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hybridstorm May 13
Try, try, try,
till you exhaust yourself.
And when you think you are tired,
try again.
Keep trying. Be patient. Realize the soft and serene and the hard and chaotic around you. Stay inquisitive. Stay loud.
Remy May 11
A 3 year old's mind,
is filled with cupcakes and rainbows.
They see how glitter glows,
they know where the wind blows.
They don't see the *** of gold,
That awaits at the end of the rainbow.
They don't know the colors,
Of this fantastic aglow.
But when they grow old,
They'll know.
camps Mar 28

we regret to inform you that your coat has been stolen and
your scarf is warming up the neck you wish your hands would

we also regret to inform you that your lover is leaving you
and you will never see them again


he said i lied to you she said i like you too and now
like everyone else he sees her face in everyone else
yeah he knows this song but she’ll leave him anyways
since that boy was foolish and the girl couldn’t help
that hers was a face of neon ignorant enough to look at him


there are so many things that i want to do to you but i guess
i’ll just eat your stale cookies and imagine pulling your hair
the glitter in your eyes tells me everything i need to know &
i’m sorry but the lipstick on your face looks better on mine
it tastes like december cold and glühwein in union square
now tell me

why is it so easy to picture you as the mother of my child?


sick with the fleeting beauty
bless this breeze ephemeral
until it knocks us down weak
so we can learn to say grace

silver sinned bavaria
dream in blonde and leopard print
heavy hearts foam at the mouth
dead until we bleed again


i have chosen the moment i held you in my arms
as the moment i’d like to live in forever
miki Mar 23
i remember watching the sunrise with you
i couldn’t help
but get lost
in the depths of your eyes
tinted with the golden sunlight.
you felt forbidden.

i remember picking up
the glitter after the party
and every time our hands met
it felt like
i was touching paradise
but then i remembered
you were forbidden,
and i had been forbade.
Isabine Mar 18
How have you been, without me?
I watch you when everything else becomes tiresome,
when all the gold seems like guilt,
when all the glitter is on the ground,
when there is nothing else to see,
I watch you miss me.
Mrs Anybody Feb 23
the snow-covered mountains
glitter brighter
than stars

so when
i blink
i can still
see their beauty
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Grace Haak Jan 2
you confuse me.
but that's probably
because my mind
is clouded with
and sprinkled with
champagne stars.
i've been walking
in a fog of feelings
and pushing them
further and further away
with every glass i pour.
it's not fair
to ask someone steady
to walk with someone
so unbalanced
so not ready.
but you like that my
soul is filled with glitter
and i tell myself
that's gotta count for something.
floW Dec 2019
if; all that glitters is not gold,
how come my mind and brain
deceive me?

what differentiates between reality,
and fantasty?

what if because it glitters,
i wish for it to be gold?

who decides that gold is valuable,
and glitter belongs to the

Me? You? Society?


words are arbitrary,
each and everyone of us assigns our own meaning to
everything we encounter.

so why follow the definitions that others set?

two roads may diverge in a yellow wood,
but that doesn't mean you need to take
either path.

you were given two hands
to pave your own way.
Annie Sep 2019
Wild children have been here
to throw glitter in the green,
in the sun it does shimmer
and glimmer and gleam.

While the dew does sparkle,
the birds babble on,
flitting and swooping
on rays of the sun.

Butterflies dance
between evergreen trees,
carried by birdsong
and the early spring breeze.

They flit and they float,
in the colour of honey,
the kind that is golden,
delicious and runny.
Mackenzie Jun 2019
I want you to know there is glitter inside my bones
And sunshine inside my soul
So if you ever feel cold
You must consider that
It did not come from me
You have debris and cloud
And you’re buried underneath
I have been polished like a diamond wedding ring that I wished for upon dandelions and I hoped the seed would settle in your chest
But your eyes were dark brown and you were never the calm before the storm you were the storm and the mud that left tracks in my house where I would clean up your mess because your mess has always been mine and when I drank coffee you drank whiskey bc your eyes were dark brown and they burned down the town and we drove through the streets screaming this is our city and while your bones were hollow I kept telling you there was glitter in mine and the cloud that hunger over your head refused to let you see sunshine
I am not the reason you are cold
I have tried to plant sunshine in your soul
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