s 9h
I am in love
Love is the craziest thing I have ever experienced
It is beautiful and ugly and happy and sad
It includes almost every emotion
I have never felt anything like it
until I met him
until I let him in
until he never gave up on me
until he never left
it's a dang miracle
I would have left if I were him
I don't know why he never did
he loved me
wait, he still loves me
I am so happy that I found someone who will deal with my head and me every single day
I also feel extremely bad.
That is selfish of me to want him to stay
But I don't know
He will always stay and so will I
Sometimes my life feels like a dream
I remember cuddling up with him for the first time and for five seconds everything was okay and the world wasn't falling apart
He still makes me feel like that
for five seconds I feel complete
I feel like I am worth something
When I'm not
I have a sad undertone right now
it makes my head hurt
and I wish I could get rid of the sad
But it doesn't like to leave me alone
and I think it hurts more than it used to hurt
Because I am hurting him too
I don't want him to be sad
anyways this isn't a poem just a vent.
I just wish I didn't used to be in love with hurting myself.
It would make this a lot easier
I love him so much
Blake 16h
Before you left,
I tied white rope on your ring finger and you created one on mine.
And ordered sweetly:

“ If I tug
You answer by tugging too.
And if you tug harder than usual,
Then you can pull me to you.
Sweetheart I’ll come home soon,
Wait for me by your end of our rope”

After a final night where our bodies sealed the vow,
You left swiftly and with every step,
I sensed our rope grow and grow.

I felt two tugs on Wednesday from you,
And I replied with three.
I felt four on Thursday,
I replied with six and a invisible kiss.
And then seven on Friday,
Doubling your seven because I’m missing you terribly.

But today,
Something strange is going on with our rope,
Its no longer resting on the floor,
But is almost floating towards the ceiling,
It’s direction leading upwards.

I called the general my love,
After feeling no pull.
He examined the ropes upwards slant,
Told me that he has seen this before.

Told me that I shouldn’t pull the rope,
Because there is more than you being pulled?
And that....it wouldn’t be white anymore.
That you are gone?

He told me of one solution to find you,

To which I commented to use both our strengths?
To which he shook his head.
And then motioned for my finger instead.

He laid it upon the counter,
Grabbed a Swiss knife from his pocket,
And chopped just above the tie of our rope.

Using my butchered finger he then
shoved it deep within my chest,
Penetrating my beating clock,
Causing our rope to dangle from my left breast.
And with my last and final breath,
The rope became one with my fading heart.

“Now all you have to do is follow your heart...and you will find your love”

And so our rope tugged one last time,
Along with my last heart beat,
And there on Saturday when my soul left my skin,
I felt a a non stop tugging reply from the sky,
And a invisible kiss saying

“Sweetheart it’s your turn to come home to me”
Strange but sweet all the same
Beneath that smile
I  read  between the lines
I  sensed  frustration.
Shame  the need for my affection.
The look in your eyes  
The  drawn out  face
Red  cheeks
I  just knew your  life  
Wasn't  all  a bed of roses.

The long winter nights
Windy storms
Kept you hidden  behind closed doors
The thrashing of rain drops
Rushed down your sullen cheeks
The battle had just begun.
The almost perfect

In an almost perfect world, I met an almost perfect wife.
She was no ordinary girl,
She was a true angel and oh so stunning.
In another time or place she would have been the true Miss Right;
She was light itself, against a mind,
That couldn’t see a way to let the sun in.

If she did not wear a wedding ring,
I would have found one for her finger,
But there was no place for me to wait inside her heart
And I am no adulterous sinner.
I believe in love and marriage and so she can never be my true love,
Because I never truly had it…so good.
I was simply infatuated by her smile and her exquisite beauty,
But now I realise it cannot be, will never be,
But she has truly inspired me.

In an almost perfect world,
I met an almost perfect woman.
On an ordinary day,
My eyes were left simply amazed.
Perfection stood there shining beauty,
My mind was blown away.
This love could be the love of my life,
But it was not to be, unfortunately.
I will have to look for another,

The almost perfect woman,
Was, for me, never meant to be,
But there she was, lifting me up,
Sweeping me off my feet.

She never realised that I was falling;
Falling so deeply into her eyes, oh man!
I was entranced in those eyes; her hypnotic gaze.
I found my way back, when I found out she already had a man.
Already the spell was broken, so I walked away…

Now I am more than ready,
To find a woman of my own, to go steady.
The search goes on, the search continues;
The search for a ring on my hand ensues.

I am waiting in anticipation,
For love to find my heart and see my true passion.
My heart burns for her;
Yearns for her.
The almost perfect girlfriend-girl has ignited my candle
And now I shine for love once more
And I throw away my sandals.

I cannot run to my true love’s arms,
If I am wearing flip-flops;
So with a leap of faith,
I kick the sandals off
And I land in my running shoes.
No more running on the spot;
I’m running home to be with you.

On I go; to where? I don’t know.
All I know is my shop is closed, to all but my everlasting love.
Hold me like I am still falling;
Romantic ideals are tough,
But I know what I want;
The thunder bolt love.

Ignite the flame within our souls;
Do you remember passionate?
Create the page and become whole,
There really is no time left.

If the world was to come to an end
And all of this was gone,
Will you look back and be able to remember
“Friend, you made your mark.”
Or would you not?

Did you once aspire to change a mind,
With thoughts and good intentions?
Or did you just tire with time and fade away?
Never again to be mentioned.

If just one line can change the world,
Then write The Great American Novel.
Spin this planet for boys and for girls,
The future is in need of survival.

