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I was yellow like the sun,
̶̶̶̶  but he came and my yellow fade away.
Did you know you sound blue
That I feel yellow when you laugh
That your small hums make the air orange

Did you know your hand writing is pastel
And the way you run your hands through your hair is aqua marine
And the way you walk is every shade of neon

Did you know that when you fidget I see sparks of silver
And your smile is scarlet red
And that when you look at me
I feel violet in my finger tips

Did you know that you are the number 7
Or that I smell amber when I read your name
Or that you
And ever part of you
Is a particular shade
Of baby blue
have you ever thought about positivity
from a pessimist's perspective?

it's not exactly days filled with blue skies, friendship, and laughter.

not always bright smiles, and the colour yellow.

it's simply being able to stand up and carry on after constantly being knocked down by your own thoughts.

it's knowing that even though you're not feeling great today, happiness is on its way.

- v.m
happy world positive thinking day
alecia 7d
he likes yellow hearts,
and he reminds me of golden spring.
when we exist together,
we are an endless harmony.
he is the light,
i have always dreamt.
his heart remains a shade of yellow,
as a dandelion awaits its bloom
in the early May.
M Sep 10
Clad in yellow low-tops
and second-hand jeans,
she walks through his heart --
with a curious mind, she explores.
MawaLin Sep 6
She is mellow like yellow.
A halo around her head,
as swift as light breezes
on a spring Sunday morning.

She isn't too much,
but more than you can handle.
A kohled vision,
that will never see evil.

A small vessel for her,
to carry a big soul,
and enough room for you
to share with her... a home.
she is everything you are looking for- I hope you find her.
i never really liked the color yellow
so protuberant
kinda theatrical
too blithe
but it just so happens to be your favorite
and that's exactly what i need
The curves of her body were something
That caught his eyes
Not her words or smile
The look he gave her showed desire
To make her his even if it was just for a night
Her satin yellow dress was too appealing
Hugging her body exactly right
He went up to her to greet her
Ask her to speak to him and give her his number and drop some cheesy lines
but that broken bird had a shield around her
After all she just again had learnt how to fly
And once had been broken enough to let anyone else ever call her mine
anon Aug 27
i understand why van gogh drank yellow paint
because sometimes i have a hard time
pulling myself away from the art

i am miserable
basically pitiful
and i'm lost in a love that can never be returned

see i was never taught love
so i never graduated to self love
never saw a reason
and now that i'm older
i wish someone would have told me
my only salvation is a story
of a man
filling himself with ounces of happiness

a glug at a time
he consumed paint
that could kill him
just because it could give him
a sliver of joy

i drink his quirk up
like my own bottle of paint
because hidden within
the confines of his story
is a man who wanted nothing more
than love
and care
that could never be granted

love and care
that i so crave
as i pour yellow acrylic
down my throat
and smile
knowing that joy may soon
fill me
how lovely it is,
to be the brightness everyone needs when they're alone and empty.

how lovely it is,
to bring happiness and positivity with even a glimpse of your smile.

how lovely it is,
to love you.

- v.m
happy birthday little bird ✨.
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