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Bansi Adroja Apr 3
Tell people that I broke your heart
that I never loved you,
not really
not properly
not in the way you needed

Tell people I left you high and dry
that I could have stayed
that I could have tried

Tell people you were right
but I hope you can’t sleep at night

Tell people what you need to
but I hope the memories never leave your side

Tell people the lies you tell yourself
but I hope the regrets eat you up inside
My Dear Poet Feb 2
A lizard and a tatt!
imagine that…
his lover left before she came
gone on a whim
leaving him
with a tattoo of her name

now full of regret
but soon will forget
when his words finally come true
his promise of change
never too late to arrange
a shed of skin and off with the tattoo
Rama Krsna Jan 23
truth be told
i’m leaving my heart right here
below the glass chandelier on 63rd St.
for you to play with,
any time you walk past.

the morbid dance of incoming storms
will douse the flames of my dreams,
yet, you will always be my incomplete thirst.

after i’m gone,
come, without remorse
and immerse in my colors
under this delicate murano glass.
to see for yourself
how the heavy fragrance
of black orchids could’ve played,
cheek to cheek
with the wild scent of green vetiver

© 2022
a poem about the passage of time, evergreen memories and amazing people you meet through this journey of life.
Katie Jan 20
Letters and emails
Emerge like hideous weeds
They serve one purpose

They all remind me
Of all my failings in life
I am stranded here
Krad Le Strange Dec 2021
Amidst lambent city lights
You were there, lucent
two degrees of separation
turned into inches of caution…
A furrow brought by uncertainty
Time’s arrow turned against me
A wish whispered to the vast open
For a final chance to say
What was once left unspoken
avenjoe Nov 2021
My dream was so close to be a reality
When i found you, i found a speck of light in the dark
The light that guides me and drags me out of the abyss

I used to put this love in the deepest recess of my heart
Together we lived our own story
You created my dream
But to be honest, i only regret of my self

You crushed it all
You left me
My dream is now just pieces of our love puzzle
That cant be resolved

I had to let you go
Forgetting your smile
Everything about you, about me, about us, just a wish
Far, so far away, to what i wanted to be
-elixir- Sep 2021
The winds blew today through my hair,
as I choked on regrets from the old tears.
I silently swore to never see the rain again,
as it kept banging at my doors of life.
To get the giving of my hands,
for I spent a long life giving.
I never could see the rain again,
with its winds and drops of life that
enliven the souls around me, as
I could never love again.
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