For the first time in a long time I saw you in my dreams.
I remember running to you in a field of nothing but black roses.
The sky was grey and so was the sun.
When I finally reached you, I clutched onto you and I said nothing as I stood on my tip toes and welcomed you with a passionate kiss.
I remember time slowing down and giving me this moment.
I remember every single nerve in my body dancing as our lips reminisced how much we have missed each other.

I also remember breaking our kiss.
Telling you I loved you, but also saying I shouldn't be here and that I had to go.
I'll never forget the look on your face as I started to fade right there in front of you..
Watching the sadness swirl in your eyes as you asked me why.....
And how I simply replied...
because you're going to destroy me.
Though we tried to avoid bitterness in our Divorce,
I don't feel that my ex-wife and I ever established
A deep spiritual connection.
Some people believe
That all spiritual paths
Eventually lead to the same place,
But I don't believe that this is true.
People aren't taking different paths up the same mountain.
They're climbing different mountains.
Based on their spiritual understanding,
People don't necessarily share
The same values or priorities.
For example,
The deep Connection with the Earth
Felt by a Native American prostester
At Standing Rock
Might not be shared
By an Sunday Service Attendee
At a Megachurch.
Some Hindu Temples in India
Still have Temple Prostitutes,
But some Muslims believe
That prostitutes
Should be stoned to death.
In my marriage,
I experienced sexual intimacy,
But I don't think there was ever
A Spiritual Exchange.
Sitting in uncomfortable silence
No longer husband and wife
From this day forward
Both starting a new life

Thinking on past memories
Brings me to tears
We have so many good ones
Over the years

The warmth and safety I feel
Makes me want to stay
When I see the hurt in your eyes
I have to look away

I love you so fucking much
But I can’t hurt anymore
I wish we could turn back time
To the way things were before

I will miss you
But it’s better this way
My heart is aching
But I know I cannot stay

You say I’m being selfish
And maybe it’s true
I keep trying to make it work
But I cannot forgive you

Our life together
Is ending here today
Going our separate ways
With nothing left to say

You lay in a separate room
We’re both crying and alone
Nothing left but memories
Of our family and our home
This one was really hard for me to write.
You said you did the best you could
You said you did this for me
You know you did it for yourself
We know you did it for yourself

I know you've let the nostalgia color your view
In time the past becomes a myth with a brighter hue
You still have no answers after all these years
If you were never in love why did you stay so long

I can't believe the words you speak now
Through a rose-tinted filter
You celebrated the severing of something sacred
There are two sides to every story
Long ago I realized neither side was true
I'd have to find my own way
Find my own way without you

I buried this and let it go
But when you talk like that it's hard to leave it where it is
Because it's still waiting for me there
Still warm to the touch
Still reeking of sin
seshi 6d
"It was... magical." They would gush
Stars orbiting just for them
A moment where two minds
Choose to be one
You can roll your eyes
Say you've heard the story five times-
Six now
But they aren't even listening, they can't
Above the crashing waves
Of their passion

This party wasn't made for two
Gravitating toward one another
Not even socialising with the outside lifeforms
The moon and his sun
The day and her night
The sand and his ocean
Ten plus ten fingers still equals ten
Two hands superglued like crafts
In the middle
Money and papers forgotten
A universe built like a cottage roof
Above two bodies
One soul

Ten years pass
And suddenly one home becomes two
All the secret smiles
And inside jokes
Are screams and shouts and curses
That you think echo across the street
But live inside your head

That first story
The way they met
So long ago
Is the story you wish you'd hear
Instead of this exit song
That will never stop playing
Until one or the other
Finally gives up
Leaves orbit
To be the only star
Of their lonely galaxy.
Lyda M Sourne Mar 15
Love was beautiful
until hateful words came

There was nothing she could do
the child covered her ears and closed her eyes

and watched her world
crumble around her

Love faded between them
sides were taken
and she was torn in the middle like a seam

The concept of divorce was foreign
Like a situation found only in movies

And once it happened
the happily ever afters
never came true

If only childhood innocence lessened the pain
but she understood and that hurt worse

And what was worse
was that a family of four
was a family no more
it's been five years or so, but it still hurts. I still miss the us. Now I can never have that back
Ashley Moor Mar 10
We drove for 17 hours
through crooked roads
of pine
I called
for a higher power
to release
the tired
from my palms;
your hand on mine
reliving a happiness
I was after
you: a crooked
falling asleep
somewhere outside
Richmond, Virginia;
my parents:
now two straight
crooked lines
descending now
from one another,
a home broken,
my mother
with her palms clenched;
I asked
if we would fall now
to the same fate
and you told me
your palms
would always be open;
I relived a new childhood
one with you
behind every tree;
I set my gaze to home.
I love you, baby.
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