I have learnt from my mistakes.
I wish it was obvious
But I suppose only time can prove
How I have grown
How refreshed I am.
You know what it’s like to make a mistake and learn from it
Right? You know what it’s like
Because you told me.
How can you show someone that you have learnt from your mistakes?
what is love?
it's just a deceiving word that just leads to heartbreak
you tell me you love me
and when I'm not so sure you reassure me
but only to leave me in the end
all the empty promises you gave
all the lies you said to my face
all for what
but is love really love,
when nobody uses it correctly?
I'm only human
I might make the same mistakes
Nobody's perfect.
For it's our imperfections that make us whole, that make us human.
Where's the fun in ourselves if all of us were perfect?
YUKTI May 18
I know it was not your mistake that I misunderstood your palsy-walsy as love.
It was not your mistake we met once but got attached very soon.
It was not your mistake I thought I am special for you, cause you were same for everyone.
It wasn't your mistake at all.

It was all mine!
Your comments are always appreciated.
n0r May 17
Old cat
Skin cracked
Saying “MmrROwWw” to me like
An angry curse
Ramming his head
Into the iris stalks
Spraying dead white
Across his mottled blackness
Saying “MMrROowww” to me like
An angry curse
Until I reach out
And scratch the cracked
Black body
Feeling his old
Shriveled bones
Coaxing his back
Into an arch

It must hurt
I think
To be touched
So old,
But more pain
Is the itch
Driving his ancient frame
Into the stalks.

I leave and hear
Another “mmRRoww”
Like an angry,
Lonely curse
I walked by flower gardens all day that day and did not see a single bee
Shadow Dragon May 16
you make most of your mistakes on white linen,
but Im laying on red rose petals.
Diana May 8
It's hard to know how I feel,
when I'm constantly falling into the same patterns
And after one too many mistakes,
I can't trust myself to be certain anymore

So I take my time,
trying to understand myself,
and my thoughts,
and my feelings

Ten months of thinking and debating,
obsessing. Secret keeping.
questioning myself and constantly searching,
for an answer no one else can help me find

Now my secret's out,
and I still don't know

is this feeling real,
or just another piece in my pattern?
Cat J Noyce May 7
Summer wind brings laughter—
Shared with the lingering sweet taste of someone new, after.

Summer times bring leisure—
A breath of air, a sip of culture.

Summer sun brings life—
Drunk off ideals, tiptoeing around passion and strife.

Summer heat brings battles—
The same charade; the warm season heralds.
Amanda May 5
I reflect on my mistake-riddled past
The heart behind the hurt dealt
Hold back my own frustrated tears
Falling in love made sadness melt

You are the reason why I am still here
I opened my heart to love once more
Slowly changing for better in your presence
Inside I feel a silent roar

I have ached so deeply over physical bonds
I have become so strong collecting scars
Spend my time poorly, throw it away
Wasting hours in bed instead of under pressure or stars

I sleep yet dream of yesterday's mistakes
In need of something that would us both alright
Awake or asleep, I am haunted by regrets
Unpleasant memories keep me up all night
Whst do you think about at night?
Derailed May 4
I've dug a deep hole.

Now it's time to bury myself in it.
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