blue jae May 11
i wish i could write about love

the winter breathes
tense, tension, and all chest
the windy bones,
forests applaud,
they all want to know.
i wish i could
witness this midnight snow
rarity is reaccurring
friends are fleeting
so in love it’s numbing
the ground could expand
countries close to coasts
and still the feeling of red
won’t leave me alone

but like i get it
its prom season
and everyone’s in love

but while your floating
im drowning
and love can’t bring me up
prom season is an...experience
Kuvar May 9
I fear our originality will fade
The mistake I made
Thinking love is a trade
My heart lost from this bade
I should have called a spade a spade
Your “NO” tears me as a  blind blade
My heart is homeless and needs shade

When the ine we love doesnt love us back, i leave the rest of the story to one who knows.
Aa Harvey May 8
7 pm wake up call

Today I had the strangest dream.
There was you and I, working side by side,
In a café down the street.
I guess we were on equal pay.
I started work and there you were,
Sat with me until it started to rain.

I think it might have been in France;
Maybe Paris, maybe right where we are.
We were just talking and having a laugh;
I hadn’t been there long, but lovers find their car.
You knew the café like the back of your hand;
I knew right then and there, that I was becoming your man.
One day I heard you singing a song;
Since then you and I were getting along.

Another round table served, on another day;
We had not yet fallen in love.
There was another room, an outdoor room, beyond the main café.
A place for him and her to sit and talk and find their way.
It had extra tables, with umbrellas
And stacked up chairs against the wall,
For when it was busier than it seemed today.

There was the boss who said “Allo, allo.”
His wife, the owner, I saw here around,
I guess that she would come and go.
Another waitress was cleaning up
And you and I were just talking and falling into love.

You were sitting on a bench
And as we talked, I kept you warm, by holding you next to me.
I think we had always been destined,
Because as I looked at you and we each knew,
You began to lean on in…

I think this could have been our first kiss;
I’m not quite sure I remember it all.
I’m painting pictures as I speak.
I am afraid they will all soon disappear,
So before they do, my one last view,
Of our café will be spoken of here.

You were dressed in black and white.
I was waiting on your words.
We were sober, but we were becoming us;
We were so happy in this moment, so drunk on love.
I was sat smoking a rolled cigarette,
In a wooden wheelbarrow that fitted two.
This wooden statue was our bed;
A feature of the outdoor room.
The wheelbarrow grew in time, as did our love;
By the end of that night, we were true.

It was the middle of the eve;
The moment was right, to say it right,
I think you were made for me.

Then later our boss and his wife they spoke.
He was annoyed at the young couple treating the café like a joke.
“When are they coming back in?
There is work that needs to be done!”
She said “Relax darling, they are having fun
And can’t you see that they are in love?”
And with that, the boss he simply rolled his eyes;
She rolled her eyes too and then they both smiled.
“Oh my love, it has been a while,
Since our old café had a new romance.”

You and I were sat becoming one and the same,
In our oversized wooden wheelbarrow,
Hand in hand in the rain.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Kuvar May 4
As the rain beats the Earth
The romantic blues in her fall

As the rain beats the Earth
She tore the territory of my belt

As the rain beats the Earth
The lightning testifies to our sweat

As the rain beats the Earth
We made love still and yet
Ashley Kane Apr 3
Don’t Forget ....

To hold hands
                 To laugh at each other
          To share secrets
Cuddle up on the sofa
                 Consider each other
Kiss each other
                           Dance to music with each other in your lounge like no one is watching

To share silly antitdotes
      Share fears share dreams

(C) Ashley Kane FB
Jas Apr 3
Tell me about the things you do
And the things you've learned,
Let me try out your base experiences.
It won't unravel you,
They won't admit of your adversities;

And they won't bring me closer to the 'why,'
But by learning the things you've learned
I may feel some excitement and all other emotions around it
Similar to what you've felt -
And these feelings may be different, I know
But from what I DO know about you
I just might be able to feel something adjacent

And there won't be a need for you to be anxious about words,
You wouldn't need to fight so hard to release yourself to me
You will already be free, and I would be found by you.
wisps of wonder
from me to you
bodies melting
like candle wax
under the stars
curiosity pierces
the heavy night
shot from cupid's bow
yet arrows dissolve
in the liquid air
Nichole Mar 29
I found this man
Loving a friend of mine
Yet he was rejected by the love of his life
He cant accept this strife

And a woman accompanying him
In the middle of his pain
He sways with him with a beautiful hymn
And then he had this energy to love again
Long time very long time
Her sun-kissed face was painted shy.
Closed eyed, her lashes shimmer.
Redden lips pucker,
our feelings glimmer.

Limbs brush, grind then speak.
I place my hand under cheak
and spank the skin with my own.

Our cloaks of royal stitching
mingle exposing, panels of flesh
Twined minds wrapped
a couple meshed.
I was trying my hand at subtle adult, inspired by love.
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