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blue mercury Dec 9
it's just us in this hazy bedroom. me & you, your mouth & my neck. i know that these bruises are the kind only love leaves. your teeth, they sink into my skin like i am a fruit forbidden from your tongue, like i am a fruit you needed to taste even if it meant succumbing to the shame of sin.

but there is no shame here, & i'm only allowed to glow, i'm only allowed to sing (to bleed) when you leave me little stab wounds onto my bare skin with the sharp edge of your canines. with your animalistic passion. & when *** turns the other way, my nails scrape your skin, digging through your flesh to search for the paradise that lies underneath. you ask if i have ever felt so holy, & i can only respond with this hot spring of tears down my cheeks & eyes that beg you to devour me.

you stab your way into my fallen kingdom. you wash over my collapsed temples. you bite into my fruit. you cry amen & my choir follows suit.
please don't bite
Emily Jo Dec 6
making analogies
to express how i feel
but it feels a bit patah

like when i tell my therapist
i feel like a cactus that needs orange juice
and they excitedly pen it down
but i dont even understand what i mean

but analogies dont work
when you need to explain to your lecturer
why you're always late
they don't work when you ffk your friends
" again?? this is the fifth time this month!"
but what can i say but,
" i just feel like an ocean with a door,
Paralysed as people keep opening and shutting up"

They wont understand.
Because my analogies are broken.
Like my a/c that refuses to stay cold
what use is an analogy is no one can understand?

Emily Jo Dec 6
Wish i didn’t have to
Pay someone fifty
to let taps run dry
Wish i didn’t need to
Chase my highs
Across the way
Under the fly
Wish i asked for directions
Still stuck in the tunnel
Wishing as the lights go by
Emily Jo Dec 6
Kiss me gently
Our hands together
All i long for is for
Clouds and rains

Bitter and sweet colliding
Melting together in darkness
Filling the void with blissful sighs

Emily Jo Dec 6
I feel the warm concrete
As warm as your chest pressed on mine
I feel the bright summer sun
As bright as your smile

Tangled up like lily pads
Hidden below the surface
Sprouting problems like weeds
Fighting through the cracks
As invisible as the trash littering the ground

Catching feelings
Quicker than a flame enveloping
Those corny love letters

Emily Jo Dec 6
Try and try
It will never falter
My little friend will follow
From here on after
On the happy days and sad
It will never leave
As painful as it is

Its the shackles around my legs
Its the noose around my head
Its the hand that holds me back

Tell it to go away
And it’ll go stronger
Feeding off my energy
Like pop rocks and soda
Out with a pop and a fizzle
Giving in to my little friend
Its time to sleep forever
Life was good until it ends

Emily Jo Dec 6
I want to be reading
A geisha’s memoir
Sipping tea with you

By your calm expression
like that undisturbed puddle
behind your parent's house
is that puddle still there?
or has it dried out like our love

Reading so fervently
as though it was a race
between the words on the page
and the excitement in your heart

It feels like home
cozied up next to you
in that single sized bed overflowing
with love and blankets

Its just an illusion
There is no you
It’s just me
Reading a geisha’s memoir
Alone without a drop of tea

ArC Dec 4
In the window what do I hear
A titter tatter the rain is here
I open up the curtains
and I am blinded by the light
What did I just hear?
I check my watch, 10 at night
Kiara Hoxie Dec 3
Over the mountains you may find
The wind blowing clouds over the sky
Lovely flowers blooming
Under the mountains looming
The wind will sigh
Making the trees wave
The reeds will cry
Their joyful tune
The daffodils will dance
In the bright light of noon
And the willows will shake
With every breath the wind takes
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