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Datore Fargo Apr 18
Springtime flowers,
don’t grow,
in this garden.
Not in this mess,
I must confess,
buried it deep,
inside a chest.
It’s gone now,
only haunts me,
when I sleep.
My heart aches,
such a mess,
I must confess,
it’s just,
my chest.
ChinHooi Ng Apr 6
A girl with a crush
every pure thought in her heart
she buries deep
until she misses
the warmth of spring
the romance in the summer
and the fall season comes
only to realize that love is gone
the days
when she didn't have the courage
to say
the words
bloom in regret
black blue grenade
shrapnel wound
seems an eternity
when she carefully peels back memories
wrapped so tightly in time
she starts to see
a scintilla
pink and odd
a clutch of stars
dark red and blinking
every bit as pellucid
as the teardrop coalesced
in her eyes.
Datore Fargo Apr 3
I don’t want,
to be,
your princess.
I want to be,
the girl,
from the,
The one,
that gets,
chased after,
even when,
it’s her fault.
Even when,
it’s raining,
and life,
doesn’t make,
any sort of,
I want to be,
that girl.
The one,
that messes up,
but still gets,
three out of five stars,
and you at,
the end.
MsRobota Mar 13
I swear I-I never wanted to trap a butterfly

It's all my fault
shards of ceramic scattered in disarray
It's so surreal
scattered soil, cautious footsteps
an unsettling sight, distorted situation
The roots' exposed

I have no right to cry
After all
I broke your heart
didn't I?

I tried to get past the past, but
all I know is loss
all I do is grieve
All I hear is ambient noise
Ringing through my head
all I know is violence
all I do is parkour

And avoid the feeling

Checked out
found the exit
and chose
To grieve you today
Cause I can't bare the thought of losing you sometime down the road
When you hate me
And regret me
and we'll be screaming about all your wasted time

I can't be what you want me to be
And I know I'm not what you need
I don't know the person in your head
But I know it's a concept I can't complete
And you can't handle the person I am

I swear I never, I never wanted to trap a butterfly

Please, believe me
I swear it wasn't my intention
I didn't mean anything by it
I only wanted to escape
For a moment
See all the colors before I go blind
No worries, no responsibilities
Fill my lungs at the top of the world

Running through
crowded places
And you grab my hand

I don't understand
how did you get me laughing

It must've been the caffeine
For a moment
the geranium almost thrived

Now I'm too old to be
Drinking alone at noon
Pretty pink drinks
As pretty as Dianthus in spring  
Is that what you meant
When you were explaining your feelings?

Well, the bartender is adorable
But I can't bare to look at brown eyes full of pity
Like they can see right through me

I swear I-I never, I never wanted to trap a butterfly

So I leave
loud and angry
almost hit me
If only
then I could
finally escape
and I can
finally feel...
It doesn't matter

Poison slips into the cracks and crevices
Under the skin
Down the throat
Into the lungs
Behind the ribs
Irreversible structural damage
nectar of dissolution
Dissolve the heart

You know who you are

I swear I never wanted to **** a butterfly

Venus flytrap
pierrot Mar 5
my love is desperate consumption of anything im not

i can only ever crave hankering separation

(the farthest away from my own sinful hand)

and abhor all that easily falls into my shameless claws

i swallow my desire and digest it long enough it turns into something carrying an all too familiar ugliness

(i stare into the abyss and in the abyss i see you tire)

everything i love i stain with my own repulsing vacancy,

mercilessly shape it into a cage befitting my prodigal heart

fill it with the same insatiable appetite that snarls and howls knowing no decency

my love is not creation but its own twisted pretense being picked apart

loving is god creating his own specular image of worship

looking at it with both resentful revulsion and unspeakable lust

and i, just like a god, can never love anything made of my rib
Datore Fargo Feb 16
My closet,
at one point,
was filled,
band tshirts,
and the reason,
to live.
My bedroom floor,
it was littered,
with mismatched socks,
skinny jeans,
some to my knees,
and combat boots,
even though,
granddaddy was in the navy,
and visited Nagasaki.
Now I’m a hippie,
that subconsciously,
does the hair flip,
and people,
they think,
I have a twitch.
Still own converse,
but I just don’t know,
how to let go,
of my past,
to tell the truth.
At least now,
I’m the reason,
to live.
My closet,
is spacious,
and it doesn’t,
have a door.
But it’s still full,
of band tshirts,
and the reason,
to live?
I’m on the run.
Datore Fargo Jan 25
I like,
the way,
your eyes,
and I,
hang off,
the glitter,
in your words,
that you whisper,
in the air.
Is it the,
maybe the,
But I could,
slide off,
dance under,
and that’s just,
the beginning.
I’m starting,
to wonder,
if the dots,
to the I’s,
are just,
question marks,
to answers,
I may never,
Can you blow,
smoke rings,
like sentences,
and put me,
Datore Fargo Jan 22
I went to,
a world made,
of water.
To your average,
everyday human being,
it would have been,
a natural disaster.
But you didn’t,
even have to,
with the water,
in the houses,
you just lived.
And your feet,
they never,
got wet.
Malia Jan 20
Bathed in the amber light
I watch these fields in slumber
Resting beneath scattered snow
As the music crescendos.

The mountains gleam in the distance
But every crevice and branch
Is coated in gold
Like a remnant of Midas’ touch.

Peace washes over me
A purifying, gentle force.
The sky’s tender blue
Kisses the horizon.
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