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dabble 1d
So how does his kiss feel like
does it feel like this wind that erodes my pain
as I walk through the road not taken
or like that sunshine that melts my loneliness
with a sweet compassion
does it feel like that cool breeze from the fridge
in a hot summer day, cool and refreshing
or like that cold medicine that makes my
whole world doze into a calm feeling
is it smooth like my hair that flies in a carnival ride
or is it addicting like the first sip of alcohol I tried
like the memory of that first snowfall I enjoyed
it maybe a sweet reminiscence I may later rejoice
all I know is it'll curse me for the longest time
a spell he would cast to make our hearts entwine
and no matter what, I'd still go back
cos all that his kiss makes a girl feel should always be mine
midnight muses
I hold him close as I can
Can't make the past go away
Can't erase pain or sadness
Memories hold him captive every day
Written 3-7-20
To the one who loves him next,
There are few things you should know first,
If you are taking him out for a fest,
You should know he doesn't love hard crust.
You must know that his sleeping habits are late nights,
And he likes it in a silent game,
If you ask its gonna be a tough fight,
know that he can't be tamed.
He loves his projects more than anything else
Sometimes he does the overtime.
Never consider yourself any less,
He is slow in adjusting the time.
His ambitions are high, visions are rare,
he follows his heart in the passion of art,
sometimes you may feel it's not fare
but don't try to hold, he is smart.
Know his style, know his life, know his heart,
though you may love him now,
but I loved him first.
I have cared and flourished him,
but you complete him now.
Don't judge my love for him
Coz for me, nothing could change to call him my last.
when I miss his habits, miss his presence, his smile, his scent, and I want to go back and hug him, but someone is caring for him now, she must know this, he is my first and last.
mica Jan 29
this creative mind would never make him like you. no matter how colorful you color your words, or how you decorate it with pretty flowers, he wouldn't like you.

he asked you about the rain, you answered and thought of it as a release. a burst of emotion, just like letting go. but it seems that he had brought an umbrella and avoided your indirect release of feelings, or maybe he took shelter upon a waiting shed. as he stands alone, waiting for the one his heart yearns for, you continue to shower him with your deepest feelings through the form of raindrops that make sound above the roof, desperately wanting for his attention.
a penny for a thought.
Maria Etre Jan 28
It was a fleeting moment
that took me with it
Allyssa Jan 28
"Dear God, what happened to you?"

I couldn't look at him.

I couldn't look at him with sad eyes with what was left of my broken heart pouring out of my chest. I hugged myself and kept looking at the ground as the tears fell.

"I fell in love with you. As stupid and as simple as it sounds, It's more complicated and intense than you will ever know. I didn't just fall in love with your laugh or the way you looked at me. It was the passion and drive you had for the future you wanted, the meaning behind every song you showed me, the life behind the eyes of someone who breathed fire into my lungs for the things I loved most; you. That is what happened to me."
I dunno
Alexandre Jan 23
They asked me if I’d take a bullet for you
The truth is, I would
But I’d also take a bullet for the sole purpose of knowing I’d no longer exist
If you really want to know how much
I love you
The question to ask is
Would I be willing to live for you?
Would I be willing to live in this dark world
With no escape from my own darkness
Simply because I love you more than I want to die
I would live for you. In fact, I am living for you
Alexandre Jan 24
I hate that
You never stay
But every time you return
It feels like the stars
Are finally aligned
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