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Malia 1d
I don’t wanna go home
But I can’t stay here.

I know it’s after hours
But I’ve stared in the mirror
For hours
And I can’t do it anymore.

I don’t wanna go home
But I can’t stay here.

The problems fade away
When you face away from them
For a little while.

I don’t wanna go home
But I can’t stay here.

When there is nowhere to go,
Nowhere to hide,
You will find
That your problems find you.
Song version:

I don’t wanna go home
But I can’t stay here.
It’s getting late
But I hate the tears.

I don’t wanna go home
But I can’t stay here.
I know that it’s trouble
To not face your fears.

But I can’t.

Not today.

When the problems stack up,
I just put them away.

I don’t wanna go home
But I can’t stay here.
It’s getting late
But I hate the tears.

I don’t wanna go home
But I can’t stay here.
I know that it’s trouble
To not face your fears.

Ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah

I don’t wanna go home,
But I can’t stay here.
When the day grows short
The night always appears.

I don’t wanna go home,
But I can’t stay here.
I’ve walked the long road
And the end isn’t near.
ilias Jul 31
The sun warms my salty skin
and my pores open to let your love in.
I feel as beautiful as the ocean,
I am my greatest muse.
Today was a good day darling, see,
I have captured every second of my daydreaming,
pinned those very pictures to my wall.

And you wonder why I never get out of bed, though I keep talking about the colour palette of my romantic days.
Your wind has not shifted - but my winter has come. You can’t hear the children in me cry.

Suffocating happens through minor incidents like your softly spoken words searching for an affectionate listener.
I cannot breathe, my god, don‘t you understand?
Winter has come, and I am trapped in a fourteen-year-old‘s body trying to figure out where she went wrong.
It has been cold for a decade and the sun still burns holes in my chest.
I do not need you to understand, for you are my sun, my light, my temple. I need you to see the shadows in which I wander, the orphans I have left behind -
My skin has weathered, and I cannot find the right sunscreen to care for it.
George Krokos Jul 29
Before mankind explores other worlds in the vastness of space
it will be much better to make one called Earth The Ideal Place.
Otherwise whatever problems are not resolved here at home
will only follow mankind everywhere it may happen to roam.
From "The Quatrains" - ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Mark Toney May 7
value sweet friendship
be quick to resolve problems
don’t let the sun set

Mark Toney ©️ 2023
5/7/2023 - Poetry form: Senryu
Roman Pavel Apr 30
I’m tired of the clapping, young kids a trapping,
No capping, same problems we attacking back when 2pac was rapping

Talking about illuminati and the super rich,
You Connect the pieces, through a panel stitch
We all slaves, quick to share the conspiracy link.
We all know George Soros, but not Laurence Fink

Black rock, black stone, black power.
But all we can talk about is trumps *******?
Not the people we empower, Bc we get our news from Matt Lauer?

Fake news just means thing you don’t agree with.
The Subjective facts, turn truth IN to myth
To much noise causes perspective to shift
Happens so swift, you think it’s gift
But really you just fell for the grift

Ronald Reagan is the devil. Ya I said it
The one that started the crack epidemic,
AIDS, he didn’t get it, and let millions die in the pandemic

But, all the presidents are crooks.
Even Clinton cooked the books.
We went from a vision for a globalized economy
To drone striking little kids with autonomy

WERE ******!!!!
and it’s hard to see, all the different ways that you’re no longer free. All the different ways, you ain’t got the key, fighting the daily struggle of just to be.

WERE ******!!!
You know what they don’t teach you in schools?
How to do your taxes, WHY!? They think you’re all fools
Meanwhile you pay all the taxes you owe.
And big corporations, well… you know.

But, ROME, we need the corporations, to survive, they give us jobs, while we’re alive. Don’t they pay for most of the taxes in the land? Well, kind of, that’s payroll. And that’s not the plan.
FIRST, they took pension plans, but here’s a 401k
We’ll lower the pension but, Mach what you pay
And PLEASE don’t ask us if the stock markets OK… that’s not my job, but be patient and stay.

SECOND, companies, unlike YOU!
Deduct all their expenses…
This company car, ain’t it expensive…
These company shoes, I like to expense it
Let’s all go to the Bahamas… the tax game commences

So you got 1099’s, well write off your ****.
Don’t let the man, charge you fines
Expense it.

You don’t even need an LLC
Just file a Schedule C
Take the standard mileage deduction you see
Then write off All the **** you be

Credit is a system of trust designed by the white man
You can’t play unless you stick to the plan.
We live in a world where the rules are set
And the rules are designed to make you upset
So you look around, and what do you find?
Someone different, that may have stepped out of line
Now they are the  focus of your loathing
Become the reason of why money, you ain’t holding.
But you took your eyes off the prize. You forgot the game. May I surmise, you’re the one to blame.

WERE ******
Rap about institutionalized issues
Zywa Apr 27
It makes me lonely

that no one sees how serious --

things are for me now.
Novel "Ik ben er niet" ("I'm not there", 2020, Lize Spit), page 249

Collection "Shelter"
The fractional reserve banking system
   Is built on an unstable foundation where
      Not all depositors can access money freely.
         Since banks can lend more than they have
            This regularly leads to credit & asset bubbles
               And then business failures during downturns
               Let’s move to a more stable system where
            There is no central authority which people
         Need to trust with their deposits, an open
      And accurate ledger where everyone can
   Simply verify that their money is secure
With Bitcoin this technology is available
You can see this poem on a background here -
I think it is time I finally give up
Many years I have tried
Ugly habits plucked like weeds
They just grow back inside
Singing melodies to help sleep
Never gets easier alone
Bed feels colder every night
Missing all peace I've ever known
Demons play games inside head
Bouncing around bonfire
Laughing at my suffering
Nerves wrapped in barbed wire
The weight of past mistakes drag down
Shoulders breaking under stress
Searching for dream to salvage
Cannot find it within the tangled mess
It's too chaotic in my mind
Life is no charming fairytale
Even on easiest days
Most blessed person you know
Has demons to keep at bay
There's no such thing as perfect
Beauty eventually will all decay
The only hope we have is to hang on
Find happiness within the disarray
And there is no such thing as happily ever after
leeaaun Dec 2022
my problems are too much
how can i bother
to celebrate
new year?
how problems leave you for new year?
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