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She dances with her best dress on even when everyone is standing still,
She speaks her mind even when everyone tells her to be quite,
She has a dream even when everyone is looking for a man,
And that doesn’t make her less of a woman.
He cries when he is broken,
He shows his feelings even when everyone is acting tough,
He has a dream even when everyone is looking for a woman,
And that doesn’t make him less of a man.
They sing even when they don’t know the words,
They laugh even when life gets hard,
They love even when the world is full of hate,
Because that doesn’t make them less of a human.
I felt so unsure
While I was blinded
To see the truth.
Only to feel haunted
By the memories
That I once called "us."
As it was temporary
And an experience
To behold in reality.
You and I are
Just another story
To be told.
He carries bits of stars in his veins
And they illuminate the night sky beside me.
I often tremble out of fear
But his eyes flicker in dark and guide me.

He paints a ray of sunshine through his smile
Although he endure agony but lied me.
He carries ointment of love in his heart
That heal the straches of my soul and delight me.

     ~your smiling queen :)
Dedicated to the love of my life.
It’s 2 a.m. and you sleep peacefully.
While you dream I stay awake.
I stay in the still of the night watching,
I see the demons that walk during the night,
The fleeting glimpses of the tall man,
The one on stilts with the fedora,
The hanging lady by the tree.
I hear their whispers in the soft wind that blows,
Goose bumps trailing my skin with the presence of them all around me.
It is a warm night yet I feel cold.
A sniffle here,
A giggle there,
Voices in the back of my mind.
Am I hallucinating?
Am I crazy?
I need sleep
Sept.16.19 letters the won’t be sent to you

With this whole process
I feel as if I’m making it
I wasn’t where I was at
Two weeks ago
I feel as if I was pass that sad stage
“Is it working ?”
I kept thinking to myself
Then telling my other half
My best friend , my sister
She said “yes , you’re making it through”
She believed in me because she saw it in me
This is dedicated to my best friend Sasha , thanking for being there every moment
Sept.15.19 // letters that won’t be sent to you

There was so much to tell you
Yet the time isn’t right for speaking
So I’ll just explain it here

“The city was great , the vibe was intense but it was an experience that I’ll remember forever
The people there seem so happy to be in the city but some weren’t happy , instead they drowned themself into drinking from that tall cup .
I want to travel again , remember we’d use to talk about the places we planned to go?
Well I still plan to go maybe just maybe
When the time is right “
Sept.14.19 // letters that won’t be sent to you

I’m thousand miles away
Away from everything
But they will follow me
Yet it has seem to be lost
By me loosing them
Where there is many people
Where the city's lights are never off
People trading money
For money turned into a tall drink
To last the whole night
Games being played
Like how you played my heart

But I forgot this feeling
The feeling of my heart being played
It felt amazing , but I knew it wasn’t gonna last
As I left the city
Everything was picked up as how they were left
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