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ava May 19
i take a piece from both of my parents
my mothers sensitivity, and longing of the feeling of love.
her hypochondria, and her attitude.
when i was younger i promised id be nothing like her, we always seemed to but heads but as i grow older i see so much of her in me.
i see my father’s manipulative ways in me,
the way i pick people apart until they scream.
i was cursed with his argumentative ways, and his strong opinions.
i watched my father tell my mother she was less of what she was my whole life, and shes wiped her own tears. kept her head high. fed the kids like she was told and washed the dishes when she was done.
they never slept in the same bed. never kissed. never hugged.
when they broke up, i was confused. i thought that was love?
he always made it so clear he never needed her, he rubbed it in her face, and she still stayed. for 9,125 days she stayed. she convinced herself it was love. she convinced herself she was doing the right thing by inhaling his insecurities but she knew it was wrong.
she left.
he broke,
he needed her she didnt need him.
he needed her to hold him together because he was the one who was really broken.
he was feeding off of her and he couldnt stand seeing her not need him.
they broke up 8 years ago and hes never let a woman even come close to taking her place.
watching that taught me to see whats in front of you.
now im proud to be like my mom.
Ankit Mangal May 15
It was both exciting and nervy,
The beginning of my best journey, I thought,
When the talks began, cloud of doubts began to fly away,
Understanding without words, care without need
Gift without expectation and love without bounds,
Now wait was killing me more, finally It was over,
After the light and sound show was over,
Slowly, words became orders, need became want,
Expectation became demands and love became 11 to Midnight affair,
But then suddenly, something hidden deep dark surfaced,
Within blinks it turned savage, so deep,
I asked for penny, other thought of rupee,
I asked for time, other thought of possessiveness,
I asked for holding the hand, other thought of getting strapped,
I asked for respect, other thought of *******,
Finally, I asked just for love, other thought of just ***,
Still maintained it, expecting unexpected,
But the cloud of arrogance obscured the view,
Helplessly decided to let go, thought necessitate,
Other haven’t shed a tear, thought did correct,
Finally, trusted the worst was over,
But hardly did I know, a bigger fight was pending,
I shed tears, compromised and bent, other unmoved,
Still, they put me in the same coffin as other,
What made me undeserving, walking away for self-respect,
Then, why do I have to search only among the divorced,
What made me impure, your eyes or my uncompromising necessity,
I now know how it feels like being stuck on deserted island,
It’s hard to **** yourself and harder to live knowing it’s going to be a slow death,
Indeed, it was the best journey, how else have I learnt.
This is a true thing happening in developing nations where society judges divorced people very differently. So, its an appeal to society stop judging people.
delaney May 13
you always think i'm lying
even though the truth serum
that you gave me,
(in the form of forcing myself out of my body)
has been administered in such a large dose
that it's seeping out of my eyes

there's a bright light shining in my eye
and i have taken the multiple blows from your words
some of which still leave imprints.

i tell you that i want to leave
that i want him to pack up and take me with him
because maybe then i can find some peace
in the ever turning turmoil that haunts my mind.

you just say,
"i don't care."

maybe you're too busy playing the victim
to watch me claw at my face in an attempt to get out.
haha mommy issues
Ingram Apr 26
I remember putting on my white dress,
trying to hold back tears from stress.
I knew deep down that I never wanted to walk down that aisle,
but my feet kept moving with a perfect, fake smile.

I put all my faith in God above,
and I even prayed to feel His love.
Because all I wanted was to do the right thing,
and I truly believed that getting married to a man would fix everything.

One year later I am back where I started,
but this time with divorce papers feeling cold-hearted.
I never wanted it to end this way,
and how naive of me to think I was strong enough to stay.

Now I just want to hug my mom while I cry out,
but she is disgusted with the fact that I came out.
I am filled with tears of hatred and shame
because I lit up my life with an irreversible flame.

I asked for this.
I asked for all of this.
Petrichor Apr 24
You left us
But you are not gone
At least not for me
Petrichor Apr 24
You told me since I was a child that he was a villain
So how can I love myself
When I see HIS face in the mirror
Every single morning....
Heidi Franke Apr 6
I wanted to divorce you
This minute, today
You bring me no joy
Covid or not
In the same instant
I thought of my grandson
Only 8, the same age I told my son
Of that. It set his mind in flames
Almost jumped from the roof
So, boom, I grounded myself
For innocence
Come on, just infect all expectations
Get it over with
Be the only one.
Loss of job hours, due to Covid, more hours shrinking, brainless husband wit minimal emotional intelligence. Waiting for unemployment, shrieking inside because my 86 y.o. mother keeps going to the ******* store. Just waiting for the sun to circle back again wondering who will be the first to go.
Dream House
by Michael R. Burch

I have come to the house of my fondest dreams,
but the shutters are boarded; the front door is locked;
the mail box leans over; and where we once walked,
the path is grown over with crabgrass and clover.

I kick the trash can; it screams, topples over.
The yard, weeded over, blooms white fluff, and green.
The elm we once swung from leans over the stream.
In the twilight I cling with both hands to the swing.

Inside, perhaps, I hear the telephone ring
or watch once again as the bleary-eyed mover
takes down your picture. Dejected, I hover,
asking over and over, “Why didn’t you love her?”

Keywords/Tags: dream house, divorce, parting, separation, shuttered, weeds, trash can, mover, movers, moving, rejection, relocation
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