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muteD Jun 12
Why does it feel as though happiness
is unattainable for me?
Unreachable no matter how far I stretch.
Untouchable no matter how much I yearn for it.
And whenever I do seem to grasp it,
it always vanishes into thin air.
Leaving me wishing for a different time.

I remember being a toddler,
standing in a candy store..
Staring in awe at the sweets around me
and wishing I was big enough
to grab one of the huge lollipops
on the top shelf.
With no adult in sight of my little eyes
I had only one thought running through my mind
“I can’t wait until I’m older..”

and now,
here I am.
Older and what I feel and see now are
my thoughts and dreams,
my wants and pains,
my desires..

I see them swirling and mixing;
one becoming the other until I can tell nothing apart.

What hurts me just might be my destiny.

I wish for a reality where all things are crystal
and all paths are clear.
To know where my soul truly belongs
and to not wander.

A wandering heart knows of only temporary love
and a temporary love
can only end in

You wonder,
“Are you running from me?”
And my answer is,
“Yes, but only if you’re this reality”
MysteryBear Jun 9
You told me about your abandonment issues and how I contributed to them before. This time I remembered not to make the same mistake. I reached out for you, but you smacked my hand away. I did it again and again so you know I cared, but I became the pest. The burden you wanted to let go. Now you and I are the same. I was abandoned.
emma Apr 28
i'm tied
i've tried to cut this string
that attaches me to you
but the knotted rope is too thick
and my scissors too dull
the ones who love you will help you find sharp scissors
You and me
You promised me.
Take my hand and run away
With me.

And I know that I'll never be
Less of me when I'm with you.
You know me as I know you
Better than we could ever know.

I promise you we'll get out of here.
We'll be happier
Nobody knows what's hidden there
I'm begging you to let time pass.

For one day we'll be rid of where
The things that we wish would disappear.
If you stay and I stay.
I promise you nothing can stop us both.

So please look at me.
I'm never leaving you're not alone.
So please keep your eyes ahead of us.
Please promise me that you won't break this one.

Don't leave me here alone again
I wont let you sink and fade.
Take my hand and let time pass.
Hold on to me, hold on to me.

I'll bring us twice ahead of time where we can finally heal and mend our fissures littering our every touch.

I'm sorry you felt that way, I'll be better for the both of us.
Morgan Vail Apr 25
I never wrote you any love poems.
Supposedly, I was too captivated by your so-called charm to,
Cope with myself.
Perhaps I didn’t need to.
I was already rather broken then,
But I’m certain you shattered the remaining pieces.
Not, your responsibility of course.
Not even the fact you replaced me,
After I found myself absent more and more.
I used to dream about being alongside you,
While ignoring your calls.
That’s ironically sad, I think,
You wouldn’t have gotten the joke.
Tom Atkins Apr 12
The thing is, the lesson is, I survived.
Never mind the rust or the abandonment
or the sabotage or the self sabotage,
or the wandering in the wilderness,
bars and hitchhiking in the night,
the wrong turns and the right turns unrecognized,
or the helpers and healers, the jacklegs,
quacks, shamen and priests.
Never mind the things that came undone,
and the constant rearranging of fate
or God’s insistence in letting me stew
in my own juices. Never mind
the arrows or thorns or innocent bystanders
content to watch me bleed, those who
see me as entertainment or suspect.
Never mind the constant need for maintenance,
the broken parts, the ones I could fix
and the ones I could not,
the depression, the fear, the fight,
the checkered past, a perfect target
for any who care to shoot.
Never mind all of it. The parts that recovered
and the parts that never will.
The blood shed! So much of it.
So many tears. So much lostness,
darkness and fire. The wars. The surety
that you were never made for the world you live in,
the anger
I felt, uncomfortable with it every time it rises, and
the anger
aimed at me, a thing more comfortable to you,
more familiar,
but no less weaponized,
Never mind all of it.

I survived.
I found love. I gave love.
Some things I did, mattered.
At times, there is joy.

Don’t tell me there is no God.
I know better.
I survived.
About this poem.

Not the poem I expected to write when I stumbled on this picture of old pipes in an old abandoned factory in Massachusetts that is posted with this poem on my blog, and decided to write on it. But the muse is often more honest than I am, sees things I don’t see. Says things I’d rather not.

Morgan Vail Apr 7
I love you.
Since I saw the cracks in your bookshelf,
Your graceful hair intertwined with your shoulders,
The way you throw your head back and laugh.
If you are Juliet, I am death,
And I wonder how the snake felt,
Knowing he allowed Eve the apple.
I should hold my forked tongue,
For I know you would care for no,
Walking nervous breakdown.
Who could?
But this agonized black mass,
Writhing inside me, where my heart should be,
Barely living, barely dying.
Masquerading passion, good will.
I just need you to shoot it.
Kamal Feb 25
Leave me be
Sitting in the dark
Reflecting on days gone by
Thinking of my past  
Regretting nothing but the void in my soul

Leave me be
In a swirl of chaos
Sung by melodies
Strung by promises
Stung by abandonment

Leave me be
On the verge of a cliff
Chastised by my mistakes
Chained by my needs
Isolated by my wants

Just leave me be
I can only be me.
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