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Nevermore will the sun set on the day.
Dreamy blue skies smile, unveil and show mans dreams.
As your wafty blond hair lay woven between my fingers.

Sweetest god gifted to me, temptation.
I trust in the you that watches me.
Golden gates, your smile greets the world.

Knife edges, wounds and scars disappear.
The me that watches you is lost in those eyes.
Lay across the ground. Stare up into those broken dreams.

As the ground falls away, let me catch you heart and soul.
Nevermore to drown alone.
God kisses your sullen cheek, as the you that watches weeps.
Love, could I ever really compete? To the you who watches.
I will smile through each hardship, just so you can too.
It is actually embarrassing to write like this.
Dear Dad;
I hope you get to read this one day,
For it is filled with things I’ve always wanted to ask or say,
I’ll start with the questions first,
Since what I want to say may be far worst,
Why was abortion the first thing you asked of my mother when you heard about me?
Was I such a disgrace to you? I wonder if when you found out she didn’t **** me if it made your heart ache or your eyes bleed,
Why did you deny me a father? Was it because you just didn’t want me from the start?
Would your life be better if my mom had acted from you said the command ABORT?
Why did you deny me as your child when your wife asked?
Was I such an embarrassment to you? Was accepting me such a hard task?
Why couldn’t you just be my father? Why couldn’t you just accept me?
I tried contacting you but you just abandoned me, I guess it just wasn’t mean to be,
All these questions and more keep hurting me, they parade in my mind,
The abandonment and the denial among other things pushed me to suicide,
These are the things I’ve always wanted to say,
I hope you understand and not take them the wrong way,
I hope you get all you want in life,
I hope you live to see me become a wife,
I hope you don’t come to me when I blossom into the woman you almost robbed me of becoming,
If God forbid and you start suffering I hope to me you don’t come running,
I hope you live to regret the way you treated me,
I hope a day will come when you’ll wish you accepted me from I was just a mere seed,
I wish that a day will come where you’ll feel the pain I felt when you decided to leave me on that plantation,
I pray to God you don’t recognize me when I get my masters; for if it was up to you I wouldn’t have gotten an education,
Most of all I want to say thank you,
Thank you for being the first man to break my heart, my mind, my soul and trust; because of you I found it hard to believe things even when they were true,
I have one regret, I regret crying over you, someone who didn’t want me,
But now I am strong, over you I no longer bleed,
Goodbye father, I wish you well,
But in the sadness caused by you, I will no longer dwell.
This is to my father, who never wanted me.
Em Feb 12
if you get to know me
you'll regret it
just a little something I've been thinking about
I am
warner here
of spring
that suffice
the rite
bob wings
and to
sell wares
the callouses
spurn together
over min
and cares
whether or
not the
real praise
would proffer
our track
Poetic T Feb 9
We where sails torn,
    never catching

each others gusts....

But still we tried to blow
                 life into something,

that wasn't moving anywhere.

And then we knew it was time
             to abandon ship..

Then we realised,
                    that we
  sailed better alone.
Sarah Feb 7
when the year bled into new,
and the cold seeped into our fingers,
and he did not wish me well,
or tell me of his going days,
that is when i knew that we were no more.

when sparks lit up the sky, singing glory,
and i received nothing from him,
no words of resolution or hopeful prayers he had wished, that is when i knew there was no us.

when i lay in my bed, sleeping through the days,
and i found no purpose in my life,
and all i did was weep, calling out for comfort,
that is when i knew it was done.

when he did not speak to me for a month straight,
when he decided it fit to leave me,
to abandon me when he said he'd never,
that is when i knew that there was
nothing there anymore.

when he spent his days conversing with
what he deemed better company,
and left those he loved to their own suffering,
that is when i knew that i did not want him anymore.

when i refused to even think of him,
when i hid my aching under bitterness, anger, hatred,
when i cried at night about what he had done,
that is when i knew i needed to move on.

after all, the year has bled into new,
and new years are all about new things,
why not rid myself of all things pointing back
to the misery he's caused me, including him?
happy new year, darling, you won't be apart of it.

Gale L Mccoy Feb 3
the abandoning
it happens by the moon
and the noon
and you'd be a fool to think
it'll spare you

a double-edged sword
a wine glass with 2 different shades
of lipstick on the rim
a single shot glass and three empty bottles
the name of a stranger
drawn in saliva on a piece of leather

all that meets us is silence
a word we repeat on crescendo
duang fu Jan 30
In the town up north
They hide the sons and daughters
Who seek refuge under the light of the setting sun
The children who hide
From sons of daughters pregnant with absinthe
Heavy with intoxication
And daughters of sons looming with angry fists
Guns fiery with magazines of threats

When they see no one’s home
Sons of daughters head west
They proclaim "we’re not needed here"
Daughters of sons head east
They cry "we’re not acknowledged here"
So when the children return
The house has moved down southward

When they leave for their own
Easts and wests on their foggy compasses
History trips them on the feet of new strangers
In a murky, yellowed sea of foul leftovers
They make unions on flimsy wooden boats
But when they return home as the sun disappears
Their children have been taken along with the light
I Don’t Know How But They Found Me - Absinthe
written 22 december 2018 10.54pm
Maddie M Jan 22
I left a trail of h e a r t s hoping you’ll find them soon ...

Gimmie a miracule
Kai Schultz Jan 22
Last I checked the sink
Hadn't been full of water, overflowing
but now I see
the faucet is running because he left it on.
I dunno. This one is kinda vague.
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