I am going to externally rotate
all your words to reflect
the Sun's true face. I will
shine as I ride into the night,
Always feeling the graze of your
ghost along my pinky
pressing your electric lips,
My impinged breast to your

Outgrowth of old pain, loss of
movement, missing love, his love
He felt sick and tried to sleep
breathing like heart on sleeve
Relaxed, releasing our sexish
The room was dark and silent
He could still taste my collarbone

He laid there dazed and lazy
But something was not right
He felt the need to beat off
The darkness in that night
He sat up and rubbed his eyes
And looked over at his side
When he didn't see me or her
fear sucked up crept up inside

Love me, broken and screwed
Room for us to breathe, slowly
all the air is removed as you enter
Working me over owning me
forward is a field of daisies
Fuck me well, fuck her ruthless

My pussy party. Exert.
Mr Uku Jan 12

I’ve been running about round the park like a twat
And it’s too bloody cold and I’m too bloody fat
I’ve forgotten my gloves and I ain’t got an ‘at
And the shorts that I’m in make me look like a prat

There are dogs on those leads that are too bloody long
And the people that walk them are walking them wrong
And I get tangled up with the lead and the pup
And the dog walkers laugh as I trip myself up

I gasp and I wheeze as I trundle around
Past the kids on the swings who are laughing out loud
Cos the sweat in my shorts makes it look like I’ve pissed
And my knee’s swelling up cos I’m getting a cyst

The friction is burning and hurting my thighs
And I’m not getting thinner, they’re still the same size
I finally get home and collapse on the mat
I’m not sure it’s worth it, I think I’ll stay fat

Week 2 of the 52 poem challenge brought this poem out in me.
Michael Duff Jan 9

The sounds not heard are the most precious we can understand; a heart breaking, a glare thrown, a kiss blown.

They place us in very different feelings and sometimes leave us beaten, and battered... but also in others hopeful.

We wouldn't be who we are without that past and it helps us move forward to better sounds; the sigh of contentment, and the giggle of new love.

just because it's bad doesn't mean it has to be that way forever. love comes and goes, enjoy the good and learn from the tough times, take none of it for granted.
Mr Uku Jan 4

Twelve months to try.
Twelve months to fail.
Twelve months to scream.
Twelve months to wail.
Twelve months to pick
Twelve months to choose
Twelve months to win
Twelve months to lose
Twelve months to do.
Twelve months to be.
Twelve months to look.
Twelve months to see.
Twelve months to take
Twelve months to give.
Twelve months to die.
Twelve months to live.

Done for week 1 of the 52 poem challenge. The theme for this week is my approach to the next 12 months.
Croiyon Dec 2017

Her love is intense
Like a raging inferno
Her whispers leave smoke in my mind
I am hers, entangled in a web
She is perfect
Everything I could want
It's too late
For I realize
I am caught in the Jurogumo's web
to be feasted upon

A challenge I do when writing, sometimes I implement three specific words, today these words were intense, smoke, and woman.
aurora kastanias Dec 2017

While four hauled on ropes
with all their might to heave
the vessel the rest of us pushed
as hard as we could for it to slip,

over rolling wood stems of nearby
centenary trees, cylinder boles cut
collected and positioned neatly
on the beach. Feet sinking in sand

scorching skin for what could have been
the last time, ingenious procedure
to thrust the mended old ship
at sea, once more to sail where winds

would blow her, hope would lead her.
Little did we know the two would take
us far into nowhere abandoning tars
to the mercy of blistering quiet.

No gale no direction other
than sudden calenture affecting
all the crew the captain miles
away from any coast under

hallucinogenic revelations
delivering abreactions
unexpected introspection
resulting in acquaintance

with self. Until storm was greeted
with joy mouths wide-open
like kids sticking tongues
out to seize drops of unsalted

fresh water after seven
days of compulsory rum
depletion. Invigorated a new
battle introduced its imminence,

waves as high as ancient temples
were the rival faced
while lowering sails to survive
unwilling to surrender yet

searching for land
through reluctant biting lashes until,
the last billow we saw captured
us and closed our eyelids,


On life and challenge
Adrian Supetran Nov 2017

Time started to move,
In a motion I cannot predict.
I can't seem to understand
The value of foresight.

Time could be your ally
Or it could be our greatest foe.
To tame something intangible,
Is the greatest mastery of all.

Blinded by the darkness of unknown,
We find security in our own space.
To unlock something so profound,
Adversities must be faced.

Being mortal is not an issue.
I found sadness in our frailty, but
Something so fragile is also beauty.
Life will soon start to wither.

An alchemist created gold.
Equality is a price,
In our case to achieve completeness,
Is it to face demise?

prosaic prologues bewitch
   feeble minded scribe doth undertake
tend toward lugubriousness ring tone
   for goodness sake

echoing across,
   a figurative lake woebegone, where quake
shutters latched storm windows,
   clapped closed winter season didst make
physical environment lachrymose

   analogous to imp pond durable dark lake
where sits inside secluded hut,
   this fledgling author named Jake
a former cub (scout) at a loss
   to string together an aria
   tomb other nature and NOT FAKE,

sepulchral paeon to divine Gaea, Mother Earth
especially incorporating
   mutisyllabic (sesquipedalian) words,
   which exertion
   on par with giving birth

(or so I guess),
   a particularly heavily pregnant laden dearth
of help mates, doubling demonstrably
   deadly duty devoid of mirth
totally tubular taxing toll,

   an essentially unbearable
   effort with bulging girth
whereat digestion consumes
   latent mental ambition,
   especially toasty warm near the hearth

which hitherto unknown to any reader
   twas Xmas fabrication and fiction
no crime committed, nor animals harmed
   in the making of diction

aery necessary entrapping unsuspecting intellect
   to comprehend somber benediction
unless perchance one lone wolf
   bait Oven  English Major
   with Westernization

topped off with a European  
debunaire suave acculturation
even luckier if hypothetical personage
   dips daintily into forays epicurean,

though careful,
   and alert since church fathers
  would frown on parsonage
whose natural born ardor,
   a spiritual abduction

stealing austerity, complacency, and objection
toward forced irrational schemas
   averse to abnegation
unfair imposition

   to foist upon pruriant predilection
also impossible mission
   to sequester arbitrary animal urges,
   punishing call of the wild,
   sowing seeds a beastial accusation
considered averse,
   then imposition contrition!

Lex Nov 2017

We live in a world full of everything
we have the happy
we have the sad
we have the angry
we have the glad
we have food
we have houses
we have feuds
we have spouses
we have the glowing
we have defeat
we have the outgoing
we have those who retreat

As we go through life
with our eyes pressed forward
we never stop to look at the ones who "don't have"
those who are hurting
those who are sad
those who are crying
those who are mad
those who have no houses
those who have no food
those who have no spouses
those who live in a constant fued
those who are covered in strife
those who are broke
those who are done with life
and willing to choke

So my challenge to you is next time you walk outside
next time you start to ignore
instead of worrying of only yourself
help someone through the door
stop putting them on the shelf
help them off the floor
and think of something other than yourself
a lot more

I hope that when you hear a cry for help, you do.
Whether you're tight on money or not.
We can always afford to do something even a little.
Whether that's a conversation, food, shelter, money, or love.
When someone is crying out, ask yourself this.

What's stopping me?
Sincerely Nov 2017

You are no winner,
So don’t act like I’m a prize to be won.
You can’t pay your way to win me.
I am a challenge, indeed.
I am not supposed to be easy to win over.
Because I’m not.

So bet all you like.
Say all you want.
Throw what you want;
Paper planes, words.
I don’t care anymore.

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