i want you to beat me up
real bad
please please let me bleed completely
before i recover from infancy
don't wait for me to be tired
break me all at once
grind my feelings into a powdery mess
so that when someone enters our bedroom they slip on the floor and see a stretch mark-ed ceiling
to not know pain but just how ironical numbness is
                      and then hug me
like you would a voodoo soft toy
with the scratched leather wings
of a bewitched witch who has seen it all sober
but still can't tell a sheep's wool from snakeskin
caress my dilapidated knees
without once telling me to stand up on my own or for myself
all i want from you is
to kill me at dawn
i'll know that i was loved
Everyone's in prison.
There is no light.
Everyone is turning
from left to right.
But no one is there
even if they're
right in front of your eyes.
Everyone's turning because their hearts are hurting.
It's time to say goodbye.

Battles are battles
and we are all giving up.
Battles are battles
and we are all out of luck.
We never could pay the cost.
We never won only lost.
Battles are battles
and we are all giving up

Everyone is screaming
and making ears bleed.
I gave up a long time ago
it's just my reflection and me.
Hating myself
nobody else
for where I am today.
My lungs are burning for all that I'm holding in.
Please set me free!

Battles are battles
and we are all giving up.
Battles are battles
and we are all out of luck.
We never could pay the cost.
We never won only lost.
Battles are battles
and we are all giving up
Sometimes the storm
Of life goes by
But you have to remember
To keep your head held high
It seems the same wrath
Will just not leave
So you take the dark embrace
That you have received
Then you feel the light
Seeping through
And realize that what you
Felt before was not true
There was so much dark
It hid the light
Even though it was in you
The entire time
It was the little spark of hope
That just kept going
The little spark of light
That just kept showing...
When you feel all that’s in you is darkness. Like is has such a tight grip, it won’t shake off. But the light is there.  It. Is. Always. There.
Nobody 6d
I grew up in a religious home,
they implemented this dream
that one day ill be come a priest
And it was the only way to make them happy.

I lived this silly dream up until the end of 5th grade when i realized,
There is no god.

Fore how can a man of such holy stature commit all these heinous crimes against his own "children".
I was 10 years old when i realized i had enough, that my voice needed to be heard.

They dont talk about little boys getting molested, almost intentionally looking away as if it never happens.

Us boys are taught a long list of rules from a young age to never cry, never show fear, never back down, just a whole lot of nevers.

But I was never taught to deal with a grown man inside me.

Believe me it hurt, it hurt more than any pain i have felt to this day.
What made it worse was the one inside me, my father.

At first it started off innocent enough, he was drunk and didnt know what he was doing.
But it soon progressed into a side business he ran under the table
"20 dollars, 20 mins"

At 8 years old, brandy became my best friend. She was the only thing that numbed my pain, although forced down my throat so I wont fight back, I learned to enjoy the burn.

A year later i went to my first party.
Months of getting beat down and broke all was ment for this day.

23 guys; one boy.
I still feel your touch, and it burns.
I hate myself for looking exactly like you father.
hope Aug 9
and that's when it hit me
for the first time
when really
it was about the eighth
that no matter how hard i try
try to pretend it will work
visions of romance in my dreams
that no
i shouldn't come back to you
rely on you
the endless nights
little suggestion
just imagination
and a tiny spark
and really
i should let you go
another one let go
another one freed
from the grasp of my imagination
my mind's imagination of love.
If love do exist
Why not showing up?

Is it because it is blind
Or its actions are stealths?

Is love unique
Or its a kind of department?

If so
Then why not sending us
Its children?
Maybe it is dumb!

Where the hell is love?
Just a save of caramity
A dagger for serenity
A crush for the hatred mentality
A bribe for my ability
Diminishing my ample capacity
Breaking my desired apology.

Dark reddish,my eyes glowed
An avalanche on me just snowed
My insecurities are awakened
Like i'm being hypnotized
I don't even know how it started.

Just a fake love with gluesome acids
A sturdy liar with much pretendings
Drowned me into beautiful seemed longings
And left me with grieved feelings
Now there's no more cuddles and soothings
Until my shallow heart
eye a night of elegant lightenings.
I will go away
The time is not for me
The sky is not for me
The luck gives me
His back
The name of me
May be changed
As they called me
I was in the past
Runner in fast
Smartest and strongest
All females wanted to see
All females wanted to approach
My beauty is example
As well as my power is able
To change any result in competition
I got first at run
I am the first at the bet
All wanted my satisfy
When I grow up all were away
My happiness was disappeared
And I heard them saying
I must be killed
As I grew up enough
That made me lazy and tough
In everything
They said," I am hopeless"

"There were the notes of horse"
everything is good when it has power and smart. when it has author. it will be prefable. when all go, it will be forgootten
I drag my
feet on this
with no
and no
sense of
h o p e
a desire
for more
in this

- SkullsNBones
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I’m not a hopeless romantic
that needs a little love...
I’m a hopeless romantic
That needs a little hope...
Sometimes what we want
Is not exactly what we need.
What is more important?
Wants or needs?
A little love or a little hope?
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