Another key is added to the ring
Another responsibility is added to my conscience
More wight I must bare
On the worries I carry

I'm so tired
But I must continue on
For I am the provider now
It's up to me
Even if my Fingertips bleed
Still I must hold the keys
And open the door each day

I will saunter home
Keys in hand
Opening the door to another world of responsibilities  
Dishes to clean
A family to feed
A floor to be swept
Sheets to be washed
Hides to be tanned

But there is no key to my heart
It's locked up
I can't open it
Let the pain pour out
So I can feel at ease
Because being at ease means
This is finally over.

But it's not over yet.

It won't be for a long time.

So the dishes get washed
The family gets fed
The floor gets swept
The sheets are washed
The hides are tanned.

But there is no time left for me.
Back to bed.

Then with the rising of the sun
I rise too
And pick up the keys and responsibilities

My hair is messy
My skin is dirty
My face is tired
My hands are worn

But there's no time.
Time is money
And I don't have enough of either.

I move my trembling legs
Insert the key into its lock
And open the door to the darkened room.

Another day of responsibility
Another day of hard labour
Another day of thankless gratitude
Another day of stress and fear.

I break a drill bit
I cut my fingers
I trip and I fall
I lay on the ground staring
Staring at the mess I've made .

Tears flow
And I drag myself under the desk.
Sobs come in heaves.
Panic comes in waves.

My head in my hands
I hold myself
I hug myself
And tell myself it's just a small blip on the timeline of life.
I must comfort myself
For these responsibilities will not do so for me.
The ones that depend on me
Can't see me like this.
I can't let them know everything is wrong
For I cannot let them know
I am failing.

I get up
There's no time for this
I have to keep working

Then another key is added to the ring
Even more responsibility for me.

The weight is now too much.
As I make my way out into the deep snow I fall to my knees.
It's too much to bare.

I look to the sky
Teary eyed
My breath burning in the air like fire
My words hang in the frigid air
"Someone take a key,
Please someone lift his weight from me."
But no one came.

Unable to drag myself home
I hurl the keys into the darkness.
I don't care anymore.
I don't need the keys.
I don't need the responsibility.

I need
The night is old
And my eyes are heavy
Heavy, a puppy held too long.
You’d think I’d sleep. But the door lies open
Staring at me,
The threshold slathered in anxious thoughts
Responsibility, a feather, a mountain
The reminder is onerous and incessant
Inescapable, tied to the wall
Must sleep. Please!
I did get to sleep eventually
I enjoy the snow,
Looking from the window.

I applaud the speakers,
Listening to my radio.

I get excited watching sports,
Calling plays from my armchair.

I feel the strain of athletes
At the Olympic trials,
Cheering from the side.

I don't cast my vote by proxy.
I am present, and I am toxic.
They say willow trees are weeping because
their branches sag towards the ground
while all the other trees
choose to reach up and up
towards a gorgeous sky

But perhaps willows just know that
you gain nothing from
grasping towards an endless horizon
and no matter what you do
you will never touch the clouds
nor will reaching them
do anything for you

and instead they let their branches bend
towards an earth
that yields boundless and glittering treasures
diamonds and gold
for those who are willing
to put in the work
and keep their feet on the ground
My work has me weeping :P.
Anneli Mar 4
I cannot
I will not
I should not take his life in my responsibility
For it is not for me
to heal
Mystic Ink Feb 28
If only,
we do our part of duty

Earth is
the best place to be.
Genre: Peace
Theme: Cold War
I feel a weight on my mind
That makes every action dreadful
Weariness overcomes my will
All that is left of me is hollow
Responsibility is heavy
Loneliness is an ambivalent feeling
I feel both free and trapped
To be suffocating and breathing at the same time
I want something better
Mystic Ink Feb 11
Nursery time
A for Apple,
B for Ball,
C for Cat
We all have learned  this rhyme
Best to be inside the System.
Grand father did it
Father, after following
Taught us, the same.
Best to be inside the System.
We all realize, there are a thousands of words,
Beside Apple, Ball and Cat
Started from,
The same,
A, B, C.
Fruits seller’s child
Remembers A, B
Apple comes with responsibility
Per kg. Rs. 250
Banana comes with responsibility
Per Count Rs. 10
I might be wrong,
I asked him, for the latest updates
With professional voice,
He replied,
“Price changes with supply and demand.”
What they don’t teach in the school
What matters in the real world.
Real life education, a need.
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