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Lanech 2h
I forsook JOY and PEACE in search of the earthly happiness and relief.
I left WISDOM in search of inspiration.
I derailed from FELLOWSHIP in search of relationship.
I abandoned the HOLY SPIRIT in search of a clean spirit.
He is the real peace and joy, how can I abandon the person and go after what he represents.
Like fireflies we burned so bright,
Hope eternal, life inferno
Through the darkness of the blackest night;
We blazed our trails yet now must go
To that place in which we rest our wings,
Humbled, quietly troubled
In reverence to the King of Kings.

So fierce the flame of ageing man,
Regrets eternal, death too certain
Burns up those dreams and best-laid plans;
Leaves just the ash of our untruths,
Fading, sadly aching
For that firefly light burnt out for you.

TS Lefort
Color 5d
everybody's on death row
we only get a short amount of time

no day is certain
no night is permanent.

watching your father walk out the door
could be the last time you ever see him.

watching your friend drive away
could be the last time she ever speaks.

watching your sibling close the door
could be the last time you ever hold them.

death row
death row

panicking is not the answer

death row
death row

hold your head up
keep your head up

love all
trust a few
do wrong to none

words from the greatest of our kind

the last thing you say to her
could be the first thing you regret
Chloe May 18
You might be quite bored
But don’t make the same mistake
Do NOT dye your hair
I know everyone’s bored in quarantine but do not dye your hair.
Sovit Pokhrel May 15
A master craftsman,
Well bred and fed,
Counting his days,
Days spent, over Days left.

Days, spent searching a craft.
Days, spent learning the craft.
Days, spent working the craft.
Days, spent perfecting the craft.

A master craftsman,
Well bred and fed,
Counting his days,
Days spent, over days left.

Days, left to live.
Days, left for love.

Days, he spent, drifiting from life.
Days, he has left, too little to go back.
Days, he spent, he wishes, he had more.
Days, he has left, only them,
and nothing more !!!
All our lives we run behind what the society has considered the epitome of success  only to realise that we have completely forgotten to live our lives in the process. Start living before its too late. Spend time with the people you love, tell them how much you love them.
veevee May 12
I stay awake through the night
Listening to the incessant rain.
Might as well turn on the light.

Time for a trip down memory lane
All to the rain’s beat
You’ve been there, need I explain?

Down this path, I stroll with weary feet
I know the memories waiting to make me cry
Must I keep going down this street?

I want to bid the past good-bye
Rise to an unfathomed height
Reach for the blue sky

But that’s not happening, right?
I stay awake through the night.
Sela May 10
What if she listened to me?
What if she took everything seriously?
What if she knew I would be a mess without her?
What if she wasn’t selfish?
What if she could be saved?
Sela May 10
It’s hard to see this world when you don’t want to see anything in it.

The only thing you want is to make this world less scary.

But this world will never give you the second chance to make everything right.
Rozana Feb 5
I cower silently just outside the door
Numb hands digging deeper in pockets
But this cold, it’s not the rain
I shiver from a chill coming from within
Life exudes misery
Sometimes in a minute, a second, an eternity
I came to know the extremes of loss in one of those moments
And I fear the bitterness of this breath
Echoing the regret of what no longer fills me
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