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First, I forgave the bullies
Who made me cry.
I didn't know your story.
You didn't ask for mine.
Now the hard part.
I forgive myself
for the mistakes I've made.
It's been a long, weird game.
But so far, I don't regret
The way I've played.
Lara 1d
Take a look at the world
What do you see?
Are you missing someone?
Can you see the mistakes you made?
Did everything turn out good?

Do you want it to be like this?

Open your eyes
Open your soul
Open your heart

You are full of life

Control what you want to see
Ever darkening the trees slowly take the sun.

Ever thickening the trees surely rule this trail.

Ever freighting trees making you have to run.

Ever attacking trees start causing you to flail.

Ever persisting they will do all that it takes.

Ever exhausting you soon fall from all their wrath.

Ever defraying all of your major mistakes.

Ever realizing this was indeed the wrong path.
Before you lose yourself, hopefully you'll notice you're on the wrong path
We spent the night finding the perfect spot.
Only to be too distracted by the conversation,
To notice the sunrise was behind us.
We'll do better next time..
dailythoughts May 20
They won’t just touch my soul and set me free
Eagerly will open the deepest of wounds and fest on my worst fears
Harshly undress my faith and crush my hope

Victoriously laugh to celebrate my doom
Bleed me red to suffer in dry tears
Waltz with my ghost to slowly scatter my temple  

Taunt to enliven my mistakes
Proudly glorifying my shames
Only to win a soul that has been defeated

I sense them overstepping my shadow
The monsters catching up with my heart and mind
Will I score the final touchdown or will they devour me whole

Touch so contagious
The poison burns running wild in my veins
Won’t be long for when I am all at once taken away
good luck to me
Chloe May 18
You might be quite bored
But don’t make the same mistake
Do NOT dye your hair
I know everyone’s bored in quarantine but do not dye your hair.
old willow May 13
I can let go of my memory,
but not my sorrow.
I can let go of my past,
but not my mistakes.
Mistakes are made,
stakes are created,
Fixing my mistakes,
or lower the stakes?
dailythoughts May 11
It’s easy talking the talk
Show me you are more than that
Show me you are not like the rest

I will hang on to your promises
When I see your effort
When I see your compassion  

I will be on your side
Moving with your loyalty
Alongside our royalty

You repeat your mistakes
Disappear I will
Rest you will

Twice you will think
With the deck in your hands
Next move on your sleeves  

If you are the King
I am an empty card
I hold the winning act

Surprise you will be
When I hit you
With all the power invested in me
Rozana Feb 5
I cower silently just outside the door
Numb hands digging deeper in pockets
But this cold, it’s not the rain
I shiver from a chill coming from within
Life exudes misery
Sometimes in a minute, a second, an eternity
I came to know the extremes of loss in one of those moments
And I fear the bitterness of this breath
Echoing the regret of what no longer fills me
Nylee May 8
Previous versions of me
are just another story
not my point of view

the vision is different
the words spoken on another rhythm
I hear those whispers

Naivety and innocence
combined with different aura
the photographic me don't know
what is in store.

Each age, terrible mistakes,
every step is a regret,
I learnt from few but have not
stop making some new.

And I know that old me
would never want to be me
and I don't want to meet my future,
I would disapprove of her

The lens of eyes are aging
the glimpse of back are just flashes
they are distorted pieces
the reasons.

You should see me differently now
if you knew me long time ago
the person you are looking for
is not me anymore.
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