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I didn't go to school
fourteen hours a day to work at Walmart.
Its no small wonder these people smoke.

You'll never get ahead.
Just earn your daily bread and drink to forget
that poverty is slavery.

And no, you can't take a break.
You're in a "Right to Work" state:
money talks, you don't get a say.
You're fifty thousand dollars in debt.

Too many things to do
in not enough time for you to do it alone.
Don't let them take advantage of you.
October 2020
دema Oct 3
no one's past should
define who they are today,

unless their present
is merely an extension
of the supposedly
dead and buried.
The Tears on My Pillow,
are having a sad story to Tell.
All Night long I was Crying,
at the place in which I Dwell.
There were Tears of Pain
and Tears of Sorrow.
A few spelling Me,
There's no Tomorrow.
Some Tears that poured,
we're too hard to Hide.
As they were buried
too deep, deep Inside.
Alas the Tears that,
always make Me Smile.
Haven't appeard on Me,
for quite a While.
jasmine wild Jul 2
your head buried in the grains,
icy waves rush over slapping reality into you,
forcing you further into the sand.

you say you feel "pain without hope"
then let me be that hope
the sharp slap of reality doesn't always fix your problems

a sequel to 'let me in'
Poetic T May 3
An avalanche of empathy
covering me in suffocating

That I wasn't the mountain,
       more the snow.
               Soft and delicate,
   sentiment never compacted enough.
Claudia Apr 27
I fell in love
With the
Kind part
Of you,

The one
That would make sure everyone
Was Okay,
Even though you were not,

I fell in love
With the
Brave side
Of you,

The one
That did things,
Without a care in the world;
About what others thought of you.

I fell in love
With the
Loyalty piece
Of you,

The one
That stood up,
For the people you love the most,
Even though you were the one who needed someone to stand up for you,

You did
All of that,
Without knowing what others thought of you,
And you chose,

And you chose
To let it go,
To let it fade,
A piece buried.

I used to love
The broken soul
You once had,
Because you were kind, brave, and full of loyalty.

Now it’s faded,
And you don’t care,
You thought someone was not out there for you,
But I am... I was,

Until you let it fade,
Until you chose to go;
In your place is someone
That I don’t know.

I fell out of love
With the
Side of you,

The one
That lied
About anything
To friends and teachers.

I fell out of love
With the
Part of you,

The one
That didn’t care
For the dreams
You once had.

I fell out of love
With the
Piece of you,

The one,
Who talks
Over someone
Telling an awesome story.

I don’t know anymore
Whether I love you or not,
But I do know that the person
You once were is faded and is never coming back.

You may have lost your soulmate,
I may have been her,
But I don’t care,
You lost your chance,

Now you are
Someone I don’t know; Don’t love
You were
Someone I used to know; Used to love
Poetic T Apr 5
We were none the wiser, I shopped the stalls,
for bread, for father was treating us to a
                                                                ­­          luxury.

He'd been offered overtime, and we didn't have it
      very often. But he knew we were down, and hungry.

Feeling the earth move, the gods were either hungry,
                                       like our empty stomachs.
Or they were punishing us for not giving enough praise
                                             for there gestures of kindness..

We heard the rumbling of Vesuvius, like an empty belly
                                                       rumbling for worth.

Then we heard the screams, as the mountain spat its
anger towards us, we had no where to run.

To hide from the mountains anger was futile.
             We huddled together,

praying to our gods

for salvation..

But our plea's  were unheard,
   had we put our faith in the wrong god!!!

Hearing the dark snow fall like pebbles and then the
                      ash of concealment.

Suffocating in our prays, we huddled tighter than
             life's last breath... and then we
            were like statues
frozen in a moment of futility...

A once flourishing moment, buried in times

We were found, shells of our former selves,
                  huddled in eternity a love.

Fossilised in a last moment,
           telling the future we died together,

a moment of love shown through the ages...
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