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Beautiful and unique
But also quite terrifying
Alone in a bed of colorful flowers
Always left unwanted.

Beautiful black rose
Alone and thorny
Different and feared
None appreciates its beauty.

Many wanted to pick it
But no one dared to reach it
The only one left among its peers
New generation now surrounds it.

I've watched it for quite some time
It is as lonely as me
I picked it up and carried it back home
Decided it to plant it in a ***.

I will take care of this rose
So we'll no longer be alone
I will appreciate your uniqueness
Because we are as lonely as each other.
Alyssa 18h
The fungi has started to grow again,
coming from inside, rotting within.
My eyes scan the room from left to right,
there's nothing interesting,
anywhere found in sight.
I remove myself to explore and play,
into the forest I go, around midday.
As I wander and wonder,
my thoughts twist around me, causing a fluster.
All of this just because of,
some guy.
It's not your normal fungi,
it's the kind that if you touch it,
it will rot you from your delicate finger tips
to the very light that is your soul.
The kind of fungi to ruin your night.
So as I lie here, accepting my fate,
that evil demon comes creeping,
to smile in my face.
I'm all too weak to continue on,
finally letting go of myself, collapsing like a fawn.
My skeletal remains,
shimmer in the sun-
reflecting light like the barrel of a gun.
It's hard not to notice that toadstool right there,
growing from what would be my hair.
The fungi still loves to decay,
what was once me
Miss 'happy' Sep 24
I'm still young,
But know the hardships of a person with wisdom
I'm still in school,
But I know what it feels like to have your heart in a prison
I'm still short,
But my knowledge is way taller
So please don't try to trick me,
Because I'm way smarter.

Even if I don't trust you ,
I'll still give you my word.
Even if I thought I loved you,
I'll still give you the world.
Because you were my everything
And you broke my heart like it was
So now I'm sitting here crying
With my heart sinking
Of you and me being a thing.
But he
Choose to do different things
*** dude???
If you have a bad feeling about your relationship, talk about it with the other party
Justice Sep 23
I can’t tell you how much it hurts
When it starts and it doesn’t stop
It’s gonna **** me
I’m in a cell and this game is hell
Girl with you I can’t tell
It’s a stand still
This wieght you’re putting on me is heavier than anvil
I want to just cancel
All of our plans I’m mad still
When you do this
I confuse us
With the true us
But it’s delirious
I need to slow down take this serious
And finally ask the question
Am I just begging for your attention
Or do you feel the tension
The push the pull
It’ll roll you away
Like a peaceful melody
I guess I finally got to say what I wanted
Let’s just see how she responded

We used to talk in the dark
We used to be not apart
But we fell away
You were the one that got away
I come to think of this everyday
I hate when it be this way
Girl can’t you see the way
There’s a Path back to me
Back to us
Back to when we once was
I hunt the feeling of your memory everyday just to see you again momentarily
Rachel Sep 19
I won’t lie.
Once those eyes met mine,
I imagined.
When I watched you run your hands through your hair multiple times,
I daydreamed.
But when I saw that genuine smile and laugh you gave once I made you laugh,
I fell.
I hate bouquets of flowers, the smell of lavender, and chocolate ice cream.
If you take me to a movie when I’m tired, be prepared for me to fall asleep halfway through, missing the best parts.
I’ll forget to put mascara on in the morning, but remember the shirt you wore on our first date, or the story you told about your sister in the second grade.
I know when to bite my tongue, but sometimes lose my tact.
I’m honest, independent, and can carry the groceries up three flights of stairs in one trip.
I’m not perfect, nor am I afraid to admit when I am wrong. I keep the doors to my heart locked up, but if you knock I might let you in.
Valentin Aug 30
the distance between
I am with someone and
I am single is
too close when
you're under the influence of
a liquid or a substance
We've been together for a flammin' hot minute and its been all that in a bag of chips.
Except you want a two-for-one special and I'm craving to see other dips.
I get it, having a full meal is ideal and a snack satisfies temporary hunger.
But you're putting your foot in a bowl of nachos and I have the munchies to use my Free Toes and slumber.
After my expiration date, you came into my life and preserved the flavor of love.
That's cool beans if I wasn't salty and letting it mingle.
But you want to exchange onion rings.
I just want to be Single like a Pringle.
By:  Thrystan Tate
Laura Aug 6
You were a waste of time
Waste of skin
Waste of space

But for some reason
I thought
You were worth it
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