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If Only Tonight We Could Sleep...

I'm as Scared As You
Hidden in The Upstairs Room
One Hundred Years
And A Thousand Hours
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea

Please sing me a Lullaby
One of Faith and Doubt
Or of How Beautiful You Are

Dream with me One More Time
Underneath the Stars
On A Night Like This
Far removed from The Empty World

Maybe Someday
We'll be free To Wish Impossible Things
Like Dressing Up in our finest and dancing
Where the Birds Always Sing
Or picking Bloodflowers
On The Last Day of Summer

It would be Just Like Heaven...
All song titles are by The Cure.

In response to BLT's "Band Challenge." The challenge is to construct a poem using song titles from one band or musical artist.

Jamadhi Verse's "I Will Follow" inspired me this morning.
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