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leechyna Oct 8
'''I used to believe life is a journey
But here am all alone
No-one walking with me
Is there any different road to heaven
I don't know of??? 😂😂
Thought if I become social
World would laugh with me
😔 maybe am expecting too much'''
They keep telling me not to give up on finding love, that “the one” is out there for me, the thing is I haven’t given up on finding love, I’m simply accepting the love around and within me.
I have spent years chasing that romantic fairytale love, following what I thought were signs to happiness, only to end up at dead ends.
After too many sleepless nights, I had to wake up to reality and see that I am already truly and deeply loved, realizing that put everything in perspective.
There’s nothing wrong with being single, I can still accomplish my goals and dreams, I will be a mother, and raise beautiful children.
Relationships and marriage is a beautiful thing, but so is single hood especially when you realize you can stop seeking love my dear, you are love, you are beautiful, and you are living a life to be proud of.
Who says you can’t be your own “one”
nevaeh Sep 24
is it possible
to be the only single person
on earth?

i feel like everybody's got somebody
maybe not a girlfriend or boyfriend
but at least a best friend
a favorite cousin
a loving parent

i don't have anything like that
i don't have any one person
that i'm close with
i have friends
but none of them really know me
it isn't their fault though - i don't talk to them really
That Girl Sep 13
I’m surprised I’m not hurting so much.
I’ve only been obsessing over you for three months now.
I saw your single relationship status and got my hopes up.
Excited by the thought of you.
The thought of us.
That’s the problem though.
I didn’t truly like you.
I liked the thought of you.
So I’m glad you got a girlfriend.
Actually you had one the whole time.
But I feel sorry for her.
I found out through other people about your relationship.
Your Facebook still reads single.
You never post a photo of the two of you,
But she does.
You may like it but you never comment.
In person you two look like friends.
Well, acquaintances really.
You two never talk.
She just follows you around like a lost puppy.
She gives you all this love and attention,
But you just stand there and take it.
You aren’t giving anything back.
It’s like she’s screaming at you to love her back,
and she’s answered with silence.
You maybe her boyfriend,
But is she really your girlfriend?
I feel sorry for her.
She deserves better than you.
People say I still have a chance with you,
But I don’t think I want a chance with you.  
I deserve better.
A gush of wind
Across the saunders
A few leaves fall down
They are insignificant
Thousands still there
To breathe
To photo-synthesise
And prepare food
I am a tree unlike others
Once with an umbrella leaf
The leaf fell down
I am insignificant
Safana Aug 23
Staying single
is a loneliness,
I tried to,
I can't resist.
I want to marry
Someone with
a green face and
white clothe,
she is someone
with a giant smile
and, behaving
Will you marry me? Someone question me
because someone want to marry
Does anyone else ever just feel sick
of trying to figure other people out?
I do not have enough time left on this
Earth to try to explain to someone else
exactly what I want.

I do not want to explain again and again
what I like.
I do not want another broken record of *******.

I am a horrible alone person.
But I do not have time to argue the politics
of relationships and *** anymore.

I may just give it up.
Antino Art Aug 4
I greet you like a new shore with a wave that says hi and bye together.

Somewhere in between, I entertained the idea that we might have met on a train in Seattle once. We sat sideways on the edge of a deep conversation, staring out the window as the rain did the talking.

My mantra is an old Samurai teaching: defeat who you were yesterday. I told myself that I'll have something to say to you by tomorrow.

I write stuff down for inner peace. The pen is my sword.

I got it. When the pandemic is over, let's order clam chowder in lidded to-go cups and meet at the edge of a pier where ships leave. After a while, the sight of departure takes on a charm of its own.

I can talk to you more freely on higher ground, like a rooftop. Or a train platform overlooking uptown Chicago. It will feel like we've risen above the noise.

I make a pretty good penpal. I also have anime hair. And an enviable Samurai sword collection.

Do abs still count?

My brain is in great shape. Don't mind if the thoughts floating out of it are going over your head. It's better than going over heels. That would be hopelessly romantic.

Dating apps remind me of a formula in astronomy that says the odds of intelligent life beyond Earth are a statistical impossibility. Still, you can't help but look up on dark nights asking if you're alone.

I want to say I met a girl who I began writing about, the kind that doesn't just smile at you to be polite. Consider this an invitation to write back.

You'll get my name then,
-Annonymously Yours
sara Aug 2
Searching for asylum
in broken peoples’ broken hearts.

Our minds both made of china,
our eyes are bright, our tongues are sharp.

Our hands, we intertwine them;
although our hearts stand far apart.

We cling on for survival,
and claim to be complete at last.
A poem as a reminder that another person cannot make you whole, stop looking for emotional asylum in others
Sovit Pokhrel Jul 29
All of a sudden,
I'm wide awake.
And i have this urge to share something,
Something i have no idea about,
With someone who i have no idea about.
With no one to speak to,
I pick up, my pen.
Some nights you wake up and just need to jot random words. Tonight was some night.
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