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Still single !

Just reply,
The best GENE
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Genre: Experimental
Theme: The chosen one
I don't need anyone anymore.
I am alone, and that is beautiful in ways I don't yet fully understand.
There is something liberating in isolation,
Nobody to watch you live,
or die.
I think I'm realizing slowly that I,
all jokes aside,
Don't need someone to listen to me sing at the stars.
I can be loved again, sure,
But there's no point in loving.
It is no less a waste of time than drugs, sex or music,
Yet it will hurt you more than the others ever could.
Drugs are only evil when they are loved,
Sex is only dangerous when there is too much love,
And music, though it hardly sounds the same, doesn't give a shit, and keeps being breathtaking anyway.
When we live on this earth for too long we grow weary of it.
The miracles of everyday life grow dull in our eyes,
those of bratty children in Eden.
Life is paradise,
Though we stubbornly refuse to believe it.
Don’t release your cumming
Just release my single
I don’t think it’s stunning
When that thing is jingle
Pussies taste like Pepsi-Cola
Pussies taste like Marabou
See a pussy – I say hola
Eat that thing like caribou
I don’t regret the shit I do or the choices I make. Love is over rated and you’re a down grade. I tried my best to look out for the rest but I guess it’ll be me myself and I. I pray for better days and better ways but how am I supposed to do that? When everything I do reminds me of you? Of us? Maybe one day it’ll be a better day.
Grace Sager Jul 11
You are the warm breeze that hits my shoulders in summer
When I am sitting in the shade
Roots mingling with blades of grass
Bumble bees cozy in my braids

Always passing
Always watching
Always moving
Always there
And I too am always passing
Always moving
Always watching
And always there
But you just so happen to not be aware
Of my presence

You somehow are able to make flowers dance
You even make the weeds waltz and sway
You make butterflies blush and blue birds sing
But yet you never seem to stay

Soon fall comes around the corner
And your chill makes the oak trees drop their clothes
We graze fingertips
as you wrap around my hips
And we nearly touch lips
And time suddenly froze

So did you

You became a chilling breeze of ice
I had to force away your embrace
Because slowly snowflakes and frost
Appeared across my face

I’ve longed to be with you since forever
But every weeping willow tree knows
As much as I wanted to hold on to you
The wind must eventually go

So a watched you glide away
Across the freshly fallen snow
And without a breeze nearby
Things were moving slow

No poppies were swaying
No sunflowers were smiling
No butterflies were in sight
The weeds were not waltzing
The blue birds did not sing
And there were no stars twinkling in the sky that night

Soon the snow melted into dandelions
And the snowflakes melted midair into rain
Sprinkling on the concrete sidewalks
And the noise seemed to wash out my brain

Because that next summer I didn’t miss you
Your presence no longer meant a thing
And I think everyone also forgot
Because the roses still bloomed
And the blue birds would still sing

And one day I felt a warm breeze walk by
While I was sitting in the shade
My roots in between blades of grass
And flowers stuck in strands of my braids

Since forever I’ve longed for this feeling
That’s why I’ll never know
That instead of holding on
I decided to let the breeze go

-It’s time to let go
Lyn-Purcell Jul 7
the  sheer
genius          of
your talent speak
Even if the world hates on you, there will always be those who will see the genius of your talent.
Always ♡
Been a while since I did a Lantern poem, so I wanted to do something simple.
I can feel a headache coming on.
Thanks guys, be back soon!
Lyn xxx
Liz Jul 6
They say, " the colder the heart, the warmer the gun"
Baby, check the temperature of my blood
I'm trigger happy, cause I can
I have an innocent face and you're just a man
Aa Harvey Jul 4
A big heart.

I ain't got a woman to call my own;
I ain't got her ringing on my phone.
I ain't got her picture; I ain't got her time.
All I have left to use is a word that rhymes.  

It’s such a shame that love hates me,
When all I wanted was to give her everything.
All I ever wanted was to hear her say;
I love you today.  
I want to hear this every single day.

She's my morning glory, my reason to be;
She couldn't hear me when I tried so hard to speak.
But if she just knew how I fell for her,
I'm sure things would change and it would all become a blur.
So let's rearrange things to my benefit;
I tried everything I could, but I could never write a hit.

She's my wonder woman, my pride and joy;
To her I'm not even a memory of a foolish boy.
Cry into the wind and let the tears fly away;
I can never have her in my arms, so I just kneel down and pray.
Won't you please hear my words and what I have to say?
I have to tell you how I feel because I'm turning to grey.

If you leave here now without these words in your mind;
Then the two of us shall lose out and this kind of love we’ll never find.
It’s unique to you and me, some call it destiny;
But I would never be so bold to call it anything but sweet.

You’re the cutest thing I have ever seen;
You smile diamonds behind those eyes and make me feel ever green.
I’m so jealous of those who are not worthy of your love;
So come lay in fields of clover with me and we can become us.

You’re my motivation to clear my mind
And all I’m asking for is just a moment of your time.
If you give it to me, then I will love you always;
I swear this from my broken heart to the end of days.

If you love me now, I will be your light,
In a world so dark sometimes; I wanna be your knight.
I want to shine with you like you shine alone;
I want you to know you are loved and you must never feel alone.

You’re my future memories, or the one that got away;
All I need you to hear is what I’m desperate to say.
I want to be your lover for the rest of your life;
Because I believe in you I could truly confide.

Beauty’s my starting pistol;
Attraction leads me to you.
Now if love can become real;
Maybe I could call you my boo.
Or call you my lover,
Or call you my girlfriend.

All I wanna do I call you so we can meet again.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Rose Moore May 23
I am coffee for one,
Sipping on the bitter taste of loneliness as it sinks and slips down my throat.
I am one flight, one way,
Watching as clouds float by, all clustered together in a perfect daze.
I am sitting alone,
As words blur before me of another damsel being saved by another possessive brute.
I am a joke,
Made by two swooning lovers as they forget their bags of loneliness tethered to their hearts.
I am me.
A half working, cynical, unloveable soul who was marked by brutes who thought I wouldn't burn.
I am waiting.

Aa Harvey Jun 30
The way we were

The way we were,
So simple to say,
But it was always so hard to keep your love.
You are my Her.
You were my way.
Now I must find myself again and once more become loved.

You were my summertime lover indoors.
I could never hide from you all my endless flaws.
So grateful to you for all that you have done,
My shining sun; it always rains now as my tears pour.

Every part of me is dedicated to love;
Every thought I think is concerning you.
Even today I still desire your touch,
Because my love for you will never end…
Love will always feel like it is brand new.

The start of love is a summer’s day;
The end of love is so cold and grey.
The centre of love is happiness in a glass;
The saddest time of love is when you turn your back.

So leave me here to never wipe away these tears,
Because if you cannot hear, then why am I even crying?
It is because of you I am oh so clear,
So certain of my fate;
This feeling must be what it feels like when I am dying.

Inside I am a snow globe without a pretty picture;
Outside I am an insect surrounded by dinosaurs.
Everybody is so sure they know how to make me not miss her,
But the truth is nobody has a cure to all that which came before.

The way we were…

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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