MysteryBear Jan 2016
We are African descendants.
Glorify your *****, ***** hair.
Don't shrink and cower in fear.
Own yourself
The sun kissed and blessed you.
Accept that your hair won't be straight and silky.
We are African Descendants.
My hair is relaxed and damaged. But when I get my braids out, I'm gonna do the big chop and go natural.
  Jan 2016 MysteryBear
E Copeland
I woke up this morning and I was sad.
I’m not asking you to fix that,
I’m just asking that you love me until I’m happy again.
Then stay and love me until I’m sad again.
And over.
And over again.
  Sep 2015 MysteryBear
i made love to the idea of leaving my footprint on the world
without looking into the idea of my foot getting caught in quick sand
getting lost in dance for a while
but i could never dance the urges off of me
unsee the things i had to see
the insecurities spewed out into my toilet
it took me a while to realize bulimia is almost always metaphorical
and for a while it became a necessity

i forgot how to fix these things inside of me
my rather apathetic way of getting threw things
and after a while
my father's anger
got the best of me
there's this numbness in my chest
i can no longer think
i can't think knowing the secrets of my family
i can't think putting all their mistakes on me
i can't think knowing my parents rejected my hurting
and i can't eat
i can't eat with all these pains building up
inside me

i made love to the idea of leaving my footprint on the world
but i left a footprint on my soul instead
right now i'm barely beautiful
my urges leave me dead
MysteryBear Sep 2015
I am alone
You let me or should I say us go
Lack of communication
Our problem
But you can never say I didn't love
Made me worry
That I wasn't good enough

"Say  you'll  remember  me
Standing  in  a ­ nice  dress,  staring  at  the  sunset  babe
Red­  lips  and  rosy  cheeks
Say  you'll  see  me  ­again  even  if  it's  just  in  your  wildest  dreams"

I am alone
Tho our memories feel like forever
I will continue smiling
At least I know to let go
I'm not holding on to something broken
When we pass each other in the hallway..
I wish you the best
Me and my ex officially split ways
MysteryBear Jul 2015
I'm scratching at the surface, Trying to break free
I'm buried underneath,
I cannot breath.
he who is a little ahead of his time
whose treasures of the words random
romanticism is in the blood, marrow,
his mood is as the autumn clouds

he who has lost his path within path
drowning with dreams, sunk you within dreams  
again holds thousands of lost dreams
fly the colorful kites in the blue sky

he who hide within himself
**** in his ***** poetry
In forms humorous,harmonic  
as a portrait of the Vincent's starry night

he is a pilgrim who has lost himself within spirituality  
holds everything with the love  
who is for everybody so everybody is for him
But in fact there is nothing in all his

he who is simple straight as the waterfall
when in complex grew hard stone
who broke rules for building rules,
knows himself within the other life

whose words never be end
again he moves on and on
who laughs in the moonlight
again swept in pain without thinking any gain

who looks the life
as a grain of sand
and see the sign of love
in the footprint of a fossil

he who is a poet -
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