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feed me lies like you feed me chocolate cake
make me a chocolate cake for each mistake
so you can feed me chocolate cake like you feed me lies
one lie per bite
a fair price
one lie per bite
It's in the beautiful target
Of a calculated smile
Thoughts of a rose
Stemmed by thorns
Beautiful mistakes...  
Giving birth to dreams
Distorted realities manifesting grace

Miss Fit⚓
blackbiird Jul 20
Her ashes were scattered
Among the debris of her past.
She became an illusion
Of her darkest fears.
Unable to break free
From the voices
That held her captive
She watched her soul
Slip into the realm
Of nonexistence.
Too often we stay stuck living in the past, fixating our thoughts on what happen ed to us when we were younger. If left there too long, we die.
Just because you dont see any effort,
Doesnt mean its not there.
Im trying, I really am. And they always seem to ignore that part, but never the mistakes.
Maybe I'm foolish
To trust the excuse
"I'm only human"
Just defies the truth

© Matthew Harlovic
GQ James Jun 25
As we grow older we start to learn,
We start to see things more clearly,
The more we suffer,
The more we learn if we're paying attention,
Lessons are taught if you're willing to learn,
Get outside your pride and get in your maturity.

As a young man I made many mistakes,
Wasn't the best example as the oldest,
When I had family,
Now I don't have family,
They're dead and gone,
No longer of existence.

All we can do is move forward,
And focus on what's important,
Not ponder on what has already taken place,
Don't lose sleep over things or people,
That aren't worth the stress,
Truth be told don't stress over anything.

Your life is more important,
Your existence is more valuable,
We put too much energy into things,
That we shouldn't,
Let's focus on what focuses on us.

We all make mistakes but don't let them define you,
Let those mistakes open your eyes,
Let those mistakes show you the right way,
You've done wrong now you can do right,
Let it go and let them go.
Don't Let Those Mistakes Define You. We're all Humans.
MysteryBear Jun 9
You told me about your abandonment issues and how I contributed to them before. This time I remembered not to make the same mistake. I reached out for you, but you smacked my hand away. I did it again and again so you know I cared, but I became the pest. The burden you wanted to let go. Now you and I are the same. I was abandoned.
I have not forgotten you
I could never forget the ocean
If you are the ocean
I am the skeleton lying on the bottom
I am the lifeless mess
Broken next to a love boat ship wreck
I am drowned and crowned in shame
Buried in the consequence of all of my mistakes
I have not forgotten you
Your ocean voice is clear in my mind
I only have one question
Have you left the corpse of my love behind?
i only have one question
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