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Yashika 2d
Rain, rain come again...
with lots of hope in my lane...

For some rain is evokes love and excitement..
for some rain is messy and violent...
for some rain brings serenity..
for me rain is necessity....

I love drenching myself in rain
to wash my tears away...
forget what had happened...
and dance in mizzle once again..

rain has always been benediction..
as it had intensified couples passion ...
farmers find salvation...
while for me downpour is divinity...

Rain, rain ..come again
with lots of happiness on my lane...
a wonderful poem for showing love for rain....
theladyeve Apr 4
you were black when i was white;
you were the moon when i was the sun;
you were a one hit wonder when i was on repeat;

you were dark when i was light;
you were bleak when i was a silver lining;
you were a silent film when i was in living color;

darling, you were merely a crack in my armor that i filled myself.
Andrew Oct 2021
Couple together,
walking in the rain - pretty;
I walk with myself
His "good morning" text
Have given me more warmth
Than the ray of the sun
Have lightened me up
Than the breath of fresh air
Jumbled words that resonate with the happiness
Comes from within two souls that lived on different miles
It’s been almost a year since the last time we met, I know it wasn’t the same feeling that we shared on our honeymoon phase, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not getting real. I love you with every inch that tears us apart.
I need that perfect kiss, the one you can't miss.
When you arrive, the first may be the best,
but when you leave, we need to make the perfect kiss.
For the rest of the night, when you're no longer in sight,
all we can feel and see, is the vision of our last kiss.
Hoping there will be more and this isn't our last, but it is the last until our first kiss comes again.
Because every day, when I' am with you, that first kiss, is a reminder that you're back to stay a while, until it becomes once again our last.
So lather me in your luscious love, with a sensation of wonderful vibrations.
We all keep trying for that perfect kiss, but will too never be perfect because a kiss never lasts when it becomes the last.
Love until you can't no more, keep it in your heart for forever and ever because love is what we need to keep ourselves free.
A romance about first and last kisses, wanting to have the perfect smush.
Sweet vanilla kisses, amid an explosion of bubblegum sauce.
With lips now blue, we break and share a flake;
The chocolate melting in our mouths,
Like my heart, the first time I met you.
“You’ve got a bit on your nose," I say.
Laughing, you wipe it away elegantly.
Fresh strawberries planted in eager mouths,
Excited eyes blazing in the sun.
This love is intoxicating.
Sinking satisfyingly into a strawberry bliss,
Summer love is planted on the tongue.
Savouring: the taste, the moment,
savouring the one.
©️ Joshua Reece Wylie 2021
All rights reserved

A love poem with a summer-vibe.
Clive Blake May 2021
We are here today to celebrate the love
You so obviously share,
A love you wish to formalise
And publicly declare.

A couple truly meant for each other,
A couple truly meant to be,
A couple whose friends and family,
We are very proud to be.

We hope your happiness continues,
That you have much more in store,
We hope the memories made today
Will stay with you - forever more.
A poem suitable for reading at a wedding ceremony.
Ralph Bobian Apr 2021
Am I waxing poetic
Or just trying to mask the aesthetic?
Making excuses for you still
Painting the black skies hovered
over you in my presence as ****..
Ya your grey clouds are electric.
Oh it’s just part of your charm?
This toxic personality storm
Acid raining on me
And when it’s raining it pours
Please excuse the floors
It’s just her personality flood
Caution tape on the doors
Please avoid at all costs
Hazardous conditions like hers
that cause their thunder to roar
crashing down on me lightning
All because I struck a nerve
All because I’ll never learn
All while I try to endure
Keeping my head above water
But in the same flood that I drown in
You stand knee deep in denial
As your waves crash over me
dead body washing ashore
But what was all of this for?
The one thing that’s for certain
At least I know is for sure
You may have broken my spirit..

But my soul’s weathered your storm
Mental olympics......
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