Who fears to own up to a mistake
Much worse mistakes will go on to make;
Until such time as fears are allayed
Mistakes shall continue to be made.
If mistakes all are afraid to name
Then who is at fault, who is to blame?
I want

I want someone to watch romantic comedies with;
I want someone to give me a reason to live.
I want someone to sleep next to me in bed each night;
I want someone to join me in this fight.

I need to find a lover to take my blues away;
I am just a boy and she is just a girl and I know what I want to say,
But I don’t think today is going to be my day to say it;
So I will just have to stay infatuated.

Lift me up with whispered compliments;
I do not need them, but I savour them and take them.
I want to tell you perfectly what I really mean; what I have to say.
But I couldn’t find the right words, so I love you;
No!  That’s not what I meant to relate.

I want to be with you if that is what you choose;
My heart is in your hands, it is up to you.
I think you are beautiful and would like to see how things go;
I want to be with you, I want you,
I want you to give me a chance to let my true feelings show.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Anya 2d
I’m an embarrassment to my name
I’m a weirdo all the same
I could sing this every day
Not really
Just kidding
I’m not so negative
Or at least I don’t allow myself to be
They’re just excuses
Used to cover up
Make myself feel better about
My failures
But I know they’re not really true
At least,
They’re not what I truly believe
For all my tales of braggery
I am the eloquent loser.
Out of thousands of choices
I will pick the boozer,
The liar, the layabout or thief.
Then starts my florid tales
Designed to mask my grief.

I list the virtues of the guy,
The Prince Charming I caught
And talk about his attributes
None of which he has got.
I treat him like aristocracy
Even though he never works.
My friends wonder how I can
Align myself with such a jerk.

So, that means more stories
To extoll his many talents
Even though he has so few
To brag about on balance.
I keep thinking my eloquence
Will overcome his character,
His many alluring facets
Or lack of which whatsoever.

It’s sad the lengths I have gone
Trying not to be so alone.
I have been accused of being
Like a dog with a favorite bone
In my attempts to justify
The awful choices I have taken.
But I don’t listen, I only talk
Any advice is all forsaken.

That’s how it goes with me
If I can explain things away,
Like Scarlett, I'll think about it
Maybe on some other day.
Maybe then I'll finally understand
Why I do what I always do.
But we eloquent losers don’t care
So very much what is true.
Been sure of my love since we begun it,
But I’m not perfect—in fact far from it.
I know how much patience loving me takes,
So forgive me for these coming mistakes:

My restless sleep that disturbs you at night.
When I hurt your back from hugging too tight.
For being distant when I’m deep in thought.
For each time it was my fault when we fought.
For not telling you which dress you should wear,
‘Cause if I’m with you I really don’t care.
I annoy you with an unfunny text.
You tell me and I still forget what’s next.
I get impatient while standing in line.
You doubt me when I say everything’s fine.
I let my ego get out of control.
My apologies dig a deeper hole.
I cry like a baby just from your touch.
I try too hard ‘cause I love you too much.

While I try to be better than ever,
I’ll still need your forgiveness forever.
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Kit 4d
I feel your dark, wet whispers on my skin.

I am waiting for you to jump me, bite me and poison me like the spider.

Crave my flash like the spider craves a fly, I'll rip out her wings, run over the table little girl, try to escape only to fail in the end, try to escape only to surrender.
Oh, you will surrender.

But for the love of God, don't talk to me unless it's for divorce. I hate your voice, but crave your touch.
Let me feel your skin one more time,
what have we lost, and, what is left?
A little child with no parents, just bones.

I will bury you under the mistakes of yesterday, but I will burn your remains in the face off my past wrath.
I can kill you on spot, but oh, don't talk to me, just touch me,
make me feel, for you are the only one to make me feel, deep deep down in my tainted, wretched heart make me feel divine again.
Question this in every possible way please.
Helia 6d
so tell me, darling
can you even count
the endless numbers
etched into your skin

you can cover up
all your little scars
but there's no hiding
the ones left on your soul

can you almost feel
the dark heavy weight
of 3 am thoughts
that scream "you fucked up"

the ones that linger
that hide and pretend
that things are okay
when your insides ache
the sun sets. the moon rises.
august 7, 2018.
Deep Sangani Aug 4
Counted all my mistakes and there's only one
Standing out from the list of the things I've done
all the rest of my crimes don't come close
to the look of your face when I let you go
And if you look at me once, I shall fall for you again.

1D appreciation
I am not a big believer in Fundamentalism....
Fire and Brimstone!
Heaven and Hell.
Ever since my divorce,
I've been plagued by
I guess this is my way
Of punishing myself?
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