He dedicates his life:
to a temporary individual that seemed permanent.

She dedicates her life:
to someone else.

Her love is poisonous; he drinks it as if it's pure, but chokes on the concentration of lies and deceit.

(men are trash?)
(what are woman then?)
Sadia 22h
If I ever wanted to get lost, it would be "with you"
He's the devil;
reincarnated in a teasing smile.
He's hell running around
with the taste of caution
on his lips.
His sinful eyes, and
coward touch  
overrule a thousand kingdoms
in paradise.
He's my only eternity,
the only pair of eyes I want
to remember when I'm stranded
in that sweltering darkness
everyone fears so much.
Hes a million sunsets giving life to an
eternal moonlight, though his
sunrises will never be mine to own,
his fickle moon sets will
always guide me back to


And then he gave me things,
expensive things
then I told him he couldn't buy an affection
that was already dead,
much more an illusive love.
Shannon 3d
i steal your shirt that i know you didn't wash
just for me.
i wear your shirt and it turns into the embodiment of safety  
and i wear it to sleep in your bed;
and takes me back to that safe place when i am alone in my own.
i steal your shirt for the smell and the feel
the knowing that its touched your skin now mine
the smell, oh
the smell puts me to sleep faster than the pills do
and the love.
love in each and every fibre.
I sit here with the fabric pressed against my nose
breathing it in
breathing you in
because although you are not here
when i need you
you are here

who knew fabric could smell so sweet.
i hope no one can see the taste of your tongue on my lips
drenched in my skin
admitting where i've been
i hope no one notices your perfume that i wave like a white flag
"its complicated," i tell them
because i cannot fall for you again.
but i want to,
god i want to,
i want to showcase each tattoo you've left on my heart
no matter how big
no matter how small
but your galaxies are not mine to get lost in
your promises not mine to believe in
your words not mine to soak in
but i want them to be.
i hope no one can smell the ink that coats my body after spending short moments in alleys
doing things that lovers are supposed to do
even though i am not the arms you're falling asleep to
i hope no one can hear my heart race as i realize
this is not your first time breaking me this way
nor your last
and i know i should pull away
and i know i shouldn't melt this way
and i know that before falling for you, there's probably things i should do
to prevent the outcome, you know
but i don't
i dig my hands into your hair
into your skin
my lips into your lips
and i die and cry and die
i know this is suicide
so what's my master plan?
hoping no one can sense me falling for you again.
you  never realize how much you love someone until you watch them love someone else.
Kee 4d
You don’t love me back
You don’t love me the way I love you
You don’t love me at all
It hurts to say it but that’s the truth
You don’t love me
Everything about you excites me
But you don’t find anything about me exciting
Doesn’t help that I’m thousands of miles away
One of the reasons why we couldn’t be
Someone across the country had cheated on you
And it broke you so bad
That you couldn’t love me
But there was always a “just wait for me”
“You’ll have my kids”
“We’ll be married”
And all these things that meant something then
But nothing now
And we both knew
What it would end up being
Everything that came out of your mouth was a lie
You never loved me
You never said it
But I thought I felt it
And I loved you too
Too hard
And it broke me so bad
That I still loved you
I just couldn’t love me anymore
And sometimes I think I still do
Sometimes I don’t feel it
And sometimes it’s all too much
Still stuck on the same person from years before
Why can’t I just take the rejection
And let it go
Why can’t I just be alone
When it's taken, a leap of faith,
and, when heart's been robbed of its chime,
When behind the lids eyes take shelter,
and things make no more sense to the mind
When a walk by his side brings the universe to her
and life until now is a wasted errand
All this churning, welling up and heaving
just to feel his touch and hold his hand...
How do you ask your love can I hold your hand? Once.
nikolà 4d
what is this
what am I doing again
Oh, I must be craving for you.

craving for the taste of your eggs at breakfast,
hungry for your touch at lunch,
and needing your milk before going to sleep.

I feel guilty for craving you.
but afterwards, i will be craving you again
I can't control this desire for you anymore

I'm addicted to the taste of you.
fill me in with your love, and
quench my thirst with your tongue.
for it is only you and your love that can satisfy me.
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