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SB 1d
When we approached the intersection
Contaminated with political signs,
Yes on 1, No on 1. I asked,
“What did you vote for, daddy?”

We waited an hour in line for the elevator
Inside the crowded Empire State Building.
It was our turn but you said,
“We aren’t going in there with them.”

I had just received my diploma
And was floating on the high of achievement.
She put her arm around me and you said,
“Stop being so *****.”

My heart is broken
And I stay locked away for days
You knock on my door and ask,
“What’s wrong?”

I am not going to tell you what’s wrong
When I grew up hearing from your lips
That I am what’s wrong.
He doesn’t need that extra burden.

I will carry the memories of
Your vote against *** marriage,
The two men holding hands in the elevator,
The words that made my diploma a dagger.
We never saw the
summer through
Probably the best
we'd had for years
Poor  girl didn't
make It passed
winter, just to
have that last summer
Wasn't much to ask
for, I told Helen we
would have the
the best summer ever
take her to the
seaside as many
days she wanted
sadly not meant
to be, don't think I'll
ever go back to the
Winter Helen never made the best summer In years just ain't fare
My struggles
my life
like a brick
wall stops
me doing
the things
I need to
all my life
this wall
I failed to
climb thus
far In
Struggles with depression like a wall
I just can't climb
Spades 5d
This is to someone I don’t know, but I know what he did.
I want him to know that leaving my mom and me on the hospital bed that night is something I still hold a grudge for.
But I have no intentions of finding you to hurt you.

I just want to know why.

I want to know why you ran away from mom.
Why you let her die with me in her arms.
You left us.
That left me all alone.

I want to know what I did to you that you were convinced to force me to suffer in **** before I even had a chance to die?
Did you think that I would live to get over it?
Because to this very day, I still cry about you.
I still cry about mom.
I cry about how different my life would be if  I could write poems about you.
Instead of poems of what could have been you.

I just want to know why.

I want to know how you are doing now.
I hope you are living happily wherever you are, whatever you do.
And I only hope you wish the same for me.
And if you honestly did care for me, my birthday wishes would have come true so I could finally see you.
But I don’t even know if you think of me.
But lone Birthday after cold Christmas I can’t help but think how much happier I would be if I even merely had a picture of you.
But I don’t even have any memories of you.

I just want to know why.

I want to know if a life full of alcohol and drug abuse was a life you ever imagined for me?
Did you even think about the future when you left?
Because I’m sure if you knew I would have struggled this much with it you wouldn’t have let it happened…
If you knew, would you have let it happen?
Did you know it was going to happen?
I’m sure you didn’t.
I’m sure you didn’t know the impact on a kid who never saw his dad's eyes.
Who never heard his dad’s voice.
A kid who never felt his dads touch.

But because of you, I cry every night

Wondering if you had no other choice to make.
Or if it was a choice you made.
Re-tweaked, I didn't like the first one.
If you couldn't tell it's a message to my dad.
You are the reason i love
To write

I would always write to you in jail

You are the reason i don't know
When to cry

I would always cry when i saw
Your back turned because i was
Afraid it was the last time i would see it

You are the reason i write with
Such motivation

I would always be motivated to convince you
That you should come home

You are the reason i am afraid to love

I would always have a part of me that was shattered
After you left
"Why am I walking in circles?"
Wait, I've heard that recently...
...or have I said that before?
Am I walking around in pajamas?
Well ...pajamas and a robe that's better
Better? Better what?
Better me than you ........Okay Samual
I hear you ....
.....where you hiding ...Is mom and dad home?
Where am..." Why am I ......
why am I walking around in circles?"
Here come those people ...I'm supposed to know them
They like it when I smile and nod
I've seen them before .....!?
Why am I walking around in circles ?!
carole 7d
I miss you.

I miss your smile.
I can picture it so perfectly:
The wrinkles you would get
At the corner of your eyes
Pushed up by your cheeks
Widely revealing your teeth.

I miss your loud and obnoxious laugh,
Your tickles and your warm hugs.
I miss how you would laugh
At my childish jokes.
I miss you tickling me when I was sad
And hugging me goodnight.

I miss you
And I wish I could go back in time.
I wish I could relive all our moments together.
All those moments I failed to cherish until it was too late.
All those times you carried me on your shoulders.
All those times we danced in the middle of the kitchen.
All those times you kissed me on the forehead.
And told me you loved me.
All those times I took you for granted.

If only I had known that you would leave so soon
Then maybe I would have never left home
Or maybe I would have picked up the phone that day.

I miss you, dad,
More than I thought was humanly possible.
the saddest thing
a kid could wish for
is that she is not like her father
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