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Jan 17 · 367
MysteryBear Jan 17
Everything is falling apart
But the only thing that keeps me together
Is knowing that your doing okay
Jan 17 · 196
5 senses
MysteryBear Jan 17
You sound healthy
Strong, like you are okay

You see me smile so brightly,
I'm hurt

You smell exactly the same as before I left: cinnamon and tears

I wonder if you taste the same, warm as a hug
As I go to reach out for you,
You feel nothing, and I feel cold
Jan 2016 · 1.8k
Black Beauty
MysteryBear Jan 2016
We are African descendants.
Glorify your *****, ***** hair.
Don't shrink and cower in fear.
Own yourself
The sun kissed and blessed you.
Accept that your hair won't be straight and silky.
We are African Descendants.
My hair is relaxed and damaged. But when I get my braids out, I'm gonna do the big chop and go natural.
MysteryBear Sep 2015
I am alone
You let me or should I say us go
Lack of communication
Our problem
But you can never say I didn't love
Made me worry
That I wasn't good enough

"Say  you'll  remember  me
Standing  in  a ­ nice  dress,  staring  at  the  sunset  babe
Red­  lips  and  rosy  cheeks
Say  you'll  see  me  ­again  even  if  it's  just  in  your  wildest  dreams"

I am alone
Tho our memories feel like forever
I will continue smiling
At least I know to let go
I'm not holding on to something broken
When we pass each other in the hallway..
I wish you the best
Me and my ex officially split ways
Aug 2015 · 264
Jul 2015 · 459
MysteryBear Jul 2015
I'm scratching at the surface, Trying to break free
I'm buried underneath,
I cannot breath.
Jun 2015 · 929
Summer Separates Us
MysteryBear Jun 2015
The Summer heat burns me,
Scorching this raging river inside me
My love needs to flow
Eventually leading back to its source,
Inspired by Selena Gomez: "A Year Without Rain"
Jun 2015 · 784
You're Wrong
MysteryBear Jun 2015
Someone told me that no one actually loves each other in high school. Then
                                            Between us?
I love you so much and if fate is real then I hope we get married someday, but I know how terrified you are of the possibility of divorce. Trust me, I won't let that happen
Jun 2015 · 651
No More Dreaming
MysteryBear Jun 2015
I clipped my wings to stay
May 2015 · 429
MysteryBear May 2015
Her smile is like the moon
Emanating light to those around her,
Bright white
Tonight is the solar eclipse
A shadow overcomes her
She runs behind a curtain smelling of
It hides away her pain
People are wondering where she has gone
The play is about to begin
Charlie isn’t ready
I follow her downtrodden footsteps
The moon is falling
Her tears are sliding past her freckles,
Her figure fades to a blur
I feel her pain but…
The play must go on
May 2015 · 6.7k
Jewelry Box
MysteryBear May 2015
I woke up one day
The end of my bed,
A jewelry box
Pink as the ribbon they used to represent her;
I traced over her disappearing fingertips
The rim of the box clicked open,
It clicked to life
The music tickling my ears;
A plastic ballerina stands as a guardian
Hands in the air
Waiting for someone to join her,
Twirling around like my eyes that follow her,
To see we are all alone
May 2015 · 981
Unspoken Truth
MysteryBear May 2015
I want to talk about us being married one day, but I do not dare dream about that possibility of us being together forever because you are not of the same faith. And we should have never shared those kisses between the hour hands
Time ticking away
May 2015 · 341
MysteryBear May 2015
How am I genuinely happy in school around the people I "supposedly" love?

