Brent Kincaid Sep 13

I see other people
And they’re happy two by two
It’s like they all know
Exactly what they should do.
They smile sweetly
They hug and hold hands
TheY talk to each other
And seem to understand.

They look into their eyes
And don’t quickly look away
And seem to be listening
To what the other has to say.
The smiles are frequent
And so is the cheerful laughter.
It seems they are well into
Their happily ever after.

Two minus one
The mathematics of my story.
Plenty of guts
But never that much of glory.
There must be something
I have not learned to do
That makes one plus one
Add to up to a decent two.

Going out to dinner
With couples is quite a trial.
Everyone gets uncomfortable.
I quit doing it after a while.
It hurts to see happiness
When you aren’t getting much.
The reminders are constant
With their every loving touch.

Two minus one
The mathematics of my story.
Plenty of guts
But never that much of glory.
There must be something
I have not learned to do
That makes one plus one
Add to up to a decent two.

jewel Sep 11

Recently I've noticed, that the world's skin deep. We've stopped looking past our features, and started scanning from head to feet. Closed minds don't matter, when your legs are open wide. Just like a personality is worthless, when you only want physically inside. We say we want to find love, but only indulge ourselves in lust. Just  to wind up brokenhearted, and wondering who we can trust.

This is just a short poem I wrote when I was dealing with some fake people.
jewel Sep 11

Baby blame it all on me. I'll take your pain, I'll set you free.
I don't care about the facts, just pin it all upon my back.

We can stay up and fight all night, I'll say I'm sorry, turn out the light.
And then I'll cry until I can't, but I'll take credit for the rants.

I'm the fuck up, I'm the problem, and I'm sorry that I can't solve em.
But I'll try, and I'll say. That's it's alright, you're okay.

It wasn't you, it's just me. I'm the problem, can't you see?
So then you'll blame it all on me.

But I'll take your pain, if it'll set you free.
So I let you blame it all on me.

Toxic Love Is The Worst Kind
Subrat Aug 31

Every night we sat
with all our smile.
Leaving all our pains
And those tension pile
Measuring love with our heart
Like a testing code to compile

All about that night
Subrat Aug 29

Holding her waist
Pulling her closer
Hands moving all over her
Trying to feel every part of  her
Tongue shying to enter
Eyes refusing to open
Mind wants to calm
Holding her soft palm
Let my world reside in her
For I'll always be her lover

Again the minor tune of the bickering begins,
Sitting stagnant in the air around,
Slowing sinking into the walls,
Clinging to the structure and sticking to the ground

A wet cloth on butterflies once so eager,
Now they sit dormant waiting to fly,
Knowing not if they will be called upon,
Just sitting waiting to die

Bitterness flows through the air again,
Replacing something once so sweet,
Oh how I used to cherish you,
In the days before our lens went bleak

We used to laugh so joyously,
Smiles dancing on our lips,
Before the fruit went sour,
Before disaster hit

These days love seems but a memory,
Drifting far from shore,
Back then I was so happy,
But now I pine for more

Trapped in the house of misery,
Softly I begin to cry,
Quietly I'm mourning,
The death of the butterflies.

One of two

She knew he would cheat on her  
As she placed her heart in his hands
Hoping he would hold it together
Hoping he would make their love greater

The more he kissed his next victim
The less he remembered her
Forgetting his vows
While infedlity became his reality
Comforting his soul which became empty
He risked it all, as she watched him fall in infidelity

Tiara Moss Aug 20

When people say I love you to the moon and back I feel sorry for them. Is that really all the love you have to give? The world is vast and never ending but the amount you choose to love your partner is only a fraction of that large expanse. To the moon and back is nothing compared to the ends of the earth. Darling, I love you more than all the stars in the sky. I love you more than the area of the universe. Nothing could show how vast my love is for you. So to say I love you to the moon and back is a minuscule amount to what it could be.

sofia Jul 30

you make me question everything i knew about myself

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