Obstacles await you
They're all along your path
Accept them as challenges
Don't glare at them in wrath

What are obstacles, really
But adventures in disguise?
Every adventure comes
With the risk of demise

Great adventures await you
They block and bar your way
Will you greet them with a smile?
Or will they taunt you day by day?

Don't let an obstacle control you
Don't sit down and sigh
Just call it an adventure
And know that you'll get by
Definitely a Dr. Seuss vibe in this one. It would fit right in with "Oh, the Places You'll Go". I hope you enjoy It!
AS Jul 1
I popped a bubble of reality,

the one you made me breathe.

Moving away from delusion and the

way you deceived.

In which you felt,

it was your right to make me bleed.

Viewing the unseen,

which led away and continued my stray.


each and every day,

exploring deceptions and perceptions

in array.

Learning new realities will stay,

until my dying day.

Whilst stagnant you remain.

© 2018
Abigail Sheard
ph Jun 26
I love the way you always
challenge me.
          The way you always
         keep me on my toes.
          The way         you always
get my heart beating
like a drum.
This time, it was a race, only the first one
     to cross the finish line
     was not the winner.
The way you asked me
       what I wanted if I wanted if I won and what would happen
                                                   if I lost.
I tried to hold out on you, love, but your dancing
   fingers and perfect rhythm get me every time.
And when I moaned softly, as our ballet met its coda,
               you yanked me so close that my chest was
   one with yours and you whispered in my ear,

                                                   “I. Win.”
Mary-Eliz Jun 13
Hell holds out a glass
it looks like it’s red wine
But think again, its color
is something like a suspicious sign

You hope that you are wrong
but of your worries that’s the least
Smells waft up – like Sulphur and brine
from orange flames around the horrible beast

He puffs a cigarette, blows blue smoke
“bwa-ha-ha” sounds his ugly scoff
Your mouth tastes like kerosene
it feels like you need to cough

His wrinkled, gnarled and scaly hands
grab hold of your quivering shoulders
Shrieking, you flail to get yourself free
while all around the heat smolders

Wake up, wake up, come back to life
it’s a nightmare that you’ve had
Good grief, where've you been
could it really be that bad?!

It was awful, so very real
thought I was gonna die!
Tell you this much, you mutter
that's the last time I get high!
Prompt" use all these words"

Tastes like wine
Smells like cigarette
Feels like high
Looks like hell
Sounds like life..
Sab Jun 4
Will you stay or will you run away?
Mary-Eliz May 27
set down on satin lining
velvet box laid cautiously
placed on top of other cargo
for the voyage on the sea

strands of precious shining stones
stowed in Captain's quarters
second mate stood by to guard
it was the Captain's orders

secured and safely in the hold
I had no need to fret
the lateen sails were readied
drawn up the mast and set

sun shone brilliant, sky so clear
along Africa's gold coast shore
the journey would be smooth
captain couldn't have asked for more

with Portugal as destination
and royalty waiting there
crew's footsteps scurried on the deck
there was excitement in the air

the caravel set out to sail
'twas in the sixth month of the year
that traditional wedding time
and the date was coming near

the date I had to be delivered
for the princess bride to be
to be worn above her bosom fair
sparkling gems from 'cross the sea

I'll match her love-filled eyes
and complete the four required
not sure of old or new or borrowed
but for blue she'll have sapphire.
Oh my! What an "assignment"...prompt word: caravel.; write from the perspective of something blue.
Mary-Eliz May 26
I find this challenge daunting
one that I’ve not tried before
hope my efforts are not wanting
and that I get a decent score

My stress, oh lord, is mounting
instead of having spirits soar

Hope my efforts are not wanting
I’ve tied myself in knots galore
as this contest is so taunting
and has become a frightful chore

My stress, oh lord, is mounting
instead of having spirits soar

as this contest is so taunting
why did I make the challenge more
I didn’t set out to be vaunting
please help my rhyming I implore

