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We are so quick to blame the familiar.
Once fault is laid,
then the matter may as well be settled,
and it becomes someone else’s responsibility
to atone for our faults.
After all, there is nothing so unfamiliar to a man
as his own self.
This didn't actually begin its life as a poem; it was an excerpt from a novel I'm working on.
mc ish Sep 6
our fingers lace
in a vast depressing attempt to keep safe from yourself
i feel responsibility in the slits that take form in your psyche
i should learn how to stop
learn how to breathe
learn how to not
fantastic uncertainty for days unknown
does not equate misery by my shattering ribcage
please think of me again
remember my name and let me save you next time
its a Touchy Subject
Mohamed Nasir Aug 28
upon a branch a pair of doves sit
and doesn't bend the branch a bit

it doesn't for being light and easy
no cares weighted responsibility

be weighted by gravity pins us tie
to earth for we're not meant to fly

as human wears heavy the crown
of  bondage of  the appointed one

crooing on a branch the lovers sit
the branch they sit don't hurt a bit.
rob kistner Aug 29

as science pursues 10 to the –9 power
let’s not push earth to its final hour

historic failures to be circumspect
should temper man’s dance with nanotech

let not fascination with a-i
prove to be mankind’s goodbye

hail tech endeavors as they commence
but also question their consequence

so as we rush to do it now
let’s be damned certain we know how

let’s focus hard on cost and worth
both to humankind and to our earth

prevailing facts show great disparity
as the world approaches the singularity

the bleak example of Oppenheimer
should serve to be a stark reminder

that as we ponder just how we could
we must consider if we should

as we seek our bright tomorrow
let’s take great care it not bring sorrow


rob kistner © 2007
(revision © 2018)
A contemplation on technology and responsibility..
This is a diary of a child
With a biological age of 5

To this world
She may be an ordinary one
But at the age 3, she got matured
Started to identify the space
Where she can contribute

She learned,
how to take care of self, when parents are out
how to be patient, when belly left half filled
how to do parenting, when her sister cries
how to be happy in small things
how to struggle for survival

Her way of life shows
At the age of,
3, she was like 25 years responsible
4, she was like 35 years responsible
5, she is like 50 years responsible
24 hours a day, she is on duty
7 days a week

I asked myself, what is childish?
That responsible 5 years child,
passing through
Or the 50 years old,
irresponsible one?
Genre: Observational
Theme: Maturity comes with responsibility
This time it's not the sadness that's keeping me awake at night
But it's the responsibility I have to face in the morning
Stringer Jul 31
And Chrysomallus discarded the golden fleece, on the shadowy east,
Of the American land,
By charcoal calloused crimson red stained hands,

Our industry
Is heinous beyond belief
It's a surprise that we can sleep in peace

Selective memory is bittersweet
Elizabeth Jul 25
I was told I was a blessing although I felt I was a curse. They had to find a cure; they felt like something was missing, and that something was me. I feel like a burden with a weight too heavy to carry, too heavy to handle and too much to overcome. I feel like the unwanted insects that roam through the forest- stepped on and broken, but no one cares enough to stop. No one cares enough to do the healing. For all that I am, I am too much to handle. For all that I am, I have been labeled a burden. In a red striped shirt and blue Levi’s jeans I am all that I am, a burden indeed.
”you aren't a liability”
Ashari Ty Jul 14

can't you tell me why
after a weekend of butterflies
in our stomach

you decided that your
anchor on this irrelevant
ocean floor has not

found its ship back yet?

can you tell me that
the real reason was my

ignorance? inexperience?

would you think
about giving a try
to do it again


because if so i
would gladly grow up
and stop writing you poems

and start confronting

i really need to stop on being late in classes.
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