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Pieces of my heart are floating in my chest
They knock time to time the inner walls
I cleaned up for you, our love's nest,
Cleaned up the  nightmare, when you said it falls.

Voices in my head, tell me to stay
Unveil the present, unroot the past
Take all the challenges day by day
Life's short, it will run out fast.
“Write something everyday”
They say

I’ve tried this before
I never wrote more

Than the days when I wasn’t supposed to

“Write something everyday”
They say

I’ll write it all away

Put down my thoughts before
But I always needed more

Especially on the days I missed you
It’s hard to write even though I have so much to say. I’m going to genuinely try to write something every day for a little while, not give myself a timeline. Just be generous with myself.
Tja, ik probeer wel nederlands te schrijven,
God weet dat ik het niet kan.
Ik ga niet nog een ******* boek lezen,
Dus we maken er het beste van.

Eerst moet je bedenken wat je überhaupt gaat schrijven.
Geen idee, niet dat ik ooit goeie ideeën heb.
Dus dan gaan we maar weer rijmen,
Alsof het van een rijmwebsite komt, het is haast "nep"

Als je dan eindelijk inspiratie hebt,
*** ga je het dan verwoorden?
Nederlands is gewoon een kuttaal.
Rens, ik ga je op een dag echt nog vermoorden (misschien)

En nu is het klaar met die kutrijmpjes,
Het werkt alleen maar in het Engels.
Ik wilde een rijmwoord bedenken,
Het eerste dat in me opkwam was "soepstengels"

Help lol
You "challenged" me to write a Dutch poem, so I did. It's a happy poem too. Maybe I'll translate it sometime.
Jing Xi Lau Sep 2
Our forever is built on,
A temporary palace,
With paper-thin walls,
Our bed a foam mattress.

Our forever is sprawled across,
The stained carpeted floor,
Beneath our ***** laundry,
Messes we choose to ignore.

Our forever is cracked into,
Every omelet and French toast,
Served with a glass of cold juice,
And kisses on the nose.

Our forever is written on,
Every inch of your midnight skin,
Each stubble and razor bump like Braille,
A love language I've never seen.

Our forever is tested,
By time zones and distance,
Will our palace walls crumble,
Or stand in defiance?

Our forever is put on trial,
By people who shouldn't bother,
A xenophobic aunt,
And an uncle who's a pastor.

Our forever is cursed,
By a father's daily prayer,
Wrapped in his own infidelity,
The quiet naysayer.

Our forever is assembled,
From sticks and stones hurled at us,
Will it endure hurricanes and haters,
Or is it just a temporary palace?
Carl D'Souza Aug 8
In an ideal
would every person
live for the purpose
of achieving joy and happiness
for themself
and others in society?
Would every person
deal with the challenges
Destiny brings
in a joy-and-happiness-way
which optimises joy and happiness
for themself
and for others in society?
Dev Aug 1
I've been attacked, chased, and charged

By cats and snakes small and large

Bitten by sharks with great white teeth

All while monsoons crashed our reef

I've attracted gorillas with my jungle musk

And fought them off with an elephants tusk

But in all the places I've been stranded

It's only cities where I can't stand it
My response to the challenge: Find the nearest book (of any kind). "Turn to page 8. Use the first ten full words on the page in a poem. You may use them in any order, anywhere in the poem.

"I've been chased by elephants, bitten by snakes, charged by Gorillas, attacked by sharks, stranded in monsoons... " - National Geographic Survival Book
Carl D'Souza Jul 30
A challenge of living
is to channel my energy
into activities
which bring me joy and happiness.
Carl D'Souza Jul 23
The challenge of living
is to search for opportunities
in my current situation
for joy and happiness.

The challenge of living
is to search for opportunities
to improve my current situation
to increase my joy and happiness.
They call it Ladder Country
From whence a new Babel grew
Ascension to space so that the race might continue
The Ladder stands monumentous, to deliver up the sundry
Our planet's health declined and such this was our plan
The Cabinet's decision ultimately to save
The human race's extinction, perpretually delayed
We deliver starseeds as woman and as man
Using a randomizer, a friend and I were required to write a poem using the words chosen. This was mine
m h John Jun 30
it’s been a challenge
opening up to you
it’s taken therapy
walks around the pond
late nights of getting advice
from the moon
holding you while you cry
and long days
of staring up into the sky
questioning why everything
is turning out the way it is
but finally
i understand you
i know you
and i am happy with you
don’t be afraid of change
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