Until the day when I meet you at the bus stop,
the same one I dropped you off at some weeks ago,
when I get to stand on my tiptoes to kiss your smoke-scarred lips,
as you have to slouch to envelope
every inch of yourself around me,
keeping me safe, keeping me warm,
I will close my eyes and play back
that night where I sat in
the passengers seat, staring out
my dust covered window
trying to hide the tears
streaming down my face,
because we promised each other
we’d stay strong,
no I miss you’s, no please hurry home.

Until the night when I get to make you your favorite dinner
- rosemary steak and garlic potatoes -
and we get to sit at our dining table,
laughing over wine and memories,
I’ll begin to forget the loneliness I felt when you left,
because I knew you’d come back.
We made a promise to ourselves,
and timing is not always the best,
but in our selflessness we find strength.
I know this is the best thing for us,
for our future, so that our life together
can finally begin,
but the days feel like months,
and the weeks, years,
and this time alone is killing me.
You made me feel alive,
please come back home.
I miss my husband.
BW 1d
First date. Bistrot Pierre.
Your mother rang you up
"She doesn't want me to hoe around, you know what, I will."
I choked on my wine.
Your eyes glittered, your lips curving
into a deliciously wicked cheeky smile

Second Date. Franca Manco.
You went to the bathroom
took your hoodie off to reveal a half sheer top
The pizza or you? I hesitated for the first time
You bit your lips, lashes curled
the blush on you dainty and delicate

Third date. My shower
You massaged my hair while laughing
"We are the weirdest couple ever"
bare lips, wet hair, your body on mine
You made me sober yet fearless as a drunkard
You made a marriagephobic crave for love
"Let's get married."

Your jaw dropped
a true poem haha
She was standing at the edge of the abyss looking down at endless darkness beneath her feet, cold air kissing her cheeks,  she took a step back and looked at the sky to see  his face smiling back at her,

"Why am I here? "

she asked gently but‎ the face faded revealing a clear sky and a voice softly replied "take the leap" she had goosebumps feeling how close to her ear the voice was,

"I'm scared "

she said "I don't know what's down there, who's going to catch me?" the air calmed and there was silence, she looked around and saw nothing but never ending rocky plains  and the dark abyss in front of her, "that's where you're wrong " the voice startled her "with falling in love you don't  need someone to catch you, you simply keep falling deeper and deeper it's only when you can see the ground that you need to worry, but should you find someone whose heart and soul is one never ending free fall into the unknown, I suggest you jump" she frowned

"but it's dark down there"

the air around her was getting warmer, her skin now back to its natural smoothness "I can't show you love but I can make you feel it, by letting go of your fears and letting Hope, Faith and Courage fill your heart you will find tranquility the deeper you go but should you carry on being fearful of what could go wrong and making up scenarios you will create your own heartbreak, remember you're falling in the deep dark, you can be friends with the darkness or it could be your worst enemy but it will be your own doing because the dark does nothing but show you what you think for yourself" she stepped forward and looked down again, then she closed her eyes and......

"I'm still kinda waiting for an answer" he said with an engagement ring in his hands while down on one knee  his words returned her from her divination and she realised she her boyfriend of three years is on his knee waiting for her response, she looked him in the eyes and said

"Let's jump together"
I wonder what will go through her mind when I propose
The long hands of mem’ry are strangling my mind,
reachin’ out past the face to which my love was assigned.
When I go out in the evening to see what it is I can find
I’m haunted by the things we said.

When morning light lies beside me in my bed
I’ve got to turn myself over and shake out my head
because the whole scene reminds me of the day we wed
and of the life from which we resigned.

Like a sharp shaft of glass, we tore through the years,
only to end drowning in each other’s tears.
But the past’s so much closer than it appears,
and if you look too long you’ll go mad.

To say I never loved you’s to fall in line with a fad.
But to ignore what I feel now is just more weight I can’t add.
So I look down at the ashes, dust off what we had,
and stifle my rising fears.
JR 3d
I feel like I'm losing control of my life. She betrays me and says she's sorry. I believe her but I know I shouldn't. I love her but I know I shouldn't. I feel like a puppet who's trying to cut his strings. Stuck in a cycle of Stockholm Syndrome. Is love any different? I feel like it should be. It used to be, but now it's just an inability to defect. Threats more abundant than thoughts.
     Sometimes I feel courage to leave, which rapidly turns to fear. How could someone let go of his or her greatest memories? And yet those memories become spoiled and all I'm left with are fallicies in disguise.
      I think I can follow through this time around. Yet where would this leave me in the end? Is it worth it? Doubt consumes action and doubt begets doubt. Left with my nemeses: stagnation and insecurity.
     Is the risk worth the reward? What is the reward? Reward should not be synonymous with pleasure. My prize for action will be my drive for inaction.
     This gyre known as love. . .will it ever seize its pull?
Your skittish glances weren't what made me love you
Nor your tendencies to suppress your true happiness
It wasn't the panic you exhibit in times of stress
nor your inability to trust me..
No, Your walls were not the beauty that en-captured me.

but instead those small glances at what laid beneath
what truly was an ugly damaged terrain.

