tingles in your toes,
looking up and
seeing the same moon,
a form of disappearing,
taking a holiday
to a tropical place,
falling at your feet
because it hurts
so bad,
"hey, this song made
me think of you,"
a melody you want
to play over again,
the sun rising
over the Mississippi,
finger tips traveling
down your back,
a canvas with
different shades of violet,
drowning in a foreign body
of water and struggling
to breathe,
conversations in a
parked car,
tears streaming
down your face
like an ocean,
freshly dried
a warm embrace,
the twinkle in
your eyes
when you talk,
saying goodbye
when you'd
rather say hello,
a flower
that just found
the strength to
a fall day
with a slight breeze,
the sun shining
on your skin,
realizing it's
okay to let go,
white lace on
your skin,
the strand of hair
that always falls
in your face,
apologies that came
too late,
the leaves
changing colors,
the silhouette
of the person
I thought
you were,
chasing a shadow
I'll never catch,
the sun reflecting
on the water,
a path I wish
would never end,
drinking to find
you at the end
of the glass,
a flicker of light
in the dark,
smell of coffee
in the morning,
touching hands
for the last time,
a slither of sunshine
peeking through,
a summer storm,
grief that felt
like a mountain,
drunken kisses,
driving with no
destination and
losing ourselves,
the book I never
want to finish,
the roses you gave
me withered away,
the grass turning
green again after
a long winter,
brick roads
that lead to nowhere,
restarting that song
just to hear that
part a second time,
transforming into
something I never
thought I'd become.

all kinds of love in the world
but never do you experience
the same kind of love

You have eyes like needles,
pulling me together
into something cohesive,
something beautiful.
Soft silk draping from my arms,
cotton dreams, lavender goodbyes.
Canvas memories
written across my eyes
with the sound of sorrow weaving
designs into my skin,
let me in
let me in.
Feel the softness beneath your hands
as you fix my broken bones
with polyester thread,
look at me with your piercing
gaze and repair my wounded soul.
Create a work of art,
literature, mastery,
with the tide of your lips.
Stitches, stitches,
skin on skin.
Now I am changed,
reel me in
reel me in.

~~ Scopophobia, the fear of being stared at. ~~

The lies became washed away in the colours of paint

Diluted in the truth bestowed in the cleansing water.

The dirt coloured remains fill the water and the mind

Reminding us of what once was something beautiful yet so empty

These days, I feel I've lost my spark
That flicker of creativity.
Well yes, I lit the candle;
I knew it was time for it to burn,
That eventually it'd burn out:
The dulling light emanating faint warmth.

But I think there's something poetic, too
About blunt truths
And being so honest it feels bland—
Bland enough to make you feel.

Little musing
Josh 5d

Is like a funeral
A final hurrah
Born, obscure
Then, a final blaze
The congregation
Over a corpse
To wish well
And eat free food
Or in this case
To be read
By strangers, but once
And then again
Fade into obscurity

we made makeshift settlements in old, crumbling ruins
and we weren't homeless but we sure weren't home
so we sought out places as broken as we felt
with digital camera clicks and rough clearings of throat
(that hint of asbestos and ground-to-dust brickwork)
laying out soft blankets and forgetting they were too thin:
gravel digging into hunger-knobbled spines as we slipped under cosmic spells,
spying constellations in burnt out stars and speaking wax poetic
with slender fingers intertwined and your soft palm hissing softly as my callouses grated your skin

and when you told me you loved me, i really believed it
it was clear as the jewels that glittered on that midnight dressing gown the first half of the earth slipped on whenever the sun slid away to her lover's second side
obvious and inevitable and woman i loved you too
how impossible a thing it would be, to melt into each other's souls like wax on burning candles
without solidifying and finding a permanent fixture once the heat cooled off
through every wind and motion, all the weathers, where you'd go—there i'd be
but like candles, our wicks were time stamped and endangered
we faded out in a curl of dark smoke, and maybe that's when i turned to the nicotine

Shane Willey Jul 11

Staring out the window
Wishing I were there
On a nice hill, oh
With green grass everywhere

The wind slightly blowing
The air is nice and warm
Through my hair, flowing
Around my body like a swarm.

I see blue skies and clouds
They're puffy and white
So plentiful and proud
The atmosphere is full of light.

I smile, this is my home out of town
I lay down in the grass
I'm with you, we make flower crowns.
I hear shattering glass.

Something is wrong, the scene changes.
The skies turn dark, the rivers run red
The differences flies through ranges.
The daydream has been misled.

I hear screams of a frightened teen
He runs down the hill with a knife.
The grass is no longer green
It is stained with blood and strife.

Rolling down the hill is a body
It keeps falling, it can't stop
The person rolls over the yellow poppies
It was a fresh new plant, now a dead crop

He falls to his knees and cries
His sleeve is shredded and blood red.
Tears flushing out of his eyes
The person rolling down the hill, is dead.

I don't know what happened while I wrote this. Somehow it just went from taking in the beautiful scenery to killing a man.

Everything converges.
The bright orange of the sun
streaking the mountains, the cool
evergreens, the rippling water
from the breeze rushing in and out,
leaves rustling to and fro,
birds singing, squirrels skittering,
all to this moment, for the journey
has fallen behind, and this is all
that is left. The bright and dark
spots left for those to wander.

Glass Jun 29

éclat salvation guava gauzy
eloise, the deterrent erudite
in glassy margins with exoneration
(sonder) brumous cromulent "cataclysm"
can't you insight the skeletons
recurring dreary disregard,
couplets of valorous where
there are suburbs and sublimate
as my nightgown slips to stage three,
pursuing rainfall - labyrinth -
headline (our metallic sinew)
that thesis is chrysalis
prerequisite coin shards because
hemodynamics altering rare belie -
pulpous piquant {dactylic cleaved}
which are sallow sunlight ribbons tied
to plums, cherry wood deem to
raspy breaths "roseate cerulean
befall cairn cantillate eviternity" but
our orectic is thalassic, summer
blood and disquiet trellis
(addict) to my taste that
will never wash away

- G

-breathe - my - oxygen -
stargirl Jun 23

a vision slowly breathing,
kneading itself into the very curves of my twisting mind
a rose blooming on a pavement
a word blossoming out of your cracking lips
kiss me once more,
and i'll bleed a thousand tiny deaths in your arms
kick me again,
and with every breaking, aching bone
i'll feel the love seeping out
like the birds, chirping in the trees
like the broken man, falling to his knees
like the wind, before the seasons touch
i'll give in to you, quietly in a rush

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