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Ian Dunn Jan 9
Time's up, I've got to go
I wish I didn't have to, but I know
that if I don't leave now, I'll be late
Though I'm tired, I can't afford to wait

This journey seemed easier at the start
Maybe I asked for too big of a part
But I made a promise, I took a vow
That will have to carry me for now

This burden weighs down my spirit
It'd be easy to lie down and quit
But I can't move forward by standing still
I've got to keep going up this hill

It'll be a long time before I'm free
but there are people counting on me
Right now, I have somewhere to be
So sleep will have to wait for me
Betty Jan 8
Leaders are supposed to inspire

not warm their hands as the flames climb higher

on the nation's funeral pyre!
Your choice.
You choose.
Some you'll win.
Some you'll lose.
But at least you had the guys to choose.

Faced with a path, no end in sight.
Should I take the left or right?

Your choice.
You choose.
Remember, some you'll win.
Some you lose.
Choices are important in life. You have to know that you always have a choice. No matter what. Then own it. Even if you made the wrong choice. Doesn't mean you can never make a right one. Own your choices, use them
Flatfielder Nov 2020
Cowards are screaming
Yelling to the point of
Loosing their identity
A big massive fright
An outside subjection
To terror polarization hate
Bring the wake-up calls
Don't wait
An early morning outburst
Leah Carr Nov 2020
I'm always the one who starts the conversation
   I'm always the one who apologises first
      I'm always the one who brings it up
         I'm always the one who breaks the silence
            I'm always the one who shares the truth
               I'm always the one who stands up and fights
                  I'm always the one who clears the air
                     I'm always the one who makes decisions
                        I'm always the one who takes charge
                     I'm always the one who has the ideas
                  I'm always the one who speaks up
               I'm always the one who says "that's not right"
            I'm always the one who parents the others
         I'm always the one who looks after the group
      I'm always the one who doesn't cry when everyone else does
   I'm always the one who doesn't stare but goes over to help
I'm always the one who copes

And I'm tired of it.
I'm tired of being the grown up in every situation.

Because at the end of the day
I'm 13 years old.
I'm a child.

   And all through my life
Whatever's been thrown my way
    I've made a plan.
I've taken my initiative.
    But for the first time
I'm not prepared.
    I don't know what to do.
And for once I just want to hand over the steering wheel
    to someone I trust
and say
    "Can you drive for a bit?
Please can you drive for a bit,
   because I'm tired."
Robert L Oct 2020
I fear everything.
The things that have happened and the things that may.
The thoughts that persist and won’t go away.
Like you’re not good enough. That’s and old one I know.
But it’s still a favorite part of the show.

I fear the things I know and the ones that I don’t.
I fear the beginnings and of course the ends and even the means to an end. For those are often the worst.

I fear the bump or the lump or that mass under there.
That skipped beat of heart that none can repair.

The bill that comes due on what once was you.
That time of desires which suddenly expires.

That sentence unfinished stopped in mid stream.
That breathless breath ceasing mid scream.

I fear having to say that although it’s been fun.
I’m incredibly bored and I simply must run.

I fear not giving a **** and I fear giving too much.
I fear being ignored and then longing for touch.

I fear being alone and I fear the crowd.
I fear things I’m permitted and those not allowed.
I fear having too much time and losing what I’ve got.
I fear shoulders so cold and stares that are hot.

I fear not being loved. I fear smothering too.
I fear losing myself in all that is you.

I fear knowing and not knowing as well.
That seems a unique and exquisite kind of hell.

I sit ensconced in my deepest fear
held intimately close, held tightly and dear.

It‘s been with me long and as I near the end
I start to see it is as some misunderstood friend.

I fear I’ve misjudged you such a pity is that.
I can no longer lie here growing sanguine and fat.
Oh, I beg to differ! I can definitely do that!

The piper pipes and payment is due.
He pipes for me and he pipes for you too.

I fear that my fears I may misconstrue.
My fear of me is quite often of you.

I fear being afraid which seems a bad joke
upon which my protagonist might easily choke.

I fear old age and not getting old too.
And the way to stop aging just simply won’t do.

I fear that this poem is not very good.
And that I’ve never been the best that I could.
Green Tea Oct 2020
I find it odd that I'm similar to my bathroom sink
When the lights shine on, the reflection is dull
It'll try to catch everything, a strand of hair, be it brown or gold
But must follow an obligation, so god forbid pink
The hair piles up but the water needs to go down
A responsibility to do so it's forced to go down

I ask for help but told to rethink
When I go back to the drain, the hair becomes wool
"It's useless if it can't function, they oughta be given a scold!
With those worms in their head, they must be sick!
Insecurities, mistakes, failures, and more!"
Criticized even if they've just arrived at the shore

In the pool I think I see mon raison d'etre,
But out goes the hair,
It need to keep working,
Or else it's pushed aside like a crippled mare
A weird/awkward flowing and eccentric poem I didn't know how to revise or fix tbh lol kachow
Naveen Malhotra Oct 2020
Of late
I have realised
We shouldn't
Spread negativity
Howsoever justified
We may be
Expressing our
Negative feelings
Of worthlessness
Of life
Our inside
After all
We all have
A social responsibility
If we can't
Mitigate suffering
Alleviate pain
From people's life
We shouldn't
Encourage them
Embrace melancholy
And depression
Life threatening
Life is precious. Save it.
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