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Ash Feb 28
it was just
one thought and
you turned my
life into

a whirlwind

of chaos and
new dreams and
wishes for
something else


other than
MuseumofSoph Dec 2022
My past is like a storm cloud following me

Lightning strikes my loved ones
So all they see are my mistakes

Thunder rumbles loudly
So all I hear are my failures

Rain pours down on me
So I can not see clearly

The cloud trails my steps so I can never escape
So I relive my regrets

Harsh winds blow in my direction
So I can not move forward

And my storm cloud stays dark and grey
Above my head, my happiness at bay.
Stalwart Dull Oct 2022
Blood  sweat  and  tears.
W h i s p e r i n g  in  pain
When  the rain  blows  on
Eyes full of hatred and fear,
T h i r s t i n g   for   freedom
Seeking for humility to those who rule in presumptuousness and arrogance.
By MsSecreto/Stalwart Dull
08 October 2022
Terry Sep 2022
Her memory is the most painful thing I willingly endure because the thought of forgetting is even worse.
Rohit Goyal Aug 2022
Decades of lifeless cold
follow a brief summer
The stage at the end,
practically a walk of shame
Many eyes turn away,
a few painfully blank
A mere shell of a former person,
Deformed by sins and their blame

It's such a miserable thing,
he can't be saved anymore.
He's been swallowed heart and mind
Into the valley of hurt and despair
Alas, just numbing the pain
doesn't make a person whole
He might as well be a sinner now
How do you even wash away stains from a soul?
D Fury Jun 2022
I wanted to write books
But the words wouldn't come
So I put down my pen to sleep
I wanted to say something
But whatever I said
Had been said long before me
I wanted life to be fun
But I lost track of time
As money became the key
I wanted to find love
I thought that I would
But that hasn't worked out for me.
Some truths I regret
There was so much
left unsaid
words hung in the air
suspended in the silence
Stuck in my mind
I wish I had said it
all. Now they emerge
not words anymore,
but regrets.

Those words unsaid
hang in the silence
now not words, just regrets.
Bansi Adroja Apr 2022
Tell people that I broke your heart
that I never loved you,
not really
not properly
not in the way you needed

Tell people I left you high and dry
that I could have stayed
that I could have tried

Tell people you were right
but I hope you can’t sleep at night

Tell people what you need to
but I hope the memories never leave your side

Tell people the lies you tell yourself
but I hope the regrets eat you up inside
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