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We degrade our planet
     treating it like a stripper.

             Paying for every layer removed.
Putting worthless paper
in our last breaths.

And when she is peeled,
we will see the failure
of our desires..

As we will be but a faint layer
on her.

Why did we think she
wanted to be used like this.
As we paid the last price
He closed my mouth made me look at my crumpled in the mirror.
He took her in my arm and ***** the little Lily
Her shouts flowed into the walls my blood sold over her  innocence
He took on her arm silent her  shouts made
Her  sanity got  sick.
He put lipstick on her lips
He found her  and abused her
I did not know who spoke to him, he got her  head up and he told her  lies to sleep.
At least her  nightmares were more fun.
He took her  arm again and  she shouted but no one heard
She  fell
She was still feeling his skin in her teeth
She looked into my mirror and she  was abused again
Her hroat was dried her  unprotected life, but he defeated her again
The wolves  eaten her  flesh ,they were lliving  inside me.
One doll, two dolls
...and she  was abused
She drank poison to sleep.
She was trying to not scream and he liked her voice muffled.
Her atrophied mind was again abused.
He tightened her  body
He lived from her , he pulled her  hair closed  her  mouth blurred her lips with lipstick and played with her  as a doll
And he ***** her again.
My past is too much of an influence on my present,
I know it's a problem.

But all I have ever been taught is
To be a joke, because thats all I am
To be silent, because nobody really cares
To never ask for help, because I'd just be judged
To never say no, Because I'd get punished.

And all I've ever been told is
I'm not beautiful
I'm not fitting their standards
I'm not not going to be loved

so thank you, step father
Thankyou for destroying everything I was.
DaysongMercrest Dec 2018
traumas are like songs;
you can see the pain
just like you can read the lyrics,
and you can hear the beat
just like you can hear their screams!

the music is pain;
you can hear it if you're listening!
and no matter how many times you hear it on the radio,
when it's your song it means so much more!

don't discount someone's fears because you're not afraid!
don't laugh at them because they jump at every little sound!
don't try to fix my brokeness; Respect it because at least it's not yours!

Please! Don't you understand?!
I've been hurt, and you can't heal it.
so please, please, please, just accept me!
Thank you.
Van Byrde Dec 2018
If all the best characters are a little broken...
does that make
the favourite?
Pax Nov 2018
I scream towards emptiness
as it only echoed a numbing silence
its no used to abused
the strained voice
and struggled curses
all seems useless
so just give in
to the given
for a time
just once in a while
*Screeching in Silences*
Deprived old soul,
Poisoning my own
mae Nov 2018
He used me like a tool.
A hammer to slam,
And when his nail was in,
I was once again another tool in his toolbox.
Until he had a second nail to put in
and took me out to begin.
Mackenzie Nov 2018
His hands are Red
My eye is black and Blue
He touched me
I didn't mind
Always at the Mercy of you
He touched me but
I'm fine
Just a little higher
Everything will vacate your mind
I think to myself, I suppose I deserve this life and
I begged him to hit me one more time
kailee cardinal Nov 2018
" leave a voicemail after the beep"

why do you do it
why do you put up with his lies
why can nobody see it
that when he hits you and denies it hes lying?

why cant i sick up for you

why can i be there for you

i hear screams and a body hit the floor
but i still stay in my closet
hidden in the clothes i never bothered to put away
i know they aren't dark circles under you eyes

but mom tell me this when dad looks at the girl
in a see through shirt and you say something
all of a sudden
when we get home
his knuckles are raw
and your bleeding
what can i do
i want to help

i'm sorry i know what pain he is causing you
i really try to help but im too scared
scared of what hes done
i cant fend for myself

please help its happening to me now
i learned to freeze and take it
but how do i cover the bruises and scars
why couldn't i learn the first time
or even the second

are you there?

mom please!

i got to go hes coming
i'm sorry i learned after you
i'm sorry you are six feet under and hes still alive

can i join you?
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