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Oh, how strongly I am missing
Those simpler times when everybody would have listened
Oh, how tired am I
Of being ignored when the end is nigh
Oh, how much did I pay
For choosing chastity over Apollo's dark rays
Oh, how much will I suffer
From those evil hands that will treat me rougher
Oh, how evil gods can be
When mortals hurt their vanity
Oh, oh, oh
I wish I didn't know
Well, what did I expect?
Exactly that. I only hoped otherwise...
Do you remember?
When I was suffering
You ignored me
I'm still recovering
You still expect me to be there when you need me
Sorry, I'm not free
You're in so much pain? Well I disagree
You can't feel the pain I feel
All that happiness you could steal
Don't you remember?
You have quite a temper
Stop your whining
My feelings declining
I might have loved you once
For that, I was a dunce
Your feelings can go die for all I care
And don't you start talking about being fair
There's no return
All my feelings burn
Estel Mar 10
Should I even try to speak
When you don’t hear me
My words don’t “benefit” you
Like your friends do

I want to tell you I’m weak
Like a plant in the storm that bends
I can only bend so far under the pressures

But you would just blow it off
Maybe you can’t take the stress of it all
You don’t want to bear mine
But I think of ur friends
You listen to them…
Maybe I'm forgetting the times
you’ve listened to me rant
Maybe I’m expecting too much from you

But it still hurts when you don’t even look my way…
It’s never perfect
But is it supposed to feel this lonely?

Maybe I’m not good enough
I don’t deserve love
I’ve made mistakes
Piled higher than the mountains
Would you forgive me if I let go?
Because I can’t see the love...
Hannah Jan 13
The whispers in the wind are starting again.
Every inch of me is covered in chills as my soul passes through my body.
It desperately struggles to choose between many or none.
Choosing many gives it the chance to be hurt more as there are more to be hurt by.
Invisibility is a strong feeling which is greater among more.
None can feel like an empty well that will soon be filled by the tears falling from my cheeks.
Sometimes none is more but often it is not.
Neglected by the souls of those who are too preoccupied by the slightest things,
Failing to give one second of their time to the one that needs it.
The one who needs to be embraced and feel the warmth of caring.
The one that wants to feel the love from words spoken to them of any topic.
The one who desperately wants to just be noticed for more than a mere second.
The very one who wants to feel like they are enough.
dawn vw Dec 2020
There have been so many thoughts
running through my mind
that it leaves my heart in knots
and my existence so blind.

"Why do I feel cast aside?"
"Why am I being rejected?"
These thoughts make me want to hide
because it makes me feel so dejected.

The thoughts I have keep coming back,
I then ask myself, "is it me?"
"Is there something that I lack?"
"or is it something bigger that I can't see?"

"Will it always be like this?"
I don't want to reminisce.
Strying Dec 2020
Coming back
As if nothing changed

Texting me
As if you didn't stop

Using the same language
As if we're on the same terms

As we were
Back when I fell in love.
this dudeeee smh
Naveen Malhotra Nov 2020
Love was on the horizon
Rose with the Sun rising
She drove, he was driving
Life was dancing in rhythm
Her voice sounded music
Elaborate breakfast and lunch
Every moment was a fun
The Sun was descending to the horizon
Partying was coming to an end
Now some moves were being calculated
He was being ignored
Things were turning boring
The Sun drowned into the horizon
She disappeared forever
Alex Nov 2020
I wish my mom would look at me as a person rather than a prize
In her eyes parenting is a competition

If I choose to spend more time with him she is losing
But she must win, to her, there is no other option

Then the minute she is ahead she loses the ability to even acknowledge me
Because of her, I am lacking in the stability I so often crave
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