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MysteryBear Jun 2021
“I love you” is so often not meant. To enjoy time with a person doesn’t equate to that. Those words change everything, and you didn’t understand the weight of it. What it truly meant. I did though….and you left
Just as expected
I didn’t return his feelings so he said **** the friendship and we went our separate ways painfully
MysteryBear Jun 2021
You told me about your abandonment issues and how I contributed to them before. This time I remembered not to make the same mistake. I reached out for you, but you smacked my hand away. I did it again and again so you know I cared, but I became the pest. The burden you wanted to let go. Now you and I are the same. I was abandoned.
MysteryBear Jun 2021
Too tempting is it to jump into the abyss of numbed feelings to save yourself from getting hurt again.
Repeating the same mantra, “Keep your heart open . It’s okay to feel the pain.”
This song is getting old, I try to keep myself busy. But from time to time, I daydream of my home back in the abyss.
MysteryBear Jun 2021
I am passion, fire and willpower personified. The tongue inside my mouth try to swallow words that don’t agree with my brain. It fails.

They are calmness, earth, and control personified. Able to trust their brain and heart, they know when to take shelter. When the fire gets too hot.

They thought they had me figured out. That they were my opposite and the perfect element to balance me out without smothering me like water or adding fuel like air.

I always found a way to escape
MysteryBear Jun 2021
It ***** that pain is poetic. So many people can relate to each other through pain. I guess that means everyone is poetic
  Jan 2019 MysteryBear
What is it about you that haunts me?
I let you go so I can set you free.
You meant everything to me and we were forever,
But it isn't our time to be together.  

I was completely lost before I met you.
You gave me reason to live and direction to follow.
But now we're back at square one,
And the loneliness has already begun.

I promised you I'd never leave.
You promised never to let go of me.
Yet here we are, far apart in distance and in thought.
I wonder how we'd be if we hadn't fought.

Blocking is a blessing, and you used it well.
I regret my decision, now I'm in hell.
A life without you, is no life at all.
I just wish you'd pick up my call.

With several attempts I lost faith.
I think it's goodbye, this is our fate.
I'll always wonder if I made a mistake,
If I could've avoided all our heartache.

                                                     ­             -Wayward❤
I didn't really know how else to let go of my emotions. Its really bad, I agree, but I needed some sort of an outlet for the hurt I was feeling. Much love.

It's really sad that so many of you can relate to this poem. I'm so sorry for whatever you're going through. Stay safe loves!
MysteryBear Jan 2019
Everything is falling apart
But the only thing that keeps me together
Is knowing that your doing okay
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