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Rylee Oct 10
Known for obsession with heartbreak,
Turning sounds of heartbroken tears into anthems,
The words we all feel
But could never produce turned into a karaoke song
Volume as loud as it can go,
Trying to drown out memories of the high you gave me
The naive girl in the songs sounds more like me,
As I replay the red flags
With each heartbreak had
there’s a song to be played
Dhimas Sep 11
august was in a drought
a literal burden to my thoughts
i thought i was gonna die out
but here standing on my way out

add my name to your medal tray
i was your eleventh or twelfth prey
once your gold in the bay
then only a ghost in your days

has come the september
i hope no more sobber
that person could’ve been better
but then proven to be disaster

and time is ticking
here i'm hoping
it will erase every single thing
cause i won’t hold on to nothing

and i might live with the pain
but it will heal under the rain
it's foolish to believe you were a saint
but one day what you plant is what you gain
that person would never understand this.
Nylee Aug 31
All that was August
Breezed through just like
                  Wind gust.
Inspired by Taylor Swift song 'August'.
janessa ann Sep 2019
You talk to your girlfriend.
She is angry
She's crazy about something you said
Because she does not understand your mood as I do
I am in my bedroom
It's a typical Tuesday night.
I hear the kind of music she does not like
And she will never know your story like me. '
But she wears short skirts
I wear t-shirts
She is the captain of joy
And I'm in the stands
Dreaming of the day you wake up
And discover that what you are looking for has always been here
If you can see, it's me who understands you
I'm here all the time, why do not you see?
You are next to me
You are next to me
Stroll the streets with you and your worn jeans
I can not help but think that this should be so
Laugh on a park bench and think of me
Hey, it's not that easy
And you have a smile that could enlighten the whole city
I have not seen it for a long time since she knocked you out
You say you’re good
I know you better than that
Hey, what are you doing with a girl like that?
She wears high heels
I'm wearing slippers
She's a happy captain and I'm in the bleachers
If you see, I understand you
I'm here all the time, why do not you see?
You are next to me
Wait and wait at your back door
All this time, as you could not know
Baby you belong to me
You are next to me
Oh, I remember you came home in the middle of the night
I'm the one who makes you laugh
If you know you're about to cry
And I know your favorite songs.
And you tell me about your dreams
I think I know where you belong
I think I know you’re mine
Do not you see that I understand you?
I'm here all the time, why do not you see?
You are next to me
Wait and wait at your back door
All the time
How can you not know that?
Baby you belong to me
You are next to me
You are next to me
Have you ever thought that?
You are next to me
You are next to me
I deleted the chorus so its only on here once, and at the end. yes I am always bored
Your eyes shined
Like Georgia
You didn't
Believe me yet and

The haters
And you

Like Repunzel
Or Amy

I'll read that
Letter if it's still down there
I'll get on my knees and weep
With the girl in

If she comes
May be fooled
By you
I see straight
Through you

It's hard not to find it all
A little bitter sweet
And lookin' back
On all of that
It's nice to believe
But when you think

"Tim McGraw"
I hope you think my favorite song
Her crown
Those eyes
She always had
Those magic
|    :   ||    :   |
|    :   ||    :   |
|    :   ||    :   |
|    :   ||    :   |
|    :   ||    :   |
|    :   ||    :   |
|    :   ||    :   |
|    :   ||    :   |
But I do

Two lanes
Who do you think of...
When you think


I think of Taylor


That bull

Third, I think Blindside
The black guy whose
Name I forget

Fourth, his wife
Sandra Bullock
The white savior

Lastly I think
Rogers ***

Have you heard
Of Maggie?
Nicole Aug 2019
im still in daze
are you my love story?
or just
another picture to burn?
Sienna Apr 2019
shake it off? ive tried but it hasn’t gone too well. you see, in my wildest dreams i’m clean and he does not belong with me but we all love a good love story and i think she knew that when she wrote fearless. we dream of the white horse but it doesn’t come around it never. ever. does. and i think she knew that too. which is good because to be honest i’m sick of waiting. one of the Kardashian's called my girl a snake so it goes but she can do no wrong she really cant. even when she says she did something bad she cant do no wrong. she’s the queen of my heart to be honest so dont blame me, her love makes me crazy. i think she would understand.
inspired by taylor's new single, "ME!" :)
Esther Jan 2019
we're both preceded by our reputation

we want the sun in our face

only to turn our backs to kiss the shadows.
this ain't for the best
my reputation's never been worse, so
you must like me for me.
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