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Aleah Sep 11
I always waste time,
Thinking about what I could have said,
You never look back,
You said what you would have said,
I don’t know why I regret it so much,
The remorse in my eyes,
Says more about how I feel,
Than the words stumbling out of my mouth,
This nagging feeling of inconveniencing you,
Obscures the actions I make,
I feel so lost in the wake of this moment,
It’s as if I had been brought back into a dream,
Turned into the nightmare I felt before,
And I’m wondering if this time,
I’ll end up falling through the never ending floor,
Because I came back to you,
In a state of pure vulnerability,
And this time you truly rejected me.
Paul Kgaje Sep 5
I am buried, I am buried.
The shadows are no longer a sight to see,
The shadows no longer appear to me.
It burns in my skin,
But the fragments, just lucid.

I am buried, I am buried.
The sky is too far to reach,
Reach to God.
The falling petals of a broken flower.
The shadows are no longer to see.

I am buried, I am buried.
I've hid myself from all eyes to see,
I've painted a picture for no one to see.
The stars align, clouds are nowhere to be seen.
'Stuck in a time that's not even mine,
And oh I should try to bury the line.

I am buried, I am buried.
I walk on moons and earths to gain peace,
But peace is where the saints will sleep.
I am buried.
A Dark Poem About Light.
Jedda Sep 3
And I say I’m fine, the same night I sit, rock and cry
I’m just trying to hide, all this pain buried inside
And you don’t know how broken you are
Until the tears fall from your mother’s eyes
Andrew Feb 22
I come out of the oven
Joining a witch's coven
I am born
I must live
So forlorn
I must give
My heart and soul
For pieces of gold
Until I am buried
In the pieces I carry

I could tell by the smell
You were a bat out of hell
Using echolocation
To sense simple vibrations
Buried under my rib cage
You gave me hope
That I'd die of old age
And not on a rope

Good things come
Good things go
I look for the sun
Buried in snow
How have things gotten this low?
I convince myself I don't know
While I watch you disappearing
From people interfering
The pain is searing
And all I'm hearing

From the womb to the tomb
Buried in diminishing room
By the dark clouds that loom
They form a lightning storm
At first it feels warm
But then rain starts to gather
And Earth is flooded
So I'm pushed down the ladder
By the cold blooded
Until I can find no peace
Only grease
To keep moving faster
So I can be an outlaster
And laugh at the unmarked graves
Of those that made me feel shame

I was born with fire in my heart
It was a funeral pyre from the start
TB Dentz Aug 1
Bury me again I asked for it
Fight me and I won't fight back
It's not about my religion this time
I'm a glutton for punishment

Where else can I be of service
I have nothing left to give
But here I am there must be something
Take it all leave me nothing

In a few years time I'll be free
Then I can begin again
To make my life my own
For now I will live for you
Gray Jun 16
I scooped up a shovel full of dark brown dirt.
The midday sun beats down causing sweat to drench my t-shirt.

Soon this will be all over, right?
I guess i’ll feel more at ease when it becomes night.

Another scoop of thick hard soil.
With each motion i feel my burning arms recoil.

I cannot believe i got myself into this.
This is something I’ll definitely never be able to dismiss.

Is it wrong that I am barely feeling guilty?
I think i’m more concerned how my clothes are so filthy.

I roughly once again dig deep into the earth with a large amount of force.
Perhaps there will be one day where i’ll finally feel remorse.

Finally the hole is covered.
Fingers crossed that it doesn’t ever get discovered
I blink my heavy eyes open to look around, but instead, I’m greeted with darkness.
The sounds of shifting dirt fill my lightly ringing ears.
My mind rattled out theories about what the sound was and if it was harmless.
The noise stopped, confirming my fears.

My breath got heavy and my heart began to race.
I yell and I shout, but nobody answers my horrified screams.
My mind began to bend as I broke down in the enclosed space.
Clawing and thrashing and crying streams.

Digging my fingernails into the wood.
Terror filling every inch of my shaking body.
Crying and screeching as loud as I could.
Quickly, and feebly praying to everything godly.

My head pounded and my hands grew weak.
Falling down the rabbit hole of despair.
My wheezing turned to a quiet screech.
My lungs screamed for more than the dank, thin air.

Knocking on my casket with one fist full of crumbling hope
Laying alone in my coffin of terror.
How much longer do I lay here and mope?
This has to be a dream, an error.

I slam my fist one last time.

This has to be a mistake! I’m Alive!

I blink my heavy eyes open to look around, but instead, I’m greeted with darkness.
The sounds of shifting dirt fill my lightly ringing ears.
I'm not scared of death,
I'm just not ready.
Jo Barber May 23
It could be a bear, a hat, a plane -
the choice is yours to ascertain.

Kites zoom and roar
high above the crowds.
A sallow sun peeks through trees
and shines in hesitant rays
upon strollers and the mothers pushing them.

All the while,
the sky lays it's
flouncy, protective blues
across the world,
ensuring that no dream
is too much.

A shame, a pity -
that there shall be no sky
when we're buried six feet deep.

Kill me if you must,
but don't take away my sky.
Amy Krencius May 22
Here in this silence, deep in the dirt...

[a head full of darkness, a heart filled with hurt]


The cracks where I've hidden this monster inside;
She waits for me there, though leave her I've tried...


For I am the darkness, enveloped in light;
And I am the sunrise, shrouded by night.
If this be my monster, then I shall not hide;
And I'll walk along shadows, with her by my side...

For our joys and our sorrows we all must embrace;
And the sins and the sadness we'll carry with grace.
Deep in our hearts, where darkness is found;
And our demons are buried, under the ground...


So here in the silence, I lie by her side;
    And the dark I embrace, from myself I won't hide...
I am tirelessly tormented by black thoughts that mercilessly mock
shame and scar my broken body.

My worked worn bones bend
as I will my bruised body to rise on shattered limping legs.

I’m forced to lift myself off the cold cruel ground once more.

I climb out the grave that
decided to dig.
While a dark hazed figure tries to bury me alive

I see the cold shaking hands of insecurity shrouded in a dark cloak standing by my side

As we look over the pit I escaped.

I intentionally let a sadistic smile slip. Laughing with an unwavering stare.

I grabbed his  old steel shovel
and filled my grave

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