Enandin 1d

For the sake of completeness I'm putting this here. It completes the previous four poems all inspired by my daughter's marriage.
This was my speech at the wedding, I wrote it as an ode and it was my first and only public performance as a poet!
We had a fantastic day, my daughter had a dream wedding and I did get a few laughs.

Do I lose a daughter
Or gain a son
That's the question
I've been dwelling on
We always wondered
If she'd manage to find
Someone to love her
And treat her kind
The worry was
She'd pick an arse
Who'd ruin her life
As well as ours
Then came Simon
Caspers’ ghost
And I thought 'why aye man'
He's better than most
He could have been smart
Or good looking I suppose
He might have been fit
With a distinguished nose

But we'll take him as he is
Geordie accent an' all
Head in the clouds
But he’s quite good on the ball
And you never know under the skin
There might be great qualities
Hidden within
He does like a tab
And a flutter or two
He drives his own cab
And he loves a brew

So he's chose as his bride
Our feisty wee daughter
The angel of the north
And all that we taught her
A wise man many may think
Or a lamb that's led to the slaughter
Steph was in old Aberdeen
When he came on the scene
So he had to travel far
In a souped up little car
While she trained to be a teacher
Such a brainy wee creature
I have to confide
The apple of my eye
And the thorn in my side
But today all we see
Is this beautiful bride

So Simon took her to stay
Down Newcastle way
Where he taught her to speak
Like a duck with no beak
'Hey man'
I've heard her say
When the world and its dog
Weren't going her way
He's certainly opting
For a pressurised life
By choosing our Steph
As his awful wife
Sorry, lawful wife

They've already started
A family affair
With Lacy and Leo that fine little pair
So all of the best
On your journey ahead
Too late now
To choose freedom instead
But if there is a recipe
For loving bliss
It might go something
A bit like this

Keep your ears open and your mouth firmly shut
Always smile widely
And nod like nut
Remember woman
Can't be explained
So never try
And never complain
The last one
Is probably the hardest to do
But if you master the art
Life'll be much easier for you
And if you ever ask what's wrong
And she says 'nothing'
Work it out quick
Because it's a trick
And she's sizing you up for a coffin

If you can master
These rules
Before it's too late
Then you'll delay your trip
To the pearly gate
And if you've wondered
Why men often go first
Here's a little fact
I can put you onto
It's no medical thing
Or a genetical spring
It's as simple as this
It's because we want to.

But a word to the wise
So it's not a surprise
In the years that are yet to come
Look at our Steph
Then look at her mum
And if it's true what they say
That they turn out the same way
Then today your goose may be cooked
Because Simon my lad
Speaking as her dad
If that's how it works
Then you’re fucked.

zebra 2d

a black and white
photograph of her
posed demure and topless
smoking a thin panatela
in a silver and ivory baroque studded cigarette holder
she looking off elegantly aloof
with soft sienna eyes
tender feet brushing legs
under tables of flowing wine
Maxes Opera House Cafe
with miles of smiles
and pink fizz giggles
lips that talk in kisses
and a voice like fondled blooms

that was thirty years ago

dark edges of anger
like knives through walls and hearts
cold touch-less nights
caressed by shadows cast
the bodies alchemy, deranged
silences punctuate arguments,
make up sex, vanquished,
souls bleached in the kiln of war
rattled moons
brittle hides
abandons dance
we've both gone our own way
and running out of patience
yet at the core
an irreducible bond
by history and memory
we cleave to whats left of life
and each other
last grasp in retrograde
soft sienna eyes


In that exotic locale, where we met
Never expecting, but so may prepared banquet
Past times when I didn’t even know you,
You aren’t even my favourite asset
I can’t imagine, your now with me
From being shy and timid, changed in being coquette.

Holding both hands while walking,
Jerking, joking, and loving,
We talked just like a couple,
But realizing I am in the state of frienzoned
In being friends, Everyday warzoned
Because of hoping and begging in a state couplezoned

As a gentleman’s dignity, I will do the very best
So that we can love in very deepest
In every relationships, I will answer every test
So that t’ll infinity our link will never be the failest.

Woke up early in the morning with embrace
To never stop gazing at your  gorgeous face
Yes, everyday my kisses we’re too misplaced
Anywhere I want, even though your already in grimace.

