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I asked Alexa
How does it feel to be
Close to human?

[Sorry, I don’t know that one]

The universal answer
Remember that

She replied
Genre: Experimental
Theme: What lacks
lovejunkie Dec 6
when i think of you
like i did today
it's usually a song
or something else which
triggers a memory, smelling
a long-forgotten but so instantly
remembered perfume in an elevator,
those sorts of things that just sort of, in
that magical way they can if you let
them in, just bring it all back, just
for a moment, just one, or two...
i only feel gratitude for the
very first catalyst for my
recovery, and that you
taught me i could love
again when i thought for
too long that i could not, and
i hope i gave you something
back, though i can't imagine
what, and should you ever
be reminded of me, by a
song, a smell, or just for
no reason at all that if
you should ever
think of me i hope
i only bring you smiles

ღ ღ   ღ ღ
ღ ღ ღღ ღ ღ
ღ ღ ღ j.a. ღ ღ ღ
ღ ღ ღღ ღ ღ
ღ ღ ღ

it happened when my memories would tear me back into the past, instead of always remembering what she may have done wrong, i only wanted to remember all the things that i did wrong, remembering my huge part in everything that happened, all my huge ****-ups, which in turn at long last allowed me to forgive any of her part, and allowing myself again to love her, but from the safest of distances. the weight of my own bitterness lifted let me finally breathe again, and i never even knew it was there until it was gone. wherever she is, whether she hates me or not doesn't even matter anymore, just that i can wish her love.

Eve Estelle Dec 4
Forgive yourself and fellows,
When footing has been lost;
One's fall from grace is torment,
The second has a cost;
Of flesh and blood you still remain,
Yet own your every err;
Accept the past you cannot change,
Confess that you were there;
Set right the things that tend to slip
Post-stumble, fall, or break;
Mend the wounds with loving hands,
That none are left to ache;
Lucid men are forged in fire,
Adepts are those who learn --
Without trial, sans blunder,
Success is not of our concern;
Decay takes to dusty wings,
But is down truly ever out?
Arise, for failure comes to those,
Only those, who sit and lie in doubt;
Certain words are intended to be bolded: Forgive [first line], Own [sixth line], Set right [ninth line], Learn [14th line], and Forthward [final line].
Amanda Nov 20
I spent all night attempting to take
Care of you even after you said
I was needy, I stayed awake
Sober while I put you to bed.

I covered you in blankets we shared
Wiped puke off of your face
I did not mind having to stay there
(Boots weren't that hard to unlace)

Helping makes me feel good
If I was the one passed out by two
I know without doubt you would
Take care of me the same way too
This was written 8-27-12
It feels like a lifetime ago
Wish my life was still this simple
V liv Nov 18
I just want to cry
and die
But I cant
or die
I have **** to do
polemics flies
and lands messily
on both sides

the drone of speech
and rhetoric
never worth the while

what use is this discord
when we refuse to shoulder

part of our weight in
pushing the titan's boulder?
should he fail
our bickering
will be crushed
along with us
Haylin Nov 12
This time it's not the sadness that's keeping me awake at night
But it's the responsibility I have to face in the morning
I used to walk the wet cold
lonely streets, a home I never
knew, endless walking
trying to keep
warm many miles from my
home the town, and friend
I used to Know, and from things
best left alone
I had run away from debt and
everywhere I tried to settle,
a place that I could call me
The letters would start arriving
and the knocks upon the door
even changed my name, but not
that did stop them from finding
It just bought bit more time, to do
some thinking, try to straighten
out my life, I decided eventually
to go back to face the
And surely happy that I did, for
that's how I met my wife to be
Helen, we married had a son
twenty years so we had, and
although she passed on now, her
memory will never die
Before wife, I ran from debt only latter
to find facing up to responsibility the
Best policy
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