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Marri 3d
I see it, right there.
That faint glimmering in your eyes.
It’s hope,
It’s inspiration,
No wait, it’s love?

It’s everything.

I see everything in your eyes.
I see long nights,
Early mornings, and
Sweet memories.

I see Leonine taking his first steps,
I see Luna on her first day to school,
I see two hands ring clad interlocked.

I see us,
And to me,
That’s everything.

Do you see it?
That sparkle in your eyes when you look at me.
I see it,
And I love it.

I love everything,
I love you,
I love us.

My one and only,
My love,
My everything.

That’s what I see.
Jenn 4d
is why I can't stop
thinking of you.
Why does it seem
like so quickly
I fell for you.
It makes no sense.
Here I am,
begging to marry a man,
when you're right there.
So close,
yet so far from me.
All I want is you.
I never thought
you'd be standing there,
thinking of me.
Too young to be in love
But my heart beats faster when I see you
I will wait for our love to be accepted
No matter how long it takes
Sage D May 21
You are the love of my life,
The one who makes my heart race.
You are the light of my life,
The one who knows how to make me smile.

You are the one I want to be with,
Every morning and every night.
You are the one I hope to marry,
To have children and grow old with you.

You are my favorite person,
You tell me that I am yours.
You are both my lover and friend,
You tell me that I am yours.

Now until forever,
With no end in sight:
You are mine,
And I am yours.
Carlo C Gomez May 18
And stems

Long stems
Leading to painted toes
Pointing at trouble

A whole hour
In a cold shower
And she still has all the power
Thurston May 17
Each dawn, I reach for the Sun,
And feel it's round, amber glow.
With hope each meadow flower will turn
To sing splendour of this blazon show.

Praise all hues that wrestle shade.
The glistening shards that paddle ashore.
Dry each print, where our steps have played
And shatter sky till I see no more.

Leaves once trembled and shone for love,    
The sap of Fall has flutters few,
Life's verve is what we will become;   
Not nestled glum, in misty view.

We run to embers from frosty field,
A warmth from boundless borders.
Come dance amidst the darkest night,
As Life's Eve is drawing closer.

If glory shone in evening's light.
Bowed Holy on a raven sea, or
Gaze slumbered upon a softer sight.
Stay late and sleep the night with me
Everyday, the Sun shines.
Ankit Mangal May 15
It was both exciting and nervy,
The beginning of my best journey, I thought,
When the talks began, cloud of doubts began to fly away,
Understanding without words, care without need
Gift without expectation and love without bounds,
Now wait was killing me more, finally It was over,
After the light and sound show was over,
Slowly, words became orders, need became want,
Expectation became demands and love became 11 to Midnight affair,
But then suddenly, something hidden deep dark surfaced,
Within blinks it turned savage, so deep,
I asked for penny, other thought of rupee,
I asked for time, other thought of possessiveness,
I asked for holding the hand, other thought of getting strapped,
I asked for respect, other thought of *******,
Finally, I asked just for love, other thought of just ***,
Still maintained it, expecting unexpected,
But the cloud of arrogance obscured the view,
Helplessly decided to let go, thought necessitate,
Other haven’t shed a tear, thought did correct,
Finally, trusted the worst was over,
But hardly did I know, a bigger fight was pending,
I shed tears, compromised and bent, other unmoved,
Still, they put me in the same coffin as other,
What made me undeserving, walking away for self-respect,
Then, why do I have to search only among the divorced,
What made me impure, your eyes or my uncompromising necessity,
I now know how it feels like being stuck on deserted island,
It’s hard to **** yourself and harder to live knowing it’s going to be a slow death,
Indeed, it was the best journey, how else have I learnt.
This is a true thing happening in developing nations where society judges divorced people very differently. So, its an appeal to society stop judging people.
I remember when I first saw you
in such a state,
shifting with the direction of light,
viola shaped,
the boudoir door slightly ajar.

Rings exchanged,
veil removed,
the bells had chimed for us,
and then for
ships in safe harbor.

The pitter patter of
surf cascading in
from an open window,
otherwise hushed,
turnt and *****,
dimples showing
whether you smiled or not.

Turnabout was fair play
--azure hues in moonlit pastel
caressing the folds and ties
around midnight’s chemise
--the lure of velveteen
and vast soft canvas of pearl
--areolae circles and quaint triangles
in the thick of things,
gift-wrapped in elegant fur.

Belle-chose, under
the waxing, waning crescent
of dainty omphalos, yawning in chiaroscuro,
red-faced and piqued,
quite shy coming out of the shadows.

The batting of lashes,
the lingering scent of bouquet
--like the seduction of flute song,
I followed and followed
until thoroughly lost within you.
They say that it's a matter of trusting
Before love has a chance to begin
And it's never simple,
Cos’ faithless hearts can *******
But only a strong love survives

They say that it's a fine line
Between giving up and giving in
But once your heart is in it
You just can't forget it
It's like something you never felt in your life

You got real love, not infatuation
Real love, not an imitation
She is your heart’s destination
And your hearts' celebration
As you both explore without limitation

You are such a part of her life
That can't be remembered without you
And you’ve had your days and nights,
To have your share of fights
But never think of giving it up

You created a world where dreams are a part
By painting love all over your hearts
Till the balance was right
You both were dreamers
But you're making the dreams come true
Special Edition: Dedicated to New Couples (Mr. and Mrs. Etiene Joseph)
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