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SG Rose 11h
You say I can't be trusted.
Pointing fingers hammer firmly the hurt into place.

I watch the tears puddle and collect as you
choke out the tale of the green-eyed storyteller
who painted your world with words of
"I will
I won't
I love
I don't..."

and that she said them until they consumed you.

And I couldn't argue.
What is it so great that consumes us of fear.
Why must we hide who we truly are and be ashamed of the person we see in our mirror.
Does this world exist more of such fabrication and lies that we forget who we are and where it is we came from
We must conform to the piercing eyes of our society and March to the beat of everyone else's drum
Can you take one minute out of your oh so busy day
Long enough to pose  the question to yourself,
If today was the last day of my life , have you any regrets left un mended, or things you didn't take time to say?
If you will be honest and swallow your pride,
Make time for the ones you love, have empathy for even those you don't know, make your wrongs right, forgive and forget , so if today were your last you will leave this Earth knowing you took time and at least you tried .
Stop fearing yourself and confirming to ways just to fit in,
You have only one that can forgive your sin
No man on Earth can take away from you what he didn't give,
So love who you are and be happy with no regret because after all , you are only given one life to live .
Life is something we all take for granted until it's too late
Eating every petal,
tasting falsehoods
               of what they meant.

Every thorn crushed in
our last meal,
           hoping shards
cut deeply on the misconstrued
                 hope you would taste my pain.
Tegan 4d
you were my forbidden fruit
and though i knew you were a sin
i just couldn't resist you
and if heaven never lets me in
i'll be okay knowing i had you
Ash 4d
Your giving me a million reasons to stay,
I have 100 million reasons to leave,
Well my heart remains  the butt of this joke in this,
To lost in love to get in tune with my reasons .
Madolyn 5d
how do you go back on a decision
          that was going back on a decision
                   in the first place?

                                         im spiraling
                             the things that are
        supposed to make me happy
don’t anymore

i just don’t know
        what to do anymore
                bitterness and guilt
                         seeps through my bones
                      i want to change things
               but i don’t

someone just tell me what I should do
liza 6d
I regret the fact that I struggled
trying to find who I am
And I lie to myself and say,
''I do the best that I can''
Shrug it off like it ain't nothing
like it’s out of my hands
Then get ticked off whenever I see it affecting my plans
Kellin 6d
What will bind me
to my fate is the
illusion of another
I closed my eyes
from the light
and when opened them
it was already night.

With my unfamiliar heartbeat
and a voice of faith.
I looked into mirror
and saw her there,
staring at me,
with fear striking glare
and telling me untold tales.

Tales of,
the dreams that died,
the emotions left unfelt,
the words left unsaid
and the path not taken.

I saw her
carving for love,
when loving someone else.

I guess its part of life
and now my choices ,
are what i am.
Let i forgive me
and build a path of self belief
out of this maze
because when winter passes,
spring comes again.

So i will fall again,
fly again,
run and crawl,
will hit by countless stars
But will never stop again!..

My breath,
the path i walked.
The me from yesterday,
the me from today,
the me from tomorrow
its all the answers for me.

M still finding myself,
is on the path to love myself.
Its the beginning of start,
and the end of end.
Now even my scars,
seems my very own constellations.
No matter how much you fearing,but still one day will come when your soul will demand some answers. Answer them !...wake up youth and Face yourself.Good luck :)
Something is coming
We just cant keep running
Though we have no clue
All we have is you
Lets raise our glasses of wine for the last time
We will attack,we will wait for no sign
Would you save us?

The sun moved faster than we could
All we found is shadows in this lonely wood
Now there's no way out
Sounds of fear and death is getting loud
We were not born to lay down our amor
we fight for freedom and honor
Would you save us?

A voice keep whispering, you are not going to make it
Yes, but this is the path we've chosen, we'll take it
There's no way out from this battle
Let my last words get to my people
Let my last strength give them victory
This is the beginning of a new story
#Death #pain #Regrets #War
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