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Alice 1h
the birds are flying backwards
(you and I are still together)
the fish swim on land
(you unpack your bags)
the attic is below ground
(you walk into my room)
the sky is red
(you tell me you always loved me)
the grass is gray
(you tell me you still do)
I cannot process the world the same way anymore
Swirling in my head
A white noise screaming
But stuck quietly
Softly seeming

One moment
And ten all glued together
Stuck up all in a knot
A noose neck tether

What do I make of it
A tangled chest of something
Rattling and clanging
I fear it to be nothing

This is entirely your fault
A song stuck in my head
Playing on a messy loop
I can't even go to bed

I held you once
And once again
Messy unkempt emotions
I leave myself to pain

And silent sealed lips
You shall never hear of this
I'll stew and roll over
And hope the emotions miss

Ignore the way I look at you
It will leave if given time
It was a kindness for you to hold me
It does not make you mine

I'll pray that time may stop
Just for a second or more
To etch your eyes into my soul
Before you walk out the door

This may be simple loneliness
But your smile lights the room
I'll catch it just one more
And accept bittersweet doom
I've never really been homeless
but I lived right next door forever and ever
or so it seems
I've never been hopeless
but I've seen my light
go dim for a while
as I while away
without any dreams
I've never really been lifeless but I've had times
I could have lived
a little bit more
I never really felt worthless
but I've had those times
I felt like my life could have
had a bit more in store
never have I been homeless
so I have no idea... how
it really must feel
even though ...oh ohhhoh
I always lived soohohhhoh close
to that edge-  it's not
the same....
it's not how
do you feel?
My fortune is broken
She continued to say

Abandon by luck
reflecting her days

The magic in ashes
Phoenix seemed strong

Threaded in pieces
But still holding on

Stun by Night
her eyes in a glaze

Chills bring dreams
of flying away

Poor Phoenix
Night carries on

Poor Phoenix
I too will be gone.
Phoenix and the Knight.
Story of life tragic events.
your eyes
they're as sharp as a knife
piercing straight to my heart and
making it halt its beats

your hands
and the wonders they do
your art's greater than the moon
every touch paints the beauty
you have in you

your mind
charms like fireworks in the sky
pulling my lips apart and
leaving me so enchanted

your dance
sends shivers down my spine
speaks to my soul every time
how could one ever move so magically?

oh, whatever it is you do
you do it so perfectly, heavenly
i'm willingly trapped in the dream of you

say, can it be?
i honestly, desperately
hopelessly want to reach to you

if i could get that chance
if you could spare a glance
you'd know you're admirable
for xu minghao
Yolanda 5d
I need to meditate
I need my space
I need some time to relieve my heart from all its heaviness.

As soon as I meditate
As soon as I get my space,
As soon as I get relieved from all the heavy burdens that strain my heart
The better

I will settle, when I've found a solution,
I will settle, when I've gotten my relief,
I will settle when my heart has found peace,
It has taken so much
And now is about to burst from all the heaviness,

My heart cannot talk,
My heart cannot scream,
And my heart cannot shout,
I will find a way to get my heart to rest.

It's never too late to relief my heart from all the heaviness,
I have a strong heart, a patient heart,
A passionate heart and a loving heart,
And the sooner the better to find me
And gain the confidence to free my heart.
Stagnant, though I've made all this progress.
Recently thinking makes it hurt more,
but for a moment today
I really put the pieces together.

This painful youth, there was a fire raging inside
and it hurt and it made my heart race.
Today I tried to pick up where I left off



and I watched it crumble in my hands?

Confused, I took a hard look, and that fire had gone out.
His name still rings in my mind infrequently, all on its own.
Those sweet memories still in striking detail, I reach for them.
A moment of reunion, a moment.
And you feel stupid for never realizing you'd miss that time,

that you.

And, you know, I've never been closer to all that I've worked for.
And I couldn't care less, I've never felt more empty.
I'm so alone and it'll be a long long time before I ever feel something like that again. If I ever do.
I didn't need to love him to feel that kind of shame.
Every investment I made in my new freedom this summer made me creep back inside myself, slowly, until drinking and dressing up became a new trauma.

The fire was something to live for,
now I just feel like a rectangle.
Xoe 7d
Most people find me interesting because they can never tell wether or not i'm joking
Xoe 7d
When I say it doesn't hurt me,
what I really mean is I can bear it.
Pepperdust Oct 8
Sometimes I feel so sad that I think my face will melt.
My tears come down dissolving everything that is me, everything recognizable and leaving only vestige of what once was.
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