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jeans sell for more
with a stone wash
stretching and tearing
gives straight legs
like you a hole
lot more soul
Dan Filcek Oct 5
Not where you want to be.
It’s implied or suggested,
rather than physically acted out.
Emotional enmeshment,
betraying boundaries,
feel special and privileged
but also creeped-out.
I should be proud?
No privacy,
right outside the door.
Used and trapped,
in search of comfort.
Emotional growth is stunted.
My needs don't matter;
    what matters is what you want.
Used in whatever way.
Feelings of inadequacy.
The damage was done,
Dig beneath the surface
Reference -******-abuse-you-might-be-ignoring.html
I am just a pushover
I let family run rings around me
Iam  just soft
For my own good.
I feel taken for granted
Not worthy
Or appreciated.
I feel so lonely and sad.
you thought it wouldn’t hurt anymore
it wasn’t supposed to
when they took advantage of you again
or stabbed you in the back
but no matter how many times you built up your wall
it was never thick enough to stop the knife

-Esther Krenzin
i cried rivers of salt
thinking it would change things
that perhaps they would hear
and comfort me
in the end nothing changed but my
i no longer expected good from people
who had no good left to give.

Esther Krenzin
N Jun 26
In the midst of her loneliness,
she sings a song of agony,
but no one is around to hear it

Her voice fades away in the cold air;
as she sinks slowly into the darkness
that surrounds her anguished heart
Rylie Lucas Jun 26
I don't know what I did
The past is so blurry
I can't remember
What I did to deserve this
My mind won't leave me alone
But you will
My hands move on their own
Texting you again
I know you'll never love me too
I understand you're using me
But red flags through rose-tinted glasses
Just look like flags
Armed with my heart on my sleeve
And rose-tinted glasses
Ready for you to use me
Because pain is the only thing that's real
Rose Jun 2019
I was alone
Until I met you
You made me feel whole
You cared for me like no one else did
I gave you my everything
I never thought it would be you to break my heart
I trusted you,
believed every sweet lie you told me
Devastated,hurt,and haunted by our memories together
You used me and it's hard to admit
To tell others what you did
I never reported what happened
And I live with this shame
Did you care at least a little?
What is wrong with me?
I let you
I was scared
I didn't speak
And I vow as long as I am
I won't let anyone close enough
To hurt me again
Zachary G Dec 2019
Man throwing stones
The solid man
Cold as can be
as I Watch from the air
Just before I reach the deeps
I land in the soft waters
I wonder just who is the cold hard one
As I look at you.
I feel like this may be a copy so... sorry if it is.
Floor Nov 2019
o talkative listener
what do you do
always rephrasing sins on your skin
you are a devil in disguise
and I love you for that
you are ragged edged with a hint of silver
wanting to make gold with stones
you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders
and walk like it's your last time to shine
o talkative listener
what do you do
always marking your words with a metal edge
you are a devil in disguise
and I love you for that
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