soliciting wind,
Cheeky, trembling, flowered woods;
ecstasy explodes!
You want to scream
Pull your hair with fists clutched tight
Boiling over inside
A pressure cooker ready to explode
Your lid is ready to fly
Like an electric guitar reaching a screeching climax
You want to bash everything to the ground
Red lipstick words scribbled on white painted walls
Words of scorn
Words that warn
Debauched in madness
Seduced by sadness
One big ball of crazy
Devouring everything in sight
Goat or sheep
Blood will bleed
The coming of the Lion
Written by Sean Achilleos
09 May 2018©
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Ender Royalty Apr 18
Life is like a bomb
Waiting to detonate
To make everything so wrong
Choosing values to eliminate

I was doing just fine
Before two cops showed up
To tell me the girl that was mine
Got shot in the pub

Everything was great
Before I found out
I had my fathers traits
Which I could live without

The world was at peace
Before the current school shooting
Where the death rate is slowly increases
Why the hell is this happening
Our harsh, sad reality
Apporva Arya Jan 21
Choose gratitude over regret,
Before the time ticks away.

So throw off the bow lines,
Sail away from safe harbor.
Catch trade winds in your sails.
Choose in now, choose your happiness. Choose wise. Take the first step in faith, universe will guide u ahead.
Alex Nov 2017
a bottle.
Have you ever
filled a bottle with
Pop so much that it over
flows and sprays everywhere?
Put that into an emotion. I am a bottle. Filled with emotions that
threaten to be spoken, Thoughts that when I try to speak all I taste is fizz. Pointless. When you shake the bottle, you're ruining the way I carefully avoid eye contact and cautiously choose certain words. Ask me what's wrong and you're now opening the bottle. Get ready,
I am going to explode.
Late night or early morning thoughts..

I tried making it into a pop bottle shape.. Lmao
Renee 'Wisera' Nov 2017
Energy sizzles under my skin
Teeth clenched
Muscles ready to dive right in

Even water sits like a stone
In my stomach
Wants to come up from thoughts alone

Poised and ready with nowhere to go
Hands folded
I'm feeling ready to explode!

Anxious about what will come next
Eyes wet
Nothing to do but to progress

So tired but trying to go on
Body sore
Naps are nice but it won't last long
Ironatmosphere May 2017
Sometimes I feel a little too happy
A little too intense
For no particular reason at all
And it scares me
Because I feel like I might explode
That the blood pumping through my heart is building pressure
And I know it is unsustainable
I know that I am burning a little too bright
And I am scared that the world will catch on fire
Or that something will happen to extinguish my light
Vyscern Jan 2017
The universe within us;
The light of a million suns explodes
Throughout my head,
And solely from physical contact
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