I risk it all to have it all;
The be all or end all.
Clichés like unmutual love
Show you what I'd do for love.
i want to introduce you to all my bad habits so we could be one,
i want your demons to meet mine and to make a new kind of love.
if our hearts don’t kiss by the time the world ceases to exist,
i’m afraid of who i’ll become.

i want to kiss you until your lips turn blue,
i want to take all the oxygen you once knew.
if i plant seeds under your skin,
maybe the flowers would convince you that i love you more than a friend.

i never wanted to be what your nightmares and dreams are made of,
but i guess when you love without your brain there's things you didn't think of.
my heart wanted you more than the rest,
but you shook your head and said you don’t think that’s best.

what was i supposed to do?
my whole world revolved around you.
i want to place your hand over my burning heart,
so you can understand a simple spark can tear your skin apart.
i prefer rainfall over sunshine and maybe that's why i choose you every time.
Fight with your all,
But sink deeper,
Further from who you call
your all.
HC 3h
How can I even explain how I feel

I've known him for years,
because of him I've drowned in tears
because of him I've sinned and lost my peers

everything changed within two days
and now I just wanna see everything in a blue haze

I somehow see a strange sign
why are we always associated with one another?

no matter how far we drift
somehow there becomes a shift

what will happen next?
If you've got something to say
Write it on the wall
You've built around your ego
Don't type it like a teenager
Drunk on angst and testosterone
Eat your own dust
i wrote this
whilst you had second thoughts
i wrote this
getting over a crush
is forgetting a memory that was never there
the looks that were never looks
the love that was never love
the joy i found in your name
was only ever happiness in the thought of you
but not really you
only what i thought was the idea of you
but you the person is different from you the concept
sooner or later it would hit me
having a crush
is the great equivalent of being crushed

i’m going through a breakup right now...
Trixia 1d
she said ‘what if i fall?’
he said ‘darling what if you fly?’
‘no i’ll always fall for you’
i hope you’ll always be here to catch me

-Hey there!
-So, looking to sell your soul?
-Great! Well let's get started!
-Let me guess, you wanna go back and change something?
-Well you look extremely depressed, just figured.
-Don't worry about that! We're trying to make a deal here, aren't we?
-Alright, so what is it you want to change?
-Wait, don't tell me, I want to guess!
-Hey, I'm changing your life here, let me have a little fun! Now let's see.
-Oh my, so many chances to choose from! You've got lots of regrets, don't you?
-That time you lost two friends online.
-All those missed kills in Dota, ha!
-And that relationship you had.


-Hey, you still there?
-Did I strike a nerve?
-Is that what you wanted to change?
-Well then, we've made progress!
-So where do you wanna go back to? Again, so many chances.
-You really were shitty to him so we aren't strapped for choice.
-Sorry, sorry. True though, you'll need to choose.
-There's when you first started, that first beautiful month.
-Maybe just before you lied? What about when you directly talked to him in a "different personality"?
-I know it's a lie, that's all you ever did, wasn't it?
-You still lied.
-Changing it wouldn't change the fact you lied, y'know.
-You'd still have to live with it.
-Like a little mini lie! :P
-You'll never forget it, I don't think.
-And isn't going back and changing things sorta like lying?
-It is.
-Y'know for someone who wants to change their lies you really enjoy lying to yourself.
-All those times you keep telling yourself there's a chance.
-Whenever you imagine you both getting back together and being happy.
-But you know they're lies, just like he did.
-After all, you're here, aren't you?
-Okay, I'll wait :D


-Oh? You've changed your mind?
-A gun? A little lackluster for selling your soul, isn't it?
-Yeah, yeah, I can do it.
-Want it loaded? I'll put one bullet in the chamber.
-I mean, that's all you'll need right? xD
-No problem! It was a pleasure doing business with you Sylvia!
-See you soon >:)
tried to do something different
kinda hard when i can only think about him
i wish i could sell my soul if i could just be happy with him again and make him smile
eunsol 1d
my eyes are staring blankly at the sky,
and my messy thoughts are suddenly speaking

are you doing just fine?
are you laughing?
or are you enjoying the time that's passing?

i closed my eyes and you were here,
blurry in my mind,

and my messy thoughts were suddenly speaking again,

are you thinking about me like i'm thinking about you?
my first every poem for him
His beauty brought attention
to even the prettiest of skies
His heart so full of passion,
even the fruit can't compare
His love in those crystal eyes,
even the water paled
But his color started to fade
The fall took what it could
His silence beckoned storms,
even across the seas
His hands of stone crushed
my spoiled heart-
He became
no longer in use
And so he left, along with the fall.
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