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Clive Blake May 7
We are here today to celebrate the love
You so obviously share,
A love you wish to formalise
And publicly declare.

A couple truly meant for each other,
A couple truly meant to be,
A couple whose friends and family,
We are very proud to be.

We hope your happiness continues,
That you have much more in store,
We hope the memories made today
Will stay with you - forever more.
A poem suitable for reading at a wedding ceremony.
If I am treason,
it’s you I kiss.

If I am desertion,
it’s you I blame.

If I am persuasion,
it’s you I rob.

And when we kiss dutifully,
smile in simile,
just whose road of promise
will it be?

If I am steep,
it’s your future I will not climb.

If I am winter sky,
it’s your way out beclouding.

If I am compromise,
it’s your eyes that hold no conviction.

And when we drift apart in apathy,
evade with euphemisms,
just whose road of decline
will it be?

If I am consternation,
it’s your dream driven away.

If I am turbulent sea,
it’s your ship high upon waves of doubt.

If I am fruition,
it’s your tomorrow that is sunk.

And when we drink to this tragedy,
get drunk on alliterations,
just whose road of surrender
will it be?

Written March 27, 1996
Ann P May 5
I don’t want to get married
Just because I feel like it’s the time
I don’t want to get married
Just because people tell me I need to
I don’t want to get married
Just because I’m in my 30s and still single
I don’t want to get married
Just because I’ve been dating him for years
I don’t want to get married
When it’s my brain that speaks, not my heart

I want to get married
when I finally meet the one
The one who can make me fall so deep
The one who gives the love that consumes me
The one whom I can’t imagine to live without
The one who makes me think
That I want to get married
Because it is him

That’s how much of a hopeless romantic I am
Another daydream comes to me of our future life
We are in a house together and you are my wife
In your special room you are finishing a painting
I come, very silent, to watch the beauty in the making
But you turn around because you can feel my presence
You smile at me and laugh, and I admire your essence!
You come a little closer, give me a wondering look
I know you see perfectly, I can read you like a book
You want to know what I think about your piece of art
I smile and tell you the truth about how it touched my heart
You release a breath you didn't know you were holding
You kiss me on my lips, distance is slowly closing
And I take you in my arms and grab you by your waist
You are so **** gorgeous that I can't have just a taste
And as we stand there in the room, you in my embrace
I can see there's a bit of paint somewhere on your face
I take my ******* and clear the little spot
And I start to wonder how the room got so hot
And then I see us lying, cuddled on the ground
Sun seems to be dawning, we don't make a sound
Caressing your hair, feeling your heart beating
Oh gods, how much I wish, I wasn't just daydreaming
Francie Lynch Apr 29
When she first met him,
He was so slim;
A gentleman,
To begin.
When she first met him.

When he first met her,
She was so demure;
She'd defer,
Often concur.
When he first met her.

She'd smile on him.
He'd open doors.
She cooked and worked.
He worked and cooked.

Good morning, my Dear.
Good night, my Love.
I got groceries.
Did you get milk?
I called your Mother.
Is your Father okay?
Teacher interviews at five.
I'll drive.
Did you get to the bank?
I made an appointment.
What's the address?
Your sister's on her way

This was their dialogue
On that day.

She's kind.
He's a find.
He's hers.
She's his.

Ever the twain shall meet.
Äŧül Apr 17
Bereft of love all my life,
Thought I would not need any.
Still, you entered my life,
And now I need you as my wife.
Proposals, you can get many,
Yet you say you will be my wife.
You scuttled my ship.
My HP Poem #1926
©Atul Kaushal
Celestial Luna has arisen
What gorgeous form
The moon glistening verbrate with flesh-ed skin
So pure and unctious
What divinity of form
Angelic pillars aspire to hold Assyrian Sin
And what form so perch
The arch of the back
Traces its way to behold such grace
As pure bells Céleste entreat
And atop the place
Reigns perfect of form
The gaze of Cephalium
If this young femme be without ring
Or tether honour bound
Let her now come to me
And let real love resound
This poem is written inspired by a young woman who models under the name of 'Annie Madgett' - I want to get to know this woman to find out how we fit as real partners I do not know her name but if anyone can set me up with a conversation with her or with Annie Madgett herself(as I like Annie Madgett also and find her to be my woman also) as she may be able to set me up with my young muse and for other reasons then please do so.
kian Apr 12
I would be happy to sit by you
for the rest of my natural life.
I never felt like a woman much,
but I'd be proud to be your wife.

Oh, lover, how do you stand me?
You say, "Oh, lover, how do you stand me?"
Dear darling, that I should be so lucky.
No gold is worth a second of your time.

I paid no heed to a marriage oath
when I was only a child.
Loving you isn't a set of laws;
To love you is to run wild.

Oh, lover, won't you unhand me?
You say, "Oh, lover, won't you unhand me?"
No, darling, not while my feet are standing.
No gold is worth the way that you are mine.

I am no master of rhyme or verse.
I'd make no beautiful bride.
But if there is truth in this universe,
I'm meant to stay at your side.

"Oh, lover, do you demand me?"
You say, "Oh, lover, do you demand me?"
Yes, darling, if I am to be happy.
No gold is worth the sweetness of your smile.
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