I love him, but I don’t know if I can stay with him forever.
He is kind. He is smart. He is in someone’s eyes “the best you will ever get.”
But still, I feel I need someone else.
Someone who is deep. Someone who is my ideal. Someone who I can’t get bored with.

I love him, but I don’t know if I can stay with him forever.
He is loving. He is strong. He is an amazing partner.
But still, I feel in my heart that I need someone else.
Someone who is stronger. Someone who will protect me. Someone who will never tarnish in my eyes.

I love him, but is this what I really want for myself?
He loves me.
But still, I someone else could offer me another high.
This someone could be the one, I mean really the one.

Do I take the leap? The leap that will leave me in a bare dry dessert composed of lust filled,
decomposed rocks of what used to be? Is it right for me?
And if so, who is he?
Does his breath continue to whisper sweet nothings into my nostrils? Does feeling his embrace take me to the ledge that I would be willing to jump off of for him? Can he be the one who I can wake up to, armpit stench and all. Raspy good mornings, and I need coffees? Or will I fall asleep with him too?

you used to be my blue sky
on cloudy days.
now when i think of you
all i can imagine
is thunderstorms.
i dont understand
where we went so
god damn wrong.
change is inevitable.
our ending was inevitable.
i know one day
i'll forget you
and you'll forget me.
i pray to god that you find
your blue sky,
just as i wish to
find mine.
and i'm sorry that
it couldn't be you.

loving him was
jumping into the ocean
head first
without any equipment.
at first the water was warm,
inviting, full of sweet smiles and kisses.
but then the current started to
pull you under,
the water turned cold and unforgiving.
you try to resist,
but all you are is
caught in a whirpool.
hauling you into the deepest shades of blue.

Wanderer 16h

Every time I start to think
maybe this isn't meant to be

Maybe I should just give up
on the idea of you and me

I am reminded of the feeling
that magical delight when I'm with you

It is more than infatuation
its something shared between just us two

I think back on our first conversations
and how every word you said brought a smile

And that isn't unusual for people falling in love
The magical part is that it still does

Our love is like no other
Never have I been jealous of another relationship

Never have I wanted anyone but  you
you are all I ever asked for

And that is why I will fight for you


do you discern
how you hiss,
how you smile,
how you unriddle
when you utter
the word?
on hearing just
those sounds;
my heart skips
all the beats
of reality.

- m

Turn the volume up.
Let it wash your mind away.
Just listen.
Change yourself.

Prepare your world.
Let the time and imagination collide.
Watch it fall, watch it crumble.
Pray, and pray for something improbable.

Close your eyes, sleep.
Feel the drug kick in.
Hitting you harder.
Making you insane.

Taking a step towards nothing.
Look behind without emotion.
The truth is far away.

Hold your own hand.
Stop thinking.
Say his words.
And make them happen.

Stay alone, stay forever here.
No escape, no rescues.
No one cares.
You won’t even care.

Hands choking you.
You hold your breath anyway.
The air is poisonous around him.
He wants control.

You never struggled.
You believed in fate.
You’re hopeless.

Make your own history.
Tell them about your life.
Your suffering.
Your time in hell.

And show them how you escaped a fate of only death.

If you were here right now
i would probably jump into
your skin and swim in your
veins forever.
despite all the bruises
the lying
the name calling.
i begged for god
to give me strength to leave
and now that you left me
i beg god for the strength to move
on and breathe.
you took everything from me.
how does someone come back
from this?
how do i learn to breathe again?
i'm so used to feeling fear
because of you.
now i'm finally free.

xxSarahxx 1d

Let them be, walk around, be noisy
I lie here on the couch
People talk about school & life
My eyes are heavy, my body is aching
I try to relax in the stressful mind

You lie next to me
An arm around my weak body
My safe place, covered up safely
Everyone is going on, so is time
We stand still & I feel loved for a momentum
In your arms

You motivate me, let me see things from a different perspective, when I am too down to see anything but darkness.

Fibro and You
Crimsyy 1d

You are winter
and I always fall for you,
as Autumn does
when rain comes knocking
on its leaves
and soon Autumn and I
are lost in a breath of
fresh petrichor;
you are rain
and for some unknown reason,
I'm always begging you
to drench me, soak me.
You are a notebook,
often closed,
spine seemingly unbroken,
and I, a starving poet
ripping at every page of yours;
I hope you won't
fall apart with me.

Crimsyy 1d

Things I know to be true
at 10 pm on a Friday night:
I know I feel more at home
on my own, alone,
I know that alone to me
is not the feeling of
suffocating inside your own skin,
I know my skin is
the only real estate I'll
ever permanently own.
I know my skin
is not my enemy,
I know my skin
is always ready to welcome me.
I know my mind
is a lovely place to spend your time in
if you don't mind the looming threat
of a tornado or an earthquake.
I know your love is like
a vestigial organ
I do not require
but am willing to carry.
I know I love ferociously
and somedays that love
is a vestigial organ
I could go well without,
like tonsils in my throat
limiting my voice,
but does your heart ever
give you a choice?
I know I'm breathing
and nothing is falling apart
around me,
and even without you here,
I know I'm safe.

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