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karly codr Apr 15
i'm slowly learning
to live for myself
and not live for
the expectations of others
and who they expect me to be

i'm slowly learning
that i can be who i am
around the people who want me to be
the crazy
taylor swift and twenty one pilots and conan gray stan
book nerd
person that i am

and for the first time in a while
i'm happy with myself
skipping school on friday to have a movie day with my friends and i'm just in a rally good mood and i'm actually happy
I remember the first time you tasted champagne.
As the golden nectar effervesces down your throat, you whispered my name.
I raised an eyebrow and wondered why,
you said, “You’re everything this glass contains.”

They tell me the tale of Dom Pérignon
who said, “I am tasting the stars” after a sip of his own creation.
You’ve always loved me like I tasted of stars,
and I loved you like you put the stars where they belonged.

We made the mixture of magnificence,
until we were twisted too much on the shelves.
Pop, bubble, hiss--- all shaken up
everything we bottled up spilled down until nothing else is left.
I was champagne until I became your problem.

And somewhere in between the lines, we got lost in translation
I didn’t know where to find you, didn’t know how else to meet you halfway,
but there was pain whichever path I take.
I was already walking the track for the exiled, I didn’t realize right away.

Others hide a ring in the glass,
But we put the problem in the champagne, babe.

Soon it will taste differently to you,
All sweet and sparkling—no strings attached like it used to.
But the stars are no longer where they used to be.
Every sip will wash down any trace of me,
until you forget.
But it will forever linger on my lips;
and I’ll always remember it all too well.
One of the most unique compliments I received from my ex-boyfriend was he compared me to a glass of champagne. I was thinking about this when I had my eureka moment for this poem. I continuously listened to Taylor Swift's song Champagne Problems while writing this which further inspired the direction of the poem. I was champagne until I became his problem.
karly codr Mar 17
you know the feeling
when you just want to scream at everyone
even though it's not their fault
that you had a ****** day
i'm so tired
life *****
people are stupid
today was awful
but none of you care anyway so

on a lighter note taylor swift's grammy performance is living rent-free in my brain and i got to tie dye a shirt today. it has mickey mouse on it and i'm in love with it (not as much as taylor's grammy performance but close)
karly codr Mar 3
i want to be able
to turn things in on time
and not wait until last minute
but my problem
is that i procrastinate on everything
which is why i'm writing this poem
instead of working on homework
well i made a really cool remix of no body no crime and it sounds kind of really cool
karly codr Feb 26
i have this bad habit
where i stress myself out
over stupid things
to the point where i cry
and it's always on days
that already were awful
anyway... trees by twenty one pilots and tolerate it by taylor swift are really good songs to cry and sing in the car

also i don't even know why today ****** in the first place it just kind of did probably because it's thursday
jersey Feb 25
A wise woman once said she’d like to be defined by the things she loved.
Not the things she hates or fears or the things that haunt her.
This idea very much stuck to me.

This is my attempt at defining myself by the things I love or the things I find love in.

I love the sound of ocean water hitting the shore.
I have never been more at peace than I am at a beach.
I can freely think, freely breathe.
I can just be free.
I think the ocean is love.

I find love in good morning and good night texts.
They may be meaningless to some,
a nuisance to others,
but to me it’s the purest form of endearment.
I can’t look at a good morning or good night text and not smile.
I think those texts are love.

I love and find love in music.
I would go through hell as long as at the end, there was a good song.
I love to sing my favorite songs at the top of my lungs
and can’t help but tap my finger to my least favorites.
I think music is love.

I love books.
Even with the worst books, I love the lessons they had to offer.
I love the time put into writing it.
I love the time I put into reading it.
I love starting to read a book at 9am and blinking to find out it’s now 9pm.
I think books are love.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in what I hate,
even easier to get ******* in what I fear,
sometimes I forget love is a thing.
I don’t want to live like that.
I want to continue to love and find love in things.
I am a lover, not a fighter and some may hate that cliche
but you know what, I love it.

I think being a lover is love and that may be redundant but maybe, just maybe, I love that too.
karly codr Feb 2
i can't do this anymore
i can't go on
trying to be good enough
for everyone else
when I can't even
be good enough
for myself
you assume i'm fine, but what would you do if i-
karly codr Dec 2020
So I'm sitting at my kitchen table.
And I'm watching the folklore long pond studio sessions.
And drinking peppermint tea.
And I have a big fluffy sweater wrapped around me. (not THE cardigan. I get that on Christmas.)
And it's just so aesthetically pleasing.
Like, I'm watching the folklore long pond sessions,
and drinking tea
and I'm wrapped in a sweater.
Is there anything more "folklore-ish" than that?
Like seriously, this makes me so happy, and i seriously haven't been genuinely happy in a while and this moment what just kind of serene, you know? It just makes me happy to realize that maybe I can be happy again. And I'm slowly getting there. Back to happy I mean. So anyway. This was just a really aesthetic moment. And it made me happy.
karly codr Dec 2020
problem one: i'm crushing one of my close guy friends.
problem two: i have to wait 20 more days until i will be continuously wearing my taylor swift cardigan.
problem three: i have to figure out how i'm going to get christmas presents to my friends who don't have school on the same days i do.
problem four: i'm 99% sure that i am addicted to music.
problem five: i still have to find a christmas gift for my mom.
problem six: i'm 17 and i still sleep with 6 stuffed animals.
problem seven: i don't have enough money to get a signed taylor swift cd
problem eight: my sister's birthday present shipped but hasn't arrived yet
problem nine: i can't find a way to get my brother to shut up about all his rubik's cube stuff
kind of ******* for absolutely no reason so here's are the most stupid problems in my life right now because i needed a laugh and i am too stressed to write a poem about depression and all of my actual problems so here are nine of the most stupid problems in my life
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