natalia 2h
im slightly tripping
slowly breaking
losing my grip
to your rope

so i decided to end the pain
and break loose
as i jump
6:31 PM 4/23/18
I have a compulsive habit
where I tend to cut people off
the second they get close to me.
Maybe I do this because
I’m terrified of being hurt again;
but maybe the reason isn’t important.
I tend to cut them off quickly
but allow you to stay
in the background like a radio;
On, yet no one is listening to it.
I’ll cut off anyone that reminds
me of you because maybe
if I ignore you long enough
you’ll fade away.
4 months in
and youve already cheated
youre telling me you love me
but i know you dont mean it
ill see you in class tomorrow
Jack 22h
I want to be a poet,
Studied like Keats and Shakespeare,
For my writings to invoke love, sadness and fear,
For classrooms to be filled with my spilled words,
More exciting stuff than multiplication and surds,
For entire essays written about my verbalisation of life,
To let them know my truest pains and strife,
So people know how I feel about ‘her’,
For them to learn, to me, her identity is a blur,
To make my perfect family proud,
To have the world to know ‘Jack Youd’

Or am I just a lonely poet,
Writing words never to be read, embraced and felt,
All my words, wisdom and woes,
And yet people will never know it.
i want to be a poet. JY x
The wound, the long-term result of our broken love
Had almost stopped hurting
Had almost faded to a dull ache.
But with those words,
It flared up again.
It’s not the world, the one that I’m standing on, that’s crumbling.
It’s the one that is keeping me standing that’s gone.
you know you’ve hit a new low
When even as a poet
You are at a loss for words
I’m tired of it
I’m tired of wanting to cry and Not knowing why
I’m tired of the sadness ruining my day
I’m tired of being a burden to the people around me
I’m tired of being here
I just want to leave I want to be gone
I want to stop being tired
I just want to disappear
lost appetite
cardiac arrest


Sounds better than the alternative

Doesn't it?
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