Life goes too quickly
And death can come in an instant,
So say what you must,
Before you miss the chance to say what was meant.

A flash of bright light
And everything changes.
So choose to make a choice;
Do not let ok become a maybe.

Regret nothing that could not have been changed;
If you would do all you could,
Then how could you have stopped things from ever being this way?

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Rowibh 2d
i’ve never felt l so cruel in my life
i know it’s not fully my fault
for that person to leave..
she was nice and good but my parents didn’t like her
and i nagged a-bit about her with my parents too and now i regret it
i complained about the unnecessary things but that’s wrong cause no one can be perfect to anyone
yesterday she came crying to me cause mom scram at her
it’s not fair
not at all
she came crying telling me how its her life and her children’s life that she’s working for
and she’s been respecting the house and the members as hard as she could
and she said how she doesn’t know what she did wrong
imagine not knowing what you did and even if you didn’t do anything wrong.. people still blame you
and then she left.. was obliged too
she liked this house
unlike others
and a smile has been shown on her face
after years of not feeling that happiness
she left
and now i blame myself
for not standing up for her
not helping her
she needed it
and now she’s left off thinking
why no one liked me
why am i left
just like all other times
and not knowing why
not gonna specify who that person is and what their role in society is. I know we don’t tend to realize how important people are to us until they leave. many don’t take into consideration the people that work for you or help you. They are sometimes seen as something lower, and not as important. it shouldn’t be that way because they’re the people that kill them selves for us to get the least respect from people.
Zack 4d
I'm drunk
Like dionysus’ friends
Hazy stupor
On a friday night with no end

Gross debauchery
Flying high as a kite
Gonna crash tomorrow
Cause thats what im like

Dont console me
I made this choice alone
Like i always feel
When im holding my phone

Reliving the glory
Of my wildest endeavors
Time’s past
Its now gone forever


But who cares?!
I do, i just try and forget it
Crush fear
With shot after shot on credit

Because fuck future
Cause it sucks
Like your mom
I dont know
Im drunk
Cause im dope
Cause im on dope
And ill mope
Until im done

What i wrote
Is an ode to today’s array
Of depressing truths
Silver linings and sun rays

Hey numbnuts
Use your shitty brain
And get us out from
Under these refrains

Growing weary
People glaring
A hallucination,  right?
Or is it real
Is this all ruthless
Cruel hopeless reality

Whats the point of living if ive
Already lost whats worth libing for
Take my heart,
Its a sight most sore
Worth as much as a fart


Slow descent into madness
A sinking, tar like blackness
from, the weapons of mass destruction
My selfish will to die
A cackling "I'

"Have you made the right ones?"
The greatest enemy to your mind is the forever existing question that remains and will never be answered.
Thoughts that will forever keep me up at night.
As broken he was
A burning flame resided still
he smiled vaguely
Burning bridges momentarily wondering why.
Why were these built in the first place.
In this time in my life i was seeking to make ends and finish things with someone in my life. Sadly the bridge is on fire but still remains
BlackHeart Apr 17
i sit here broken
pieces i have still yet to learn to piece back together
if i could go back in time knowing it would end the same way
would i do it all over again knowing the pain i went through?
with no hesitation i would do it in an instant
because aside from it all you showed me how it felt
to be in love
to crave someone so much
and showed me what i never thought was possible
without you I wouldn’t have known that I could treat another person with so much love and care and for that I thank you
Because with whom ever I end up with I know she will be treated the way she deserves to be treated
Like a queen who deserves the world
When I first met you
it was
through an.... open door
But I'm not so sure
that I'm
welcome here ...no more
So i ....
Im gonna say goodbye

Don't get me wrong
Its not to say
We didn't  have some fun
It just seems to be
that those ....days... are done

And so ... can not  say
That  we  both ...
....didn't know
Once  the minutes ....
....and the days
had began to move ......so slow
And i could tell ...you too
Knew....That it wasnt how
It    was    before

So for all the lonely time
I will now have
I can  say without regret
That I've been paid in full
As i hope you can say
That you
As well ...have good memories
You can retain
When its all  over and done
memories will echo
Those sad refrains as silence reigns
Because I've been there
I know just how it feels
I know .....just how bad it feels

And its never easy ...never
Never ever easy

When i first met you
it was .. like
stepping through
an open door
So now ..I'm leaving
but by a different way
So not to spoil
The way it began
back then .....when
You first let me in

But i cannot or will not pretend
That I don't know
It never ever really ends

So even though
We both know
That of late it has all ..
mostly been just for show
Just for show

I leave out by the back door now
So gently do I pull it closed behind me
Dont want a scene or any slamming doors
It had its time and had run its course
There's no denying that as  i depart
I carry pain in my heart
and heavy weight of remorse
Upon my back

I know someday it will ease
into a back corner of my mind
But i also know that days will
Will not be coming soon when ill find
It weighs less and less each passing day
But i will also be aware that while
I will have begun to seek a happier tune
For my empty core after i find my  smile

Now that I've walked a thousand yards
I turn back to wave goodbye to what once was
The shades are drawn and its all dark inside
So though i am not sneaking away and we
In silent conversation we said all we needed to say
Yesterday we agreed but today i realize my leaving
Has hurt your pride  ... has really hurt your pride
I know I know i know I know I know we both drowned
Through the night and all the tears we each cried
So i do i do know just how it feels as i have been  here
Been here so many times before and its never ever been easy
And it never will ..never will ...i know from so many times before

But when we first met ..it was like i was...
....walking through an open door .
.a door like no other ...i had ever
walked through before and thats why i left my keys
on the kitchen table
Along with my last smile .....at least........
My last one ..... for a long..... long while !
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