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A perfect marriage.
Kiss cheek to cheek when our love is burning.
Speak face to face when we are talking
Fight back to back against all our demons
***** pole to pole in step we are walking
Work shoulder to shoulder millstones turning  
Plan head to head , thinking of the future
See eye to eye albeit never ever blinking
Trade hand in hand always entwined together
Standing toe to toe and share life’s pressures
Written by Philip
December 5th 2018.
Ideals of a perfect marriage
Kevin Hayes Nov 29
The extraordinary kinda scary
acquaintance of us in January,
has said in missionary.

Funny how time mends us
to what we hold dearly
and if that will corrode.
Then why even marry?

Doubt‘s forever sweeping hearts like
lil ol Annie.

Keep love handy.
Sketcher Nov 29
Once upon a time, there were three young children,
They grew up rather quickly,
They grew up in the same apartment building,
Their names were Jon, Ted, and Mickey,
Jon was a jolly **** that got all the women,
Rarely stuck with one cause they were ******,
Always doing dumb ****, in and out of prison,
Bodies in rivers and pills in drawers,
Tod was a simple man with a nice job,
Looking for a nice and simple woman,
Repetitive days make him bored and sob,
Its hard living on in crowded Brooklyn,
Mickey was a very lovely lady,
Letting the breeze of life pull her,
Pulled to strong men and ready for mating,
With menial men or skillful sirs,
One day Jon was drinking at the towns bar,
When out the corner of his eye,
He saw a girl stepping into a nice car,
So he quickly ran out to say, "Hi.",
This girl was Mickey and she was very rich,
And she was also quite attractive,
Jon tripped and yelled, "*******!",
Slipped on a pebble while distracted,
Right in front of the lovely lad, Mickey,
When Jon fell, he ended up landing,
In his own blood that was red and sticky,
His belt strapped knife was death demanding,
The pebble was stained red with rancid blood,
And it tumbled to a nearby drain,
Swept through sewers fast cause a recent flood,
And many stormy days filled with rain,
Somehow the pebble found itself on land,
Eight days after the event,
In a gazebo, you could see it stand,
Next to Jon and Mickey on cement,
They were getting married this day, it's grand,
And the nice red pebble was there to watch,
Resting in the prongs of a wedding band,
The center stone that was sewer dislodged,
From blood covered to a beautiful jewel,
That was nicely set in the ring,
Life abandons all the laws and the rules,
Of reality and nothing.
A nice little story about a pebble.
MrsFootePoems Nov 29
Whatever I wish that you would do
I will do to you
That way you feel my love
And maybe you'll show it too
We've got this.
MrsFootePoems Nov 28
Why do you only
remember you love me when
you yell me to tears?
Zywa Nov 26
It is too much in one day:
gown, hair and pearl necklace
the guests

throwing white seeds
in the garden of vows
and we

wading through too much
too much to be able to forget it
too much to be able to remember it

too symbolic to be real
too real to believe in it
too large to not believe it

too marvellous to be able to make it come true
too true to ignore it
too unique to get up with it

so we do it over again every day
sitting down together for a while
in the garden of vows
Collection "Webgarden"
Simra Sadaf Nov 23
every night, he comes home with a drunken rage
a new bruise entry on her 278th page
why does she suffer? she does not have to bear
but she is scared he will beat her with a chair

there is a picture on the nightstand
of them smiling and their bodies tanned
‘tis a happy memory that is now distant
unreal and alien, she questions its existence

against the wall last night, he smashed her face
her fate, her being, she wished to erase
there is a thin line between love and abuse
he crossed it, she endured it, both confused

entry number 340: it was a beautiful day
I brought him some tea and closed the door
hit him in the head with his crystal ashtray
holding his head he fell on the floor

I took the centrepiece, smashed it against his head
also smashed a bottle of brandy and stabbed his chest
his body trembled and I knew he was dead
a sigh of relief! now I can finally get some rest

the ashtray was a gift from me on our anniversary
your death is a gift to me despite all the adversity.
Your disposition
My recognition
Our ignition
Difference of
Life long
Hiding in
The admiration
From the
My friend,
Life long
Battles of the
Despite the times
We ring
The chyme
The wind blows
The conversation
About the betrothed
Heart break of
The road
Life crashes down
With a blow
The most... wasted
Treasure trove
Zywa Nov 22
Given in marriage: my father
with a big smile at the table
smelling of leather
his big hands

that begin his speech
with a heavy ruffle
on the shoulder of my love:
on him, I can count

He beats a burden
out of his heart, into my husband
we toast and drink
from crystal goblets

bigger than our face
a circle of distorting mirrors
in the crystal *****
we enjoy ourselves

the witnesses get drunk
they have been married for a long time
and don't care about the moon nor
beds that are waiting, asleep
Today is Good Couple ['s Day] in Japan

Collection "Eyes lips chest and belly"
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