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The socialist and the socialite
sat themselves down for supper.
Arthur wore a blood red rose
while Sophie went for feathers.

The socialist and the socialite
had only a little in common
and neither said much at all
about the paths they'd trodden.

The socialist and the socialite
ate with polite conversation.
He had the slow cooked brisket,
while she had the salad with chicken.

The socialist and the socialite
left quietly with an old studied calm,
but once their door was firmly closed
fast fell into each other's arms.
Opposites can attract.
Sabrina 1d
I don't really expect much anymore
One day my depression will be too strong
It'll be hard for me to move on
I'll have a gun just laying there
My feet will be bare, I won't care
It'll be quick and painless
This depression will end
Because I'm tired of bending
I'm tired of trying to feel good about myself
So whether it be with a noose,
My body floating lifelessly with a rope tight around my neck
Color drained from my face and body
Whether it be from a jump from a building
The pressure of the air making my lungs feel like they're collapsing
The pressure making me light-headed
As I watch the sky and eventually drop,
One day, our hearts will stop.
One day, my mind will leave me be and let me think happy
Though I doubt that will happen,
As I will never be good enough
So dear future me,
I'm sorry if you got hurt again.
Here's the current plans,
As for now,
I'm trying to make myself feel alive again.
Sabrina 3d
I hate you so much
The way you led me to believe you'd stay with me
But your voice makes me warm
I hate you
For the way you basically cheated on me because you couldn't be patient
But your laugh brings back memories
I hate you
For hurting me so bad I'm now just as possessive as you are
Because now I'm too scared to lose someone else
But doing simple things we haven't done in a while together makes me happy
I hate you so much
For scaring my heart
Making me always see you in someone else
I hate you so much
But please, love me again.
Though I'll refuse to love you back.
When I was a young girl, I loved to watch couples getting married and told myself that one day, I'll marry a man who can give me my dream wedding. Now that I'm all grown up, I still love to watch couples getting married but instead of wishing to marry someone who can give me my dream wedding, I'd love to get married to the man who knows my dreams and love me still no matter how simple or grand my wedding will be.
Sabrina Oct 15
I wish I had never met you
But at the same time, you taught me things
Don't trust others easy
Don't let them in easy
You left my stomach feeling queasy
Uneasy for a week
Making my heart feel bleak
I kept trying to seek your approval
Your love and your heart
Though you didn't want me anymore
So I just fell apart
You said you loved me from the start
You said it too easily though,
Then took it all back at the end
That's what tore me apart
We'd talk about our future together
Late at night when we should be sleeping
But now I lay awake in my bed at night
Alone and weeping
You were so far away so it's not like I could make you want me
She could give you something I couldn't
I wish I had never met you
But thank you for everything you had taught me.
Sabrina Oct 14
It just kinda hurts
Just a little bit
The way you told me all these things
For months on end
We would sit up in bed
And instead of sleeping
We'd talk about our future together instead
You were far away though, so I couldn't give you what you needed
She swept you off your feet
By being able to hear your heartbeat
That was something I couldn't do,
Unless you had patience
So because you fell for her all because she could give you 1 thing I couldn't
It made me feel like I wasn't enough
I shouldn't have expected it to last, though
Your words were too sweet and you confessed too easy
The summer nights were always a bit too breezy
So as I watched you walk away
Your heart pounding for her instead
My once heart full of love sways away
Leaving me feeling far too empty
With tears streaming down my eyes, and my screams filling my head
I'll forever lay in bed and think about all the words you'd said
To him, the city is a bustling empire
Of which, at night, she becomes the umpire
Rather than believing she acted out on her dreams
His heart on his sleeve, concealed in fine blue seams.

She knocked on her door. He appears in the frame
His scent intoxicating, she greets him politely
In his tight embrace, she is no longer the same
Stepping into a world where he is hers truly.

She seeks his eyes, he claims her mouth
Above them dangles a lantern and a moth
That can’t take its eyes off them yet struggles
In its bulky body, that their laughter can’t muffle.

Trapped in their desire they undergo the wave
Spindrifts of two bright souls that love attempts to save
The moth can’t take the heat of their burning hearths
Language traces the unfathomable story of their hearts.

Through speech and touch they exchange many an innuendo
They shape the shadows of the city with a fingertip
Sisyphus is the idol they both seem to worship
When they part, for they must, they mutter: “A presto!”

October 5, 2018
For M and A
EP Robles Sep 26
Holy is the feeling of you  with  me
  marching through life  with me
Struggling with me / some can shine
some even fly and some can slay time

  but all these feelings of mine
  allow me to cure pain
  to endure the bite of my Mind
  When you're with me
  beside me and not
  against life you're
  with me /. Marching through Life
  with this heartbreak called RUIN.

:: 09-25-2018 ::
To have a partner in life!  This I've never had.
EP Robles Sep 16
WHILE words choke  when love

for you springs my heart

hush gentle hammer-beat!

  Mind full as splash-colored

Fields oh sun!  Warmth as passion!

   My beloved dearest one.

There across the creek

below the Oak by the root

tulips and stars two lips

as ours — the precious time!

   The secrets so sweet as the

   twinkle within your

     eye my loveliest one!

From one to two now three!

:: 09-16-2018 ::
Mitch Prax Sep 7
When you are miles away from each other,
and all you can do is smile
hoping that one of these days
all of those memories will come alive.
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