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GD 4h
Silent, black, a starless night
“Son, there is something wrong with your dad!”
I’ve never jumped up from
a deep sleep so fast
running into my parents’ room,
I leap onto the bed
Dad’s body shaking,
Mouth foaming,
His eyes like glass
His eyes pleading for help
His eyes begging for comfort
His eyes  
Silent, black, a starless night
Burned into my brain forever
When it came to my existence, you and Mom were my creators.
But Mom died in March of 2013 and you died four months later.
When you died, you joined Mom in Heaven.
You were brought into this world 72 years ago today in 1947.
But I'm sorry to have to say that you and Mom aren't with us anymore.
I didn't want to believe it when the doctor said that you were done for.
I remember thinking that now I have no parents on the night when you died.
You were born 72 years ago today but your life ended in 2013 on the 13th of July.
Soumia 4d
Help me,
I'm crying myself to sleep
I think of you before I go to bed.

It makes me sad that your not around anymore.
20 years have passed, but I still feel the emptiness.

Help me, please
Soumia Oct 12
No eyes can see my tears,
no ears can hear me crying,
all I have is you but where have you gone?
Just Ty Oct 7
Is it just me or maybe it’s that I am just a different breed
For there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do when it comes to my seed
I would walk the distance just to be able to put food on the table
I go by many different names but bad father isn’t one of those labels
I don’t understand how parents are ok with just getting by
Because I would do anything for my kids to touch the sky
Maybe I’m wrong and maybe they are doing all that they can
But perception is reality so you have to understand,
Where I am coming from for Im not trying to be the bad guy
I am just asking the questions that we all want to know; why?
Why is it that you have enough money for your drugs
While your children’s stomach is the only thing they’ll hug
These children are walking around with holes in their shoes
All while every Friday night your cabinets are stocked with *****
Isn’t it annoying to see all these dead beat
But dead beat mothers isn’t a conversation to be had
Doing more than what we are doing for our children is my only wish
Because they are the victims here for they didn’t ask for any of this
The consequences of your actions
Are a burden I suppose I asked for
When I agreed to belong to you
When I offered you sanctuary in my arms

Yet tonight they are so heavy
And I no longer wish to carry them
My legs are so tired darling
Please just admit that you were wrong

My legs are so tired darling
Break the generational chain that binds us to this nonsense.
Didda Oct 6
I hear him mention that my greatness is that of a family name
and in that moment I understand I am nothing but a legacy.

And my tears are the vines that climb the deck
and put out his cigarette

and my memories create a storm
and dilate his ***** 'till it is water

-it takes time to see your true magic
My father relates success to my family line. It is meant to be a joke but the narcissism still lies. It leaves an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach.
dog pillow Oct 5
When I was 12, you saved me from the bees
That left my legs swollen, bites around my knees

The hose that held the nest was green
And you were tired

Ice cubes and baking soda
The venom can seep out now

But still, I grieve
Venom gone

Loss fills the stings.

Drained from my body
I ache for your laugh
And hairy kisses on my head from your mustache

I named a star for you.
To this day, it shines

I wish you could see it
I wish you could see it
I wish you could see it
Zywa Oct 4
Dad, you know where it hurts
although you weren't there
you always ask exactly

for something important that
others didn't miss
in my story, an aside

of the path, a depth
I told around
feelings that I avoid

because they itch in my head
and scars that I keep covered
you understand it all

before I tell you
and you say the words
that embrace me

and upset me
with sorrow that doesn't know
what to do with this happiness
Collection “The light of words"
Steve Page Oct 4
She opened the window above his bed
(How else will his spirit rise?)
I could have said
that his is a spirit that defies convention -
domestic or foreign -
his spirit would not wait for our permission.
But instead I smiled
at the February chill and the gas bill
that would have made my dad shudder.
Memories of February 2000.
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