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c 44m
Are you smiling?
Or bearing your teeth?

When you laugh
Sometimes I wonder
If it’s with me
Or at me

You say you
Are too busy
That we wouldn’t work
But I call bullshit

If you really loved me
I wouldn’t be left
Your leash
If you felt it too ,
why didn't you speak ?
Did you feel scared ?
was it just me who panicked ?
Perhaps you'd gotten so good at hiding it ,
that by the end it meant nothing ,
a deep fear ,
a confusion unknown .

If you felt it too ,
you should've spoke .
Made me see what you felt ,
no matter how intense ,
I would've understood ,
perhaps even agreed .
But now it's too late and the feelings are fading .

Summer mislead me ,
but autumn has power .
for the last him who changed me
At cross roads our love fell apart
The journey that took us here
Was filled with memorable moments
Moments that will forever be a part of us
The road we take from here
Leads us away from each other
It's distance and obstacles
Are completely unknown to us

At cross roads

Goodbye was never the easiest
Word to say
But here at cross roads
Our paths take a different direction
New moments and expériences

At cross roads

Our love fell apart
Here ends the wonderful
memories we created
Here ends those long night chats
And never ending phone calls
Here we part ways to our new lives

At cross roads
We said goobye
But goodbye was never the easiest
Words to say

At cross roads

We part ways
One day meet again.
i'm lay there by your side,
whispering sweet nothings in your ear as i run my fingers through your silk like hair.
i look at the time, then press my lips against your cheek.
you look down, giving me one of your heartwarming smiles.
i smile back as you wrap your arm around my waist, only to find myself curled up against your body once again, letting time slip through my fingertips.
c 1d
Driving down Broadway
At one in the morning
Blurring the red lights
Into broken halos

I was pondering what-ifs
Putting could-have-beens
Into words

“It couldn’t have been”
My best friend assured

I wonder
How I manage
To mess love up
Anytime it comes near

“You fall in love so easily,”
She said
“You’re a poet at heart.”

“And that isn’t always a good thing.”
Fatima 1d
Don’t change.
Not for him.
Not for her.
Not for anyone.
Be yourself,
No matter what.
Anya 2d
And me
We both debate
The only two
To do that type
In our school


He always advances
I don’t
We win the same number
But different points
He just has

I just...

I want-need-to improve
To beat him!

An inferiority complex?

For me it was debate but for those of you who understand the frustration involved in being behind but unable to catch up to a competititor no matter how you try, feel free to mentally replace debate with whatever activity you do.
Kate 2d
It was 4 p.m.
The sun shined through my window as music danced in my ears
The birds sang in unison as I wiped my tears
The wind spoke soft, like an old friend
The children played outside my window, their smiles not pretend
The hour 4 p.m. is when I think about him
The little things, appreciate them.
His eyes dripped gold
Streaming colors
Her eyes beamed bold
Feeling wonders

Drip Drop the Droplets of Guilt

His heart sank low
Loosing soul
Her heart rose high  
Feeling whole

Drip the Droplets of Guilt

His life lost hope
Sinking fast
Her life ran far
Afraid to look back

The Droplets of Guilt

His cold end
Splitting chills
Her cold beginning
Never feeling real

Droplets of Guilt
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