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Tori 3d
If I could speak softer words
If my soul was one that sought out others
If I had been blessed with a warmer spirit
Or even if I was simply a lovelier monster
Maybe then
Poetic T Sep 30
A word can save
another day
           for someone to see the
brightest side of the darkness.

For within syllables
                      are meanings
that unconsciously re-ravel
              that last thread.

And they awake to another
not realising that single word
  yesterday brightened there day.
Amanda Sep 30
I have thought about it for awhile
And don't care what other people say
I want to be part of yout life
This might be the only way

Don't see you as the bad guy
Not mad or angry, just hurt
Even though I know it's wrong
I think "**** he looks **** in that shirt"

Feel the electricity in the air
Can tell you feel the familiar thrill
Is the alcohol to blame?
Or do you truly love me still?

We reach at the same time to touch
Holding your hand just seems so right
I wish that I did not have to let go
Wish I could stay the rest of the night

When I have to say goodbye
It's hard to pull away and leave
I long to remain in your arms forever
It feels better than I dare to believe

Then you lean down to kiss me
It is bliss. It's too perfect to be real
I had almost forgotten how wonderful
Your lips could taste and feel

I know that you're drunk and it's late
I'm hoping that you feel the spark
And I am hoping my mouth will remind you
Of those nights we spent in the dark

Thank you for making me complete again
Giving me your love to borrow
Even if it is just for right now
I will not regret it tomorrow
Tonight I'm gonna love you like there's no tomorrow
Aaron LaLux Sep 29
Just touched down from Darwin,
2 hour layover in Sydney & I’m starvin’,
met a girl at the airport,
and invited her to dinner,

they say there’s no such thing as a free lunch,
but I’ve got a credit card that let’s me dine,
at almost any restaurant in any country,
on any continent in any dateline,

so I often invite,
beautiful girls and other fellow travelers,
to dine with me as my guest for free,
where we share stories over appetizers,

more peace stories than war stories,
more love than hate,
because when you really get to know someone,
you find you differ in less ways than you relate,

there we were,
both on rest stops till our next stop,
two world travelers,

I’d noticed an engagement ring,
more than a modest sized rock,
but I noticed the finger on which it sat,
made the look a bit odd,

see she wore the ring,
on her ******* instead of her ring finger,
so it was more of a fck you instead of a love you,
I asked her if there was a reason for this position,

she said it was because,
it simply didn’t fit on her ring finger,
that it was a simple mix up that was it but,
I suspected there was a reason that was deeper,

so I questioned her intentions,
why was she with this man but still acting like a free woman,
why was she speaking of “exploding like a volcano!”,
when she sees a man and feels an attraction,

about how she had a fantasy,
of meeting a beautiful Australian man,
on a beach and he’d teach her to surf,
and she’d ride his surfboard from the wave to the sand,

this was when I decided to speak up,
to tell her I didn’t think this engagement would work out,
that maybe tying the knot with a man was already a dad,
was not the best idea for a woman with no kids that liked to go out,

that maybe I was in a way,
an Angel of Divine Intervention,
and how every moment of our lives,
had led us up to that instant,

I told her no man owned her,
that her body was hers alone to control,
that life is too short to compromise,
that there is no moment other than now,

I told her that that was the reason,
that I didn’t have a wife,
because there are many women I love,
and to love only one wouldn’t be right,

how can I tell one of my lovers,
that she’s better than all the rest,
how can I tell any of the others,
that they’re not as good as the one that I’m with,

I can’t,

because love is not confined into the body of one,
love is free to love and do what love does,
and with that we finished our tapas,
and finished our rendezvous with cappuccinos and hugs,

back into the world,
back into the embrace of another lover,
back into the future,
to make more memories with more women at more dinners…

∆ LaLux ∆
Nothing Sep 21
You left me, don't you ******* say you "miss" me.
Ohani Sep 20
Forgive my silence
And overlook my solitude
These arms are barren
And my heart untouched
Few venture down my path
Or even look my way
So here I’ll stay
Alone and afraid
Until a lone wanderer
   Can conquer my maze
         (Come in)
vic Sep 13
I wonder why I wish to speak to you again
Despite the fact that it felt like you never listened
You never listened.
I complained about it constantly
Wrote sonnets about your lack of focus on me
Hoping you needed hearing aids so I could blame something else
Instead of feeling unimportant
You claim differently though.
Said I built up a wall between us
And now I realize that we weren’t only not on the same page
But we were in completely different libraries
Searching two different encyclopedias
Trying to find a way to define our feelings
I wonder whose anxiety made you feel boxed in
Was it my obsessive need for structured plans that built you in
Or your neglection of problems at hand that made them pile up?
We made better construction partners than lovers
Although that doesn’t mean much
All the bridges we tried to build collapsed into our salty tears
The home we wanted to make sunk into its foundation
We should’ve stuck to classmates.
And I as to move on from another failed relationship
Building roads to a different city that needs to repair its infrastructure
I wonder if you even deserved the sonnets I wrote.
Declan Quinn Sep 7
I left before I left.
I just didn't know then.
Benjamin Aug 31
I have not found her yet.
Her character is in many of the ones I've met.
I feel her close, as if she were real.
I miss the electric beauty between fingertips and kiss.
I'm still in search of she that will bring bliss.
I'll tell you a story. On that night, the kind stories should never have to start with..I looked up at the moon and promised to never love. To never again soften eyes and whisper promises in a voice so low, the wind would have to lean in to hear. To never have to drown in bliss when she smiles. Never to colour lips with strawberries or paint kisses chocolate. To never again say yes, to the one thing I never thought I'd say never to. Noah_arkenswagg
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