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marion 1d
it’s so much easier said than done
should i stay or should i run
i love you with my whole heart
but why does it feel like i’m falling apart
i know i need to let you go
but part of me cant take that blow
i want to continue to date
but we have to end this before it’s too late
It can make a man do something good
It can make a man do something bad
Luiz Sep 15
I have never met
an accomplished person
that has not lived  
through a broken heart

love lost is the rite of passage
to enlightenment
Mitch Prax Sep 12
Hold my beating heart,
it's the only piece of me
I still live without

3:59 PM
Jack Jul 28
An Embrace
It brings me close

Close to your heart
Close to your soul

Bringing me to where I feel whole

This feeling
Being blessed by your touch

It fills me with a Lust
A Lust to make you happy
To help do the things you never dared

To make you see the world through new eyes
As you make your own path
With a supportive Me at your side

All of this because of the light you given
In an Embrace
A poem from the heart
To the one who has captured mine
Kasansa Kuya Jun 16
we will grow old and torn apart
let us make our time last
let us never become the past
haiku :1
Again we had a fight
In his view like always,
he was right.
But what does actually matters,
to be right or to feel right?
With all this dilemma in my mind
I uttered...
No, I don't wanna be one with blight
Now this is the height
with these last words, I left that place
In search of a new light to be more bright.
when one person takes others for granted this is how things turn out to be at the end.
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