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You are
a new, exciting challenge.

With the games you play,
I'll never be able to tell
if I'm winning or not.
(but you can bet your happy trail I'll try)

Are you really
as cold as you seem?
Distant and Reflective

You are water.
Forever breezy—
go with the flow
and float on the ripples.

And I am plexiglass.
I don't break—
I shatter
but it takes a lot.

If you think about it,
(and I know you do)
the best container
for reckless water
is a plexiglass tank.

and it can hold
a myriad
of different things.
Shaxy Oct 7
There once was a bird that wanted to fly
        Just like eagles soaring in the sky
               It climbed on top of the barn
        A voice bellowed, "Come down, son!!!"
"Poor chicken... Don't you know that you can't fly?"
A limerick challenge.
As you would have known, kinda inspired by Angry Birds :)
The satisfaction I get
When I see the look on their faces
When children show me they can do something
That I just told them they're not capable of doing
Just told my 5 year old sis she can't read 'Mississippi' and she showed me she could.
It's a motivational tactic challenging kids to something you know they can do.
Anya Sep 28
Our task in class
to draw really
depressed people
for a competition
I wanted to draw
a really
drooping cheeks
flawless skin

She said no
I get to draw
an old person
which is fine
HOW am I to draw
And especially
a value scale
of shading
as well
the issue
isn't that
I am unwilling to draw
I, consider myself
at big picture person
NOT as much detail oriented

I, consider myself
who relies
at least half
if not more on
NOT to say
that I lack
technical skill

my strong suit
would be
the idea

she's challenging me
by giving me a simple idea
And having the key portion
be the
According to my mom
it's a good thing
And I agree too,
I suppose I'd better go draw
Steve Page Sep 20
I've faced change
and I've found it strange how

change stretches
change races

change strikes me dumb
change leaves me numb

change weighs heavy
change breeds worry

change twists and turns
change burns -

change leaves you standing
leaving you thinking

challenging mediocrity
offering opportunity

flouting comfy rules
removing familiar tools

stripping plans bare
making you scared

- but bringing you hope
clearing the smoke

increasing the pace
clearing some space

sweeping life clean
on to the next screen

- change is a constant
he shrugs off all constraint

he's fearlessly bold
with an irresistible hold

he bucks every trend
not afraid to offend
and he will fast become
your firmest friend.

Welcome change.
Change for good or ill moves you on.
MicMag Sep 16
A challenge for you:
Try to speak in just haiku
In your normal speech

Give it your best shot
It's really hard, but so fun
In verse, try to preach

Maybe they'll notice
Maybe they won't have a clue
Have fun either way

Live life whimsically
Put a smile on your face
Haiku-ize your day!
Seriously, y'all!
You can spark your brain to life
With pure haiku speech

Try it out and let me know how it goes!
Lady Bird Sep 12
springing through the tall trees
the misty drops danced as moisture
blossomed a rhythm with the breeze
surrounded dewed flowers softly swayed
gently overlapping the green grassy hill
moonlight walked across the peaceful air
floating with such an extraordinary thrill
like pearls around the neck of life raindrops fell
and nature's beauty gleamed everywhere
Inspiring Word Bank Challenge; Using These Words:
Moonlight, Flowers, Raindrops, Blossom, Extraordinary
Alexander T Sep 6
what is the meaning of life
if my heart wants the knife

What is the point of love
if theres nothing to dream of

How am I supposed to live,
feeling this way
If I want to **** myself,
Every **** day

I keep searching for reasons
Theres only a steady hum
stuck with closed minded relations
hearing nothing but a drum

stuck in this war
I am cold and sore

I am doing the time
but what is my crime

I can see blood
It looks like mud
Theres nothing left in me
so why dont you flee

I am undefined
and not so kind

you need to see
that theres nothing left for me
I dont want to breathe
So say I wont leave
Fikayomi Sep 1
They stare, she smiles,
they grin, she observes.
They pity, she's queasy,
they brood, she walks away--
life as a lady with a crutch.

I smile, they hail,
I step out, they celebrate,
I emit knowledge, they are wowed;
I struggle to fit in, they support.

I try to be unique just as I am, but the struggle within, no one seem to care;
life as a man, a physically challenged survivor.

They celebrate our strength, but our weakness imprisons us,
they profess their love, a love that soon fades away;
they show their care, but we just want to be hale.

They assure us of a bright future-- a future they would never dare to feature in.

They speak, they wish, they support, but we always want more because our defects make us different.
Life of a physically challenged survivor.
Dev Aug 31
When the moon finally meets it's ceiling
Ahh, I wish I could describe the feeling

The countryside gives me a terrific peak
Early sun illuminates an anacamptic creek

The cricket's intuition ends their rhythmic chirp
I can see the dew glisten on the grass and the dirt

All silence - besides the wind and the bluejay
They spin through the sky for a game the two play

Warm waves of air push over the hills
Goosebumps ensue but I welcome the chills

This is a moment that an artist might draw
but he simply can't because he's part of it all

This is a setting that our memories reluctantly dilute
Though recollection of chores are crisp and acute

Try as I may - I can not pocket this instant
For when the day emerges it all becomes distant
This was a response to a challenge:
Quickly jot down four verbs , four adjectives, and four nouns. Write a poem using all 12 words. (I used a random word generator)

Verb: Draw, spin, dilute, push
Noun: game, setting, intuition, moon
Adjective: early, warm, rhythmic, anacamptic
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