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Sweet vanilla kisses, amid an explosion of bubblegum sauce.
With lips now blue, we break and share a flake;
The chocolate melting in our mouths,
Like my heart, the first time I met you.
“You’ve got a bit on your nose," I say.
Laughing, you wipe it away elegantly.
Fresh strawberries planted in eager mouths,
Excited eyes blazing in the sun.
This love is intoxicating.
Sinking satisfyingly into a strawberry bliss,
Summer love is planted on the tongue.
Savouring: the taste, the moment,
savouring the one.
©️ Joshua Reece Wylie 2021
All rights reserved

A love poem with a summer-vibe.
Clive Blake May 7
We are here today to celebrate the love
You so obviously share,
A love you wish to formalise
And publicly declare.

A couple truly meant for each other,
A couple truly meant to be,
A couple whose friends and family,
We are very proud to be.

We hope your happiness continues,
That you have much more in store,
We hope the memories made today
Will stay with you - forever more.
A poem suitable for reading at a wedding ceremony.
Ralph Bobian Apr 1
Am I just waxing poetic
Trying to mask the aesthetic?
Painting the black skies hovered
over you in my presence as ****..
Ya your grey clouds are electric.
Oh it’s just part of your charm
This toxic personality storm
Acid rain down on me
And when it rains it pours
Please excuse the floors
It’s just her personality flood
Caution tape on the doors
To avoid at all costs
Hazardous conditions like her’s
that cause her thunder to roar
crashing down on me lightning
All because I struck a nerve
All because I’ll never learn
All while I try to endure
Keeping my head above water
But in the same flood that I drown in
You stand knee deep in denial
As your waves crash over me
Dead body washes ashore
What was all of this for?
The one thing that’s for certain and
I know is for sure
Ya may have broken my spirit..

But my soul’s weathered your storm
Mental olympics......
Bobby Dodds Apr 4
life is lonely.
and death gives terrible company.
Would you like some dinner?
Tough ***** though, You're buying.
Ash Mar 22
In the era of Mobile and Internet connectivity ,
Meeting in person is a different set of feel.
It took three drinks just to get me here.
You said it wasn’t enough, that it wasn’t clear.
Four calls to your voicemail.
I didn’t understand why, but I apologized.
Two trips down memory lane
And I don’t think it will ever be like that again.
One moment of clarity
But I can tell you’re forcing that smile.

I can’t bring myself to tell you what’s wrong with me.
Maybe I’m too afraid you’ll be angry.
No one’s been able to look under the surface.
It’s a mess like a circus, I thought it was my burden.
I couldn’t look at you and hope that you would understand.
That’s why I keep it close to the chest.

It took six drinks just to get us here.
You said it wasn’t my fault, but it is my dear.
Five hugs and a kiss for luck.
I want to tell you more but my words are stuck.
One date to make it up to you
And I’m so sorry.
Nada Abed Nov 2020
I’m not conventionally nice.
I don’t throw glitter in smiles and love by eyes
I don’t ask if you need help, because I know you don’t
I know I’m not conventionally nice
But I will ask you how your day was and what troubles your brain at night
I will let you talk about what keeps your eyes glistening and what allows your smile to last
I will let you hold my hand as you go through unbearable times
But I’m not conventionally nice
I will love you and when I do, I’ll never stop not because I’m nice
But because if I’m committed to you heart, I’ll forever remain committed
You can’t expect me to seem the sweetest, because I will disappoint you
But you can expect little notes of poetry and small love letters
I’ll will always remind you to eat and sleep well
And I’ll always tell you when something isn’t good for you
Because even if I’m not conventionally nice
I’m full of love and life for you
I’m on Instagram too, if you want to check other things I write. Follow me on @sincerelynada
He says to me,
"I want you",
and therefore i said to him
"But you don't need me, do you?"
He replies back,
"i need you yes"
Quote on his love for me.
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