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I remember with you,
In the summer of '08,
Life was never blue,
And life was great.

Fly ***** and Popcorn,
I bet I can eat the most.
Triple stacks, Laser Tag,
Whys Phineas's head a triangle eh?

A lot I recall,
And I lot I remember.
You're not a 2nd rate,
And most definitely a diabetic so stop lying and saying you're sweet.

It's hard to talk now,
And **** happens in life.  
Life has a weird way of making **** complicated with complications.
Ive got to say,
But for now I refrain,
So please wait till I say I'm okay, okay?

So while Nostalgia, was it? That reminds me of a better, understand I love you, even though I'm not comfortable in this weather.
"Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes…Turn and face the strange!
Ch-ch-changes! There's gonna have to be a different man. Time may change me, But I can't trace time." -David Bowie
lulu Jun 2
To the man who raised me where my own father couldn’t,

Papa… where do I even begin?
I love you more than words could ever express. I will always cherish our time together- even though I will forever hate that we could not have more- and all the lessons you taught me. You were the most sincere, hard working, admirable and loving person I will ever have the fortune of knowing.

You were my protector, my knight in shining armour, my superhero, my rock, my anchor, my confidante, my defender, and my best friend. There will never be a man in my life who could ever measure up to your strength, love and kindness.

I’m sorry I’m not ready to let you go… nor do I think I ever will be. I guess part of me just thought you would be here with me forever. I really wish that were the case… but if it’s time for you to go, I guess I can settle for you being my guardian angel instead.

I also just want to thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you for always being there for me without ever questioning it or wavering.
Thank you for holding my hand and guiding me.
Thank you for wiping my tears, hugging me tightly and always knowing how to comfort and cheer me up.
Thank you for protecting me.
Thank you for always having my back and supporting me.
Thank you for all the times you soothed my anxiety attacks growing up.
Thank you for all the nights you spent up with me when I was afraid.
Thank you for your undying love and support.
I can’t ever thank you enough for everything.

I miss you so much. I wish I could talk to you once more. I wish I could tell you how much I love and miss you. I wish I could thank you and apologize. I wish I could joke around with you.

I wish I could have you sing to me- in that god awful tone-deaf singing voice of yours that always made me laugh. I’d even put up with you singing Chicken Talk.

I wish we could have had more time, but I know that no amount of time would ever have been enough. I got you for almost 25 years and I guess that will have to be enough.

I would give anything just to be able to tell you this and for you to be able to hear me and respond. I know you’d tell me not to cry and not to be sad. I know you would tell  me you love me and always will. I know you’d also tell me to take care of Nonna and Callisto, Nova and the kids.
I just wish more than anything I could actually hear you saying those things.

You are my sunshine, papa…

Always, your little girl.
you are my sunshine,
my only sunshine.
you make me happy,
when skies are grey.
you'll never know, dear,
how much i love you.
please don't take
my sunshine away.
Dakota May 27
Summer night,
The feeling’s right.
All through to daylight.

The morning’s plain.
All to noon,
When that scent comes back.

The smell of summer’s morning dew.
The smell of bacon.
The smell of Saturdays with mom.

Dad kisses goodbye,
Mom says hi.
And that sweet smell of summer’s morning dew.

All this time,
Spent with you.
And that smell of summer’s morning dew.
Sa Weol May May 19
A child begging to be with his dad,
Ride a bike going to the north,
Where her cousins are there.
Sitting in the front,
She saw her dad's hands getting calluses
from an hour biking,

Still seeing her dad with happy smile,
and she don't know why,
Maybe because of the smooth road they're taking,
or the pastures they're passing by,
Trees swaying so as their hair
As they contradicts the direction of the windy day,

The ways are getting longer,
But she let her eyes to freeze on the right side,
it passes beautiful sceneries,
enough not to get boredom,
Getting to the place,
She sees her father, though tired from a long ride,
Lots of stories to talk to her grandmother,
While she plays with her cousin,

This child step
on becoming years older than before,
Realizing that memory as more than anything,
to be treasured
now she misses her dad
while she's away from them,
working for long hours
not getting enough pay,
planning to get farther to them
to earn more than enough

But whenever I gets back to that time
where I used to beg to be with my dad,
I now know why happy he is riding his bike,
I just like to be a child again and go back home now.

Moonwriter May 13
Every day I remember
what you did


You promised that you loved
me and care about me

             Was that true?        

Though what kind of father
     hits his son without a care      

Does that make sense?

Cause you would say things
but the deed wasn't the same

And I felt I was to blame!

Cause the reminder of you leaving
my siblings without and
reason gives me a feeling that it's me

Is it my fault?
I think it's my fault that my family doesn't have a dad
Jared Botelho May 13
I was walking down the street
Exchanging thoughts with the trees
Gargling in my stomach
Hungry for the pain
That came from my father
Gestated by my mother
A newborn with pre-determined traits

Stumbling down the path
There’s no need to be mad
A throbbing in my chest
Pulsating out regrets
It stems from my father
Exasperated by my mother
This will stay with me till the end

I have a disease that can’t be seen
Both environmental and in my genes
A weight on my shoulders
Making me feel colder
Please god, give me release
I saw the smile on his face,
As he laugh at his own jokes,
Take his punch line,
It is an ordinary day isn't it?
Well that was i thought,
As he rushes through the door,
With positivity of leaving,
Then coming back at night,
Were waiting,
Patiently waitng,
He promised us a dinner,
He promised to cook,
High expectancy,
We thought off a good dinner at night,
But flash forward to that day,
As we were patiently waiting,
A phone call that were hard as a concrete hit my face,
A year without a rain,
He's footsteps out through that door,
Were the last thing we knew,
This night is gotta be better,
But instead we meet a souless eyes,
Bursts our agony,
Till midnight,
It seems forever...
Jim Apr 29
Hang me high,
closer to heaven when I die.
I'll have less steps to climb.

Place my ashes on Mistral winds
over tranquil pastures.
I will spread to the lands I have traveled.

Wipe your tears with pictures of us.
On better days
with any luck
I will live in memories
Robin Wright Apr 27
From the moment I was born
I knew that I’d be safe
I knew if I was ever lost
you’d help me find my way
you taught me life could be a challenge
you taught me right from wrong
you taught me how to deal with struggles
you taught me to be strong
you taught me how to change a tire
so I wouldn’t be in distress
you taught me to see the good in life
when everything seems a mess
you taught me to play basketball
to be unselfish, and get along with others
you taught me to always give 100%
and to always listen to my mother
you taught me everything I know about sports
you taught me how to win
you taught me to be competitive
you taught me to never give in
you taught me the things I want in life
will never be given for free
to earn whatever my heart desires
is completely up to me
you taught me how to lose with grace
and use that as a tool
to keep on pushing forward in life
and that passion is my fuel
you taught me to treat my fellow man
with the respect that they deserve
and if you thought that I wasn’t listening dad
I heard every single word
you’ve always been my biggest fan
the best friend, a girl could have
thank you for making me who I am
I love you to the moon and back, DAD
Moonwriter Apr 22
One thing I never had
was a kind dad

I wish a lot that I could’ve
But as I ponder over the

And realize that without that
I would be the teen I am today

But like most boys
I still wish to have a dad

That wouldn’t hurt or hit me as bad
and that would be there for me

Cause my life hasn’t been easy
but I am thankful for those who
we’re there

In the times of darkness but I can’t stop

I have never had many great experiences with my dad and I wish things could change.
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