Sayer 11h
I saw myself at thirty-one
he came to me and said to keep my chin up, to straighten my back
to breathe, to hold on to the good parts of me
embrace my faults and find peace in my sadness and guilt

do I even sleep or am I always awake
I try to find myself in others
my shadow do I wish to smother
my sadness come back to play
it's okay
I shake before I sleep
I sense his presence in the corner of the room
right before I wish to give up by the burning candle
he mumbles:

"your mistakes do not define you
even though I am You I can not refine you
just know you are loved but peace is slow
that peace comes and goes as it pleases
but your heart never freezes
so I know you will learn to love yourself"
i'm not alone
Y Rada 1d
​I was young and full of dreams
Wanting to be with you always
So I let my black hair grow long
'Til it would reach your heart​

You glanced at me many times
And I was too shy to confess
I looked at the skies everyday
As I brushed my cascading mane

I imagined your hands on me
Your fingers were so soft
Telling me that you adore me
As you tied up my long hair

The sun gave way to the moon
Silky black turned to gray
But still my hair is flowing
Past my untamed bitter heart

I look sadly at the starlit skies
When I alone brush my long tresses
Remembering regrets of the past
And knowing you bind up her hair.
This is my first poem in 2018. I got inspired with the Beautiful Chinese Music - Binding Up My Hair. The melody is so beautiful and melancholic.
T R S 1d
Well Done.
She said, but don't screw it up. Its a start.
How could I?
Your sauciness drove right thru my heart.

Will you please be my bottom bun?
Baby, you're my seed number one.
Sesame wants Sesayou

Tardy to your selfworth day party
Salty, and peppered with hardy haught looks
I've overcooked this simple match up
Maybe baby I'm plain ketchup.
the hate
the hurt
the mistakes

the life
the choice
the challenge

my challenges
my choices
my life

my hurt
my hate
my mistakes

my life is what i make it
i dont need clones to make it for me
Nervous, pressured, confused.
The emotions I swallowed
Every time someone questioned
About the dreams I chased.

"Take it and accept it,
It is who you are born for
To survive in this tragedy
Not to be failed and tempted nor."

Not even who I am knows what I will be.
A war between the want and the need.
Silently depending on someone.
Neither who know the real me.
I'm too tired to care hahaha...
개자닌 Dec 2016
I opened my eyes and saw a light
You were together with papa- smiling so bright
Not knowing anything nor speak anything.
All I knew was I came with a life.

First word, First step, First Laugh.
You and papa would cry out of joy
Thinking those days and wondering why?
Why didn't I appreciated it before?

Toys, food, and clothes
You allowed me to choose things I want.
Crying, begging and screaming
Then, you promised to buy it when you have enough.

Those things I couldn't do, you supported me.
Times I needed someone, you comforted me.
Things I didn't know, you taught me.
You saw right through me.
ghhaaad! it was hidden for too long now.. it would a waste to delete it sooo.. nevermind :) nooot yet finished btw
Draino ,
His Love almost killed me.
When I speak loudly,
I realize I didn't take my time;
Didn't take in consideration what my words could do.

When I stay silent,
I realize my mistake for not speaking,
Because I left someone left with unknown questions,
Making them contemplate with their own dread.

I tell painful truths,
That leave someone broken,
And then I tell to many lies,
That get found out and fracture both sides.

I've come to the conclusion,
That anything I do will always bring some pain,
With these small mistakes are tearing me to shreds.

So many small mistakes that leave me awake,
And leaving me dreading the next week.
In the middle of the night, I shall contemplate my life a little bit more. I shall think about all the mistakes I have made, and be left with nothing but more mistakes and more unsolved questions.
When I was young

I sold my soul to the devil.

I asked to become an Atlas.

Now I wait...         wondering
Did the clandestine transaction work?
Or has all my suffering been in vain?
Have I managed to reduce the pain?
Should I have repent first?
I was filled with hate... blundering

and filled with passion.

Now in sorrow I must revel

Left to question what I have done.
Hindsight is always 20/20
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