Words spoken plainly
Now ignored.
After thirty years of habit
He stirs at 5.15 every AM…
After thirty years of habit
She does not stir
But sleeps through.
Words spoken, no longer plainly
But forced with effort,
Patience used.
Him, blind to her frustrations.
A broken necklace,
A torn handkerchief .
A housewife’s muzzled huzza
To husband ignored -
Her way of pretending
Everything is ok,
The only effort from either
To just get on with it,
To get by,
To wait it out.
But still…
Life goes on.

Copyright Marc Hawkins 2007

Emm 1d

In between all these blur
and even though I was never sure
I would
and give my heart to you
no pressure
but you'll hold
I'll let you...
--no, you won't be another failure
no, I promise, you'wont...
so, let's fly
let's unite our hands and start anew
"yes, I do"
love you

"The Heart Break of All Aches"

Thanks for giving me something to write about
To feel about
To talk about
For years to come

How did he do it?
How did he spill the beans?
Did he get down on one knee?
Did he start with a speech?
Did he mention how he couldn't imagine life without her?

Was he nervous?
Did his face almost turn green?

\He's ready to lead
He's ready to leave
I am really happy for him\

Their love inspires
But can you believe
Just like a movie
I had some love for him once

But now its pushed to the side
Just like our friendship
Solid once
But now pushed aside
Next to his best man

Let me know how it all goes

Jobira 4d

I know you're so scared of
The waves and the tides,
The unknown futures that might unfold,
Scared of getting hurt,
But I promise you, everything will be fine,
So you just need to ease your mind
and take my hands in trust;
For I will be you guiding lights
Forever without any doubts.

If you jumped with me in the ocean wide,
Do freely jump, without any reservations
For I want our futures to be built on solid foundations,
Foundations that are unshakable and grounded;
Thus, make up your mind without any fear
Choose it now not a second later,
And once you did, don't change your mind forever,
To change your mind and leave me
At the altar stranded
Stranded and alone with false hopes
As I wait for you,
Holding your favorite flowers,
If you decided to become,
the runaway bride.

@jobiranyc (9/19/2017)

dip me deeply into the well of the divine
we meet at the intersection of
equal independence and mutual dependence
cast away the loneliness of love and fulfill
the communion of companionship

together at the table of the Lord's Universe
we surrender individuality to become one mind,
one heart in holy bonds to maintain
a common life of generous sacrifice

let love flow free like a fount that overfills
rippling reflections skim the surface
in remembrance of the sacrament we share so deeply

the continuity of endurance circles round
wedded hand in hand of bone and flesh
driven by strength from weakness
to be known, to be understood

surrounded by the atmosphere of our blessings
desires compelled to draw affection
to calm the solitude of internal suffering
with unconditional love of two that becomes one

no one can separate one hand, one heart, one vow
gracefully simple humility brings together this love

these realities arise only from
the heart's dimension I force it not
but invite it and hold faith like gentle tears
fidelity never questioned

I will love you but not forever
Because time will not define a feeling so divine
But this is not the reason why

I will love you, but not as strongly
Because slowly and surely, commitment will be the key
But this is not the reason why

I will love you, but not as consistently
Because my eye cannot vye with two to compromise
But this is not the reason why

And the reason why must not shock you
It must not phase or break you, this is not to contain you
It will never mean to release you
But hope, to engage you

I will not love you forever
Because of another
And this is without hesitation, nonchalant
One who may be a little ignorant
But will always be more observant
Deserving, learning, and maybe even infinitely more important

Because as you will see,
And I hope you know what this means
Together we were never meant to be two souls in a constant tether;

I will love our child forever

He's gifted me the rest of his years,
I will try to use them wisely.

Mars Sep 15

If I want to piss in the wind,
Where should I expect her to stand?
Watching my back with a grin?
Or far far away upwind
        from my stupid stupid plan?
   If I want to chase my tail,
What should I expect her to do?
Follow along on my dizzying trail?
Or laugh,
  and call me a sobering name or two?

Happy Ending Sep 15

I see you taking me by the hand and leading me into paradise.
I see our smiles lightening up the sky.

I see me in a tight red dress.
And if looks could kill... Baby you'd be that smoking gun.

I see us in a crowded room. Dim lights, the echos of a foreign language in my ear.  
Champagne glasses in our hands we clink our glasses and understand...
This is our time.
To celebrate us.

I see myself taking it all in.
Your smile.
Your happiness.
Your happiness in just being with me.
Here and now.
The radiant glow of your beautiful blue eyes.

I can see your eyes giving me that very familiar, I want you now look and before I can react you lean over and kiss me.

Our room over looks a beautiful sea of dreams.
Our room smells of jasmine.
Rose petals nestled onto the floor..
Candles burn bright..
This is such a beautiful night.

The love we make is unlike any before.
Tangled in each other.
Flame brought to flame.
We engulf into passion that takes us into the eve of the morning.........

I see us smiling at each other.
Out of breath, bodies exhausted.
But never our love for one another.
Never tired of the exceeding passion that never dies or dims. But explodes and grows whenever we're together.

I love you... And I always will.

My only dream... My only wish. Was to have you and have this.
Cian Kennedy Sep 8

A night girl takes the blame

Plaster after plaster simply to pave

A way for a better life.

“Where is her shame?”

Asks the dolled up go-go wife

Leading her husband by his tie

Like a collar around his neck. Sick.

As she parades, reckless to strife.

And the mistress?

The same black tint that he kisses

at home, here pours and pours

On every visit.

A discarded mascara bottle,

discarded amore.

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