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Donna 5h
iPad is charging
Waiting to play candy crush
Time for a challenge
I blame my sons they got me hooked on candy crush lol <3
"Fruit Bowl" Collection
A poetry challenge
see link to the "Fruit Bowl" Collection below

Write a poem for/about fruit
(Do ya think this idea will, (fruit), fly here?)

Virtual rewards for virtually all participants, actual or virtual, (no robots will be rewarded though)

Reward Categories:
1) Gets to the core of the matter
2) Stem twistiest
3) Best Overall, i.e. Best poem to read while wearing overalls
4) Compote Composition
5) Compost Composition
6) Seediest
7) Juiciest
8) Best for the (Fruit) Salad days
9) Drupest

There are no rules, but the poem should have something to do with fruit.
Rule Breakers - your post will be rendered indelibly ineligible, your script being legible or not
Yes - I'm being silly, but your poems do not have to be.
Most of mine are not either.
Thanks Poets.
Poetic T Mar 14
The diversity of ones
path, is a well
trodden one. But we
must sometimes try anew.

For without walking upon
other routes, we'll get
lost on the path
we've walked aimlessly on.

Though we may get
lost, we'll find our
footing. And then a
new scenery will awaken.

And through life we
may change our direction.
Each footstep will always
give us different perspectives.
Steve Page Mar 14
Don't be quick
to stop and search.
Do slow and speak.
Do stop at the curb.
Do sit.
Do commit to shape
a future city nation
where more space is given
to a wider conversation
with a newer translation
that's truer in comparison
than any black and blue
blunt force confrontation.
Listening to ill-conceived political solutions to social problems.
say Mar 2
Like the scent of salt after a day by the sea,
A brush of pollen against the wings of a bee,
The smooth gaze of the wind against the leaves,

You made your mark on me.
A harmony that will forever be.
Sumairu Feb 27
I don't need your curves, but I must say; it would be nice to have your curves for my senses to behold.

But... that is not my only wants.

Challenge my feelings, stimulate my mind, overload my senses, one conversation at a time.
Rebuke my thinking, appraise my heart, critique my motives to see if my goals are true or not.

A man that thinks only of *** has no need to find his path nor follow his heart.

But, l do.

I don't need your curves, but I must say it would be nice; to make love in ways you want and ways you never thought. To make every ****** you feel a life-changing story about what transpired in your heart.

But, nonetheless I don't need your curves, I want what's in your heart.

I'm a man looking for pleasure that strokes the deepest part of the heart; A woman who can see me for me even if I fail to see myself: a good man with a beautiful heart.

This woman makes a man put curves last because she knows how to love the heart.
Revised by Rebecca ;)
say Feb 23
My mind is a brewery for complacence.
Worry steeps my thoughts.
I pour in heaving tablespoons of anxiety,
and overdue the self-loathing.

I stir in my responsibilities,
and it is complete.

My (not so perfect), cup of tea.
Marsha Feb 21
those scars
from past stars
you're a wounded hero
Another elfchen, from a challenge I did. Word prompt was KISS.
Marsha Feb 18
You promised
Freedom, safety, peace
Terror's all I see
An elfchen challenge I did on Instagram the other day.
Word prompt was LIAR.
took a lot

of searching,





finally found

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