AB 4h
Today, people sat between us,
Today, we could have sat as a pair.
Today, I could have whispered into your ear
- if we sat
side by side,
“I love you”.
I could have taken your hand and wrapped it in mine,
drawing circles with my thumb on yours.
I could have let our shoulders touch,
than sit at a distance.

I could have,
but I didn’t.

it didn’t happen.
I guess I wished it happened.
The hour grows late.
The silence sets in.
The Night haunts me again once again.
Rest alludes me and sleep is but a
     broken dream.
Hope foolishly placed in a 'morrow
     that may not come.
Suffocating and broken it lays.
That which was once me.
For I am no longer, but what
     nightmare my fear feeds.
Daniel was a boy of talent and charm
He smiled when the world didn’t
And he cried when no one would see
He made sure no one ever felt like they were alone
And no matter the severity of a lie or action
He always had room in his heart to forgive.
Daniel left behind a daughter
Not even 1 year old
When you had a life like his
Its not easy to get around the mental scars
People had once cut deep into his skin
And the hatred injected in his veins
Daniel was one of the nicest people
And he’ll forever be in our hearts
smc 1d
Let me tell you a story.
You deserve to burn in hell
For your
To God knows where.
Wordless. Shapeless. Agony. You bastard.
My mind holds me at bay  
Crawling off this planet
I can't see in the dark
I will still love you as a ghost
Dan Beyer Jan 31
You work so hard, and for what?
Sell your soul for a chance to play at life’s little game.
To take a part you’ve already lost.

You work so hard for a chance to live.
But your life is the price you pay.
You give it all chasing phantom carrots.

Stuck on an endless cycle.
Trying to resurrect in the act of killing
The very thing you had to begin with.
The only thing you’ve ever wanted.

In the end it’s wasted effort.
Can’t win no matter what.
In order to live you must die.
And thus the game is played.
As if you were given a choice...
Tara 2d
I’ll never kiss you
Clear sad fact
You make me smile
My heart sometimes hurts
A pain I’ll bear with

I think of you lots
One day you’ll reject me
I’m taking my time
Treasuring each moment
Dreaming of forever

Three words you’d be fine
We weren’t ever together
A casual odd stranger
I don’t want you to go
I’d rather keep dreaming

Living in a fantasy
I’d rather escape my reality
Don’t ruin this quiet moment
Just simple idle chatter
Still do you like me to?
I don’t like anyone currently but here’s a lil poem I wrote about the times
smc 2d
I forgot to eat today.
At least that means I'll stay skinny.
I forgot what it's like to feel safe with you.
A moth-eaten shadow has been cast over that memory.
Prickles of panic swell and stretch from my chest outwards,
Until they reach their destination
And hum, restless, at my fingertips and toes.
I'm tired of missing your jagged edges,
Sick of peeling myself from the sheets on my bed
To greet the day with a drawn face and tear-stained cheeks.
I forgot to smile today.
My brain is tired from running on coffee and Adderall
And trying to forget to remember you.
smc 3d
if only I'd known that you wouldn't call,
wouldn't text,
wouldn't care...
I honestly don't think I'd have done it differently.
I Love you.
What does "love" mean to you???
No answer.
What a surprise.
Just like the way you left.
With a kiss, you were simply
She declared war upon herself in the midst of her savage self-hatred
Cutting her skin and suffocating her throat till she begged for air’s price.
She was once was a child afraid of just touching any sharp blade
Encase it accidentally cuts her and now: She doesn’t think twice

before picking up that blade and shoveling it into her skin like a smith.
She baked lies on her forgotten suicide note. Lies that disguised
themselves in coats of truth. She strangled her own chest with
ropes of words she didn't utter and blocked new hope from unsupervised

entering into her dejected lungs that begged for life's meaning not reprimands.
But she found no purpose to keep her garden living so she therefore
poisoned every plant and washed any seeds of life left in her sunless lands
down the drain until she fell into an everlasting sleep. Her wish for

peace had come to her but others wept on the loss of a friend, student, daughter, and one less hazed
family member. They never believed her when she said she wanted to commit suicide anyways.
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