You weren't something any one needed
But you used to be, and you could be once again.

If some one could just persuade you
into letting down that ugly armour.
Those ugly insecurities
those ugly thoughts you used
to cover such shining beauty.

If some one could get you to come out and play
once more, then i knew that i would love you
And i was so heavily inspired by those gleaming smiles
that you dropped for just a second on my presence
and then relinquished.
I was enamored by those short but true laughs
you quickly stifled back down your throat afraid of being to loud. Or to happy.

And those are what i staid for.
my husband
When the path ahead is dark, find the light inside:
Believe in yourself and let your heart be your guide.
Reach out through the darkness and take my hand,
I will bring you from stormy seas onto dry land.
Keep the faith, the flame of hope alive
And, though you don't know the way, you will arrive.
Listen to your heart beating in your chest
Have you ever wondered how much you are blessed?
Feel my heart beat just like yours
That, when you are close, it swoops and soars.
What is this feeling? It's painful, and it longs.
I long to find a home, a place my heart belongs.
It's a feeling so tender, so clear and real
Could it be love that I now feel?
You give me joy, you are my life
My life is yours. Will you be my wife?
I promise to live as your love deserves:
Walking together in straight roads and curves.
I promise to cherish and protect you every day
To communicate and listen, to comfort and pray.
You have my heart, you are my life. The choice is yours to make:
Will we join together in heart and hand and take the leap of faith?
we slept all
bundled up in
beds too tiny
meant for

limbed and
twiny under
breathy blanket
quilted by
your mom

in pokey dorm rooms
loud and

we slept all
upside down
in princess bed
of brass ornate
and painted
ceramic of
flowers pink
and dainty

pulled and
rubbled out
from rummage
sale in
front yard

enclosed by walls
of wood
a-seep with
rugged deep
grotesque koala

we slept all
pulled out long
on foamy

slats a-stick
in ribs and
jutting out

to wailing
siren sounds
and tv screams
and chopper
and others'
lovers' fights

a-pound and
hot and grimy

we slept all
lofted up
and alcoved
high in castle


circled round
by clouds
and crows and

wings a-soar
wings a-flap
dizzying up our
weathered dreams

cat a-curled and
purring at
our tender feet

and farback
swirling sweet

of bygone nights

of bygone plights

of sleeps
slept other

© 2017 Adelaide Heathfield
The bed on which you sleep is full of memories. The sounds that swirl around, the light that filters in, the lumpiness or firmness of its cradling round your body, and the scent of the person with whom you share it becomes inextricably linked to that bed itself.

A couple in love graduates from bed to bed as they progress through ever-changing life circumstances. And the memories of those beds contain the memories of all the happy, miserable, beautiful, and strugglesome times that befell them in between all those sleeps.
Terry Collett Feb 16
I guess after all those years,
Doris thought her marriage would last,
that they would settle down
to old age and decay together,
but he had gone astray,
had found some other,
someone younger,
someone who had an appetite
for his wealth, an eagerness
to suck him of it and her;
in the last resort
of him and both.

Her children,
one son and daughter,
were grown now
and had children of their own,
not that she saw them that often,
just now and then
or maybe when.

It had come out of the blue,
to use friend Mavis's term,
quite unexpectedly,
and who had told her?
Or had she guessed?

She sits in the room
where once they both sat,
sipping the Earl Grey.

She wonders what
he thought of it,
this situation,
him going off like that,
and with her,
that younger woman,
that wealth grabber,
and him unable to see
what she is after.

He had been full of excuses,
full of blaming others
and not himself,
trying to justify his betrayal.

I sit opposite her,
sipping the Earl Grey,
seeing how unhappy she is,
how her dyed hair is showing
the grey once more,
the lines pushing through
despite the make-up
and beautifying.

She had phoned me
and asked me
to call around.

She has blurted it out
in an emotional outburst.

She trusts me as vicar
to take it in and offer advice
or just to listen
while she sounds off.

I offer advice
and gave ear
to her outpourings.
I sip the warm tea,
take in the emptiness
and sorrow.

I guess,
as we sit and talk
in soft voices(she have calmed),
I will see her in church,
in her front pew,
Genevieve Feb 15
lease do not serve me shit pie on a silver platter !
oh your unfamiliar with this type of pie?!! it is the kind
that is hot & fresh with buried lies and deceits colored
scented to seem sweet.

Please I do ask that you not serve this dish to me!
I see through and know there are many many layers
covering the other so I tell you do not serve to me
             shit pie on a silver platter!!          
Just be straight forward
then we are good and clear as long as you are a truth
teller you will have no thing to bury or hide baked
        into quadruple shit layered sphincter pie so keep it straight
        and girls won't hate but we will test and figure things out
        so go with caution just as long as we don't sniff a whiff
       being served to us by you via silver splatter.
Often the circles have been created by you
it just takes acknowledging their attitude
had been placed there by actions
or lies you choose to color and justify
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