My stress, oh lord, is mounting
instead of having spirits soar

I didn’t set out to be vaunting
oh! thank god I’m on verse four
with this exercise so exhausting
I'm quite sure I couldn't do one more

My stress, oh lord, is mounting
instead of having spirits soar
  By Lawrence Eberhart | January 14, 2013 | didactic
There is some confusion online as to the meaning of the term “roundelay,” with some references confusing it with the French “rondelet” and others describing it as any poem with a refrain. Actually, the roundelay, rondelet, rondeau, rondel, and other similar sounding poems all spring from a common French origin, but are all very different in contemporary use. The roundelay’s many repeating couplets and limited rhymes can make it a difficult form to write, but as with many successful poems with refrains, can also make for profound or esoteric poetry.
The roundelay consists of four sestets (six-line stanzas) made up of twelve repeating couplets (two-line stanzas, one of which repeats as each stanza’s last two lines. The stanzas’ couplets A,B,C,D ,E and R (the continuing refrain) combine in the following pattern:
A B R … B C R … C D R … D E R
So, in the second stanza, “B C R” represents six-lines (three couplets), with couplet “B” repeating from the first stanza, couplet “C” repeating in the following stanza, and its last couplet “R” repeating as every stanza’s last two lines. In addition, each couplet’s first line rhymes with other couplets’ first lines and all second lines rhyme with each other as well, making the rhyme scheme:
a-b-a-b-a-b … a-b-a-b-a-b … a-b-a-b-a-b … a-b-a-b-a-b
Remember that in a rhyming pattern, lines ending in a sound designated by “a” only rhyme with other “a” lines, “b” lines only with other “b” lines, and so on.
Trochaic tetrameter (four feet of “DUM-dah” per line, see “Meter”) is a requirement, but it is permissible for some of the lines to be one syllable short.

Ha-ha-ha!! Neither profound nor esoteric.
Lady Narnia May 24
Stranded for years upon this tormenting land
My heart yearns to leave the forsaken sand
With new wings spread, I will freely fly
And touch the sun, the beautiful sky

Determined to escape, I diligently build
Using every last brainpower I've willed
Day by day, feather by feather
This will be my greatest creation ever

Finally, after so many dreadful years
And all the painstaking tears
My wings are complete, I'm ready to soar
Standing before a cliff, I see the new door

Taking flight, I battle the wind
Reaching the sky, it's more than I imagined
Watching the world below me disappear
I'm suddenly embraced by immense fear

The distance increases ever so morosely
and danger lurking, more and more closely
Doubt enters my mind, I quiver and cower
Will I reach my goal or lose my power?

My wings are melting, the sun is near
Flashes of memories of all I hold dear
This must be the end, I'm holding my breath
But all is blurry, this must be my death

I find myself upon cool, green grass
The sun is gone, what was to pass?
Underneath the moonlight, upon new land
I notice something different about my hand

A black imprint on the tip of my finger
Inspired by the story of Daedalus and Icarus with a mixture of a overcoming my personal, overwhelming challenge.
I'm dry in my veins but hanging on,
I will challenge the wind and prove to it I'm strong.
Gone with my friends and my foes in its grasp,
I bet they lying still and lonely along the lime, tender grass.

The branch won't be my refuge as he needs a refuge himself,
I can be even more stronger than the branch, for I believe in myself.
The wind holds no impartiality nor does it favors not a soul,
But I'll be that one he'll remember of being quite so bold.

If I'm carried away by the wind I'll not fall,
The grass won't be my resting place and ever at all.
I will discover the mystery of the wind and its secrets,
Its weak points and as well as its deepest.

The path of the wind and where it rests at nights,
And where it begins and the things it likes;
And why doesn't it tosses shadows away,
And why me an old, dry, clinging leaf, but well, not today!
Category: Nature
Mary-Eliz May 23
Excitedly I drew my pen
to have a bit of fun
to zero in on the ABC's
to take them for a run
knowing that to use them up
is really an endeavor
and that the venerable judge
is known to be quite clever.
For a "contest" challenge to use all letters in poem.
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