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divinity m May 19
I've noticed people like it
When I don't talk as much
Including myself
you’re a decadent cake soaked with poison
artfully arranged because you're always on display
but no one knows you’ve been steeping in self-doubt
constant infidelity

you can’t resist hurting people and i couldn't resist you
even when you brushed me (and him and her) away
like we were just the crumbs left behind in your destruction

you were delicious
but i regret taking a bite
TH 5d
I thought i recovered,
the crave was far gone,
until i took one, pressed it deep,
but didn't bleed.
I tried again,
again couldn't leave the mark,
when it hit me,
I wasn't trying at all.

I thought I recovered,
but I'm still healing,
my heart have the cracks,
fallen bandages,
Healing is a slow process,and,
"I'm recovering" .
love;            why are you not in hearts anymore?
feelings;      do you even exist anymore?
kindness;    why have you left me alone?
sadness;      do you not leave me so I wont atone?
life;              why do you have to be so unfair?
fate;             do you have to act so cruel?
calm;           why are you only there in the Chaos?
sorrow;       will i ever let you go?
happiness;  haven't felt you around lately...
grief;           don't leave me, I've grown fond of you greatly...
tears;           I'm sorry, you'll have to hide forever...
smiles;        forgive me for faking you, to conceal all the terror...
eyes;            please stop screaming my soul's secrets...
heart;           let it all go and lets save your pieces

soul;            you are there, but are you alive?
"me;   can i yell everything out?"
random words
pluto 7d
Secluded behind the walls of glass structures,
Bleeds time within its ruptures,
For diamonds vanish as its sands continuously fall,
As trapped souls rapidly add dents to it's fractured wall.
"They ran out of time"
What I wish I could tell you
What I wish I could tell myself

I'm stuck in my ways
I use music as a sedative for the pain
but the sedative doesn't quite do the job

You look for more, you've searched and searched

How much longer 'till the candle burns out
It will burn until nothing but old age remains
useless wax melted over my ambitions to be forever lost
Justin Rio Dec 2
Sometimes, I
Not regretting.
Irina BBota Nov 30
Come on, darling, let's get old together,
let's braid ourselves a wreath from shy flowers,
for just next to each other we could be winners,
to the destiny, we are now indebted to.
For thousands of hours.

Let's never be lame with our feelings,
let's gather them into a fine globe of crystal,
let's live now to the fullest our grand moments,
let's raise our love on the proud pedestal.

Let's resist the bad and **** weather of life,
by painting the walls in a magical arch of the rainbow,
for your cheeks to be coloured by love, as my wife,
to our eyes, the passion has to give it a glow.

Come on, honey, let's hold each other tight,
let's cancel the bad and censored emotions,
let's not pant in the slime of regrets, but fight
the destiny and just breathe slowly our youth.
And live our kind of truth.

Let's not pretend that everything is by the chance,
for I know that we have not been randomly chosen,
let's set up bridges of clear thoughts by our dance,
it's the only way we can cross the past's ruins.
Let's leave it frozen.
Tiphane Moraa Nov 29
You had promised you would help me
You said it was okay that I was okay
What happened then?
Why did you abandon me?
Why did you give me empty promises?
You took everyone that were close to me
You told all sort of lies about me
How I wish I had never met you
How I wish I had never trusted you
But thank you for making me realise
That the battles I fight make me stronger than coward people like you.
Steve Nov 26
Burnt by the Sun that lights the days that I recently started to sleep away
Ashes in the wind sparkle the nights that allow me to hide and drink to the dark thoughts I hold in
Trying to force distance between memories and myself
A life thats been *****
So I contemplate how to use this blade
Save the it'll get better and everything happens for a reason lines
I don't live by cliches
I hate pain so I cut myself to ease the heartache
Enough blood to cause a flood
Clean the regrets from mistakes I made
Old man living lost in life
Keep your couple of dimes and cold french fries
I'm not begging for help
Waiting for traffic to pick up
If I had a sign it would read
*** did you forget about me
Why so long for these open wounds to heal
Last one left on the sideline
Couples holding hands passing by
Can I have alittle happiness
Or am I the ******* child
Are you black and racist
Or is this your other personality coming alive
Just releasing some hate you had stored up for me
To far gone to quit
My white flag is red
To far gone to come back
My will is dead
My head fried like an egg on those old this your brain on drugs ad campaigns
This sub **** is not for a dom
I'm leaving you like Jesus left earth for heaven
Moving on to better
Que up the tears and practice telling someone how you miss me
These ears are deaf to your ****
And these eyes are no longer blind to your ****
My feelings won't allow me to continue letting you get away with your ****
It's been going on for to long so it's about time I put a end to this *******
Feedback is always appeciate
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