But when I go home to the people that "supposedly" love me, all I want to do is cry...
Feeling uncontrollably emotional right now
May 2015 · 981
Bitter Love
MysteryBear May 2015
I know you'll forget me
One way or another
50/50 chance
I'll leave or you
But until then
I will savor up your love
Drown in your kisses
Dance through the arguments
And I won't blame you for the day our love comes to an end
Our love can't possibly last with the life I'm forced to live
May 2015 · 626
Well Worth It
MysteryBear May 2015
Me, you and a Saturday
A date you
I said yes
With a sign off of my
Just to remember
I have to sneak through
My fortress
To be by your side
I want this date so bad I'm willing  .  To sneak  out of my house and pay the consequences latet
May 2015 · 3.9k
The Missing Puzzle Piece
MysteryBear May 2015
I’ve been staring at this puzzle piece
Its missing a piece
Or two or three,
Its a hand-me-down.
Why did my mother think it could satisfy me?
Passed from child to child,
Charity to Charity
It’s broken and bent
Its missing
Dad you’re missing
Apr 2015 · 1.4k
Forget Me-Not
MysteryBear Apr 2015
I am dark but lovely
I know this now
You knew this then
I wanted to bathe in the rain
but as always
you run in the sun
Summer came and
Summer went
Taking you with her
Sorry i can only post every so often now.
Mar 2015 · 692
MysteryBear Mar 2015
Love is a joke,
                    Life told

But no one was laughing
Feb 2015 · 690
No More
MysteryBear Feb 2015
You don't want a relationship with me
so what are we doing here
waiting for the other to lose
to be your friend with benefits
I want a relationship
Feb 2015 · 561
Love Deprived
MysteryBear Feb 2015
Do you know i dream about you?
I want to kiss
Hold hands
But I can't seem to make a move
You're depriving me
You are my problem
Feb 2015 · 1.9k
Missed Opportunities
MysteryBear Feb 2015
the opportunities come knocking
i don't answer
opportunities ring my phone
it sends to my answer machine
opportunity emails me
I let good things pass me by
Jan 2015 · 1.2k
Fool's Gold
MysteryBear Jan 2015
I laugh at girls who flirt with men as a sport,
Men who use girls for their bodies,
And immigrants who marry for green cards
But in my story,
I am the fool.
I used you to feel better about myself
And you did just that
I snuck around with you behind my parents back
I was leading a double life and I felt great because I was breaking good
You made me feel free
The only expectation you held me to was to not break your heart
But I broke it anyway
Now I find myself missing you more than ever
I was the fool
And you were my gold
I'm a horrible person and I want him back
Jan 2015 · 869
Teach Me
MysteryBear Jan 2015
Freshman year I thought
when I get out of here, I'll know everything
Sophomore year I think
these teachers know nothing
Junior year I'll think
who needs school anyway
By Senior year I have dropped out

I learned
From math to
Science to
Reading to
Art to
But learned nothing in
How To Love

I see teenagers crying
They lost their innocence but that's the least of their worries
I see my mother
Single taking care of four
Every man walked out on her
She said she'd never leave us
I discovered that that isn't her choice
To make
Death decided I'm better off alone

Teachers please,
Teach me how to let my guard down
At least long enough for people to fall in love with all the flaws of my personality
Teach me how to let someone hold me when I need to be held
Teach Me how to trust others not to hurt me
**Teach me how to love
Long but its how I'm feeling at this moment so please read and give me feedback
Jan 2015 · 1.3k
Its Nature
MysteryBear Jan 2015
The sun sinks to bring in the dark
So tell me
Why is it so wrong for me to sink,
To bring in the dark?

Sometimes the sky cries for no reason
But when I do the same, "I'm
Some stars explode,
Just to be **reborn again
Jan 2015 · 1.1k
MysteryBear Jan 2015
How can you medicate me
                     if you barely know me?
Jan 2015 · 4.6k
Poets Are Really Deep
MysteryBear Jan 2015
In the vast corners of the room was a telephone that read broken. Poets are really deep because they can turn nothing into something. To me, the telephone meant that us as our generation have broken communication. We get rid of our problems over text like ending a relationship or quitting a job.
Jan 2015 · 1.8k
Romeo X Juliet Haiku
MysteryBear Jan 2015
Lets die together

Three days is enough love

Forget our parents
Romeo and Juliet were dumb
Jan 2015 · 7.7k
Home Sweet Home
MysteryBear Jan 2015
I am stuck in 50 shades of gray
Nothing ******
But depressing
Like a bird who nestles in a tree
A bear who hibernates
A lion trapped in a cage
I find comfort in the gray
This is now my home
My aunt thinks I like being sad.
Jan 2015 · 1.4k
Twas The Night In My Head
MysteryBear Jan 2015
Some people believe that dreams warn us

