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Maximo Oct 2010
Gracefully over the squares, as a blonde or a brunette,
she makes moves that not even a queen can imitate.
Always active and taking the initiative,
she likes to fork.
And when she does, usually over-the-board,
she takes with ease not only pawns, but also kings,
and a bad bishop or two.
Sometimes she feels like making
quiet moves,
at other times, she adopts romantic moods,
and makes great sacrifices.
But, being hers a zero-sum game,
she  often forks just out of spite.
An expert at prophylaxis, she can be a swindler,
and utter threats,
skewering men to make some gains.
Playing  with her risks a conundrum,
and also catching Kotov’s syndrome.
Nonetheless, despite having been trampled
by her strutting ways
my trust in her remains,
until the endgame.
Maximo K., October 1, 2010
The Queen of Hearts
makes her move,
adrenaline chess
to construe.

The enzymes melt
her painted frown,
with head held high
she adjusts her crown

She remembered who
she once was,
breathless pause.

Around the King
her fingers grasp
to set him on
the Bishop's path.

And by her hand
he meets his fate
he is no more
by her, "check mate".
“Pawns are such fascinating pieces, too...So small, almost insignificant, and yet--they can depose kings." ― Lavie Tidhar, The Bookman
Upon the marble foundation
stood kings of light and dark.
Each towered above their noble men,
each watched from their royal mark.

The queens faced off where they stood,
while the knights mounted their horses.
The bitter players sat on each side
considering their forces.

The bishops were positioned beside the rooks,
the pawns in a line up front.
Up there they would take the attacks,
up there they would take the brunt.

The pieces were arranged in perfect order
the match was about to begin.
The players shook hands, one stone faced
the other with a stretching grin.

The pawns of ivory made their move
while the ebony ones looked on.
And so it went, one piece at a time
until most of them were gone.

There the queens were protecting their kings
before one made a fatal mistake.
With a slash from a knight, the queen was brought down
and it left the king to quiver and quake.

The pieces that were left quickly moved in
and the king was pushed to his knees
His crown fell off and rolled away
to the sounds of his dying pleas.
190 words
Amanda Jul 13
You were my knight
Shining armor
Chess board was our home
Queen's fondness you garnered
A kiss sweeter than honeycomb
Life is not a game but it's full of players  (and pawns)
Lyn-Purcell Jun 29

On Athens' chessboard
Olive tree bests spring water
Owl hoots victorious

This haiku is dedicated the Goddess, Athena.
Now I have a bit of a love hate relationship with her, some myths I find her awesome and some make me really dislike her.
But even so, now that Im older and reading more about her, I can say that Ive somewhat love hate relationship I have is fully balanced now.
I'm really enjoying this series, my list grows by the day!
Be back soon with more!
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Lyn-Purcell Jun 28
We are dealt with cards as we go
through the hardships of life.
As it falls to us, it is our choice to play
them the best we can.
That's where true greatness lies, playing the game of life the very best you can and achieving success.
I pray that all you dream of being in this life,
all you dreams come into fruition 😁🙏
Be back soon with more!
(It certainly does feel wonderful to be back at it again!)
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Lyn-Purcell Jun 14
Striving to be the best so loud and proudly may work for some
But for me it is through silence that I achieve more
Work in silence, your success will make the noise.
Besides, I find the appeal of keeping people guessing, haha!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
The Dark King hides within shadows and fiends;
Injured in a fight the world has never seen.

The White King stands on a pillar cracked;
Proud but wounded begins his final act.

Neither can live while the other survives;
Both Kings fall as the Final Battle arrives.

New dawn comes as the new Kings rise;
Painted in red by the Old Kings demise.
My little game of  Chess
That I played, with you
Making subtle moves
Hinting all too softly
Allowing impasses
Offering a pawn
Renouncing knights
Denouncing  a  bishop
Even giving up my Queen
That trying game of  Chess
It appears, has come to a stale
Without one word spoken, without
An idea or intellect having being shared
My dear, I have not tried hard enough, and
I shall never be the wiser for not having made a move
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