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Psych-o-rangE Sep 2023
I'm a friend,
a family member,
a healer,
a net,
a sponge

I'm here to be dragged across the world
Through the dirt, the water, the skies
Wash it through me

Try to cleanse out the filth
So I can be used again
There's more work to do

After all the water is washed
After all the sponges are used
We can all be thrown away, no more after, we did our job, we got through

And if we fail, we'll overflow the bin.
And we can all drown.
Heavy Hearted Oct 2022
Is it true?

That my words are now spilt- broth pushed against the brim,
Liquid to big for its container-gracelessly,
it mimics the wild
of unbound tides.
Wherein a fleeting salvation; is oh so frantically exempt-
Its within my linguistic inability
lies my failure's false contempt.

The mundane English word was once my spell to cast
An arsenal of adjectives & repertoire of verbs.
Yet in English its still heard,
communication's magic,
Wielding the awe of expression-  Cured-
I try to print back into begin

salvage my fading ability to write
Kamal Mar 2022
Born wired to love you
Hugs and kisses were my gifts to you
Your lips uttered words of love
Your eyes, that was another story

You put me down
Reminded of my mistakes
Dismissed my worries
Be little my victories
And told me you loved me.

Still born wired to love you
Seating on a curb of a lonely life
Starving for a look
Thirsty for a kiss
Praying for a touch
Struggling to understand your love
Born wired to love you
Jack Mandala Dec 2021
In a shadow you appear
But I know our end is near

In the blink of
An eye closed
Your projection fades away

Our time was so short
But I’m sure
We could’ve been much more

As I pull out my roots
To find fertile ground

I call for your return and look around

Echoes of silence
Too much to bare

I must venture toward the unknown
No choice but to dare
Just projecting my unrequited love for someone who used to be close to me
Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, don't rush into things:\

waste before you taste

I refuse to believe the understands of this maze

or maybe I do in an unhealthy tunnel I pace

plastered on my thumb

can't hide can't delete

abandoning the louds from above even the beats

of my heart not the need

of the rhythm that I feed

of the sorrow that I plead

jia Mar 2021
why did you abandon me?
in times where i was in need
where all but my liberty
was taken indeed

why must you abandon?
as you left all the worries
now im all alone
hoping for the apologies
GJLT Mar 2021
Society is a being,
A breathing, living thing,
It’s skin is always cold,
It does not wish to let me be known,
For it needs me to fulfill its will,
But I want to abandon it so,
For it’s claws are deeply rooted
Into my fragile skin,
It does not care if I bleed,
But I cannot find myself in leave, for
It’d tear me terribly thin.
Freedom is an indifferent escape away,
But until one jumps, all will stay,
And so I will live out the same day,
Over and over again,
Thus is the wail of the proletariat,
Living as undying strays.
seawreck Nov 2020
Every time I cared for you, you seemed to die a little inside
Is this true that you hate me so much to abandon your life
Venn Oct 2018
(tw; abandonment)

How long has it been?

So long that the number escapes me,
long enough that I've forgotten the last time I saw you,
face to face, spoke to you,
long enough that sometimes,
I forget what you look like,
how your voice sounds.

Have you changed since we last spoke?

It's not often, but on occasion,
you slip into my subconscious,
and I remember you vividly,
like it was just yesterday that I saw you,
when in reality, it's been... years.
Once, I dreamed that you hugged me.
I miss that feeling,
I miss the enveloping warmth,
the feeling of love I used to get when I was around you.

Do you dream about me?

I graduated from high school this summer.
I never thought I would,
or that I even could, but I did.
You weren't there.
I looked out into the crowd of people,
of families.
I saw mine.
But the one person I was hopeful to see wasn't there.

When did you lose interest in me?

I still have your letters.
I avoid reading them,
but I remember the promises you made in them,
the assurance that you would change,
you would be a better you and love me like I deserved.
I found it hard to write back.
I didn't know what to say.
I was young, immature.
I had the words in my head,
but putting them on paper,
that was a whole other mountain to climb,
and even for one so young,
my arms were weak
from the mountains I had already scaled,
hands calloused,
damaged from the harsh edges of the life I lived.
It was too daunting.
But, still, I hoped you would stay true to your word.

Why did you lie to me?

All this time I've spent alone,
trying to fill the void you left behind,
with anything and anyone I had access to,
and I always end up more broken than I started.
It's hard to believe that anyone will ever love me
because you didn't.

Am I unworthy of your love?

There's so much I've wanted to say to you,
and even when I try to reach out,
you have nothing to say in reply
so much will be left unresolved,
because there's a good chance we will never speak again,
that one of us will die before we can sit down and talk,
like we haven't done in so long,
but if there was one last question I could ask you,
it would be...

Do you miss me, father?
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