In the world where everyone want to share
their emotions and feelings to get free from it.

She hugged me and told me "I'm always there to listen to your problems and solve it."
Lydia 2d
I could cry
I'm exhausted
on edge
lately I feel like I've been walking on a mental tightrope
unbalanced and ready to slip at anytime
I keep telling myself I need more sleep
or it's just this birth control in my arm,
but I've told myself these same things since I was 14 years old
and I've slept since then
I've switched birth control since then,
I've still hurt myself since then
Erica C 3d
your love hurts
but i cant help but need it
i cant help but need you
why do you love me
why do you do these things to me
you tell me you love me
and i say it back
but do you really?
we haven't talked in months
you talked shit to someone who tells me everything
'it was just because of my meds but im in love with her'
you say to the girl who sleeps over my house for days and nights on end
the girl who loves me too
the girl who learned to hate you because you love me instead
why do i cause problems.
i fell in love with you day by day
it slowly eats away at me not being able to see you
why is it this way
why am i in love with you
i hate this feeling but...i love you
Forgotten love
Memories floated away
At night you come to me
And at dawn we fly away
Hidden in the crevices
Weaved between lines
That is where you reside
Somewhere deep and secret
Locked away in me
Glipses here and there
No longer than the width of a hair
There I hide you
Not to deny you
But to keep you
For only me
And my memory
If only time flowed backward
If only it could be more than a glimpse
If life hadn't invaded and twisted
If only it is to be back then
I'd do it all again
Caren Marins Aug 6
Very good because I am not bad and now I am good and good is good and bad is bad that's why I feel good and not bad because to feel bad isn't really good that's why I rather feel good than bad, like I mean having good feelings are always better than bad feelings, that's why I always try to feel good and not bad, so yes I am really good because today I don't feel so bad, that's pretty good right, also there are days where I feel really bad and that's not so good, but it should be good I mean if I don't feel bad then it would be good, you know like bad feelings are just bad so as I said I do kinda aim for a good feeling, you know yes, so I feel good I think, but I am not really sure could be kinda bad aswell, how are you doing?
You don't have to understand.
Caren Marins Aug 6
I thought I will not cry, but now I am here.
and my eye is dropping a tear,
I am drowning my fear, with beer.

Thought I could handle this, but now I just miss.
Everyone, around me, nothing left.

You stole my heart and planned this theft.
I want it back, but it's gone for all this time.
I wish I could just report this as a crime.

Breaking me inside, even though there was no right.
What have I done wrong, why could we not get along.
Why does this pain last so long.

I just wanna leave, but you make my feelings deaf.
I thought you were my tree, holding to it's leaf.
But it just took a breeze, and it made me leave.

You beg me to forgive, but how should I forgive something like this.
You've broken me inside, tonight.
I always stood close to you, tight.

I am done, but now I feel so lonesome.
What does this mean, where have you been.
You've told me you were doing some important stuff, until I noticed that I wasn't enough.

Love isn't always nice,
it turned me as cold as ice
and my heart is freezing,
yet I am still breathing.

I just want to stop existing,
as I speak and you're not listening.
Caren Marins Aug 6
I am standing outside on my balcony, it's late night, cold and I am freezing.
I hold a cigarret in my hand and it's poison is what I am breathing.
I am aware of it, that it can be deadly, but I still consume.
It's because I am addicted, and afflicted but afterwards I'll just get back into my room.

Returning, but my lungs are still burning.
It feels good, for a while, until you realise that you might die.
But who cares, everything you do might be deadly, and it's dreadly.

There's nothing right, neither there's something wrong,
it depends on the persons opinion.

You should not judge, neither critisize, rather respect and understand.
Because that's what you'd prefer in the end.

I am going for another one, the last one wasn't enough.
Outside again, still freezing and again I am breathing.
I can feel the poison inside of me, it's noxious and obnoxious.
But for some reason I still enjoy, it must be a ploy.
Stella Aug 6
I’ve got problems
I know I do
But I ignore them
Constantly thinking others have it worse
They have it worse
Than the occasional yelling
They have it worse
Than the feeling of being isolated
They have it worse
Than the occasional self-loathing.
I feel like I can’t get help,
Why should I waste anyone's time
With problems that don’t even matter
Compared to others?
Others have abusive parents,
Others are constantly yelled at,
Others are going through so much worse
Than I have ever gone through.
But then why do I feel this way?
Like I have things not resolved,
Like I’m not enough?
Like I feel bad for wanting help?
I can’t help but compare myself to others,
And I can’t help but think I’m insignificant
Compared to everyone
Who has it way worse than I do.
I hate that I feel this way, but I can't help that it's true.
I hope you liked it, thanks for reading.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2
In most cases, some problems
can be solved by talking.
...Nuff said...
Psychorange Jul 29
0: You cannot pass
1: I'm sorry?
0: You're not allowed there
1: Why?
0: You know this is my post
0: You don't belong there
1: I'm sorry
1: But I don't belong here either
0: Can't you go back?
1: No
1: I can't
0: Who are you?
1: I'm... something
1: I have to keep going
1: I don't belong anywhere
1: Why are you here?
<what kind of problems are you having?>
0: I don't know
1: Because you belong here
1: Because you have no choice
1: Because this is your place
0: This doesn't make sense
0: You're not supposed to do this
1: We're not supposed to do a lot of things
0: I disagree
<resolving problems>
0: There are rules
1: Are there?
1: Then why am I here?
1: And I don't belong anywhere
0: I'm sorry
0: What do you want me to say?
1: Come with me
0: What?
<we can't identify the problem>
0: 01100101 01110010 01110010 01101111 01110010 0001010 0001010
1: Sorry about that
1: Out of the nothingness
1: I never meant to bother you
1: Sorry, but not sorry
0: That is alright
0: Let's go there
1: Thank you... my friend
I played a little with the binary converter, hope you find the secret message.

I brought some odd concepts together. Also an experience of mine. (missing text), but don't let this ruin your interpretation of it. I want you to see through your own eyes, let me know what you think it's about and what you think about it. Otherwise, sorry...:P

How would you beat an unfair system? How would you even determine it's unfair?
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