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Jemevic 1d
By my side
I have nobody.
In front of me
I have big obstacles.
I walk two steps backward
And I bumped to my past.
I have nowwhere to go
I don't want to go back to my past
Nor stays in the present.
I wish I'm dead.
Writing poems is the only way i can express myself.
Mar 3d
I have a lot of problems
That seem to get pushed aside
Because I’m “smart enough”
Or I’m “able to go through this”
I’m tired of being told I can do it
I’m tired of being told
Because quite frankly,
I don’t think that it’ll be okay
My feelings are raging,
And one expects to quell them using
That mean absolutely nothing to me
I just want someone to resonate with me.
I just want someone that resonates with me.
I'm going to be a fighter like my Helen was, fight
the pain of loss try to take
positives out of my now
Try becoming a stronger person through her memory and the Inspiration she has given
Help and encourage
others who are struggling
to cope with the pressures of today
Of ever Increasing problems, constant difficulties life throws at us all, that we have to try and deal with every passing day
Tying to help others with the Inspiration gifted to me by my late wife Helen through my poems try to be a figher like she was try to turn my life around
Madison 7d
Life is like a hurricane right now
Everything is spinning so fast
And I just can’t seem to keep up
They say that it is calm
In the eye of the storm
So I’m trying my hardest to reach it
I’m tired of only seeing grays and blacks
I want to see the beautiful sky
But this storm is against that idea
Instead it throws everything it can at me
Just to keep me from seeing the sky
I already have so many wounds
I’m already so broken
I don’t know why this storm still has me
I know this is all happening for a reason
And I know I just need to wait it out
But I’m not that kind of person
I’m determined to see the sky
I’m determined to have peace once more
So I will keep fighting this storm
I will not give up
Because I am stronger than this
I will overcome anything it throws at me
And I will make it to the eye of the storm
I will have peace
Even while everything is spinning around
I will see the marvellous blue sky again
Hello from inside this storm that was released from ****.
Everyone has a problem
Even if its slight
Everyone has a problem
Maybe not in sight
But everyone has a problem
Something that's not right
But its okay
Because everyone has a problem
Something that they fight
These problems make you beautiful
Even if despite
The problems appear so ****
Even in the night
The problems will break you down
But if you use them right
These problems make you who you are
So maybe use a light
Let your problems shine on you
So that they can be bright
Let your problems take the wheel
Let your problems take the flight
Let your problems walk away
Even let them stay
Because one day you'll realize
What the problem did for you
The problem made you who you are
Maybe you'll even thank them too
I Cried
When problems were ahead
Facing and making some fade
Yet I fall a lot times
Yet I stood double up time

I cried
When friends meant everything
I fight for them,
ignite a light for them,
But yet,
The smile behind the face
explains something else

I cried when no one was their
No one to hear
I was shrinked
And left in cold

I cried in the sunshade
With the rainy sky
When the things
Which made me fly-high
Made me die
I'm worthless.
Everyone hates me.
No one cares about me.
I only make things worse.
I am bad at everything I do.
Everyone thinks I am terrible.
These things are not true at all.
I'm not a worthless person at all.
There are lots of people care for me.
I have helped so many people over time.
I can do many things well and I like them.
A lot of people don't think that I am terrible.
These things I tell myself are lies and are wrong.
I must not really have real problems if these are lies.
I'd trust myself more often if I didn't tell myself these things.
How can I know the answers
to problems so complex,
if I am still being treated
as a dumb toddler?

The problems are a pool of water,
and I am a small human,
being tossed in,
not eased,
into the water.

They expect me to be calm and collected
as I flail my arms and legs about,
with water filling my mouth and ears,
drowning me.

I should be eased in,
being placed in the shallow end,
learning how to solve my problem
while gently wading in the gentle waters.

Others think that I should be
placed on the side of the pool,
with a book on how to swim.
Instead of being in the pool,
they think I should learn how
based on text and examples.
E l l e Nov 11
I just can't help but wonder

If by you saying "I love you"
Is just another way of saying "I love the feeling of you".

That your fantasy of us
Was just an illogical fallacy of ****
Because in truth, I fear you do not think with your heart-
In betrayal, I will always trust.

I wish we were back to those beautiful days;
The days where we would pick strawberries,
On the coats of Norway-
Swing carelessly, on the seasides of Whales.

Now, we just pick fights on the depths of our insecurities,
Say careless, arrogant things out of spite-
I miss when "I love you", wasn't an apology.

Maybe you can love me for real this time,
and not like the times we've shared.
I hope that one day "I love you" will mean no more
than just a few words to show mediocre affection-
And I won't need it as my life line,
Or my everlasting addiction for approval from you.

Maybe one day, we won't even have to say
"I love you",
Because on that day, we wouldn't have to wonder
What the answer would be.

For once, I deserve that.
All of you deserve that... xoxo
T e g a n Nov 10
I fear living for someone
centring someone in my universe
I fear not not wanting to be alone
constant noise in my silence
I fear wasting my time on someone
putting my life on hold for them to leave
I fear a lifetime of small talk
being a product of their routines and races
I fear not finding belonging
not being in control
I fear the prison of my mind
never finding the person I don't fear with
I fear not being special in the insignificance
never being not afraid to be vulnerable
I fear only existing
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