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What happened to your eyes?
Blankness was residing in them
A force field built around your perimeter
Their protection of you my condemn

I kept hoping for approval
Some sign of validation
Yet you had nothing for me
Only a serving of rejection

Gluing your eyes to an animated screen
Shutting out the action around you
I being caught in the mix
My insecurities coming to a brew

So now I'm the invisible woman
Transported to a state of sullen
My feel goods suddenly taken
Hopes for your love disheartened
Arden Sep 18
I want to go home  
I hate this feeling  
I don't want to do this  

I really wish I weren't me

It would be a lie to say I feel invisible
I feel painfully seen and ignored
I guess I'll go make a cup of tea
Because sometimes it feels like
You have time for all of them, but not for me
I'll be here waiting for you to see my messages.
elaine Sep 3
I don't know which is worse, being forgotten or being ignored. Both happen too much in my life. Why can't I just get a break? Can't you see I want to rip my ******* hair out? I want to delete you all from my life. Why can't you all leave me alone? Can't you see your stupid ******* "complements" don't help me in any way? Being called "so ******* hot" makes me feel gross. I'm sorry that I'm only used for that.
Tell me again how you want to bend me down and **** me. That makes me feel like a public sink. I'm going insane. I'm sorry I don't wear my sadness on my cheek but that doesn't mean I want to **** your ****. Cry again and again because I don't want to ******* in the back of your car in a parking lot.
You're right! I'm taking this life for granted but honestly peel off my skin. Rip ever layer off. I want to bleed. Let me ******* bleed out. My heart needs to stop pounding. I hate hearing it. I hate hearing that I'm alive. Stop talking! I hate lying about how I am, but if I say anything but "great" then I am just begging for attention.
Please tell me that you want to have a ******* with me and my twin because that makes me feel great! Just rip my ****** off and use it. I'm not there anyway when you're pounding into me. Hell even when you smack me and call me a ***** like I am absolutely nothing. I am nothing to any of you but a quick ****.
YOU said you would always be there to let me talk. Let me rant to you. I know I will pay for your time by opening my legs right? Pound into me and look into my eyes. I'm not there. I'm not there any of the time. I'm not there! I'm not here. I'm not anywhere.
I'm lost between denial and self-pity. That's all I do. What do you do?sit in your stupid ****** up relationship and judge me? Maybe I want this. Maybe I need this. Maybe I want to die. Tell me again how I move on too quickly. How I can get a new guy every day. Tell me how you just can't wait to taste me. Lick me.  I won't ever tell you what's swimming inside my head. I don't need you guys to stay around just because I want to **** myself. I don't need to talk to you guys about it. I'll do it someday. If it's with all these guys that rip my soul from me bucket at a time or even just the form of forgetting you all of you and moving far, far away. I need to get away from this blessed town before I am gone beyond saving. I'm so close to being gone. I don't need any of you though. Please just listen to this and know that I don't need you here.
I'm gone, so far from gone baby and you just don't ******* care.
elish Sep 1
i cant speak
and open up my feelings
but i am not mute

i always listen
but whenever i try to explain
i am not being heard
maybe they're deaf.
its hard to reach out when no one wants to hear you out.
Shutterr Aug 31
You speak
I listen
I speak
You speak
alexa Aug 31
the feeling of emptiness fills my chest
watching it play out on my screen

the sound of laughter echoes
and all i want to do is scream

a simple, "hey, wanna hang?" would've sufficed
but recording the fun we have seems pretty nice

"we were thinking of you the whole time"
you uttered when confronted

such *******
the chills ran up my spine

i hate this feeling
i want it to go away

maybe i just have to start leaving
the ones who hurt me today
i moved and watching my friends all hang out while its almost impossible for me to join ***** so here's this. enjoy.
Creator Sun Aug 26
Do they see me?
Do they hear me?

Can you see me?
Can you hear me?

Am I here?
Do I exist?

Those are just some questions that run through my mind,
Everytime they look away, don't respond, don't acknowledge;
I wonder if you know that I'm here,
But you just don't care.

They never do, do they?

Can you hear me?
Have you ever felt isolated? Like when you've been ignored by someone? The sad thing is that I'm sure that all of us have felt the feeling of loneliness before.
Akillmisa Aug 21
I fell off the wagon
And my addiction didn't ****
I fell off the wagon
Now I'm riding gravity down the hill
I fell off the wagon
And I was doing great
I fell off the wagon
And I've degraded to a lower state
slipping past the border
Im way past the edge
I only accept counsel from the voices in my head
I fell off the wagon
And you can tell too
I fell of the wagon
But i don't think anyone knew
One light has gone
Beautiful soul has drown
Tried to reach out but extremely ignored
Goodbye letter for once and more
No awarness 'till he was really done
Dedicated for my biggest inspiration 'Chester Bennington'
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