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A M Ryder Oct 4
We buried ours
And they buried theirs
Then it started all over again
“Emergency, Emergency!”
Cried the daughter of the *****.

“Emergency, Emergency!”
“My mother’s dead for sure!”

“What is the emergency?”
The old man asked the girl.

“I have a little secret!”
She said with glittering eyes of pearl.

The old man crossed his aging arms
and leaned to listen in.

“I shot her in the head”
The daughter whispered with a grin.

Before the man could turn to run,
She shot to **** again!
Simone13 Aug 16
Who am i
A speck of dust
Buried between a dessert
In a world to large to perceive
Greg Jones Jul 17
How many days have slipped through your fingers like the wind?
Did you notice? Did you feel it?
It’s like this feeling inside
Makes you feel like you’re going nowhere,
And nothing matters.
What if I caught you stargazing
And ran into your arms,
Would you see then what I always see?
I’d look into your eyes and tell you
The stars have been here all along.
It’s easy to say everything’s going to end.
Especially when you can’t see where you started.
It’s safer to say that we are all alone.
So before your heart becomes your grave site
And you’re buried six feet beneath the ground.
You didn’t lose your shine,
You just forgot where you put it.
You didn’t abandon your shine,
You just overlooked it.
Bring those starry eyes back
And see what I’ve seen all along.
Kenji May 30
I'm sorry, but I have to leave you.
There's gonna be a day when we gonna drift away from each other either way.
There's gonna be a day when I have to move on.
There's gonna be a day when it's gonna be too late for you to confess your true feelings.
There's gonna be a day when you will become another distant memory like my buried past.
There's gonna be that day when you didn't realize what you had, until it was gone.
I'm sorry for lying to you, deceiving you, telling you I moved on and got over you when all I really did was bury my feelings for you deep inside.
I love you.
So much, not the point it hurts like it used to.
To the point I have to let you go.
I want you to be happy.
But at the same time, I need you, and I don't know why.
Overthinking to the point melancholy becomes you.
Living in sorrow and burying everything you feel deep inside.
Tears roll down from my eyes.
I'm sorry for loving you.
I'm sorry for lying to you.
I'm sorry for feeling guilty.
And I'm sorry for always being the apologetic one.
To my best friend ...
Jay M May 6
Buried deep in the ground
Waiting to be found
Ages pass
It shatters; like glass
These secrets we keep.

- Emily M
May 6th, 2019
I am sorry
For letting you find out
That I love you
I never wanted it to
Get revealed in front of you
I wanted buried it
Inside my heart
Like a treasure forever.
I failed to lock it inside me.
Sorry for letting you know.
Scott Apr 1
Wishful, wistful
Careless and restless
Forgotten things whisper
From under basement stairs
Mildewed carpets
Water-damaged cardboard boxes
The smell of spiders
Something buried is at the door
Johnny walker Mar 26
There are times In one life
sometimes you never get to say all you need
so sad this Is, but very true for me I believe Helen's life was taken years before her
and to me just ain't right religion will tell you God called her no way
******* I don't think
I'm not looking for a ticket to Heaven If I had one and I could get enough money for it I'd sell
so I have no fear if speaking  my mind
I remember when Helen was dying In
hospital we agreed not to tell her but as I getting Helen a drink I
a female Priest was approaching Helen's Hospital bed about
read Helen her last rights 
she no permission or
rights to do
fortunate Helen didn't see her, so grab the priest
to one side and told
her Helen doesn't know I
said, well she said Ok I'll say a prayer
her, when I get back to the chapel
so I told her do as you wish but If Helen doesn't get where she's heading you be the first to know about It
Helen I think really knew her time was up but Helen wanted nothing to
with Church after the
way priest had treated so badly and turned their backs in her In time of
so she wasn't buried In the Catholic part of the cemetery Helen wouldn't have wanted
that she was buried
else because Helen regardless of religion got on with
everybody In
Sometimes a life Is not not to tell someone you love, all you need to say sometimes life Is cut short as It was with my wife
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