Shiny 16h

My ears hurt hearing you speak.
You, hear not my mental screams,
Are overly engrossed in weaving
Your words laden with lame sarcasm.
Between me and you that's the chasm.
While you act as the witty,
I play out the dumb-wit.
I hide my irk behind my dumb facade
As if I can grasp not your sarcasm,
Replying with all straight answers,
Fearing I might give a hurtful reply,
Lashing out with unforgivable curses,
While you have a laugh at my dumbness.
Once euphemism becomes my style,
You'll get to know who I really am.

Dreamer 4d

I went to visit her yesterday...she had grown much beautiful and lively, her heavenly eyes, angelic voice, she is still the most beautiful girl I have ever seen... I told her I had to soothe my heart ache that has been spreading all over now.. she stayed silent and did not even mourn over my pain... she was standing right in front of me physically but I missed her.. it felt like she was not even there... the girl I loved and planned to cherish my whole life with... I felt helpless so I went home to drink the potion of off her pictures like I always did.. and like every other time, the potion covered the wounds but never healed them...
She left my heart scarred, my life discolored and my faith blemished.. despite everything, I have no complaints, no regrets and no worries,, cause my love for her is like a flowing river, that just knows to flow.

mjad 6d

things happen
words slip
lips collide
tears drip
but sometimes
those things
are good
loving words
tender kisses
joyful tears
not bad

Simpathi Jan 10

Time to forget the pain,
Forget the failure.
Teardrops of rain,
Poison of no cure.

Hold my hand,
I’ll hold your heart.
Nowhere to land,
No reason to part.

Screaming out reasons,
For you heart to exist.
Left here with treason,
Absent of smiles, of wit.

Endless bleeding,
Never give into leaving.
Staying to the end,
Even if it means death,

But every last breath,
I have never regretted.
Loved every second,
Even if they’re dreaded.

I can hide,
For only so long.
Spitting out lies,
Denying my call.

Yearning to stay,
Hoping for a chance,
Love may never reign,
Forever hard sand.

Time to end,
These seconds of silence,
I’ll never forget,
The continuing fight and,

Problems that seemed to last ages.
They were worth all the people and faces,
That carried me through and gave me dreams,
Letting my live them and just be me.

Now I is my time...
naǧí Jan 9

Last night I slept, tossing
pillows that knows no silence
a storm, and dream-clenched eyes
living in a cloud, circling a slow descent

I took the eyes of an owl
threw fireballs into the Black Sea
crowds you with eclipsed teeth
taking bites at the moon

campfire coyotes baying
prolonged, pursuing
the shores extending
and the quick impact coming
remembrance whelmed me like a wave

into the core
color of a wet sky
in motion, artery to vein
frets upon my bones
heavy suspiration two caskets deep

and I sink
back into the ocean
tossing and turning
in hell, I'm there... burning.

© Copyright naǧí January 9, 2018

"In my dark times"

Turning point of my life. A care free lazy person. Thats who I was. I didnt really cared what would be the consequences of my action, im too lazy to even bother to think about it. All I know that everything that would happen in the future is the conclusion of your present actions. May it be bad or good. I would always say "NO REGRETS". Yes there were none for my actions but it always the opposite for the action that I didnt made. These "REGRETS" have hunted me for a while now because I realize that not all things in the future is the result of the action you made but it could be also the result of the ones you didnt. The future which is the result of the actions you didnt made, sucks because no matter how I will try to face it, I will eventually lose because no matter how strong I think I am  then. It doesnt change the fact that I was afraid of making those actions. No matter how much I drown myself in alcohol or tears. Nothing will change, believe me I really tried. Now the only thing I can do is make peace with my past accept that I was weak. Accept that I was once afraid. Acknowledge that I made a mistake. And now I will try to be a little braver because now I know my mistake. And I urge everyone I know to take the risk be brave to take action. Take flight and do good.


Our paths crossed,
a way many times.
But we had to meet only
when the time was right.
Slowly, not now,
we just sailed on.
Thinking not twice,
what lies beyond?
The voyage has just started
and we will sail through.
Fighting all odds,
against the pirates of the sea.
Hands held together,
will dive off.
To depths unknown
what lies beyond ?

For someone who couldn't appreciate it.
Sink Jan 8

If I could stop the time
I would probably stare at you
Until it starts again on his own

I would say sorry
For everything I put on you
For everytime I tought you were fine
When you were bringing on your shoulders
The weight of the whole world
When I was floating in the air
Like you were floating with me

Now I know
You were stuck on the floor
And I was flying alone

And I was
The weight you brought on your shoulders
The poison that poisoned your veins
The nightmare that kept you awake

Please, drink my tears
I wanna be inside you again

Deemz Jan 7

I find inspiration in the alleys
of my mind,
with late night walks
and roads that I've walked on before,
almost too many times,
and also too many may regret,
but is it really regret
when I am still walking
with my mind inspiring the night..

Oh memories from so long ago,
Oh how they pained him so!
If only he'd had more courage,
If only he'd cared more,
But alas, he did not
And now what's done is done

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