You're funny
Why can't I just like the color yellow
I've been waiting here for a while
Cause you're the only one that makes me smile
You promised you'd meet me here
And my hope is fleeting
Going, going, going
It's gone
You haven't come
We haven't spoken in months
You come in my smile, I've said it before
When I laugh you're back and you breathe in the air that I yell out
But not anymore
It's like you're bored of me
I don't like you leaving me here
I held you dear a while ago
It's like I threw my wellbeing into your arms and you dropped it
It was glass
And it's shattered now
You visit so many other people
I see you
I do
They run with you flooding their feet
They laugh with you firmly in their grasp
But I can't seem to hold you in my fist
People see you as sunshine so why is it always raining
I'm willing to take your hand most days, even if it hurts
You're so yellow
And even though I don't like the color
I have been chasing you for a while
But every time you just go
Without taking me with you
Come back, happy
Did you think I'd forgotten your name?
Just because you've left my head doesn't mean you need to shame me for the things I've done
Cause I'll never be done with you
Some days, I wish I still liked yellow

wow okay that hurt my hands to type. this is an older one called yellow, an old favorite that i wrote. it's actually split into two parts, and the colors are metaphors for emotions. I do seriously dislike the color yellow though, and black is my favorite. My best friend names everything yellow after me so he can metaphorically "make me like the color yellow" or in other words, make me happy. It's a little cute.
Gabriela Sep 2

oh green, vivid green
the force of nature
trying to rise within gray and black

oh blue, deep blue
in skies and vast seas
it holds ten thousand forms of life

oh purple, vibrant purple
the depth of the galaxy
paints the flowers and bruises between my fingers

oh, can you see them, darling
yellow sunbeams and lilac moonlight
honest brown eyes, furious red lips

i could paint a rainbow
and you'd still be the most stunning shade of wonder

people hold many colors in them

The city spearheads the futures we sincerely sold,
As it pluckers your pennies and your coins of gold.

I felt poor amid the auras of their fearsome metals,
Cowering in the splotches of darkening petals.

I am destitute enough
To bleach out the interests of my cards,
To shatter your savings for a disabled future,
To rummage the stock markets for apertures.

Yet within you exhales tentacles of the color Yellow.

Yellow as in,
The scattered stars that scorch the injured sky,
The mellowing voices of neon artificial lights,
The apex of fire alight in frostbitten nights,
And the yolk of hope my cheers rely.

So while you chase the sun
with your copper-clad hands,
remember but this:

all that glitters is not gold,
It’s the color Yellow in these eyes I behold.

MyDystopiA Apr 26

The yellow moon melts
but the stars never go out.
I call it art.
They call it insanity.
Freedom is a tree.
Despair an effigy.
I am you.
Are you me?


sunprincess Aug 20

Yellow flowers growing beautiful and straight,
By a flowing river this gorgeous Sunday
O' cool refreshing water rushes downstream,
Continually like time never stopping
Upon this mountain high where bears thrive,
And where windsong sings of long ago
Time isn't a speeding train rushing forward,
Time is a tortoise traveling slow

Lily Thibert Aug 11

Close your eyes and breath, breath in the air of the autumn month,
Opening your eyes you see the war between the faded and the vibrant coloured leaves scattering the ground and holding on for life from the trees delicate branches.
The mixes of orange, yellow and red blur in with the forest almost meant to be.
Breathe in the forest air, let it fill your lungs expanding with ever moment,
Feel the warmth when you finally let it all out, the chilled air warm from your body.
Listen to the sound of the leaves yelling in the wind begging not to be moved or fallen from their branches.
Close your eyes now,
And start it all over with every breath
With every breath of Autumn

AR Aug 11

Oddly green in a world so obscene.
Not ripe nor ready, plucked my peadals. Unsteady.
Yellow fellow we don't mix well.
yellow & green is deadly.
Put me back where I came from, we are wilting steadily.
Blue isn't our color, and were drowning in it.
I can't swim and your sinking.
what were we thinking

Jae Thorns Aug 10

have you received it already?
the yellow rose i had dropped
this morning?
do you know what does it mean?

it means you,
a gift from heaven,
an angel of happiness,
my happy little bean.

your smiles are like those
roses, happy and shining.
you may also have thorns,
but there are soft spots.

chuffed from your smiles,
i believe you're the sunshine.
chuffed from your happiness,
i believe you're an angel.

you're my yellow rose,
my friend.
you're my very special rose,
my flower.

Katarina Aug 9

i hope one day
you see a photo of me
and you wonder
if i still love the color yellow
or if i still fall asleep easier on the phone
i hope one day
you see a photo of me
and wonder if i still think about you

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