CPM 4h

i thought i deserved the kind of love
that came with too many late night phone calls and a ton of voicemails.
where have you been?
who are you with?
I had no idea I was covering up his own insecurities with ever bit of affection and forgiveness I had left.
Countless times have i mistaken his jealousy for thinking I was loved.
I didn't know that jealousy was a prison he voluntarily stays in.
I didn't know until I was held captive as he dangled the key in front of me.


I need to leave
I will run, run
run, run, run

I saw you
too late
I am far gone

I heard you
too late
I miss you

Again and again
I do this to myself
I let the wrong ones in
I fall for the ones who don't feel anything for me
I'm too nice
Too sweet
Such an easy target for emotional manipulation
I think I have finally learned
To keep to myself
And not let anyone in anymore
Because I'm such a fool
To think I can change the mind
Of an emotionally detached individual
At least I try to enjoy the ride
While I'm being strung along.

Rand 2d

I'm in a world of darkness
Where everything is dim
All is black
Everything but him
He's the colour to my life
How sad that he doesn't know
That in this world of madness
He's my last piece of hope

Crimsyy 2d

He's got a face
coloured a warm silver
everybody keeps their soul thin,
his is thicker.

He's got a closet mind,
coathanger walls
and those thoughts
goddamn, they're not his,
they might be mine,
I'll erase them in time.

He wears his quietness
with the shades pulled down
and I just want to
take away that frown

Cause he's got a soul
coloured a sparkling gold
everybody keeps
their soul hidden,
his is bold.

Crimsyy 3d

I am going to
immortalize you
in all the most lovely
poetic ways,
but not in shades of blue.

I am going to immortalize you,
give this snowing
weather a break,
give my mind
something new to taste;

It tastes like the smell
of a favourite meal being cooked
on a bad day,
it tastes like a good day,
it tastes right.

Although my most
relatable poems
have been about
suffering and pain,
I want to depict a new picture,
illustrate the vibrant yellow
in my brain.

Because as long as I feel this,
as long as it's real,
I don't care to make relatable rhyme because this happiness is mine.

Crimsyy 3d

We clicked, a
sublime combination
like cloud and rain.
We have punctured minds
and somehow mine is
coming undone,
spilling into your hands
thoughts I'd kept in my head.
You're warm.
Not edgy, not twofaced,
not laced with superficiality.
You're warm.
Honest conversations
decorate us and I
have never looked
so wonderful before.
You make me grin,
and I know
'making your own sunshine'
is all a mental thing,
but now it's so physical,
I can feel it spreading
through my bones.

Crimsyy 3d

Excuse me,
but could you just leave?
Quit haunting my eyes
when they close.
I'm sick of dreaming
of you in colour,
when you should be stored away in monochrome.
Excuse me,
but could you just leave?
I may have wiped away
any traces,
but it still wouldn't erase you,
especially when my words
are still dripping with your remains.
Excuse me,
but could you just leave?
There is far more than what your eyes perceive.
Your assumptions devour
any piece of my show,
they turn into thieves,
hungry teeth eating away understanding,
licking up any scene.
Excuse me,
but could you just leave?
I can no longer taste love letters
and believe.

- Crimsyy

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Crimsyy 3d

I never liked the way
she smiled at you,
never liked the way she
hugged the corners
of every door,
never liked her clothes,
never liked her sitting so close.

I plastered a smile on my face
just for the night,
just for your night,
but that small curve
turned into a straight line.

Green's a cliché,
my eyes saw all
my pleasantness fading away.
Now won't she stay in her line?
Can't fuck with what's mine.

- Crimsyy

A/N: Thankyou so much for reading! Any feedback on this?

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