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Only by acknowledging your mistakes and correcting them will you grow.
Preeti Verma Oct 5
I have masks for every feeling

They often save me from reeling


I must have done some wrong

Don’t know for how long i could be strong

I thought I cherished all I had

But I realise now that it was my bad

I was holding maybe too tight

Strangling, what I cared, with no respite

I have learned to pull back now

Hiding, what I used to share, anyhow

Now, I have masks for every feeling

They often save me fron reeling


I am lying here, crying under the moonlight

The lost moments find it easy to alight

I wish the sleep would come

the endless thoughts make me numb

What if I had done it differently

I might not have run into regret incidentally

I am counting the mistakes I made somehow

Maybe I am not guilty but they hurt anyhow

So, I have masks for every feeling

They often save me from reeling


I am not hiding under the plain sight

Still sometimes, I make the mistake, in spite

It’s a mistake to show your all

Nobody gives a **** in long haul

So I have started using these masks

Which makes hiding a less daunting task

I am now unlike the old me

Who used to let her feelings run free

That’s why, I have masks for every feeling

They often save me from reeling


I am lying here, hiding under the moonlight

Burying the moments that wish to alight

Sometimes the old me, still runs wild

Crumbling the walls I so carefully compiled

I often let her do as she wishes

then see her tumble down into pieces

I have seen her hope crush a million times

falling down after a hopeful climb

It’s the reason, I have masks for every feeling

They often save me from reeling

3 a.m. thoughts (old collection)
Em MacKenzie Oct 4
When I was fourteen
my sister was teaching me how to drive,
I went to make a left turn and hit the breaks; second guessing myself.
“Never hesitate,” she said,
“it’s when you hesitate that causes a crash.”
“Make a decision and go with it.”
All these years later it still rings true.
All these years later I still have yet to listen.
Mary Zollars Sep 29
In a far away land, a long time ago,
there was a revolt in the kingdom of Nah.
The people were tired of the king’s dark ways,
and forced him to make a change.
“I do not wish to harm my land,
I hate to hear my people cry,
so I will change my ways to appeal to you,
and to prove it, I will build my castle from glass”
Now the people could watch him work,
And monitor all he did.
Assured that their king was honest,
the people went about their days.
But the king was harsh,
The dungeons were full,
Still the people would say,
“If his ways are bad,
Then why would he put them on display?”
Taxes rose, corpses piled,
And the kingdom fell to ruin.
When the people asked
“What has happened?”
A wise woman said to them,
“You turned the castle to glass,
But what about the king?”
I’m not sure
Of what I’m doing
I’m starting to dread the thought
That my solitude
Is not a choice anymore
But something I got used to
Without even noticing
Like it’s something I’ve been telling myself
That I needed
Or deserved
A symptom of strength
To show off
To be proud of
When the last thing I want
Is building up walls
Around someone I love
I should be pulling you in
But I’m kicking you out
I locked the front door
Threw away all your clothes
So you wouldn’t come back
Because I got so much tired
Of your endless coming and going
Never knowing where to stand
I’m not going pretend
I prefer to pull away
Before they do the same
But everything has a price
I’ve seen it with my eyes
And I’ve paid
For each one of my mistakes
And that’s alright
It’s all part of life
And I embrace it and love it all
Because now I know
That I almost became
The kind of person
Who hurt me most
Who shut me out
Without taking a chance on me
Now I’m aware of all the things I let go
I regret and mourn them all
But they belong to a past that I can’t change
from which I can’t turn away
But I’ll forever be thankful for having learned
That I don’t need to be like the ones who hurt  
When there’s an immense power that comes from being open
and vulnerable
to love.
c Sep 23
Mr. Spider
You’ve caught me in your web again
I’m sorry I haven’t learned
From past mistakes

It’s my own fault
That my wings are damaged

I have a passion
For flying into things too fast
Priya Gaikwad Sep 22
People make mistakes,
Every one of them,
Those who don't make mistakes,
Are the unfortunate ones,
Who doesn't even get a choice to make mistakes!
Zoie Marie Sep 22
Help me stop
I can't stop thinking
Everything boiling to the top

I deserved it,
Everything you did
I am a horrible person
With horrible secrets

60 pounds
That's what they weigh
They have left permanent marks on my body
I'll lose 80

They will remain
But will I?
I wonder if it is finally time
To say goodbye.
Don’t let me be your sentiment because you’ve been pretty adamant that your heart doesn’t belong to me anymore.
    It was wrong to think that it did from the beginning, I chained it and turned it into
    a being that I didn’t know.
    Kind of like how you didn’t know I was gonna lose my mind so how was I gonna know that I’d lose it along with you round Hazelwood way.
    It’s hard when you chose to decipher all the bad aspects even though there were parts we used to admire like this desire that keeps us obsessing over something that we’re better off forgetting.
    You felt like a blessing but you always talk as if I was a curse and what’s making it worse is that my thoughts of you never changed and I’m cursed.
    Sometimes my heart dips when I’m
    sinking back into the memories you and I had made.
    Critically I’d try to recreate,
    I spend so much time alone these days that it’s getting more familiar to me that these recreations will never recreate not when I’m alone in this space.

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DAF Sep 19
Love me now or love me not
Three shots deep and I forgot
The bitterness but saved the thoughts
About how we would tie the knot
Instead with score and stomach tied
You got yours and I got mine
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