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Steve Page Nov 24
Intimacy is not physicality.
Intimacy takes heartfuls of risky honesty.
Its essence is vulnerability -
an ability to offer the key to deep dignity
and entrust it by degree or in its entirety.

And listen carefully:
It's not limited to matrimony.
It's a delicacy available to anybody
and without it friendship is hollow
and fully half empty.
Reading 7 Myths of Singleness by Sam Allberry.
Zywa Oct 13
You don't care about

me, so I hope you have fun --

I am doing well.
Song "Fred Astaire" (2002, Dayna Kurtz)

Collection "Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 0s"
Steve Page Oct 6
A woman walks into a bar,
alone on a Friday night,
daring assumptions,
orders a pint
and gets out her book.
That's it.  There's nothing else to write.
What?  Not clichéd enough for you?
Let's bust stereotypes
Steve Page Sep 20
I love solos.  
The courage to stand out front, in front of those consigned to the choir, acknowledging the support they provide with a gracious wave, but not afraid to take the acclaim justly due, front stage.

I love solos.
They celebrate breakthrough, on cue drawing attention away from the typical duets, the quartets, the ensembles, tempering a tendency to celebrate humble, to focus on a singular achievement and an agreement that this is a voice worth listening to.

I love solos.
So step out, take a bow
and make it loud.
Discussing singleness.
I S A A C Jul 8
indite my insights
emotions caught in my windpipe
journaling makes it easier
label my pain a distinct kind
not a single tear shed when the king died
sinking into the riptide
giving myself some time
to grow, to show all my tremors
to know, Monroe, angel feathers
CJ M Jul 6
I kiss upon your petals,
You kiss upon my scars,
If our love should be guarded,
Should we not both be guards?
You dissect me viciously,
I take you as you are.
I kiss you and say sorry that I'm breaking us apart.

God, I'm so ******* stupid.

The fellow you fancy is a figment of a feeble imagination.
An egotistical ****** with a heart of stone only pierced by your daggered eyes.
I wanted woefully to be that one for your love once.
I stood through senseless scrimmages to earn your satisfaction.
I played that part unceasingly seeking your acceptance.
But nevermore shall my strings be debauched by the pain of your plucking.
No longer shall I participate in pretending to be the man you make again.
I'm my own person. And I decided that I will be writing again. **** I missed writing. I hope I can reawake the poet in me and build him past where my cringe high school stuff left off!
Bella Isaacs Jun 5
I put up an advertisement
"WANTED: A handsome man
To play the villain of the tale."
I was in earnest in this wail -
My play is falling as it can
Apart, in disestablishment.
I didn't think you'd laugh or like
My addition - "I don't need one
Personally." Well, I don't, no,
I don't need one, but if you'd show
A wish for consideration,
I'd love a hero on a fixed-gear bike.
I actually needed a strong actor to fill a role, but hopefully it's fixed now! Directing Arms and the Man for July :) My granddad directed the same play 70 years ago - The family tradition continues!
Bella Isaacs Feb 9
A quiet getaway for two, a co(a)st,
Yeah, but how about, we skip the other?
And, if you "love", why don't I let you roast
With the other marshmallows, and wither
In your blissful lack, blind lust, busy life
Of red velvet and dollars? In my chair,
All the "love" I need to know is the strife
Of strings and sticks and synth and sliding air;
Give me Skull Candy, and my own fiddle,
Give me my view across the painted sky,
Give me my freedom to be a riddle,
Give me the chance to dance and still defy.
I'm not your pretty girl, nor femme fatale,
And if you fall, know you will really fall.
Steve Page Oct 2022
Not how I planned it
Not as I'd hoped
But better

Not the path we'd plotted
Not the course we charted
But higher

Not the story I'd written
Not the song I'd practiced
But oh,
it's been well told and well sung
and I've spent time with my Messiah.

He's given me another path.
A different gift.
Luke 2
Evie G Jul 2022
I will never have a utility
Never sit pretty on a shelf
Never have a use
For somebody else

I will never be advertised
On a bright flashy sign
Saying hey here, look dear
Don’t she look divine

I will never be sold
I will never be bought
And as long as I live I’ll never be caught

For there’s no hunter for a catch like me
And there are plenty a pretty fish in the sea
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