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ghosts keep knocking at the back door
tapping on windows
carving past mistakes into the floorboards

you see, ghosts are stuck in a melancholic haze
blind to the growth of a person
only seeing them in negative ways

so rather than allowing them to make a home in your chest
realize it is not you with a problem
it's their inability to give it a rest
a gentle reminder that not everybody is not going to see the good in you, some people form an opinion and never look back.
Mahati 2d
I respect myself
Maybe you don’t
I care for you too much
To walk away
From your ignorance
Teaching you helps us both
So i stay
And i bare
No, I’m sorry
I don’t
Not anymore
I have leared to say no
And walk away
So I don’t bare
I walk to a safer, more free environment
With my head just enough high
And back as straight as possible for me
And i do come back
To see your growth
I respect myself
After all these experiments
I have done to feel more
After mistakes
I didn’t think in those moments
I felt
There will be more of these
But i know where’s the line now

I respect myself
Amanda 3d
I did not think those words you said
Would make me feel this sad
Or that confirmation of what I already  knew
Could hurt my heart so bad

I guess I blinded myself
Out of fear for misery
It was easier saying I believed you
Than to stand ground and disagree

Plus putting you down for past mistakes
Would not help the situation
Degrading wouldn't decrease disappointment
Only increase aggravation

You do not need to hide the past
Heard you mumble words you will not repeat
"I'll never cheat and hurt you again"
I did not even miss a beat

I winced slightly though you did not see
Luckily we were joined by phone
It suffocated my grieving heart
I kept my hurt feelings unknown

It was hard keeping my voice even
Harder to focus on yours
I pondered ***** details
Many possibilities explored

I've been aware of your disloyalty
For some time now
Yet tore heart more than expected
Hearing it spoken aloud

Pretended not to notice
Told myself I did not care
Your friendship is too dear to me
To lose over an old affair

I think of all that we have been through
Indiscretions I chose to let slide
The lying, betrayal, and pointless games
Trying though hard to put the past aside

Leave your mistakes, and mine behind
Believing it is possible to change
No matter how I wish you to
Only my head has been rearranged

It was I who wanted to know the truth
It sounds different than I thought it would
Discovering getting what you wished for
Does not always feel that good.
Sometimes you still hold onto a small glimmer of hope so when your fears are confirmed it is still a punch to the heart..
How do you know
if you never have tried?
pushing limitations
or just along for the ride?

Have you ever done
a hundred and ten?
the lines look like dots
**** hinting, just when?

Have you ever bluffed out
and pushed to the end?
burned every card
every dollar, too spend?

Have you failed
and learned from the tale?
felt death at your shoulder
like your coffin's been nailed?

And have you truly lived
the thrill of each day?
or my dear friend
have you let safety
get in the way?
The world used to let you make mistakes to learn from, today, your life is so precious they will crucify you for risking it :/ (At least in the US)
I grew up without bicycle helmets, seat-belts, safety warnings, they used to just tell us, "don't be ******" and if you were, that was all on you! I guess, that could be my generation's motto ;D
Yes, I have pushed my limitations, that's how I know, they exist ;D
Mat 5d
gritted teeth, paving
the sidewalks where we
told each other that this
had gone too far.
market lights illuminating
the cascade of mistakes - lies
we told ourselves at night
to keep afloat

treading water until dawn.
with a cry, savior!, so
soft we could not hear it ourselves,

if our, savior!, did hear
would he bother to save!
two watchdogs disguised as
masochists waiting for
the other to leave
the flock behind,
or would he look
the other way, knowing
that we can't be, saved!
unless we want to
save! ourselves
I sense the rush of whispers
Those prying eyes
Close to my heartbeat
I ignore the cruel gossip
But drown in buckets of tears.
My heart is torn
Deep down its broken
I  gaze at the mirror
Who's this
a reflection of the past
Too many paths where the traffic has slowed,
Too many wrong turns down forks in the road.
Too many hazards where I’ve blown a flat,
Too many stops that I didn’t know I was at.
Too many false steps into a puddle,
Too many treks where my plan was a muddle.
Too many times I was lost in the rain,
Too many times I crossed the center lane.
Too many speeds where I needed to brake,
Too many wrong places reached by mistake.
Too many spin outs from driving on ice,
Too many times I left driven by vice.
Too many trips life put me at the wheel,
Too many heartbreaks I caused her to feel.
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Justin Rio Dec 2
Sometimes, I
Not regretting.
Naomi Nov 26
There are people who cannot speak without smiling.
There are people who cannot cry without blaming.
And there are songs I cannot sing without dancing.
And I sing you like a song I heard when I was young.
And I  love like I discovered the concept.
I want to teach you how to love...
How to feel...
How to sing...
The drizzle of rain is hugging me.
The blood in my tears is painting me red.
The sadness in your eyes miss me...
Oh I Want to sing you like a song I cannot dance to.
A slow one... one where  Our memories will merge together to form  inseparable stories .

Oh my love, There are people who fantasise about freedom and then  slowly build the walls to their own prison.
Anne J Nov 28
handles of time click
permanently forward without a
eraser or a reverse
Lately, I've been thinking about the embarrassing, pathetic things I did when I was younger. The saddest thing about the difference between the past, present,and future is that there is one that you cannot change the events. We all know which one I'm talking about, unfortunately. :(
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