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Those who lack a common purpose,
A strong sense of fraternity,
Rarely shall be victorious
Against a common enemy.

Those who choose to work together,
  Who share responsibility,
Who unite in their endeavours,
Have much more hope of victory.
rarae aves May 15
Always , my darling
how you feel..
what you think
is ultimately
a choice, you
are making.
My skin was once untouched.
Soft and pale.
A beautiful, blank canvas
that I have

As the years changed,
my feelings towards you followed.
Assured myself it was you
suffocating me,
that you were the one
wrapping me tightly
in a body that I did not feel
was my own.

It’s not as though I haven’t been
kept accountable
for what I have done to you.
I realized you were not a prison,
but a home,
and it was me
who was wrapping myself up
so tight I couldn’t breathe all along.

The marks of my violence
resurface sometimes.
What was once tempting and exciting
is now a recurring nightmare.
A self-inflicted,
lifelong reminder
that you forgive
but do not forget.
Damian Murphy May 14
Do cover your cough or your sneeze,
Dispose of hankies safely please.
Wash your hands immediately,
With soap and water thoroughly
For twenty seconds if not more,
And more frequently than before.

Disinfect ‘oft used surfaces,
Refrain from touching your faces,
Leave space between you and others;
At least six feet or two metres.
Stay at home where safe you shall be
To best protect your family.
The governments guidance obey
And “flatten the curve” we just may.

On each of us there’s an onus
To stop the spread of this virus;
We’re in this together truly,
Do your part! Act responsibly!
Michelle Apr 29
The emotion of fools.
Who have forgotten responsibility.
Inject it into your veins,
and pretend it makes you martyr.

God is watching,
but I am not sure
he cares all that much
about us.

He does not pity us.
He does not pity.
John M Bertao Apr 29
I'm a man of a thousand hardships
Experiencing pain is nothing new
Often due to the hands of others
All the **** they've put me through

But I've made good some goals despite it
Dodged the paths of unchanging misery
Even now things are looking brighter
And yet I still feel something obstructing

It was mostly you before
But now, maybe it's me
And my recent refusal
To take responsibility
Maybe it's just me
Causing my own agony
Problems won't solve themselves
I need to get up

I could spend a thousand hours judging you
And the pointless pain you put me through
But I have legs that can still move
And I can walk out of I'm willing to choose

So maybe it's mainly me
I haven't taken responsibility
Unwittingly added to my agony
And shaped my own dark destiny
So if it's now just on me
If I can admit to my faults
And say to my old ways, "No".
Some of my problems may just go
Year unknown, but written at least 4 years ago. I made some edits today to polish it up.
Francie Lynch Apr 14
I've passed the homeless on the street,
Wondering if today they'll eat,
And I cry, Why me?

I know plenty who attend AA,
And many who didn't make today,
And I cry, Why me?

I know there's millions unemployed,
As dwindling aid keeps them buoyed,
And I cry, Why me?

They're lonely and they're isolated,
The throngs, apart and dissipated,
And I cry, Why me?

Many friends and family die,
Yet still I cry, Why me?

Why me, indeed, a plaintiff wail.
Why me? Why me?
Until I fail.
It's a question many survivor's of disasters ask themselves.
Time to get out there and do something positive.
I don't want this
To be understood

Just for a while
Can we think of that time?
Where the leaders don't need to
Trial the trust
Every time

I don't understand how they digest
Inedible ****
I don't understand how smartly we are misguided.
I don't understand their blind supporters.
I don't understand whom they stand for.
I don't understand the basis needs.
I don't understand their priorities.
I don't understand

And I don't want this
To be understood

Being outsider
Jay Nepal
Genre: Observational
Theme:  Humanity above Politics
Author's Note: What if we need the drugs, but are given placebo?
A Mar 30
I just feel so small and everything else is so huge and it keeps piling up on me, smothering me, until all I can see and breath is this wall of musts and responsibility and endless tasks and emotions that won't stop pressing up in my throat and I can't cry, I just don't take the time to do it, everything else is too demanding that I can't even do that, and I don't remember anymore how to relax my shoulder or unclench my jaw and I just can't see any pause ahead, no oasis of breathing deeply again in the near future, no space for just me to be.
frameless death dancing abound, drops its blood-red gown on doorsteps
unable to sit still, unbearable to be alone, swing open the door, welcome it in
dying for company, ask it to stay, for a bit more anyways
Aesop's fables aren't kept on these tables; societal emptiness is quite shareable
chat until drinks are empty, run to the store
why not consume a few more?
after all, these are important conversations about life plans, routinely forgotten
America, the shameless, lives are lost but leave US painless;
they are just them, and to US, death feels far away, while the dead, they, remain - nameless.
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