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O My Beloved! says the groom’s silent delight
When he looks into the bride’s beautiful eyes.
Such a delight but drenched into a kind of plight.
LeV3e 4d
I'm so obsessed with
Being better that I'll
Be better at being worse to, you

In our worst moments
You'd better remember
The rhythm of the words we spoke, cause

Through better or worse
Until death do us part
My better half is your worst
I think I see you everywhere
But I can't find you
It hurts when I'm not near you
When you are gone
When Im gone
I feel something
This void I need filled
Where are you?
No matter when or where
The one place
I know you are
My safest location...
Pulling at my heartstrings
That missing you feeling
I had forgotten how it feels to be touched by you
You left my heart broken and mind askew
The longingness to see you
For eternity and eternally, or just seconds, few
I, henceforth remained unbothered and sad,
Even in a gala milieu!
You came back by a whisker and feelings, see through
And asked me to gather something new and old , something borrowed and  blue
I felt some jitters and saw love inked hues
I felt so lost when it should've been good in lieu
Then one day you woke up and away you flew
You told me it's over, out of love, you grew
I then remembered how it feels to be hurt by the cruel,
I then learnt, love leaves you unscathed and glad, if true
And seems precious than any material, money or jewel
You will find it in the world, first find it in YOU.
Self love is the most important kind of love that you can begin with...the rest will follow itself :)
Kiss me
Kiss me in every way possible
Share the love I desire
That selfish love
That everlasting life
Visions of ecstasy
Visions of fulfillment
Just a simple kiss
Is all I ask of you
My darling, will you marry me?
Years of hints
I decided to ask
Is it wrong for a woman to ask first?

His reaction
His breath heavy and heaving
Fidgeting in his chair

My face, sallow in its seriousness
Cast a cold shadow on his bones
His body turning away
The back of his head

In my veins moved oxygen pure
My breath calm and subdued
Knowing the answer before it was asked
Confirmation from his lips due

What does one do after many years?
Is it ok to force one into marriage?
Am I giving myself up?
Am I giving in?

My darling. Will you marry me?
You are the love of my life.
Will you marry me?
No, he said.
Zywa Apr 30
Dad did it unnoticed
I was his princess
he fulfilled all my wishes
and I had no suspicion

We moved to France
I didn't have much to do
besides my lessons, enough
time for Eddie, a nice boy

I had the age
and suddenly it went fast
the engagement, the secret
of the rings, tailor, hairdresser

and then finally the wedding
Afterwards, I asked questions
Mama taught me that there is more
than the things that happen to us

more than what goes wrong
between people, we walked
away from the men
and counted our blessings
Collection "It takes a lot of tries to make a début"
Marry me..
err...marry me?
err..will you marry me?
I pop the question
as I look into her eyes
in that dark room lit only by the billboard backlight outside
She puts the table lamp on and looks at me
These few seconds are agonising
as I look at her face lit by the lamp.
Need time?
None of the above?
Mrs Timetable Mar 22
That's how many days
We've been one
Its hard to remember
When we were two
When did two equal one?
9855 days ago ...
or so
1995 two became one...

You have my permission to use your own number of days...the formula works for everyone
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