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See, when I grow up I’m going to be younger,
Sillier, adventurous, and free;
Free to say what I like, do what I please,
and in general, just be happy.

I won’t care what salary I make;
six-figure, five-figure, or none.
I could be doorless and friendless,
And still manage to be happy and have fun.

If I make mistakes, I will have made mistakes.
Mistakes are just bound to come.
All I can do is learn and become better,
smile, and remember where I’m from.

I’ll love and I’ll laugh and I’ll have a great time,
Working and playing beat to beat.
Happy or sad I’ll always be glad,
For my experiences beautiful and sweet.

See, when I grow up I’m going to be happy.
Equally, if not happier than now.
I’ll make sure to have fun and get things done,
And at the end of it all take a bow.
This is still a draft and a work in progress and I'd love comments and critiques. The idea of this poem is my response to the question I get asked way too much of "What do you want to be when you're older?"
Lesson learned
After i got burned
Not the first nor the third
No it took many hits before i learned

Sometimes you have to fall
Deep into **** and crawl
Before you can find any meaning and stand tall
You'll hit and hit so many walls

One day you'll be free
Tell yourself no more stupidity
Until you get wrapped into it again suddenly

Life brought tricks and sneaks to get you
To go back and make the same mistakes you always do
It's just a test to see if you'll make it through

Cause i guess it'll never stop until the lesson has been learned
Good ol tricky life trying to pull the same bologna it did to me before, but i refuse! I cried it out and got hurt until i stopped and realized maybe some people were right. Even if i hate the reasons why i can't change them and it's just breaking me so I'll learn my lesson and move on
The choices you make define you
The past is who you are
But don’t let that confine you
To not going far

Mistakes, they serve a purpose
Just like sadness and pain
They are all reminders
Of what not to do again

So make your past a good one
So that when you’re frail and old
With your family gathered around you
A marvelous story can be told
Alfa 2d
A circular poem about the corrupt cafeteria system I used to work in. "Don't improve the system" refers to the corrupt system we had in place. "They'll reject our own mistakes" refers to if we put a new system in place, it'll be rejected by students, so there's nothing to do- either way we were *******, and everything continues to rotate just as the dishroom trays did.
C Spitz 2d
Life is the turn of events,
the winding of your path.
Life is the fear in your mind,
the love in your heart.
Life is the troubles you see,
the elation you hear.
Life is the mistakes you witness,
the forks in your road.
Life is the happiness you undergo,
the excitement you experience.
Life is having the guts to try,
the determination to get it right,
and the perseverance to keep going.
we all do things
we wish we hadn't.
it's part of human nature.

some people do things
and push it aside
and act like it didn't happen.
those people
never grow.

others own their mistakes
and make sure those affected
know how truly disappointed
in themselves they are
and how they wish they hadn't
made that mistake.
those people
deserve even the slightest respect
despite how royally they ****** up.
[call me the queen of england.]

it takes courage
to be your own tattletale
but it's more mature
and braver
than hiding from your wrong doings.
please punch me in the ******* face and kick me in the chest i deserve to be hated and treated like absolute **** i'm begging you please inflict as much physical pain on me as possible please
An Adult in all da flair
And ze Child that lives in air
Have one thing uncommon

And zat is ze pressure to make few mistakes
Once zat is ze same for ze child

We have truly robbed children of zeir childhood.

Being a child itself should be a sign that a lotta mistakes are in order. Once you start pressurizing not to make them too much, congratulations, you loser.
(Tried a little fake French accent. I like ze fake accents!!)
rob kistner Oct 13
( written in recovery )

I see the pain
see the beauty
see the fear
the love
the sorrow
see the joy

I see the mistakes
see the success
the struggle
see the triumph
the need

I see these in others

I seem to find
the words to say
words to sooth
words to console
to acknowledge

words to help them
stay the path
or find a way

from somewhere
they come to me

but in the mirror of introspection
my self reflection
I cannot see

if I am so ****** wise
why am I
so blind to me


rob kistner © 2018
Contemplation on the difficulty in seeing one's self clearly, the unfortunate ease with which we self-delude. Things that can seem so clear, so obvious when looking out can become so clouded, distorted, often impossible to see when looking within.
I've played the game
as best I can
gone down in burning flames

Cut the cords on parachutes
lost friends and lover's

So here I am
and here I go
once more down the lane

Knowing full **** well
on my way to ****
I'll never be
the same
History is like a record stuck in a groove of our own making ;D
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