I want to see you walking
In this memorable thing
In front of the altar,
Walking slowly with gentle
strumming of guitar,
I want to hear you saying ‘I do’
When the priest started saying
and I said ‘I do’ more than I Iove you .

For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer
I love you as gentleman’s dignity
Having this serious matrimony,
Without difficulty, and experiencing this simplicity,
Now you are in my property, with my own security
I will provide you full priority
If you love me with fidelity.

Without guilt and anxiety,
Please love me so dearly,
In facing this perfect matrimony,
We can’t be judged since we are already in legality.

I will guarantee my loyalty,
I will be faithful with my own dignity
Until we reach the age of ninety
Playing naughty and having infinity.

Enandin 3d

You are my daughter
You are my son
Both of you now know the voyage has begun

Today you joined hands
Today you joined lands
Together you step on to life's golden sands

You are the sun
You are the moon
Both of you are the flowers of spring in bloom

Today is the day
Today we can say
Together you step on to life's motorway

You are my daughter
You are my son
Both of you share this future to come

Life is a gift
Love is a treasure
The journey is swift
Your two hearts are its measure.

This was the reading I wrote for my daughter's wedding. The lands joined were Scotland & England.

Don't let go of my hand.
I'm not ready to say goodbye
I came to you when you wanted me
Innocence is fading
leaning on your shoulders
I counted all the steps we took
took cared of our memories.
I planed out our future
for an ensured safety for any future children.
I worked.
I've worked.
I gave up fun.
I gave up my smiles.
I gave up my tears.
When i was weak.
Id look forward to the reasons why?
I waited.
I doubted.
I gave up in my young dream.
I Paused school.
Then when i was almost ready,
You Gave up.
You left.
You let go.
You chose me and still let go.
I want to reach out my hand
To you tell you to Not let Go.
But you didn't give me a chance
to figure out why?
You left me all alone.
You've Brought me to my knees.
You've brought me down.
But I'll get over it, soon I hope.
I know you'll become a distant memory.
Now I'm Letting you go
along with these memories.

Never thought after everything I would become a whole with someone else. After the abandonment. The abuse. The hurt. Here I am, maybe not the man I pictured in my dreams but here with him it's even more in my own perfect way. He provides and showers with me love constantly. He made me feel like I'm in love for the first time. I wouldn't want this any different. (Now hold on to that)

Enandin Apr 17

On the day my daughter wed
Salt water tears from tear ducts bled
Spilling out from behind closed eyes
In that moment I realised
I watched my little girl morphose
Standing there in bridal clothes

Gentle words from me were said
While holding back the tears I shed
Listening to the vows she made
All grown now, old memories fade
My little girl in all this world
Reeling while these feelings swirled

From when I held her above my head
Keep her safe, to God I pled
A baby then, a woman now
Listen while she makes her vow
Close my eyes this liquid stings
Witness them exchanging rings.

Khadro Jama Apr 16

My heart is broken.
But I'm not hurting.
My life is spiraling all around me.
I'm not surprised.
I am stuck in between.
what use to make sense and Nothingness .
The tears wont stop going down my cheeks.
As i  stand under the rainy sky.
dripping wet.
Shriving from the cold weather.
my conscious starts to fade.
I am Lost in thought.
I am wondering soulless
As my soulmate dances away with another maiden.
I am Heart broken
I've been frozen in time for 2 years.
It feels like time has started again.
Its Not love.
Its Not Lust
Its Not a dream.
My Heart is broken.
And I'm Hurting.

Enandin Apr 15

Sweet bird of paradise
Such dreams you entice
Perched on your coloured glass roost
High over those you've seduced
Rocking gently in summer's breeze
Your long tail feathers tailored to please
With freedom in the skies to play
You prey upon our minds today
A shock of colour on a swaying perch
These are the people this is the church
Let bells ring out across the land
Standing barefoot in the sand
A fragile beauty scattered with rice
Visions of vivacity, our sweet bird in paradise.

From the announcement of our daughter's marriage in 2015. The day is nearly upon us!
Enandin Apr 15

Skies above speak of love
Seas below wash and flow
Clouds between drift and dream
Through a porthole all is seen
Silver wings slice the air
Time and space take us there
Sun and sand's where we're led
To see my only daughter wed

The day is getting close, my daughter very soon to be married under an African sun.
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