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Bullet 5d
the Gun
At You

Blank Range
With it too

A Score
Driving with
A 0 to a 60
Ball Limits
With the
Ball Point

Pen I just
Shot a Brain
I Might've Just
Shocked a Brain

Pending a Life
That I Just Took
I Handed You a Shook
Behind a Silver Lining

A Scuff on the Ink
Written In Red
What Do You Think
Have I Fallen of The Edge

Pulled the Trigger
But Have I Killed
My Opposer or
Another Bullet
Pointed at My Prospect  

Pulped Or Have I Put an End
Too All These Bullet Holes In The Head
I keep asking, working,

Asking and Working
         Asking and Working
                  asking and Working

                                         I will handle your problem?

* ,problem?

I see a similar issue?
                              Can you handle my problems after. . .
I resolve,
               Your Problems?

W 6d
Music takes you on a journey
Where you forget all your problems
But still feel different emotions
It takes you to a whole different universe
But still makes you see your universe in a different light

Amanda 6d
I carry caution with your many compliments
In my center grows cool hesitation
My heart has turned bitter and cold for protection
A solitary sorrow circles my soul in rotation

Hope you take necessary steps
Better yourself and circumstances
Quit stirring up problems voluntarily
Expecting endless charity and chances

I am jaded, your mask is lifted
Now I wish to be blind once more
I've shed the ignorance keeping my joy in
Since I peeled it off can't be happy anymore
Ignorance really is bliss...
By Arcassin Burnham

I got a lot",
On my plate,it needs to stop,
can't be friends with these here cops,
cause I'll be the target they spot,
still breathing while the sun is hot,
keep these lil'kids off the block,
I got a lot.

Putting aside my Petty squabbles and failures,
Writing the ups and downs as I go, theres no letters,
Feeding my conscious mind to a higher being,
Escaping this world is a must ,if you know what I mean,
Hard enough to know thy self,
All the things we consume will melt,
Our brains , the corporations gives thanks,
We drown an ignorance like a scuba tank.
we got alot*.

Amanda Oct 13
I tried to bury past regrets
Hide them in the dirt
No matter how deeply submerged
I still feel the hurt
Start watering flowers and stop watering weeds
Anya Oct 9
A constantly
chugging train
plugging numbers
spitting answers
as exhaust
the chimney
like the wheels
on the tracks
And all I can do
is my best
Alex Oct 9
Little perfect girls,
In a little perfect world.
Not a single curl out of place.

LiTtLE pErFeCt LiEs
SeE HoW tHeY cUt,
ThEiR StOmAChS hAvE bEeN EmPtY fOr DaYs

They laugh with wide smiles,
They blink with wide eyes.
A future in front of them!
How blessed we are.

tHeIr SMiLeS aRE bRigHt tO dIsTrAcT fRoM tHeiR pRobLeMs
ThEiR EyEs aRe WiDe wItH FeAr
THeY arE bRoKeN, bUt sTiLL cRyInG

How lucky we are,
For the ones that are blessed,
With beauty and intelligence.
They are the future of this world.

"hOw LuCKy yOu ArE"
BlEeDinG WrIsTs aNd a mONsTeR.

Little perfect girls,
Why, why did you go?
A future in front,
A past left in pieces

yOU dIDnT sEe THe SiGnS.
THeY hAD pRobLeMs FrOm AnOrExIa tO SuICiDe
YOu ToLD tHeM tHeY wErE PeRFeCt
sO tHeY WeRE pErFeCT
UnTiL tHeY cOuLdNt TakE iT ANyMoRe

Perfect little girls

peRFeCt LiTtLe Lies
We look at each other
in awe, in disgust
And create what we see
In front of us

The mighty picture,
once complete
Will last forever
Untouched, unseen

The picture in mind
They'd rather judge
Than to close their eyes
And watch,
And watch

The picture in mind
I'd rather judge
Than to close my eyes
And watch,
And watch
We all do it.
Arcassin B Oct 5
By Arcassin Burnham

Pushing the barricades, making these new moves,
Why do have to share my glory with false hoping attention grabbing
glory seeking egotistical *******,
*** says you better love your mother,
At least that what he said before she told i ruined everything,
I wasn't supposed to be born according to what she says,
A young man could only take so much , when the problems ain't harsh,
And your souls not gone, and went ghost for a whole year just to prove a
Don't have time for ******* and such, when your life is at peace,
Eat , sleep and ****, and the days don't matter when have common
sense , ***** get to the point!
If I haven't woken up , I will,
If I haven't woken up , I will.

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