Brown hair that has been styled to the perfect quiff,
eyes browner than my favorite chocolate flavor to match.
Hands that are smooth,
yet rough from the years spent drumming.
A smile that some would call goofy,
bring me back to those days everytime it's on your face.
not deep...
but deep enough to make my heart flutter whenever my name was said.
Arms that pulled me in close the first time we hugged...
The same arms that let go of me that day.
The deep voice that whispered, " I will always love you, "
so softly...
if that's even possible with a voice like that.
A smile that seemed to fade as the days went on,
that we didn't see each other.
The hands that cupped my face,
for one last kiss,
and the eyes that are left in my mind.
Hair that no longer tickles my neck.
when there was no space left between us.
Because something I have always regretted losing was...
alexa 3h
when September came
i was reminded why exactly
our love had only stayed above water in the warm air.
with Autumn’s arrival
so did the realization
that our love had since drowned.
alexa 3h
with the windows rolled down
and the radio turned up,
don’t you ever tell me this isn’t enough.
cause this is it right here
the only thing i need.
you in the drivers seat,
right beside me.
you are my knight,
my protector and shield
our souls chase each other
through the sunflower fields.
wondering where we’ll go
when our bodies are no more
but we know that our souls will stay together,
and the moon hangs on top of the world
the spotlight of our love,
we dance and sway to the background
of the stars above.
alexa 3h
and here i was
so foolish,
thinking that i was able to
look into his ocean eyes and
not see a reflection of my own beating heart.
sometimes I think I miss you
but then I think again
and realize that I don't need you
as a "buddy" or a "friend"

You hurt my heart
you hurt my soul
but without you here
I am still whole.

You can take yourself away from me
and try to make me mad
but it isn't gonna work, ya know
Because I'm all done being sad

I'm happier without you
and I dont care what you believe,
my life's only gotten better
since I stopped stopping your leave
I missed you for months. You ruined me but all I wanted was for you to come back. Fuck you.
Alex 1d
I think of him too often
I don't think he ever leaves my mind
I find myself dreaming of him
Or listening to the music he's shown me
Maybe it's cause he makes them go away
The voices in the back of my head
Telling me to do awful things to myself
But I usually don't listen anyway
It's just better when I can't hear them at all
I turn his music up all the way so I can't think
Well, so they can't talk to me
Even thinking of him makes them go away
I guess I just need my weekly shot of him
More than just weekly...
Every night I see him.
Well. I Skype him.
But if it's all I get then I'll take it.
To me, he once was this shy kid
Hardly talked
He was really cute
I asked for a hug and his number
He smiled and gave me both
I texted him
We joked
We became close
I now get a nightly shot of him.
But even that's not enough.
I want to wake up beside him
With him holding me in my arms
I want to always be with him
He is mine
He takes care of me when I'm sad
He holds me close
I thought he’d never let me go.
Until he did…
Nandini 1d
Under this starry sky
With eyes wide and bright
Let me get lost for a while

Under your warm breathe
With my unsteady steps
Let me dance for a while

Under this dark sky
With a gleam of hope in my heart
Let me breath for a while

For one last time
Let our love live
Before we bury it alive

Just one last time
Before we say goodbye
I need someone to complete me,
not just somebody underneath me,
I want someone who will breathe me
back to life again.

I need someone to hold my hand,
someone to take me from this land,
someone to help me learn to stand
on my own 2 feet again.

I need someone I've already met,
someone I haven't confessed to yet,
someone who wont think of me as a regret,
I need him.
I had a dream.
An imaginary scene.
Unconsciously playing
Of what I may have seen.

But it was not what I had seemed.
In which he sat behind me, smiling.
Then tears rolled down on my cheeks.
Felt stopping him from leaving.

I looked down from where we are.
And found us walking in opposites.
He wrapped his hands around me,
Closer than ever at where he sits.

Comforted me with warm voice.
Realization came at last.
Half asleep-  half awake.
Stared at his eyes- indeed t'was him.

The guy I shouldn't have loved.
The guy who can't even be mine
Well, I've got no choice left now.
Should I stop hoping for the sign?
개자닌 Oct 2016
We were the same between the opposite
But you never notice.
Even wht I feel inside,
It was like I ws never there.

Time stops whenever we pass each other.
That's what I want you to feel.
The feeling of a little sister
Is what you let me feel.

I'm getting curious about you-
Since the day we got close.
We talked and chatted
'Til day becomes night.

You said you liked me,
But in the end, it was a joke.
'"I knew it," was my reply.
But hoping that was real.

It would stay a mystery- unless someone moves.
Thought of becoming us in one.
Could it be? Is still my fantasy?
Since were the same between the opposite.
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