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I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by colour of their  skin but by the content of their character.Martin Luther King Jr🙏

      🍃_ShilhaMadhuri tanguturi _🍃
🍃World is filled with lot of colours but skin tone is only matters to World 🍃
Karijinbba Jul 3
Rumi Oak tree root pcrd
roots so deep Frost can't uproot
whisper things soft and slow
bout eight babes our love grew,
"until then just pretend
I didn't go."If I knew it then
understanding you
I'd be back loving only you "
I'd come flying to you
"I'd hold you and love you am-pm
as someone very dear and precious.
much love darling heart
I love you don't die love of my life.
J Lobo Dec 2021
You who left me in
this here storms of your making
Dead yet or shall I bury?
Descovia Feb 2021
I never wanted to leave

I will never be free

The light is calling to me

For me to have peace...


My mind runs deep as the ocean, thoughts are tides filled with memories that slowly merge it's way through the sand, but still existent within the water.

Ocean of sadness, I hear you sing so beautifully! Feeling every part of me, sinking and drowning into semantic memories. The tide pulls in my mind. Drifting away, to escape the pain and miseries.
I sought vigorously to become immortalized in your heart, where my home suppose to be!

Diminished of my energy. Eventually this will be the end of me. This is not temporary, if you could truly see.

Terrors in my heart surfacing. Ocean. Sea. Hear my plea. Please set my burning soul free!!!

Thank you so much for your well being, knowledge, protection, dedication to survival, unlimited appreciation, patience and understanding to my growing light as well as demons surrounding us!
(@clairastudillo on instagram)

This collaboration wouldn't have been possible without you.
B Jan 2021
there’s a world that sits
from me apart
but i’m still in your arms
i think so anyway

and there are oceans and tides
that obey their lover’s shine
for when the moon is full
all her heart she gives to you

and the rain comes in waves
and i will bathe in it for days
but theres rays that flood in soft
and warm and gentle

your light pours through
and its beautiful
and i’m full of it
on days full of you
Sally A Bayan Dec 2020
(A series of couplets, from 2014...edited)

Though I AM fast like an arrow,
i hear, even your silent bellows,

for, I AM the COLORED ARC above your cloud
when heavy rains are no longer around.

I AM THE LIGHT...i melt and clear the gloom,
when gray days seem to be spreading doom.

I AM your  ARMOUR, your SHIELD,
when you're without strength, and stilled,

when you feel weak...when moments are bleak,
i prop you up...and when you're unable to speak,

I AM your VOICE, your WORDS, your ECHO
your guide flying by...I AM your SPARROW.

I AM the reason you are calm and mellow
I AM with you, in waters deep and shallow

I AM both your RAINBOW
.......and your SHADOW

I   AM    A L L
That can make you WHOLE.  

I am with you, here, there, everywhere
all times...and that means, FOREVER.


©Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
   (from June 13, 2014)
December 9, 2020
(an old poem, posted June 2014...edited)
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