nothing more than a stranger
living in my home,
nothing more than a man
who i wouldn't dare trust again.
you father,
you have ripped me to shreds
and altered my view of people.
no amount of "sweethearts"
will wash away the ugly words
you once spoke to me.
your constant "i'm sorry"
has lost all meaning,
the damage is done.
thank you father
for being the first to teach me
that people are double sided,
the first to teach me not to trust,
and the first to teach me
to stop giving out more chances.
you taught me,
time and time again
that people do not change.
so thank you for the lessons, father.

Legends are undeniable. Love is indescribable.
To describe the feeling of legendary love
Is like counting every of one of his breathes
And making that many reasons to love another like him.
To spend your living days loving others enough
For them to love your loves.
To make enough loves for your loves loving days end.
To feed them loves well after you cannot love anymore.
I can feel your love in every face I meet
Because I know you loved them.
You loved them enough for them to love me
And to love my loves.
A never-ending river of loving you’ve created
To making sure your loves are loved
Well after your loving days end

Evan 6d

Like father like son
Alcohol, drugs, one-night loves
Chip off the old block

Mic Arbilon Jan 12

Dear Mom and Dad,
I’m sorry for being the daughter you don’t want me to be.
I’m sorry if sometimes I bring bad luck.
I’m sorry if I always bring disappointments to you.

Dear Mom and Dad,
Did you know that sometimes I feel lonely?
Did you know that all the time I feel weak?
Did you know that I’m always longing for your embrace?

Dear Mom and Dad,
I always get jealous to my younger brother,
It feels like you always care for him more than me;
It feels like he’s the only child you have.

Dear Mom and Dad,
I always feel depressed and anxious,
I always feel disappointed on myself.
I always feel like I am the blacksheep in this family.

Dear Mom and Dad,
I did all my best to make you all be proud of me,
I did all my best not to make mistakes,
I did all my best but they’re wasn’t enough.

Dear Mom and Dad,
I wish someday you’ll gonna ask me if I’m okay;
I wish someday you’ll come to me smiling and you’ll gonna hug me.
I wish someday you’ll not gonna make me feel like im the worst person.

Dear Mom and Dad,
Did you even know that I almost killed myself?
Did you even know that the every move you make and word you says are hurting me?
Did you even know that you all once killed me?

Dear Mom and Dad,
I want to get out from this pain.
I want you to get this pain out of me;
But how? If you all didn’t see me hurting.

Nicole Jan 9

It's too late,
my mom says as we drive home
It is time to move on,
I agree, ignoring the way she wiped her face, keeping my eyes on the road and my head in the music

It's too late,
my mom says, with tears in her eyes she packs a bag
It is time to go,
I whisper as I watch her car pull out of the garage but I close the door before I see her disappear into the night

It's too late,
I almost snarled at him
It is time to let go
as I barely glanced at my dad, "a changed man," sitting on the couch, watching the same religious programs all day, unmoving

It's too late
I crave to shout
It is time to leave
the figure of my imagination spills its thoughts and emotions, endless and harsh, to the man I have to remeet, if I even met him in the first place

It's too late
it has been for years
It is time to continue on
This chapter of our lives has reached its end, tired and exhausted and infuriated, we can no longer put off the inevitable

Gabe B Jan 8

He makes dreams a reality.
For a brief moment in time.
He knows just when to visit.
Except when i miss him.
Sometimes he comes with gifts.
Which only remind me of him.
He is the most tangible imaginary friend I have.
But at least the others stick around.
He leaves when I'm asleep.
I'm left alone in my dream.
He is not someone I made up.
But I still can't see his face.
I wish he would stay.
I really do.

A poem for my daughter.
Tyler Grace Jan 5

you can't forget your family

no matter how hard you try

mirrors remind you you have your mothers face

hard times remind you like your father you never cry

keep it bottled up, don’t worry about the past

seeing relatives remind you “you’ve grown to fast”

my bloodline is a burden that i wouldn’t trade

even if this burden is all that weighed

You are supposed to be here for me
You are supposed to teach me about life
I lost my dad
And you lost your wife

Why don't you love me
You always said you would
Its hard to believe you could
When left me like you did

You were my dad
I looked up to you more than anything
But now you're gone
And you took everything

I don't know if I'll ever forgive you
The scars are really deep
You messed me up
I don't know if I'll find relief

Thanks for the good times
I thought they would never end
But your addiction took you
And I'll never trust you again

Ari Jan 1

My dad wears a uniform,
A badge and a gun.
He says goodbye to my mom
Who prays he’ll see tomorrow’s sun.

She’s gone to bed so many nights
Without him by her side.
The empty bed come morning
Makes her fear opening her eyes.

I was but seven years old
The first time I truly realized
The bad choices people make
Are the reason daddy’s friends have died.

I hate listening to the radio
And watching any news
For when disaster strikes
Policemen always lose.

They lose time with their husbands.
They lose time with their wives.
They lose time with their children.
They too often lose their lives.

Every choice you’ll ever make
Will impact someone’s day
Please don’t let tonight’s actions
Rip someone’s tomorrow away.


Tony Ortiz Dec 2017

Finding decent Fathers from the hood is a losing game,
Where one dad's skipped out, three blocks full did the same.
Every time I see my son, I think about his name.
His name isn't his title, it's a gift from where he's came.
He's a growing boy, one that has to feed.
I break my body, mind and soul to make sure he has what he needs,
And if I can't provide it, then it doesn't exist,
Because I do anything for him; even with a broken wrist.
I remember the first time I held him in his bundle,
I felt nothing but responsibility that humbles,
Joy, and pride at my newfound seedling,
I swear, before then I had never had that feeling.
But a few months later, his mom and me split,
She ditched us, and didn't seem to give a shit.
She stopped by maybe once a month for him,
Never brought supplies, like her visits were on a whim.
I raised him myself, and taught him how to speak,
When his first word was "Dada", my joy hit its peak,
I taught him how to clap, and how to high five,
And when he took his first steps- towards ME- I felt glad to be alive.
I felt the dark thoughts dissipate with every hug,
And his cries turn me to a cheetah, from a slug.
I'd break down the walls of hell if it meant keeping him safe,
Or build an entire city myself, at whatever pace.
But the she-demon returned and she wants to take him from me,
Why she wants him now is something that's stumped me.
But I'm determined to get custody of my son, and first born,
And doing this would turn me from just a dad,
Into the Unicorn.

Please repost, i need this to get as far as it can!!
Single fathers with full custody are almost as rare as a unicorn.
If you'd like to help me keep my son, and make me into the best unicorn out there, sign this petition here:
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