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Rea Jan 2021
I remember when I felt the Great Shift before I even knew what it was.
Driving home in my glitter dress and your red bow-tie.
I played songs that reminded me of you, reaching out.
But when I turned to sing the lyrics to you,
you were a million miles away,
in another universe,
orbiting a different sun.
I tried to patch it up, putting my arm through yours like
a needle and thread through cloth.
We ripped apart in every pothole we hit on the road.
Still to this day, I wonder,
where did you go?
I think tonight, more than most, I just miss you
Niel Nov 2020
..What was meant was never said and what is satiable isn’t fed upon. Long to be that faun in a misty meadow, lounging at dawn on the grass, gazing upon the peaks of eternity. What are we learning and what’s with the misuse? We tenderly abuse that which we dwell on. Claiming it a love letter, when a Better view reveals(in a peeling manner) that these are just clingings of a scrotal piercing fashion. Latching to these attachments as sacraments of dependability, nullifies valued spectacality. The pureness to the core of reality and the mess is a beautifully delicious birthday cake which never ends
aquanerine Nov 2020
why do I love you?
those beautiful reasons
twinkling together
in the sunlight you bring me
giving it all so much more meaning
miki Sep 2020
a small town park
nearing dusk
the glow of the sun was golden
as i listened to the ripple
of a distant lake
even then
i loved you
even then

a big city house
nearing dawn
the glitter on the floor was blinding
as we watched the sun rise
through the abyss of trees
after the party
even then
i loved you
even then
Janani Arunkumar Jul 2020
I morosely chew on my pencil top.
silently sigh at the damage done.

I look at him, my breath stops,

the bandage to my broken heart.
Drizzle of glitter from the stars

My version of pixie dust.
Hey... I miss you..
hybridstorm May 2020
Try, try, try,
till you exhaust yourself.
And when you think you are tired,
try again.
Keep trying. Be patient. Realize the soft and serene and the hard and chaotic around you. Stay inquisitive. Stay loud.
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