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The sweetness of dismal forth?
Space and a tapping heavy will of the wish
Greeting the dread, a host of silence, music for worth...
Naked real enough, naked felt to mention

Raises an eyebrow, raises a hunger
To the table of vestige, the tone of mystique
For a doting hope, dancing in the arms of thunder
Reach and purpose, in the shielded eyes of a lead...

Curious rhymes and times with a patronage's bag
Hurt feelings for a lore, in the needs of more
Had like a thought, in toil we save the cursory to add...
A callous few, the society of timid eyes, knows you somehow stranger

Lights that remind, you...
Three pigs and a wolf to tell the time
Have a mirror in mind, one for alienation
Two for a side of salt, and three wishes that should, a crying...

And a wolf in the first place...
Space for happening homes, the tale of synergy in grasp
That has the continue if not the view, of when a soon is sate
Is a requite of voice and its taste in joy, a new past to ask?

Exorcism of a priest, and a tale of youths?
Without the kindness of privilege, or the epistolary of count
The wailing and the stolen tryst, of powers that be our couth's?
In the dim and violent, misery we will note, is but a secret's pout

Passionate days, with a reason to be here
Aching eyes on the verge of unity, if not use for a cross
That has said, in a treatise of vice and quiet offering, of fear...
The none, the fulfilled song, and ourselves in an eye to toss...
Old as the hills and with a bitter lip of understanding, does God remember you before himself?
Strum out to me,
Oh music man,
That sweet mandolin tune,
Tell me the secrets of this world,
I'll keep it just between you and me.

I'll take my snippets of unfinished poetry,
And you take your unfinished book,
We'll mash them together into a chunk of clay,
And what results I think will do.

Let me take you in my arms,
And swing about the room,
To some merry little jig,
Only heard between us three.

Let's laugh to loud like *******,
And banter like buffoons,
Rant and rave like jabbering macaws,
And croon until we're blue.

Take care of me when I drink too heavy,
And nod along to my song,
Even though my guitar may be out of tune,
Carry my traumas when they become too crushing,
And say you love me too.
Zach Bryan- Corinthians
Learning to patch. Learning to mend.
Learning to venture. Learning to comprehend.
Learning to capture and befriend.

Inventing the berry. Inventing the cream.
Inventing sweet slices before bedtime
and the Fragaria colored dream.

Loving new life. Loving each child.
Securing the stem and raising the vine
by loving the wife.

I look at you,
with no clue,

Wondering how you can
be so patient,

Even when I don't listen
to your emotion,

I promise no matter what
life has in store,

I will only love you more,

Always standing by your side,

With a feeling of pride,

Holding hand in hand in a park
bench we will sit,

Happy with a life
we have built,

Knowing that we
made it…
May 2023
CarolineSD Apr 24
With my head tilted back and laughing
Because we’re singing along
At the top of our lungs
Tiny Dancer
In the frozen food aisle
With my heart just beating wild
Because you wrap your arms around me
All warm and tight
And tell me how beautiful I am
Though we’re pushing a shopping cart
Under fluorescent lights
And you don’t care who sees or who knows
How much you love me
And with my fingers outstretched against the wind
Flying down the highway
With the windows open wide
And we are singing again
And you never tell me to be quiet.

Late at night
When the bright,
Desert sunset of your eyes
Still cuts through the half-light
You let me spill my heart
Softly against your neck
And your words are like
Warm gems pulled from a treasure chest
In a child’s dream.

And this is how I love you
All open-hearted, safe, and
More to come.
Ashwin Kumar Apr 20
It has often been said
That true love doesn't exist
But that doesn't stop me from dreaming
After all, I am a romantic
And it's not like I believe in true love
Only because I've read about it in books
Or seen it happen in movies and TV shows
In fact, I've experienced it myself
Not once, but twice
On the first occasion, I was young and naive
Enjoying life to its fullest
And when the love bug bit me
It was one of my happiest moments
I looked forward to every single day
And for the first time in many years
I actually made a concerted effort
To excel in academics
However, to cut a long story short
I missed the bus by a mile
When it came to confessing my feelings
Right, let's come to the second occasion
Technically, it was an arranged marriage
But for me, it was as good as a love marriage
Because, after our engagement
I grew so deeply attached to the girl
That I was blind
To all the red flags thrown at me
Every now and then
Again, to cut a long story short
It eventually ended in a divorce
However, as I've mentioned before
I have not lost hope yet
After all, time is still on my side
However, I need to draw a line somewhere
Firstly, being open and honest
Is an absolute must
I will tell you everything
But I expect the same from you as well
Secondly, I am looking for someone
Who is loyal till the very end
I will be with you
Through thick and thin
But if you cheat on me
Then it's over, once and for all
And finally
You need to accept me as I am
With my pros as well as cons
That includes understanding my autism
And the limitations it places on me
Especially as far as social interaction is concerned
Of course, it works both ways
I am not looking for a perfect person either
After all, if it's perfect
Then it's not true love
And one of the major reasons I still believe in true love
Is that it's full of imperfections
That's what makes it so endearing
And so human
Mrs Timetable Apr 16
Seeing her turn around
Watching him
Walk into the room
Both adorned
Made his way to her
Leaned over the row of chairs
Her upper body pulled towards him
An embrace
His left hand
On her long dark hair
Disheveled upon where
Her neck meets her face
And then a sweet kiss
On her bloomed cheek
Meant just for her

Everything in my mind stopped...
This meant so many things to them
Hello my love
How are you? My best friend
My future
All the meanings of love
I've seen this before
Havent I?
Ever so openly
Simply done
When a older one kisses a baby
A mate kisses you goodnight
Kissing someone you've missed
This simple expression

But this
So secretly beautiful
In full view
Kindness and respect
For each other

In my mind
I looked around
And asked myself
Was I the only one
Who saw it the way I did?
True story.

I love it when a man puts his hand on a womans face and kisses her. I melt.
Carlo C Gomez Apr 17
black tie, bare feet,
a walk through dandelions,
following the scent of wine
and mirthful promise

phosphenes and paresthesia
—slow dazzle motif;
the bluebird of happiness
echoes in a shallow bay;
pieces of places to claim as theirs:
moth wings, flower petals,
and blades of grass

seduced by eventide,
unhurried mouth(s), lips searching
and soft, all words seem to have
a few extra vowels;
sudden ubiquity
to collisions and slippages,
cultivating suggestive shapes
from aleatory arrays
of objects and forms

in the surf they mingle and link,
emancipating adrenaline;
they love like they were
water for life

David Hilburn Apr 12
And heroes become many?
Live and let prosper...
A few in love, perhaps fewer than any
But capable at moments, of life to serve

Consider me a method in gave
Supposed chances, now subtle in hope
To these we find, a lucre to save
Persuaded by may, the first of them in forth...

Welling heed
To accept the tone of a voice
With the forces we know, live for our need
To these we condone, a new many with choice

Time in its long run, has seen our problems
Safety of a known care, to alleviate a keeping soul
With these powers, and purpose to understate a whim
The craving of joy, is itself, for those that know why marvels grow old

Sense made, season attested
Can our worth's and lasts of what opinion will, with
Be together in fame and fashion, as if a character blessed?
With but a stoney kiss, the dreams we fate for another, have is...
is where it doesn’t
feel intrusive
day or night

Someone loved will
come along to
lock the doors
and close the light

That simple laugh
from out the porch
will set me down
to listen right

And on arrival
you’ll be there
to touch my lips
with pearly whites
Honey, I'm home.
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