via atika 18h
tell him,
that i missed him so bad
i missed when we
could wasted time together.
you know what the sad is?
there is no more "we"
you and i.
every time i see the clouds, the moon, the stars and  the sky i think about you.
slr 1d
somebody hurt you so bad
and I know you are scared
but I’ve been through hell
and i think
i am supposed to help you through
i think you are supposed to be back

i know i shouldn't think
because it gets my heart in trouble
but i think
i am supposed to love you

-please love me back
I write so much free verse and I know there should be pattern so don't mind the random repeating lines cause I like it.
Trixia 1d
i swear i was so confused
i couldn’t write a single bit of me
“who am i?” i asked
what is the purpose of me?
i struggled writing an essay about it
i can remember memories
our times, smiles and tears
but really what was i?

writing made me realise
i was too lost to remember
who i am
who was i
i could’ve sworn
that i knew the details
of your freckles
the alignment of your moles
the shade of your skin
your thick brows

but when you went away
i didn’t realise
that i wasn’t me when i’m with you
i’m a total stranger to myself
i am the only one struggling
with my identity

more than less
winter passed by in a blink
and everytime in my nightmares
you were there
i kept waking up missing you

you created me
you made myself
how i acted
or even how i talk

but i love you even more
even if it hurts.
i swear this boy changed me, no he made me, i felt good about it, but anyways it hurts so bad to miss him but everyday i kept loving him more.
You clearly
don't give a fuck about me.

So why
do I give a fuck about you?

*Your intentions are clear.
I'm so done with all the bullshit
Lost in what’s left of my emotions. It’s something horrible to dwell on yet he is still by my side.
All the stuff I’ve been through. Everything I put him through.
Not many guys are like that.
Willing to stick by even in the darkest of times.

If you find something like that.
Keep it.
Cause this one isn’t going anywhere.

                           With love,
kissing you felt like breathing for the first time
that’s why i didn’t understand why loving you felt like dying
or why holding you left me crying.
if a girl loves a boy
do you think she sees when he's playing her like all his other toys
what about when a girl loves a girl
is it obvious when she's made her her world?
i don't know what love is like for 16 years old's
or why it hurts so much
(why loving you hurts so much)
i'd like to be
i'd love to be
the girl you can never let go of
the girl of your dreams
but for some unforeseen reason
you won't let me.
can you imagine me playing you like a love song
every time it comes on?
because i can.
you say there's still so much you can't shake
too many mistakes
is that what we were?
touching you was equivalent to basking in the sun of heaven
that's why i didn't understand why loving you felt like hell
why loving you put me in hell.
and maybe i could let you go
if i found another lover less like you and more like fall leaves dancing from their fall trees
but i'm quite sure that's not at all possible.
i'd like to forget how well your bones fit inside my own
but all these tattoos do nothing but remind me of the path to my home
the path to our home.
one day maybe i'll figure out the correct way to mourn such a loss
but it's hard when you're still living
are you sure you're still living?
i'd like to be
i'd love to be
the girl that can finally say she's happy and carefree
but for some unforeseen reason
my mind won't let me.
only fools fall for you
e J 2d
You're the star of my dreams
The victim of my nightmares
I looked up
I fell

*read in
how wonderful it must be
for your heart to capture me
in such a beautiful, deadly, virulent song
and how wonderful it must be
to have me so willingly
follow along.
yes, i am aware that girls with that length of hair usually don’t fall for delinquents like me
but the times are changing, don’t you see?
and if one half of a whole feels some type of way
why not let the other half go all the way?
maybe it wasn't meant to be
but maybe we don't care.
because if the summer sun tells us we can rest here
with our hearts beating wildly against the pier
then the stars don't have a reason to tell us not to
at this point no one can tell us not to.
in a land where souls detach from their bodies
just to have a little fun,
you shouldn't touch the girls with eyes so naughty
for each of their demons are born with guns.
but you, my dear,
with eyes so full of love
your demons may bore machetes
but what's life without a little tease?
what's you without a little me?
and how wonderful it must be
for your lungs to inflate with me
to such an ingratiatingly, desperately, lovely song
and how wonderful it must be
to have me so willingly
sing along.
that girl took my heart and i don't want it back
Batool 4d
There she was
lying still on the couch
posing the best she could
with her gaze transfixed
deep into his eyes
basking in the thick silence
that surronded them
the only sound of his charcoal lead
stroking the paper could be heard
His every stroke defined her curve
a little better
His rough hands blending the lines
staining her soul a beautiful shade of charcoal
She could feel him
making sure strokes
thus bringing the woman on paper
to life
she felt her heart slipping ...
slipping from her hand
and on to the paper
the color of her skin fading
and reappearing on his masterpiece
the fullness of her lips
was nothing
as the beauty on his canvas
now owned it
the last thing she felt
was the twinkle of her eyes leaving
adding the final touch
to his creation
and it was when
he broke the eye contact
taking with him
the beauty he sketched  
he left ...
not knowing that
He left the masterpiece behind
on the couch .... !!
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