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Vallery 1d
you told me you were different
you told me you would treat me right
you told me to trust in you
and I did, I trusted you
and for what?
I lost my sanity
I lost my identity
who I was is no longer who I am
because I let you take that from me

I hate myself for allowing you to use me
lie to me
hurt me
scar me

you want to come back into my life
and... honestly...
I crave the hurt
I know its unhealthy
I know its wrong
but yet
a part of me
wants you again
a part of me is so numb that it would do anything to feel something
even you
especially you
Mitch Prax Sep 21
One, two,
crush on you.
Three, four,
miss you more.
Five, six,
my heart you fix.
William Troup Sep 19
Money mourns memories
   where wars would wait!
   Hunger hurt humbled
      me midway!

Money mowed morrows
   where willows would weep!
   Blue beach beautiful,
      she still swayed!

Money moved mountains
   through turning tides!
   Wonder will welcome
      me midday!

Moments mourned money
   with waving winds!
   Blush blinked beauty
      mirrors ... midway?
DivineDao Sep 7

Has Anyone Ever
Got A Lifelong Love
Poetry Portals!?!

Mitch Prax Jul 30
relationships can be great
but they’re not for everyone.
To be honest, coming home to the
same person every night is daunting,
even if it’s the one you love.
You may even lose a sense of who
you are because you are no longer 'you'-
but instead, you're defined by 'us'.
By definition you’re a part of something-
you share your life with someone,
you have another half,
without whom, it would imply,
you’re not complete.
And it’s okay to not be ready for that,
or to not want it ever,
or to have no idea what to feel.
But you’re not wrong or strange
for not aspiring to it and
you’re not missing out on as much
as you may think you are.
Don’t let what the others are doing
distract you from being you.
You’re doing fine, kid.
Mitch Prax Jul 21
I thought it would be
different by the time I
got home and held you

6:17 PM
Mitch Prax Jul 21
Meet me in Japan-
meet me how the scenes inside
of your head plays out

6:11 PM
Fọlá Jul 12
Write a story, she said.
You have a way with words
Write about us.

The day we met.
Under the sunset.
On the water's shores.
Overlooking the ocean.

The day I saw you over there.
We caught each other looking.
Our eyes met.
I shied away.
Giggling, as I turned my head

I looked again,
And you were almost there.
Walking up to me,
With a smile on your face.

Before any words were said,
I was already, enchanted.
cfw Jul 9
H ow does love work?
A nnoying them with kisses
P ining for them
P ositive support for them
I ndependence
N agging occasionally
E verlasting
S tubborn, yet stupid, quarrels
S oothing their pain
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