Others believe that its depictions of your subconscious

I had a dream of of our lips pressed against each other
Me laid under you,
Watching your lips curl up with every touch
But then you started chasing me
The look on your face was not the same
The tension was heavier
The knife was sharper

I woke up in fear
*And turned over in bed
To see the same smile I fell in love with
Love is trusting them not to hurt you
Dec 2014 · 761
MysteryBear Dec 2014
I can't help but cry when a baby cries for her mom as though she could make things alright again. It reminds me of my mom when she cried for grandma in her sleep to take away the pain of her terminal illness but all I could do was watch.
Not as much a poem as a confession
Dec 2014 · 741
So Many Fears
MysteryBear Dec 2014
I could fall asleep on his shoulder but I wouldn't want to miss hearing him whisper sweet nothings into my ear. I could hold onto his hands forever but I fear our sweat will turn into oceans and drown him. I could hug him forever but I wouldn't want to break the very ribs that protect his heart from getting hurt.
I haven't kissed him yet for fear that I won't stop until our lips hurt
So many things to fear in this world but I only fear for *his safety
I falling too hard too fast for my boyfriend
Dec 2014 · 846
MysteryBear Dec 2014
Everyone repost this and #revolution101 it
Or create your own revolution poem about
How people are too lazy to read long poems on here
Tell your opinions. Read my last poem and Chloe jackson poem about it called "read 10w"
Dec 2014 · 943
MysteryBear Dec 2014
Hypocrites, Laziness, Plastic
You call yourselves real poets
Too lazy to read long poems
Sorry if I need to get my point across
My emotions cannot be put in 5 lines
That's why we do poems
We are suppose to feel things on a deeper level
But we are all plastic
Fiction like the characters in our poems
****, *****, Lick
I had to put rhyming in it so you would read it
People don't notice great poems cuz its too long. Laziness is not an excuse
Dec 2014 · 7.2k
MysteryBear Dec 2014
My eyes fight to shield me from the dark
With my last waking nerve I think of wrong and right
How much I want to be a good person
Why the devil is so fond of using me as a pawn when clearly I am a queen
Or at least I'm trying to be
I can go anywhere I want but not like a knight
For I am not chivalrous enough
The tides of disease will rush in to take you
But I will not move a muscle for I am grounded from moving in the way of an L...
As in Love
Chess metaphors at night. I bet the title got your attention.
Dec 2014 · 1.3k
Love Is In The Air
MysteryBear Dec 2014

                          gave us the
                ability to comprehend
             So why do we continue to
              pretend like we are blind
                 To what's happening
                          Between us
Dec 2014 · 1.2k
Life Goes On
MysteryBear Dec 2014
Stop* staring at the sun so
******* long
Notice the shadows forming
around you
Embrace it and know that you were
born from sin and death
Hercules *will not
save you in your
final moments
Take the chance and tell your crush
you like them
Take the stand against people that
use intimidation as a weapon
Take the responsibility to love
every bit of yourself even when your bones are shattering
*In the end, you will die proud
Why are we so afraid to live?
Dec 2014 · 765
I Hope Not
MysteryBear Dec 2014
Its been a lonely bus ride home without you whispering my name
A weekend of whispering your name
A month of us teasing each other
Every day I'm thinking about you
And I finally discovered that I'm falling in love with you
I hope that I'm wrong
I hope that I'm not falling but flying
I hope that you're not my first kiss
Because to you trouble is bliss
I hope....

*That you're falling in love with me too
I think I like this guy. I hope he likes me but wish he doesn't because there is alot of trouble that follows with him
Nov 2014 · 716
MysteryBear Nov 2014
Yes, this is another poem about that special guy
No, I'm not the one he likes
Maybe, I'm crazy
But when his voice beats against my ear drums I forget about all that

The fact that he has a scar on the right side of his cheek that could hold a painful memory but every time I ask about it, its the same story, "I don't remember"

The fact that he lives in a hotel with his father and sister but left his mother in Philadelphia
I want to ask why but I know my boundaries

Then those stories about all his injuries on his body and I'm all ears
Until I wonder why he doesn't remember how he got that scar on his cheek....
Until I wonder why he shares these stories with me but not with her....

