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Eyithen 5d
Another year gone by
Another year alone
I am used to this by now
Used to being on my own

I couldn't care less for Valentines day
It is chaotic and cheesy
It's too much of a cliché
My guy would get off easy

Singles awareness day comes after
That's the one I relate too
With my girls we celebrate together
They understand it like I do

We giggle and laugh
Cause we got something better
We make fun of all those couples
Singles stick together.
He showered me with kisses and gave me a rose,
He took me on a date, and then we struck a pose;
He gave me a ring and asked me if I'll be his wife,
Then the alarm rang, waking me up to my dreadful, loveless life.
A dark piece in lieu of being single on Valentine's Day.
Johnny walker Jan 27
A single red rose to my love I gave
A single red as I placed the engagement ring on her finger
A single red rose on our wedding day
A single red rose at the birth of our child
A single red rose I laid on her grave
A single red rose never to forget
A single red rose that told of our life
Rewrite of a poem I wrote a while ago a red rose that told of our life together
Stygian Jan 25
I wonder how you would see me if we never stopped.
I wonder how things would feel if we never ended.
I wonder how I would sound, or if I would've stopped drinking.
I wonder if your smile would be brighter or you'd hold my hand tighter.
I wonder what we would be if we never stopped...
chloe Jan 25
Being lonely does not mean actually being alone
Being lonely could mean you have loads of friends,
But you are alone in your head
You don't trust your "friends"
You don't need to be single to be lonely
You can be dating someone and feel empty and alone
Being alone is such a dark thing
Looking around and seeing everyone but,
Feeling lonely
Being lonely is like your eyes see black all the time
I randomly wrote this in freestyle so yeah it is unedited and I don't care if it is sloppy. I am just a sad teen
Christina Jan 24
she's still her
you cant seem to let her go
the memory of her haunts our time together

i shouldnt worry
i have no right to worry
but i do

with every touch we share
she's there
in the back of my head

did you make her feel this way?
did she say this for you?
do you compare me to her?

she's always in the back of my mind
making me feel insecure
because i always wonder if you forgett about me when your'e with her
Austin Draper Jan 24
Pluck, pluck at the heartstrings.
But I seem just out of luck.
Though I pick, and I pick
These foundations were laid foolishly in brick.
Though I thought her at the time my maiden
Now I know not what title she must be with laden.

Thus far, I’ve done my job and been slick.
But, being engrossed in familiarity will do the trick.
Though, I’ve been sent into a fantasy awestruck,
I still fall down, and I crawl back and am stuck.

We reset the clock,
Tick tock, tick tock.
Time is such an asset
As time knocks, it knocks down the clock.
Tick tock, tick tock.
Though in time, undone will be this beset.
Like a hawk, tracing our tracks ticks the clock.
Tick tock, tick tock.
Thus we forget, this false duet
It will hold a lock in my heart, as down goes the clock.
Tick tock, tick tock.
Though offset are we, by promising corrections and showing regret.
Though we have our talks, we always knew of the clock.
Ding ****! Ding ****!
Ends does this visionary ring,
Over with is this adventure long!
Ding ****! Ding ****!
Oh how menacing does the clock sing!
We must wax strong, or fall to tensions that have proven themselves wrong.
I prolong, as in my mind I linger.

I **** at the roots of our unknown love, with a cautious finger.
Making sure I don’t get trapped and engulfed to go back through the wringer.
I sit and wait, waiting for a worthy soul singer.
To come to me, but that is much later I suppose. Love is a stinger.
Lie do I? Try have I?

Though born from cinder, a flames life I tend to hinder.
Ashes Ashes, I store away this love in newfound caches.
I look at the horror, of many previous ***** explorers.
The roots of my tree blend, I must tend to it, mend it.

I must fend for it, stop friends to it, lend for it.
I must send myself, lend my heart. Keep up loving trends.
It’s roots wilt and ascend, I must amend and attend!
To it’s better caretakers I contend, for I am the farmer and only I intend for it on me to depend.
I look at the tree, and in a style hopefully not to offend.
Cut it’s roots, and see to its end.
I have it shipped out
Move it to another’s yard.
Just over the fence.
I must keep to my side now,
I can protect it
I can sing to it
I can still love it
But what I must not do now,
Yes, what mustn't do ever.
Is cross over to that side.
I can admire
What this new caretaker does.
And cheer him on then.
Chop the roots that grow
Beyond their side of the fence
The gardener must
Care for it better than you.
For that was the point.

Sit and cry,
Those roots
But, lose not another friend.
For there in life are too many ends
If you can, stay close but far.
Close to care for their new needs
But far enough to not become a soul carer again.
These roots seem untieable,
But it is necessary
To start repurposing them
So you can grow a new garden.
A long anthology about our eventual break up. It hurt, but it was long deserved. And I'm free now (AA A BB B C C}B B A A}D z*1,2x2D E sw*D1 z*1,2x2D E Dsw*D1 Dsw*D1 z*1,2x2D E Dsw*D1 z*1,2x2D EE Dsw*D1 z*1F,2Gx2 G F z*1F,2Gx2 G F H}H H H H 3I 3I} JJ KK LL MM} MMM MMM MMM MMM M M} -x4 z*2w*x3 -x11} N N O o o -x6)
I’ve never once held true love...
I’d imagine it would be like holding a glass ball

It’s nice- Dancing with fragility,
Swaying to a beat that sounds like Forever,
Just trying not drop it

When you look into it,
you see an alternate version of reality,
A beautiful, warped world that holds light differently  
I’ve never looked through that glass

See, I’m the wise single friend at the party
Hiding behind a facade
Of freedom and independence
Chanting the mantra of
“you don’t need no man”
But that doesn’t mean I’m not looking

Right now I’m stuck in the biggest game
of Marco-polo I have ever played
And I don’t remember the game being so hard...

“There’s plenty of fish in the sea” they say
Yet day after day, I stand upon a boat
Calling our into a sea of potential...

Not once have I ever heard a polo in reply...
Justyn Huang Jan 21
The day of you
that left the night
in evening.

Beautiful Light
that leaves me

Beautiful a
leaves a grieving

Nighttime falls
and daylight gleaming

Beauty, a wonder
of yours I
Beauty oh, you’re
beauty to come by

wrote this for a girl haha
You told me how you wished you were holding me in your arms but behind my back you had let go of my heart and smiled as you let her fall from your brittle hands. You promised to protect her. You promised to hold her for the rest of our lives. And now here she lay face up on this bed staring blankly at the ceiling with tears of second guesses and regrets flowing for anyone to see. She is numb and homeless, strong but trying to keep going. You broke her.
You promised.
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