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Connor 2m
And sometimes I try to explain what goes on in my brain
They just roll their eyes and say I'm insane
Listening,Looking for someone else and giving up
Would make love another disposable cup
But love is not lost forever once it is found
But once lost once it is hard to hit the ground
Running, Maybe I am the only one that believes in density
But I know there is no arguing that there is chemistry
You say let's just be friends
But making the girl of your dreams giggle and smile
And not being able to kiss her right then for a while
Thats like getting ice cream but theyre out of sprinkles
Or wearing a nice shirt and looking down to notice all the wrinkles
Thats like the worst torture on this earth
And a lot of the time i still question my worth
I can't seem to get you out of my head
Remember that time where my nose bled
And I think at this moment in time i might be misled
I may never move on, not til my deathbed
But I cant fathom a life without being able to atleast talk
So I swallow my real thoughts and we go for a walk
I fear that to you my thoughts might not be rational
But to me they are so actual
If youre not scared youre not taking a chance
Thats not living if youre not willing to risk it all for a dance
It looks like youre just playing games with me at first glance
You even sent me that picture under this circumstance
And yes you look amazing and thats amazing
But we are no longer dating
So think about how that affects someone who sits there dazing
About how one day he hopes to be the one embracing
The girl who has it all
Maybe its the alcohol
I know the first time, love was hard to maintain
But I can't help but think we are meant to be together in one lane
So I ask, would you ever want to try again?
i say i’m fine
but you should see me
late at night
all alone
i am
A flutter, then two, then airbound
It’s beastly, the flock, and takes form
White feathers, chaos, they rain down
Pretty shapes, patterns, so performed.
Its white wall taunted her, the poor green dove
Her poor tears stain one more, she doesn’t see
And every bird she passed, she dyed with love
Her very tears blinding, only pity
She drowns herself, so never gets to see
The massive green flock that’s now following
Lively and bustling and never stopping,
Here's filled with shadows I will never know.
Hitting and yelling as I sit watching,
it killed me before parting utero.
Explosions create when behind a screen.
Fooled into believing the romance lie,
all shadows nod, they don't seem very keen
until the sky falls and the oceans dry.
These poor shadows, victims of their own silence
pass through justice under the feet of gods,
smile disgustingly at the sight of violence,
shadows of gods, who pretend they are not.
All shadows are black, old and new and dead.
Are short eternities with humans wed?
An English sonnet
sian 6h
I am wandering around aimlessly
Feeling like a failure, disappointment
So easily hurt by the realities of the world
With so much pain and suffering
Is it normal to be happy?
I am the paradigm of a girl who looks like she has everything, but feels she has nothing
Hide me away
Wish I was gone
Give me a kiss
But bite my tongue

Slap away my faith
Laugh at my tears
Then hold me tight
Chase away the fear

Walk into the night
Leave me blind
So I can no longer see
How love died
Tee M 10h
I used to face the light
The world was so bright
I looked to my future
Now my demons pick fights

Although it's sunny and my soil is dry
My tears are her to help me fertilise
Now I have reason to let myself cry

People call me beautiful
I can't seem to see it
But the monsters in my head
They won't stop until I'm dead

They deprive me of sunlight
The wont allow me to smile
In this garden of **** I won't last long
I guess it's time I say goodbye
I'm a broken sunflower and have been for a while..
amber 1d
i'd write your name in my skin
i'd hold my breath and never give in
you'd pick a fight just so you could win
i don't want to love you, i don't want to let you in
i'm malleable, you're manipulative.

i'd write your name in my flesh
you laugh at me and all your mess
you see everyone as breakable test
     (and you saw me as less)


i dropped everything, everyone, all for you
i thought i was blinded by light, but i was blinded by you
the center grew dark and i lost my way
if it were so soon, i'd crawl back on my knees
i'd forget what i had lost, i'd forget what i had seen

i don't know what i wrote this about exactly, it just like. happened. it happened really quickly too, i didn't worry about anything else except a little bit of rhyming and that was about it.
The only times I see you now are in my wildest dreams
Yet the sound of your voice still echoes in my mind, or so it seems
I forget the touch of your smooth hands
And our love slowly disappears in the quick sand
I'm prophetic and live my life through others words,
I'm socratic and will accept death when it's my turn.
All my knowledge is fulfilled with conjecture,
I'm painfully obsequious when involving niche lectures.

I'm fitting with paranoia and it riddles my brain;
Obsessed with the thoughts of passing away,
As time slips away quicker and quicker everyday.

My perception is perceived but acknowledge my sentience and you'll see;
There's a dark soul deep inside of me.

Tonight feels like my last fight as I write with a knife;
My sallow eyes drift aside as my hope for a better life resides,
And the pen I call a knife inches closer to stealing my life.
As I lay back and stare into the black corner of this one-track world of false fact;
I realise in my transient fit of thought that there's no going back.

My perception is perceived but acknowledge my sentience and you'll see;
There's a dark soul deep inside of me.
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