Until I wonder if he doesn't remember that he deserves so much more than a person like *her
She barely gives him the time of day but still he tries to get her attention.
Nov 2014 · 747
He Who Shall Not Be Named
MysteryBear Nov 2014
Drowned out emotions

World War III perceived in his eyes

Not the first or last time

He wanted to tear his eyes out

The last sign of his vulnerability

But when you catch him smiling

Oh that smile—

For a beautiful second,

My own demons stop shooting bullets

To stop and stare
I don't have a crush on the guy who the poem is about but he really needs to smile more.
Nov 2014 · 12.5k
MysteryBear Nov 2014
In and out
Stay strong
I'm trying
Stop cutting
Be a good girl
I can't
Waste of space
*I know
The regular font is a person who doesn't understand depression and addiction. The italicized is the depressed person's answers.
Nov 2014 · 6.9k
Porcelain Doll
MysteryBear Nov 2014
Hid my tears with makeup
      Curled my hair despite the burns
   Pierced through my desperation for
       Some may call me an attention
        Or a girl who finally embraced   
                     her feminine side
                      But I don't care
      Your opinion is the only one that
But you had the audacity not to notice
               *Your Porcelain Doll
Nov 2014 · 573
I'm Not Sure
MysteryBear Nov 2014
I'm not sure of who I am anymore
I'm not sure of where I'm going
Whether I'm happy or sad
I'm not sure if I'll be alive tomorrow
I'm not sure if we'll be friends forever
Whether god will help me or not
But I am sure of something

I am like the wind,
                     Always changing,
                                         Never staying,
So take shelter,
                     I'll blow your house down just like you did me
                          When you left
Nov 2014 · 1.3k
Forgotten Love
MysteryBear Nov 2014
Even though our matching tattoos were permanent, his feelings for me were temporary.
Follow me on wattpad and read my Larry Stylinson Fan fiction pls. My username is MysteryBear.
Nov 2014 · 2.8k
MysteryBear Nov 2014
Anger is sweet lemonade on a hot day
The only time my heart sways

My brain still sends a letter to my heart that its still pumping
Even if it is black and blue

Reminds me of a time when I was true
Free from a pain that was due

In the **** away from depression  I'm now dressed in,
I miss the old days
Nov 2014 · 1.1k
Your Majesty
MysteryBear Nov 2014
There was a girl.
And this girl wore her heart on her sleeve
Everyone saw this and everyone cared.

There was a guy.
And this guy wore his scars on his skin
Everyone saw this but no one cared.

Why would they?
She was beautiful, had a voice that made waking up worth while
He was beautiful too but you couldn't see that through his denials

The girl finally noticed the guy.
He was the only one who never said hi

She asked why he never cared
He answered "I'm sorry your majesty"

This went back and forth for a couple weeks
Until one day he didn't come to school

There was a guy.
And this guy hung a crown around his neck
No one saw this but everyone cared

The girl finally noticed the guy.
He was the only one who never said bye
Stop worrying about yourself all the time because there are tons more people in the world that need caring for too.
Oct 2014 · 2.6k
Midnight Memories
MysteryBear Oct 2014
Anger, Sorrow, Happiness, Jealousy
Gears of my personality
Rotating in the commotion
Shifts in  the air making it hard to breathe

Leaving should be easy but
Makes me queasy

Felt the warmth radiate off you,
Hands touching the skin on my cheek,
Your voice vibrating through my body

"YOUR MY *****!"

The thought of him makes me itch
For the people who deserve better
Oct 2014 · 1.6k
MysteryBear Oct 2014
Everything ****** a hole in the memories of who you were

A mother, teacher, best friend, patient

My eyes start to betray me as it allows the grief to flow freely through the mountains of denial

The denial that you weren't here just a second ago and gone the next

Its just salt water isn't it?

— The End —