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Emma Dec 3
My favorite Barbie doll is still my favorite Barbie doll when she isn’t wearing the dress she came with.
Jasmine dryer Nov 19
yes i'm sorry
all I wanted was to fix you
to fix you
but now your more broken then before
I just I wanted was for you to last longer
and be a little stronger
but I failed
I failed
but I will fail you no more
for your porcelain skin is to cracked
and your dress isn't even intact
and when I step back
and place you back on the shelf
I think of all that we've dealt with
and this toymaker
sad as i may be
have put you  away
i'm sorry
my black haired porcelain beauty
Debbie Doll Nov 2
Stuck inbetween Love & ****
But I actually want it to Last
Far From You I feel Lost
Tell me; is this Love Or ****

I love it when you whisper
In my ears
Your ***** little twister
I hear

I want you to draw me
And put away all the

Legs wrapped around your waist
All  fears
Chased and disgraced
Is this love or ****?

I want it to be a
But you want it to be a

My Lustful desires I
But Your Heart was

You want it to be a
But I want it to be a

Is this love or ****?
Shadow Dragon Oct 27
Love bites
for the dark
intertwining with the pure.
Forgive me for I have sinned.
bruised touches
that rock back
and forth.

Save the innocent
or let them feed on unholy blood.
Let them taste metal
in the finest state.
Let them lick off
any left overs
that are both sweet and wet.

Turn them around,
show them new paths
that they can learn to love.
It's not life that deserves love
it's the after thought.
It's the mellow dark
that tinkles and pounds the heart.

Let yourself go,
and show others to do so.
Bite down,
caress and kiss
the mother of death.
For she has risen
and shown a way.

I let you in on my secret.
I told you half spoken truths
that twist with lies.
Because a broken doll
plays pretty until she falls
or drowns for that matter.
Only seven to go, what do you know?
The little china doll sits on the shelf,
Crying and broken all by herself;
Cerulean tears roll down her cheeks,
Leaving behind salty wet streaks;
A little girl has forgotten her, abandoned and lonely,
She remembers when she was her only;
The china doll shimmies her way to the ledge,
Teetering dangerously on the edge;
It's one final push and shes on her way,
Busted and shattered on the floor she lays.
Vale Luna Oct 5
Master’s toy
Wants to be played with
Oh, please, come play with me
I am yours
And only yours
I think that you’d agree

Pick me up
By my puppet strings
And watch me dance around your bed
Pick me up
And amuse yourself
I want a place inside your head

Master! Master!
Come visit me
Inside my little dollhouse
I simply long
To be your plaything
You’re the cat, I’ll be the mouse

Master! Master!
I get lonely
When I’m not held within your clutch
As your doll
All I have
Is constant longing for your touch

There’s one purpose
I am trained for
And that’s for you to enjoy
Forever conditioned
Forever enslaved
To be Master’s little toy.
Emma Sep 23
“You look pretty”.
It is a cage I have adorned myself within.
In my nineteen years of living,
I never thought there could be a greater compliment than
“you look pretty”;
“you look beautiful”;
And, my personal favourite,
“I bet you look good
Under all that clothing”.

This is a cage that I have locked myself in.
The walls are made of crystal,
But no one who presses their hand up against it
To steal a glance in
Ever sees me.
I am what I will become,
But to the crows that surround me,
I will never be more than the pretty object
Waiting to be snatched up from the filthy floor.

In my nineteen years of living,
I have been conditioned to believe that my worth
Is solely based around
How pretty I am,
Or how good I look in that dress,
Or how I beautifully paint my face to become
Your doll.
I never have believed that I could be
Anything more.

When you gaze upon me,
With your starving eyes searching my body
For something that does not exist,
Do you not see me for my true worth?
Is my capacity for kindness and
My loving nature
Not something which is destined to be adored?
Will who I am
Ever be enough for your ego to coincide?

Whatever it is that you decide,
Your choices will not persuade me.
I know I am worth more than an idle compliment
Which holds no weight or denotation.
I know that I am worthy of a love
Which sees all of me,
And not just the crystal cage
That is shattering in my wake
Around me.
Lilly frost Jan 5
To what do I owe this honor
Being your toy
A scheme
Thinking you could pass me around to another
With no love
No thought
I meant what I told you
With every piece of my tearing heart
I love you
Even still
You shove me to another once you've had your fill
Is this all I've been to you
Is that all you want
How could you...
Why should I be a part of your life anymore
I'm not your plaything
I'm not your doll
Seeing you toss me aside...
I can't take it
I don't want to fall
Sky Yang Sep 15
i swallow hard and the act breaks me in two, a deafening ***** and the crease on my neck gives way like grandma's Russian doll i thought would never open again
sushii Sep 12
what have i done?

my heart
has been filled to the top with liquid—
a glimmering red,
so much so that
it just
burst open.

what have i done?

my heart
is a porcelain doll.
so beautiful, that you want to touch it, but
once you do, it shatters into a million pieces,
because you drop it.

what have i done?

my heart
is a thief with a knife.
it holds it to your chin,
as you struggle and squirm underneath the blade.

look what i have done.

look what i have done.
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