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you are all paper dolls

that I made

you heart is so ******* white

the color of your fears
doll maker
Cross Boundry Sep 23
I lost myself finding you.

You scared me that day
So I spent hours bringing you
But on the way I dropped myself
and became your doll
So now I sit on your shelf
Until you lose yourself

I found myself leaving you.
and never coming back.
Lily Sep 3
The free box lies in the
Corner of the garage,
Where the crickets and the
Spiders and the raccoons live,
And the doll is slouched in the corner,
With more dirt on her than the garage floor.
Her hair is without color,
Her eyes without life,
As she stares up at the innocent
Garage salers who rarely give her a
Second glance.
She’s in the free box;
Why would anyone bother?
She’s been abused and neglected,
Despised and rejected,
And she’s finally done with it all.
She’s in the free box;
Why would anyone bother?
this was written at a time when I wasn't in such a good place; I am doing much better now and I'm hoping to write more :)
Holly Aug 31
I am held together
by tape and pins inside,
make shift stitches
are the only things
keeping myself from
falling apart.
There are so many chips
In my skin
I do not know
If they are from mine
or everybody else’s
My strings are so weak
there is no telling
when I will have to cut them,
and let my limbs
fall far beneath my feet.
You would think
I would be better
at keeping myself
from ruining everything else,
but I have spent too much time
tearing myself up
to know how to
hold anything worth saving
In my bloodied hands.
My lips have been
stretched so thin
from keeping all my secrets
locked inside
I drool blood and grief
through the sutures.
Please use me,
i have no idea
how to do this on my own,
and I am not my own master
I don’t know how to exist
without you.
I have been left on the floor
for so long
I am a mess
of broken attempts
to fix something
that cannot be mended.
I am unsure
I will even work right,
but I need someone
to tug on my ropes
and make it seem
like I am more alive
than this.
sadnspicy0 Aug 5
Silky hair,
cotton head,
and her dress is crimson red,
glossy eyes,
button nose,
beautilicious - head to toes.

She's the most iconic mess:
livin' high without stress.
You might assume she's a piece of art,
but darling, she has no heart...
Rose Jul 28
Walking down the street, flaunting like I own it
Every head turning my way, my way
Pink heels on my feet, daunting like I grown into it
Dancing like it’s made my day, my day

It’s like you’re that boy I’ve only read about
The one who ends up with my red lips on his cheek
That one boy who I’d die to have
But the one who rips my flowers and calls me weak

Yeah, you’re definitely that boy

Never felt love before and I’m probably failing
But can’t you see I’m desperate to make this work?
It would be amazing if you just cooperated
Ugh, boys, aren’t they just the worst?

It’s like you’re that boy I’ve only watched in movies
The one who all the girls pray to like a god
That one boy who plays stupid games just to win
That kid who’s got his own cheerleading squad

Yeah, you’re definitely that boy

Yeah, you’re definitely that boy

You know what, I changed my mind
I don’t want you after all
You’re that bad, bad boy who’s pretty, so what?
You’re just that stupid glass doll
Take your stupid games
Take your stupid names
Yeah, you’re definitely that boy

That boy
A poem about how the most popular people are sometimes the most obnoxious.
Rose Jun 27
You wake up.
You don't want to get up
But you know you have to.

Someone put the world on your back
Instead of in your hands
And you just have to shoulder that burden and continue like everything's okay.

You just want to hide away
But society would label you as a lunatic
And you can't let them think that!

So what do you do?
Well, you drag yourself onto your feet
And get ready.

You slip on the same clothes that everyone else wears
For no reason except to look like a community
You look like one, but you aren't

Because while you have friends,
The only reason you are there
Is to earn money.

What is money?
It has no worth
Only because we believe it does.

It makes the world go round
So many problems eliminated
Yet so many problems raised

Just like everything on this planet.

Things were no better as a kid.

Putting on shoes that hurt your feet
Just so you look good to others
They don't look good to you but it doesn't matter

People must like you
Otherwise how will you live?
You must look pretty

You must make good impressions
Be friends with popular people
Doesn't matter if they call you names and label you stupid and dumb

You must be with them
So other people like you
And keep walking in those shoes that make your ankle hurt

You wish it would be okay
To burrow under a blanket
And lie there for a day or two.

But you are perfect the way you are.
You shouldn't want to be anyone else
You shouldn't force yourself to be anything you aren't

Otherwise you are nothing but a doll
Played with by people who know nothing about you
And don't care about you

Instead, they twist you
Into their own visions of beauty
While not listening to your own.

Don't listen to them.
No matter what they say
You are perfect.
Anastasia Jun 21
dancing on a moonless night
the air is cold
stars the only light
a lacy white dress
flowing with her movement
is she porcelain
or is she human
a music box plays
while she slowly spins
her limbs held together
with staples and pins
sweet tinklings and chimes
while she closes her eyes
trapped in a hell
a soft gentle demise
winding down
the music slows
to staccato notes
there is no flow
just jerky beats


my hands reach for the key
Eva May 11
Mattel is proud to present their new doll
Barbie as a mom
Barbie as a mom let kids explore their nurturing side
Barbie as a mom comes with exclusive accessories like
A child
And a bottle to keep them quiet
Barbie can now look responsible and put together between her friends
Barbie can now proudly show her offspring and receive compliments
Enjoy all the perks that Barbie as a pet owner didn't have
Barbie as a mom can also wear matching outfits and upload them to Instagram
Wouldn't she look so cute?
Accessories don't have names
Doll cannot stand alone
Colors and decorations may vary
I always felt that my existence was an extension of my mother’s. The only reason she wanted me was to stay still and be pretty next to her. I was an accessory that didn’t have a voice of their own. She just wanted to play house.
And when I started to talk and developed my own personality, she was triggered. She did not sign up for that.
Maha May 6
in my father's home
tucked into a closet
stands a lovely doll
a dress that spilled over the edge of the armoire that she perched upon
dimming light cast a soft twinkle in her eyes,
a shimmer in her hair
I yearned to be like her
until her façade cracked
and she looked like me
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