This is simple-
This is testing

Everyone starts saying
“Kid, calm your fears with every breath she breathes.”
So I'll bring you in closer
And try to make acquaintance
with your lungs

But I'm unraveling,
I'm unstrung

This is testing-

I'll take the blame
I know that we're
supposed to be warm,
While we're freezing under the sheets
But trust is an unsteady platform
And I feel like a blind man walking

AS Nilsen Dec 2017

I tell myself again

Of course it’s me he wants

In the toss and turn of night

His sex dreams I haunt

Salt into my manmade wound

I can’t get it out of my head

Dial tones ring and ring

My lover alone in bed

I tell myself again

He’s sleeping and dreaming

My demons reply sharply

Or fucking and cheating

Just say, "No" to insecurity
Zyanneh Frazier Dec 2017

You seem to be my Clyde to my Bonnie
You seem to be my Martin to my Gina
You seem to be my Bobby to my Whitney
And you are more than I could ever ask for
You get on my nerves
You call me names (but in a friendly way)
You tell me your honest opinion
And you even check others when it comes to me!
You are my Micky to my Minnie
You are my Homer to my Marge
You are my Peter to my Louis
And you are someone I can trust
You helped me up whenever I was feeling down
You showed me that giving up wasn’t an option
You treated me like no other!
You can be my Simba to my Nala
You can be my Prince Adam “Beast” to my Belle
You can be my Shrek to my Fiona
And you can be more than just my friend
You honestly opened my eyes
You made me change my mind about dating
You always told me I was beautiful!
You will forever be my Lucious to my Cookie
You will forever be my Jamie to my Fancy
You will forever be my Dwayne to my Whitley
And I plan on making this last forever
You seem to be my friend
You seem to be my lover
You seem to be my other half!
I think you’re my best friend...

Can you guess all the couples from my favorite movie, cartoons, tv shows, or just from the media? lol

When and if it closes, it does not shut forever
Sittings on its step, roses lie for his endeavor
With one to turn the knob and the other for the key,
A hand is just the twister, it’s his feet which make him leave

Through this door, he walks through more, and believes he’s finally free

When it creeks, the sound, it seeks, for broken ears and hearts
As it latches, silence matches, the void as he departs
With a click to steal away, and one more for her protection,
The key is not the secret, it’s the lock which breeds abjection

Through this door, she hears no more, and listens for its beats

And when it knocks, let thoughts be lost of lovers passed before
Push aside, the need to hide, pull back the handle of the door
With one to bring him closer and the other to make sure,
Arms are not what draws him back, its mercy which allures

Through this door, they are much more, and will never cease to be

Had it been, locked forever, and opened just by chance
Then only when, they knocked together, could lovers share a stance
With one to say he’s sorry and one to break the stillness
A knock is just a sound, and it is love that booms forgiveness

A door is more than what it seems

olive Nov 2017

when the line was there to comfort,
and i heard you breath a sigh,
i never even had to worry
because i knew we would be fine.

when we spent the day in bed
and talked about our lives,
we became less than two
and i watched the fading lines.

when they told us it was melodrama
and i felt our lips entwine,
everything had disappeared
in this little room of mine.

when you were on the other side
and i was left alone,
i never could stop needing you
because you were my home.

many (random) verses about a single day
leah Nov 2017

if i fall in love with you
know that it won't be like the love you see on tv screens
know that my love is subtle
my love is calm, like the ocean,
my love is not backs pressing against walls
my love is not bruise-like marks on collarbones
my love is the brushing of fingertips
my love is the rushing of blood onto shy cheeks

know that when i fall in love with you
my love will not be explicit
i will not tell you i love you
i will let the shy glaces
and the interlacing of our hands speak for me

know that when i love you
you will know

Aynjul Nov 2017

(I know you love me,
your not use to it.
You make it easier
to believe
nothing last forever
It pushes.
I make hearts melt,
and you let them slip through your hands)

were perfect together...
GypsyDarling Nov 2017

It's 10:57 the next day & I'm still mad.
I suppose you're mad too , rightfully so.
Why is this shit so hard for US ?
I've been smoking weed since I woke up .
It calms me .
I am numb .
BUT , is it weird that this is turning me on ?
From the master bedroom , I crave you .
Why are we mad again ?
I want to forget .
I want to submit to MY man!
I repent !  I repent !

GypsyDarling Oct 2017

Hi , I am she .
She who is lost .
She who constantly needs validation ...
For she is not capable of any healthy relations ...
She who controls you so much with LOVE .. you die .

She who questions her looks ,
Am I enough ?
She who is simply insecure .

YOU , made me this way .
Always making me wonder .

Always a damn mystery .
You played me better than a gambler .

Light your cigarette ...
Then pass it to me ...
You are unworthy of peace of mind .

Im insecure ,
because I keep you .
Knowing I could replace you at the drop of a dime .

zero Oct 2017

Sometimes I think the stars came out
for us,
but then I remember,
it was you that left.

My people, My planet,
He is gone.
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