rob kistner Jun 13

this day as I journey
I come upon a stranger
standing by the road
looking sad

heavy box
held in his arms
clutched close to his breast

he stares expressionless
into my eyes

his gaze stops me still
fixes me in place

his face is tired and drawn
etched in withered worry

when at last I move
I draw near as I do
close enough to see
this sullen man is

he offers out his arms
that open on the box

he beckons me retrieve
this odd coffer he protects

filled with apprehension
I reach and grasp the case

lift it cautiously from his grip
lay it gently at my feet
it opens as I do


to hauntingly reveal
its chilling strange contents

seven broken hearts

mute with wonder I behold
confused yet riveted

I ponder as I do
then inquire of the meaning

these are yours
I am told
created by your deeds

cruelly left behind
as you ventured on

once they each belonged
to one who trusted you

each trust you did betray
without a second thought

each love you tossed away
abandoned carelessly

now the burden of this box
is mine beyond the grave

it was on a road like this
that it was passed to me

I have carried it too long
I am weary from the load

now you must bend and lift
and clutch it to your breast
to struggle with its weight
until you pass it on

someday a stranger will approach
over that horizon

he will stop and stare
transfixed by your presence

you will charge him with this chest
for him to lift and carry
as I do

in this cycle of forever
for he too
will be you


rob kistner © 2008
A contemplation on being mindful of the impact of our actions
Bound to expectations
My wings do not flap,
My heart does not sing,
My eyes do not see,
My mind does not wonder.

Bound to responsibility
My soul resents me,
My existence compels me-
To wither away in the cold breeze
Of the ever lasting winter,
In everlasting hunger
To survive.

It's not that I have forgotten to live,
Forgotten to smile,
Forgotten to rejoice the miracles of life,
But I am in a never ending debt, to life.
And all the sorrows
All the limits
All the abandonment of the self
I must endure
Only To survive.
Dawn I drag myself out of bed
I stumble into the kitchen
and find it a mess
Empty bottles waiting to be washed scrubbed.
I stare at them in sheer belief
My eyes blood shot from less than barely 3 hours ago.
I manage to clean a couple of bottles.
The twins will be needing fed .
I can barely  keep my eyes from shutting.

My mental health suffers if I do not sleep.
The dishes are piled up high
I haven't eaten a decent meal in weeks
I  can't function without help.
My partner critisis me for not doing enough .
The washing is in a heap .
I just yearn for some sleep .
Now I feel like crying
The washing machine as packed in.
I feel like sreaming letting off some steam an broken tired is motherhood susposed to feel like this.
Or am I missing something here.
And oh I forgot .
The endless  nappies..
The bins haven't been empty.
Help I need somebody help!!!!
Am I a bad mother for no having the strength energy to keep up with hours while chores with twins ..
hideawayclay May 27
Is like my favorite childhood TV show.
I grow up,
and apparently it’s got to go.

Little kid, with a cup of milk. Don’t spill.
Big kid, cup of responsibility. Remember the bill.

The world told me to quit
dreaming it’s pointless.
Slow down and you might admit.
Inspiration helps life weigh less.
We all have responsibilities, but I would like to know what are the things that you do to get inspired?
A web of cracks appear on my heart
As though I'm being run over by a cart
My heart is torn between right and wrong,
Between what it needs and what is strong
For the cruel reason; that it loves

Many a day I have spent weaving
The golden threads of life, heaving
But as time goes by, all unravels
By people who are all but rivals
For the cruel reason ; that it loves

Though people don't see that I am dazed
I keep eyes, like the leader, unfazed
Striving to be strong, though mind screams not
I skewer my way, through the forest, beroft
For I can no longer listen, to my heart

For the cruel reason ; that it loves
But yet, it loves
Of many things in life we love that must be sacrificed for various causes
How though we may ignore all our passions for a certain cause, the passion will remain, never to fade away
Duty before Love
Responsibility over Passion
Will that be your choice on life too?
Michael May 19
I don't like doing things
But I do them anyway because the benefits they bring
See when you do things other things occur
It's not the ideal system, any other I'd prefer
When you do things people become glad
and often when you don't they become mad
So yes, doing things may be hard, difficult, and tough
But doing things, changes the world
So you should do all that stuff
CandyML May 8
Its a scam.

This thing they call love.

I want to no part of it.
Sarah Isma May 8
This is the end of our childhood
and loss of innocence,
A kid grown but stuck young in the state of mind,
We are responsible yet reckless,
We are bright but almost always
never right,
We are so free yet chained to these
damn awful lies.
i'm still not over the capability of myself knowing that i- can't ever go back to when things were as they was. I have to move on, grow up and leave things behind. I can't be in my own paradise forever because... i just CANT
The truth can't change
But it can challenge people
in all they say and do.
I'm exactly what you need
But your freedom
Tears down the kingdom
Now that's guaranteed
So come now and take the seed
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