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Evie G Jul 10
I will never have a utility
Never sit pretty on a shelf
Never have a use
For somebody else

I will never be advertised
On a bright flashy sign
Saying hey here, look dear
Don’t she look divine

I will never be sold
I will never be bought
And as long as I live I’ll never be caught

For there’s no hunter for a catch like me
And there are plenty a pretty fish in the sea
takitak Mar 31
I'm single,
but I'm not alone
I'm single,
but I'm not lonely

he asks,
why I don't choose love?
And I answer,
it has always been love

If I choose me,
I chose love

If I chose you,
I still chose love
dumping these old poems from my phone
Zack Ripley Mar 27
A single act of violence
A single act of kindness
A single act of love
Can make all the difference
When push comes to shove
Liz Jan 11
I want to feel known. I want to bring someone home and tell them about how my brother and I used to live in elaborate mansions in the trees.

I want to drive them around my home town and tell them of all the places I got heartbroken and all the places I ran to hide and all the places I smiled at the sun believing I could never go blind.

I want to tell them of all the friends I've had and how I miss some and am scared of others, to tell them of how theyve grown while helping me grow too.

I want to show them the home I grew up in and how I thought it was the best place in the world, surviving tornados, fires, and sadness but we lost it to the lawless.

I want to show them my birthmarks and all the constellations and myths my grandmother wrote about the stars on my skin.

I want someone to know every curve of the letters in my name. To be able to hear me in my quiet, see me in my dark, hold me in my cold, and love me in my despair.
Tichozpytec Jan 10
In my mind, a simple story
To elevate my sadness and my worries
She comes around, says hello
Here's something I'd like to know
We talk, she smiles, and I feel warm
An eye opens up within the storm
The sun shines through, what a sight
Her friendliness just shines so bright
Someone to talk to, a kindred soul
When I'll be with her, I will feel whole
And then I wake up, it's night again
Oh what a nice daydream that has been
Tichozpytec Jan 8
A missing poster with ten words only
"Looking for someone who also doesn't want to be lonely"
Tichozpytec Jan 6
You still haunt me in my dreams
Though you disappeared
Tichozpytec Dec 2021
Echoes from a year ago are still felt
What with a head that high can't be held?
Tears of the past creating a pillar
Sad be the days that can't be spent with her
Tichozpytec Dec 2021
Dark nights, all alone
And the only reminder
Footprints in the snow
Paul Butters Dec 2021
For single, retired folk like me
Christmas and Bank Holidays are a bind.
Everything is closed,
No buses running,
Friends, like me, are staying home.

No pub for me today.
No squeezing through hordes
Of once a year drinkers
To get to the bar.
I’d rather enjoy my armchair
At home.

But the peace is pleasant,
A nice winter break.
Right now it’s all about
That baby in a manger
Being visited by three wise men.

I have a Christmas Dinner
Ready to microwave
And stocks of beer, whisky
Plus crisps
To keep me going.

Plenty of time to reflect
On another year gone
As seventy looms large for me.
Another year of Coronavirus Variants
As we work our way through
The Greek Alphabet.

Another year of stops and starts
Having to adapt
To whatever monster rears
Its ugly head.

I’ve kept playing table tennis
When the hall’s open
And walked to pub or café
When they’re not closed.
Doing well for a veteran
Can’t complain.

It’s peaceful at Christmas
That’s my refrain.

Paul Butters

© PB 25\12\2021.
Christmas Day!
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