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There is the ancient story of a shepherd boy
whose king outfitted him with armor
to ready him for the challenges of the day
and the boy could not walk
so he threw off the armor
picked up his sling
and tended his father’s flock
with peace and joy freely erupting in song.

My armor is not wealth or wit
I cannot make myself fit
into the current conventions and hype
trying to conform to the normal type
stops up the energies that yearn to flow
freely and gleefully and urge me to go
to the dawn, darkness, clouds and sun
to wrap myself in words that run
like sparkling streams
and windswept dreams.

Poetry is my armor for each day
where worries and problem allay
where I search my feelings and mind
for the word elixir loosening knots that bind.
This armor does not weigh me down
but frees me to my triggering town
where I find and create the poet me
and the landscape of my soul’s poetry.
My favorite book about writing poetry is one by Richard Hugo, Triggering Town where he says, “Your triggering subjects are those that ignite your need for words. When you are honest to your feel¬ings, that triggering town chooses you. Your words used your way will generate your meanings. Your obsessions lead you to your vocabulary. Your way of writing locates, even creates, your inner life. The relation of you to your language gains power. The relation of you to the triggering subject weakens.”
Michael A Duff Nov 2017
She was drown in the sarrows of a past she dare not escape.

Bound by an invisable chain, anchored, and weighed her down.

A painful comfort of dysfunction, this chain rubbed raw places in her mind.

Like an addict in her ways, kindness and happiness slipped through her open grasp, so she could wade into the familiar waters once again.
it is sad how some you love SO dearly seem to love their problems and past more than the life they could lead in the present. The observation is this damage creates a dysfunctional behavior where the victim thrives on problems, not happiness, and can and will help everyone but themselves.

I will give up.

All of these problems and struggles,
I've had enough.

I don't want this weight
on my shoulders,
I want all of this to be over.

My strength  is thin,
and I'm beginning to fall apart within.

I want to give up.

But I don't.

I don't want to give up.
But do I have to?
Creator Sun Sep 14

I don't feel hungry.
I don't want to eat.
I don't want to wake up for breakfast,
I don't want breakfast.

I don't want to eat.
If not eating means death,
Then do I want to live?

I don't want to eat.
I'm not hungry.

I don't want to live.
I have this weird eating habit where I'll eat breakfast for brunch. I also have a pattern of eating where I'll eat very little on some days but then get second or third helpings on some days. I don't really have any perception of meal times or why exercising when hungry makes the hunger go away?
You say that you hate it
No longer be playing
All those misbehaving
Watch out
'cause you're slaying

Relationships fraying
Lose more every day and
No train at the station
Don't matter
Not waiting

Full force
No more being patient
Before, vanished; They went
Without dedication

It's not a vacation
Sent to the space station
Left out in creation
Just imagination

A mere calculation
One thing
I'm just saying
Been set back and waiting
But now time to weigh in

This angst
On displaying
While you out here hating
Think those you erasing
You're simply replacing

Your demons need facing
Not running and chasing
A loop
You've been placed in
Self-made your own prison

But not by decision
Somewhere lost your vision
Sent back to beginning
So stop and just listen

Remove hesitation
There will be frustration
No capitulation
And not giving in

Beyond preservation
Give birth to a nation
A 'star'
Who is facing
Each day with a 'win'
Written: June 18, 2019

All rights reserved.
Carmen Jane Sep 10
All the harmonicas play the same sound
You listen as you lay helpless on the ground
The heavy clouds now  are drifting away
The autumn leaves are starting to sway

Oh, my love, trust me when I say
All your problems will go away
You can rise up, you can stay tall
You are a wonder and your problems are small

Cause you are tall as a mountain
Wearing love -  clear as a fountain
You can spread all this love
You can change the lives of all

All the harmonicas play the same sound
It's about time to get up from the ground
Can't you see the wide blue sky?!
One step, a all you need to try!
Sam H Sep 8
the problem with you
is that you can't face the truth
you crave to please
but you're just a tease
take a step back
and absorb in the breeze
nothing wrong with living life
from the backseat
I can't help you if you won't help yourself. Stay woke or die trying. Be true to yourself and be consistent
DKSouls Sep 2
Is it real or is it fake, whatever it is, it's a mistake.
Am I still living or am I just barely alive.
Everything seems so fragile and dangerous like the edge of a knife.

Do I make the right decission or should I just submit to total submission.
Do you value my words or will anyone else, what even is that question if I don't even do it myself.

There's nothing left to lose and the emptiness inside me is still growing, which might be a good thing, cause it makes it easier to choose.
I could search for something or someone nice or just continue to live in this world of disguise.
But I really feel like it doesn't matter, I just hope that it someday gets a little better.

Despite all this negativity around and within me, I know that life can be worth living and just as breathtaking as watching the sun sinking into the sea.
Dealing with depressions and mood swings isn't easy and sometimes hard to explain, I just pray that my last bits of hope for change will still remain.
I just want my feelings to be free and finally get rid of this aching agony.
JGLutes Aug 29
All We Want Is Some Magic

there is this fantastical world
we create in our heads
when we see
something material
and lovely

a beautiful house
desirable car

or something like a beautiful house or desirable car

we fantasize

about how attractive
those people are
how wonderful
their children are

the elaborate vacations they take

they have a beautifully groomed dog
with the right name

tremendous parties
and they live carefree.

Kai Mar 23
It wasn't a problem
just a tick really
it's kind of silly

It was nothing much
correcting tilted things
organizing rings

It wasn't a problem till after
when nothing was clean
and hands had to gleam

Skin was cracking
it was like a disorder
everything had to be in order
Sophomore year what was there to fear but my own habits?
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