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Poetic T Sep 28
They think, that I'm like
   a disowned  feline...

Throwing me out first floor

Do I land on my feet...…
               No I land on my ribs,

on my head, only scrapes..

But my ribs are broken like
             a chess board... one wrong move
and its check mate..

I'm dying where I lie...
             choking on the blood of my
             ******* world moves...

But I landed on my wrist...

They'll never catch my broken *******,

   broken slang.

But they knew what a hand held with another
a mangled ******* as I survived another day.

I came back like a bee looking to sting,
                     but the ones who fell out there nest

were stung by another not me..

I'll walk another day.. been stung a few times..
             but I learnt my lesson...

Don't mess with the nest unless you

                want to be in anaphylactic shock of

some random fools words

trying to prove,
                               some insecurity for an abandoned

father figure, that's compensated
by a bullet,
                          and a promise of we got your back.
Invisible Sep 26
Our board is too small,
Our moves are a mess.
We are pawns in a much more complicated game than chess.
Yet somehow, we mean even less.
It's like I'm obsessed with the idea of chess.
Invisible Sep 26
The pawn
The soldier.
The warrior.
And the first to die.
Used by his king.
Killed by his enemies.
Remembered by no one.
In a kingdom,
Where the royals prevail,
There is no room
For a measly soldier.
Rougher than a knight.
Weaker than a bishop.
Shorter than a rook.
And powerless against all.
The pawn protects,
Everyone but himself.
Such wasted talent.
Invisible Sep 15
Looks like she has more power than the king,
But the king rules all,
She's just a doll.
Sit there, look pretty,
When he asks for it, lie.
Sit there, look pretty,
When they come for him, die.
She has more freedom than the king,
As well as less protection,
She's just a decoration.
Stand tall, talk short,
Let him make all the decisions.
Stand tall, talk short,
Wait for him to close the curtains.
Bound by her duty.
Can't escape the ruling.
By his side, or by his feet.
Doesn't matter, it's just meant to be.
She's going to sit there, look pretty,
She's going to stand tall, talk short,
But she's going to fight for them, walk freely,
Because she knows it's all for her to keep.
Said I would make more. And I did.
This one's longer.
Invisible Aug 8
A lost king alone in his palace.
A king who made mistakes,
And lives in debt.
He drove them away.
Ruined his home,
Soon to be killed,
Old and frail.
Repays day by day,
By remaining lonely.
It's a small price to pay,
For all he's caused.
The games he's played.
He drove away his Queen, now. Didn't he?
Don't they?
Let her fight for him.
Johnny walker Jul 19
Life for me has been like a game of chess all of us like pawns In the game called life different moves
throughout our time
Depending what moves we chose to make and those moves made In various stages of the game of life determine what we'll
A chess board of  life we live moving around the board  each move made will determine where we'll go and what we'll
Some people speak of living for the moment.
Having "carpe diem" as their slogan.
Their decree to want to take life day by day.
Hoping fate will lead the way, and things will always be okay.
Taking it easy; Life is a holiday to be enjoyed and  celebrated the right way.

Others say this is a hippie cliche.
That living day to day isn't living, its surviving.
It's not thriving, to truely live means striving.
Its realizing what you want most and trying.
About devising a plan to achieve all you aspire.
Gain the skills and knowledge you require.
To go higher, elevate and inspire, be someone others admire.
Stand with the fruits of labor in your hand that you have acquired and be proud for getting that which you desire.

Two ways to look at life I guess.
Value one view doesn't make the other less.
Assess what's important to you; pave your own road to success.
Some play the fame of life as checkers; others as chess.
Wanted to make it longer but felt it it the points I wanted to get accross
Sunshine Jul 1
the way you move
why did I let you move
undressed me
pulled me closer
3 am till morning
I should have walked away
should have said no
let myself be your pawn
the way your hands move
following my curves
hips and legs
you know how to move
lips on my neck
your hands on my thigh
maybe I should reconsider
thought you'd make me queen
my feelings are in the clouds
but I feel nothing
but he's not here
you know how to make your move
taking all my defenses
picked me up late
kissed me on the forehead
I let it all happen
yet you're not here
he's not anywhere close
you made your move
now I surrender
a game lost
another win in your books
made to be

Diána Bósa May 21
This game was on
right before we met.
This game was on
right before we were even born.

No one has ever said that
playing by the devil's bible is easy
and, to tell the truth,
I have never fancied gambling.

But this time I was called to act
by the summoning, and though
the price was never so high
like this before
I take the offer on losing everything
I have ever had.

Because sitting at this table
right here in front of you,
streamed by Acorns, Bells, and Leaves,
threatened Over-n-Under by the Knave,
I must defeat you by my own Heart
before the King itself slaughters me
by the hand of the Deuce.
Star BG Apr 23
The games of our relationship
is confusing.
Your moves and statements
make me wonder...
where you stand
and is this love.

Guess I should pick up chess
to play
or just walk away.
inspired from chat with Hamed M. Dehongi
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