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I know you’ll just be okay
When you work
Till your whole being shivers
With exhaustion
And your eyes cloud
With salty perspiration
And you push yourself
Into that one last lap
And keep pushing for another-
And yet another.
I know you won’t fall;
That much faith is essential.
And, wherever you trip,
You don’t tread on again.
With all those lessons
You’ve learned on your way,
You know you’ll just be okay.
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Eva May 22
Running away-
I don't worry which way is wrong
or which way is right.
I just want to escape.
I just want to run away and leave my problems elsewhere...
Theamage May 20
Is it gonna fall on me? A spider
Or is it gonna be hanging there? A spider                                          
It got nothing to prove, I do.
Staring at it, it is approaching,
I wish it to come yet not,
Curious,if I am all immune, all these years.

Am weakend already, the warns from brown recluse
in my bed-room mirror,
A brown recluse, it does back and forth but here
other type is apporaching,
I shall remove all the clutter from my room, here
put all new furnitures,
I shall bug spray gradually without harming myself
perhaps they wont come back.
Naveen Kumar May 18
India is about to war
on Pakistan.
I'm busy getting my
Climate is burning
the ice.
New parasites are evolving
in our lungs.
Immigration is devastating
But people are busy
paying their bills.
Spaceships are surrounding us.
Government is announcing
a new refugee scheme.
ISRO is launching
forty satellites.
But kids are busy
practising their parents' signature.
Young is busy
risking life to buy marijuana.
Youth is busy
begging for jobs.
Adults are busy
spying kids' notebooks.
The world has enough problems
to make something new.
It is like adding
a new task in the to-do list
in the rush hours.
Bees becoming extinct.
let me get my degree first.
Amanda May 4
I am sorry for my failures
Sorry for being depressed
Always being self-absorbed
Worried and constantly stressed

I am sorry I don't show gratitude
Sorry for causing you grief
Bearing sorrow as a weapon
Sword I cannot sheath

I am sorry I whine so much
Unload troubles on your ears
Sorry I'm uncomfortable
Showing others my tears

Sorry for getting on nerves
Clinging to your side so tight
I am sorry when we argue
Hard to admit you're right

I am sorry I'm perpetually sad
Emotions are beyond my control
Sorry you are the one left to repair
Damaged fragments of my soul

I am sorry I have changed so drastically
In years since we first met
Sorry for slipping downwards
Doing all that I regret

Sorry you often take care of me
I can't do it myself
Ignoring many problems
Instead of getting help

I am sorry I'm the way I am
For what I cannot be
Becoming who I swore I wouldn't
Sorry you're stuck loving me
A formal apology to my love
Luna Maria Apr 27
when I try to swallow your tears
I get a bellyache
it is too heavy
Amanda Apr 19
I am not sorry for anything
There were problems easy to see
That's why I am letting you know
I am not even sorry for me
An old one I found on my facebook memories
Bella Apr 19
I love you
And I could never leave you
Yet I'm so distraught
This pain,
Oh this pain
I'm so distressed
But you can't change the past

But I just can't heal.
Dana Apr 17
I always feel too much, and
you never feel enough, like
two halves of the wrong circles
fighting to become whole.

So is this how it ends? Or we
could try and make a square.
I always care too much and
you care just the right amount,
so this one's on me.

You usually know what to say.
So we try sine and cosine.

They work. We're waves.
It's a throwaway sunset.
It's time.

The devil is dancing on
your shoulder. All the
angels are asleep on mine.
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