My heart is stamped with an X
But nobody is looking
For this unknown treasure
sar 2d
my hands have never moved
along the
l  e  n  g  t  h  (of his)
spine and i
don't know what it is to be kissed.

i don't dance in his arms
or write him letters with my lips  
we don't sit in heart-pounding silence
our tangled feet, tangled together.

i love him,
but i don't know who he is
(and i)
have never
been in l o v e.
where r u . darling?
Amanda 7d
I do not like being unfeeling
Hate that I'm always alone
But love does not dare find me
While I am stuck in my comfort zone

Happiness awaits my grasp
Just beyond hand's reach
I cannot get there by walking
Or by any form of speech

I need a road of hopes to come
Not a wish upon a distant star
Emotion will be my gasoline
My heart is my car

Still I stop to wonder
About promises bound to break
Pain and hurt so why should I
Make this gigantic mistake?

Once again I am safe
Unhappy, out of harm's way
Discontent but unbroken
In this place I will surely stay

Four cozy walls surround me
My prison and also my home
Scared, silent, and sound I still wait
Inside my little comfort zone
This was written long ago before i had experienced love and heartbreak
Umi Apr 8
A bird, earthbound, disabled by birth.
Left out, deserted and even made fun of by the others, because it was not just different, it was also not capable to do what they ever did,
Taking off into the azure of the wonderful heaven, the sky far above,
A tasteless sight of a rainy day, brought from the drought of emotions
A fate, to never take off, unless he finds another to be his other half,
Broken loneliness, dancing in the loitering darkness of their life, infinite shades of punishment, fear and  envy embellished in his soul,
Looked down upon, yet determinded, hopeful of what the future may hold, two single winged herons might be able to melt within love,
Darling, blood flows through the veins of fate, are you my lovebird, the one I'll finally spread the one wing I have with and fly, far away?
Let us melt, like no others have until we are unable to feel alone, dear
So don't be shy, experience the grand beauty of the heavens above with me, after all we are two peas in a pot, crushed by the same fate.
Kiss me now, take off with me, so we may fly through the embrace of the sun which is shining, with every cloud and their silver lining,
It will be alright, Darling

~ Umi
I act like a wolf in sheep's clothing
I have a big bark
I act strong
I say how I will never let anyone walk all over me and the louder the voice my opinions, the more stronger and confident I am
But it is all an act.
Once I let people into my life, I let them use me
I never speak up for myself and stand up
I cry every night because I am unhappy with myself
I am a sheep in wolf's clothing.
the unspoken rule for some solemn

that if given the figure,
you can not yearn for the character
that if given the qualities,
you can not question the fantasy
that if provided with love,
you must forget of the love not given

suffocate with love, figures, it's fair
but allow the mourning, the crying, the upmost despair
because when a child experiences that character leave
they will believe what they don't want to believe

you've taught them they're unwanted,
that's how they'll grow up
they'll evolve and develop thinking they're not enough
Traumeria Mar 19
I just met you,
And we clicked instantly.
We've had our conversation, our silence
And we've also had our struggles,
Happiest moments.

We talked for a long time
Trying to know each other,
Yet not as deep as the blue
-ish Pacific ocean.

We only had the view of the
Waves of under our own sun,
But all the undiscovered corals
Remain hidden in their own bed,
Teal reflection of the

At night,
Resting hour.
We sleep under the same stars
Knowing that at least one of us has a clear view of the satellites
Breathless in space.
Various constellations can be determined.
Even a clear outline of the crescent moon,
Without storm clouds interfering our own worlds.

I don't know if
You're more than just a friend
Or in a completely different category as a partner in the long run.

You don't share your thoughts
Like I'm starting a conversation with myself

I'm all for
Saying the first word
Heading to the second stage,
Yet I value my friendships
As another has their heart
Ready for yours.

I'm not a fighter.
I don't want to waste my efforts if I lose.
I might drag myself down
Deeper than Lucifer's hell
Deeper than the core of the Earth
While try to climb the highest mountain


I want
I need
A balanced effort
From my sole partner
If they want me
To love them like I did

Since day 1.
A Bryan Mar 14
I am under construction
Out of order

You can't make a house into a home before the foundation is built
I could show you the blueprint, but it wouldn't grasp the attention of a man who's not well versed in architecture
It wouldn't make sense to a man who doesn't understand the importance of balance and structure
A man with no vision couldn't see what I see
He couldn't fathom what the end result will be

I am undone and unfinished
I am building but I am lacking
I am trying my best to stay focused without surrendering the strife
I work all day, everyday with minimal progress and even less reward and quite frankly I'm growing tired of my life

I've spent years gathering my supplies and laying bricks but no amount of progress has made me presentable
No amount of hard work has made my incompleteness comprehensible
I've laid brick after brick but still I haven't turned into anything remotely livable

I work tirelessly and though the bricks keep piling up and the structure becomes more and more fully formed each day, still I am useless

I am fed up and I want to give up but instead I get up and lay even more bricks instead of making excuses.
Aaron LA Lux Mar 11
Tomorrow is literally always a day away,
call her Laura Tomorrow make no mistake,
because as she arrives she starts to fade,
she’s thee greatest love that you’ve ever made,

and I swear to God,
I don’t mean that to sound too cliche,
‘cause her Style is so Wild,
that I don’t know how to behave,

not a master,
nor a slave,
of anyone,
other than my one fate,

intoxicated faded,
sedated medicated,
it’s amazing all the difference,
a single day did,

I thought that I’d made it,
until I found my self in an Alone Silence,
see the bigger the house the more lonely it feels,
the more window panes the more hanging curtains,

the taller the walls the smaller I feel,
dark alone not even sure what the point is,
a self created health related paranoia,
feeling mixed up was a schitzo that’s double jointed,

designed my defenses so well,
that I can’t even escape it,
built walls so tall and disguises so well,
that I can’t even recognize myself when I’m naked,

take it,
or don’t,
what’s the worth of being a genius,
if all it makes is a poem,

I’m thrown,
off the throne,
naked and alone,

well not alone,
but also not at home,
I try the phone but there’s no dial-tone,
then the next moment I am frozen,

can’t move,
forget the breath,
remember only the memory of a memory,
forget the rest,

no place to rest,
no rest assured,
no rest stops on the road of life,
no lines only blurs,

what has occurred,
and what was the worth,
were you given the cure,
or were you made worse,
is it better to be late,
or is it better to be first,
is it better to be paid,
or is it better to be hurt,
is it better to be said,
or written in a verse,

written in a verse,
this is the love and yeah love hurts,
we take a risk,
every time we love first,

and she’s like a dream,

dreaming of a better day,
leaving all my yesterdays,
ironic how the Brightest Lights,
can be the first to fade…

is literally always a day away,
call her Laura Tomorrow,
make no mistake,
because as she arrives,
she starts to fade,
she’s thee greatest love,
that you’ve ever made,

is literally always a day away,
call her Laura Tomorrow,
make no mistake…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

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Anonymous Mar 11
You can have the town,
I’ll call the mayor and get you the deed.
You can have the have the roads,
I’ll arrange for the potholes to be filled.
You can keep the job,
I never intended to stay that long.
You can keep the friends,
I can make more.
You can keep my records,
I can find more music.
You can have my watch,
I won’t miss the time.
You can take my shoes,
To have one last stomp on my heart.
You can keep the jokes,
I don’t laugh at them anymore.
You can have my jacket,
So something can keep you warm.
You can stay with her,
I can promise, it’s no longer a concern of mine.
And in return?

You can let me go.
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