Find yourself a like-minded soul;
God gave us all rock ‘n’ roll.
The best place to be is here;
The best time is now.
You will find your way to find love, somehow.

Ignore the negativity of those who do not care.
They were not remembered in their own time;
It’s like they were never there…
I remain true through all the heartache;
We fall in love time and time again along the way.
You may think you are a nobody,
Until you find, with love, you become somebody;
Now nobody could ever forget your heart
And this is a whole new day.

The sun is shining just for you,
So appreciate it while it is there.
The time of crying is over friend,
There are too many people who care;
So you should not feel lonely again,
Just reach out for your free hug.
Love never truly disappears
And neither does the good.

The world is still in motion
And so in tune with your emotions.
Sometimes you may feel cold as ice,
But tomorrow is another day
And people are quite nice.

They will speak of what you say,
If you let them understand,
That we are all so lost, unless,
We are…all together now…it’s a plan.

So go find love and hold their hand;
Walk two by two into the future.
Who knows what is waiting out there for you?
That smile on your face sure does suit ya.

Don’t worry, be happy.
This world really ain’t such a bad place to be.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
We are the lovers

We are the lovers; we are a dying breed.
We trust in love and we truly believe.
We are the lovers and we know what we need;
We need romance to be real, so we can set our hearts free.

Go have your affairs; we will stick to one love.
One heart for one heart, ‘til death do us part.
You are the parasites with poisoned tongues;
Leave love to the lovers, because worthless is all the love you have
And we pity what you are.

Leave the cheaters to be cheated out of an honest kind of love;
Their love is empty of feeling and they deserve nothing less.
We want true love and a relationship that is forward;
They want sex with anyone that they can get.

Their bitter love has a sour taste;
The idea of love has been left disgraced.
Love is pure and adultery is infected,
When wrapped around a ring-finger…

What a waste.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemary’s baby is a baby of mine,
Rosemary’s baby dropped right on time for me.
Rosemary’s baby is a baby of mine,
Rosemary’s baby dropped right on time for me.

My wife and I, we couldn’t have kids,
So we called Rosie and now we have three.
Our surrogate, suffragette,
Sacrificed, all she had to give.
A selfless act, an adopted kid,
A world of joy is all Rosemary could give.

Now Rosemary’s baby, is a baby of mine,
Rosemary’s baby dropped right on time for me.
Rosemary’s baby is a baby of mine,
Rosemary’s baby dropped right on time for me.

We had waited for years, to become parents,
In just nine months, Rosie showed us our Heaven.
A baby boy called Ethan, with pale blue eyes,
A year later, the twins lay at his side.

Little Rosie and little Mary,
Have made us such a happy family.

Now Rosemary’s babies are babies of mine,
Rosemary’s babies, dropped right on time for me.
Rosemary’s babies are babies of mine,
Because Rosemary’s babies,
Brought our family to life.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
We may fall into ourselves,
Lack in conversation,
Succumb to our fears,
Revert to trepidation.
They say together we’re wrong,
But when the thunder rolls,
Remember we’re our own,
And we can love.
We may mince our words,
Contradict ourselves,
Try to fix what hurts,
But make it all the worse.
The wings of snow white doves,
Wrap around the two of us.
Accept our fates are forged from above.

We may say forever
Though we don’t try all the time.
We may dance together.
Though we don’t always step right.
The others want us gone,
Stuck in stormy weather.
It’s going to be hard,
But I know we can stay.
Don’t leave me,
I pray.
Don’t reduce me to begging.
I need you here.
Please stay forever.
I know we can stay forever.
Stay forever

You are a reminder of her death;
It’s time I started seeing you as a reminder of her life.
Time takes its toll as it takes every last breath,
But I am unworthy of passing judgment on you, her wife.

So I will no longer dislike being in your presence;
I shall accept the good side of this relationship
And remember the good times the three of us have shared.
I think it is time for us to rebuild this friendship.

In youth we are learning and in old age we repent;
It is too late now to say the words that I should have said,
But maybe with you I will have a second chance;
Another day to say sorry and tell you of my regrets.

Your love is your own and her love was a beaming light;
In the darkest of nights I still see her smile.
She passed through this world and lived too fast to die,
But we shall always have the memory of her
And she will always be at our side.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Dark and dreary, leave me here bleeding;
Living in the dirt was never meant to be easy.
Broken in three, I was never allowed to be free,
From the shackles of your society.

Down and out and I couldn’t care less;
I will never try to pass your test.
I need no acceptance; it is of no consequence.
All that matters are my ideals and finding the next sentence.

Leave me howling at a full moon surrounded by women in black;
There are whispers in the air
And they speak of dancing naked under moonlight.
No owl to be found to ask a word of wisdom, I catch my breath;
Surrounded in the darkness with a flash of flesh,
I am carried away to a place of pleasure in the middle of the night.

Wearing black to not fit in and not caring if we stand out.
Pop is trash; all they ever do is whisper so they can shout.
In the night we are lost, never to be found inside your thoughts.
Cook your food in your no picture apron and say oh my, somebody calls.

Society is made from gravity, but a poet cannot be kept down.
We must fly, so give us immunity; I cannot be, fall in line here and now.
Can’t be late, we must pay, we cannot say, we cannot be;
All we want is to be allowed to speak,
But the laws of life keep us from revealing our poetry.

Still the sound in the night, a revolution in the air.
Politics, it’s all tricks; it is here and it is there.
Corruption is everywhere; they are all wrong, but do they even care?
Welfare state, what a state, this is what leaves me falling down
And all they can do is stare.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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