a polkadotted
full of problems
tied to a stick
slung across
my shoulder

from one place
to another

never questioning
why I bother
all over

a runaway
to sunny beaches
gloomy cities
far off reaches
of far earth

with stars poured
in my eyes
and hard-earned
pennies in
my purse

hoping that
this time will
be different

it couldn't
be worse


©2018 Adelaide Heathfield
Ever the escapist. Seeing new places with rose-colored glasses. Believing that everything will be better "over there". But forgetting to deal with my problems before I leave.
This is a poem
A poem with words!
Words that give meaning
To such meaningless verbs.

And meaningless verbs
Make meaningful lines.
Ones that give light to problems
In such purposeful times.

Problems like racism
Like famine and war.
Problems people cover up
And try to ignore.

But if we all wrote
A poem like this.
Maybe they’d listen
To all of our bliss.
For all who read this, maybe if we all yell loud enough, the world will hear our pleas for help.
T R S 5d
So often it is dead.
Said God.
Of others, instead build buildings.
Mount up, ready, set for your favor.
Mounds on God's ground goaded
Hoards and hoards
about bounties.
Beautiful shapes soften lines on hoards and hoards of faces.
So instead.
Glisten along raceways, gilded in filigree fasteners.
Spreading, trace fingers, lips,
So, space is how our hour owes us
Ryan 2d
Building futures for the youths -
The promising ones, anyway.
And all the defective and imperfect ones
Get put aside, or thrown away.

Achieve perfection,
Society tells us.
And if you can’t, accept your place.
Don't start a fuss.

Men should be tall,
Men should be brave.
As men we are, to these expectations,
A slave.

Women should be pretty,
Shaped like an hourglass.
Doing as they're told,
And never speaking back with sass.

Men should be emotionless,
Never to shed a tear,
And they should be confident,
Without an ounce of fear.

Women should be housewives,
And should be good at cooking.
My, how would she find a man
If she weren’t good looking?

The elderly are peaceful,
And, of course, very healthy.
But are you really successful
If you aren't extremely wealthy?

Children should be calm
And in public, almost silent.
They must refrain from their instincts
Of acting unharmingly violent.

I urge you,
Do not conform.
Society is merely trying to put you
In another uniform.
Audrey 6d
I love you and you love me
your love's the only drug I need
your smile brings light to my day
as all my problems fade away
The most superficial of all my troubles-
My backache does prosist.
Throughout all my other shit
That dull pain still exists.

Tucked in every lonley smile
And every insatiable crave
Is that pain, ciatic style
Despite how I behave;

Yet dealing with much more then a backache am I,
Addictions, Predictions, prescriptions, I lye:
Here in my bed in my room in my shame,
harbouring my bodys everworseing pain.
My problem is I fear.

I hold on.

I never know when to give up.

I blindly wave my hands on front of me in hopes that I'll find a hidden door to paradise,

Althewhile I fully expect to never find something that will allow me to stop wandering.

If that wasn't enough,
I drag the locked doors that I find along the way behind me in hopes that,
one day,
they'll magically open.
Anxiety written in a way anyone can understand.
Danial John Feb 17
If I want to die
                           So what?
If my beliefs are just complex lies
                           So what?
If my friends don't exist
                           So what?
If there's temptations I can't resist
                           So what?
If the broke stay broke and the rich get richer
                           So what?
If I can be reduced to 140 characters and a picture
                           So what?
If my faults are my own and not scars gained from the places I've grown
                           So what?
If I'm cold and alone, impaled on a fork in the road
                           So what?
If reality is meaningless and godly morality is diseasing us
                           So what?
If the good die young and the evil get to continue on
                           So what?
If the world is a beautiful place and the problem is the human race
                           So what?
If this poem rubs you the wrong way and you vow to make the unjust pay
                           So what?
If you feel like I am wrong or I went on to long
                           So what?
                      So what now?
                  So what do we do?
                So what is the point?
                 So what about you?
I wrote this, so what.
Alec Feb 16
Casually not okay
I mean granted you’re allowed to say anything you say.
Yeah i know I’m not perfect I’m not preferred
And I’ll be honest it’s expected so it’s not like it actually hurts.
I’m not tall enough, I’m not strong enough.
Which makes dating pretty tough and rough.
Short guys get the short end of the stick
Fitting isn’t it?
I should work out more i should eat better.
Would that mean i could go get her?
She’s out of my league to begin with
And me, stealing her heart? That’s a myth.
I’m the one she’s interested in,
But I’m not the one she really likes.
People are interesting
Secret Garden Feb 16
Alone in your presence,
Take me away.
Burning under your touch,
I don’t want to stay.
Living among wolves,
What can I say?
Your grip is so tight,
You suck the light from within.
Your claws are so sharp,
They are piercing my skin.
My voice is gone,
I make no sound.
I’ve searched and searched,
For it cannot be found.
I am trapped,
I can’t breathe-
Your torment is suffocating me.
I need to break away from this
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