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The walks of life I see;
such             little               hope
I have             for hum-                 anity
stum         ble blind           alone
never able to see reality.
Wake Up!
***** and sweat,
Hunched and broken,
By the toilet bowl
I will flush you out
Until the only thing left of you
Of us
Is the tears in my eyes
And the acid in my throat
and i feel something when i see you now...

posting some old drafts ****
Estel May 31
I know
Sometimes I say the wrong things
Sometimes I’m places
I shouldn’t be…
But why must I pay a fee
For your love?

I gave with no charge
Just for you to be
Who you are
But now I see
Yours was never free
It was just built on lies

What was it that led me to your eyes?
Was it the warm tones of green
Or maybe the hope
That a new light
Would spark from beneath darkness

But I’m too poor to pay
For something so expensive
So I’ll be moving on
while tears replace the hole you left
Why couldn’t it have been love?
Leifa May 25
Souls, once one in the sun,
Now reach for fallen stars.
Ludic, hopeless fingers—
G r a s p i n g
For a sole thread of truth.

Don’t fly too close, little firefly.
For it’s flame shall render
All your desires and dreams
To spurned puddles of wax.

D r i p p i n g

In these wrinkled hands
Formed for puppets
A silhouette on the sphere
As the Earth only knows,
The darkness it adheres.
Kelsey May 21
When I feel
I get the urge to
Like slicing my
Would make me
Would make me
As if
My flesh would
That I am as they
I am
Not good
Not good
My new mamager always tells me everything im doing wrong. Never gives me the credit for taking on the job of 3 staff members. I cant keep giving if the taker is never satisfied.
As the last grain hits the glass basin,
I know it was all for nothing.
Estel May 11
Another night
Spent wishing for change
But it’s as far away
As the stars in the night
You can see it
Yet it feels so unreachable.
Leah Carr May 9
I never thought I'd have to say this
I never thought I'd fall so far
But I've lost the fight
Got lost in the night
Just **** me, please

I never thought I would fail myself
I never thought I'd surrender to the pain
But I did
I had no other choice
Just **** me, please

I never thought their promises would become lies
I never thought we'd sink so low
But it happened
Happened out of the blue
Just **** me, please
lía Apr 25
don't make me fall in love with you,
because i know i will;

and my hopes of you feeling
the same way -
i have no right to feel.

don't make me fall in love with
someone else;
stop me - when i do;

and when my hopes of you remain
the same way -

then i know it will always be you.
just for a stupid crush.
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