After her striptease show,
Regina like to drink tea,
Have a snack with me
And chat.
"You know, Dan," she said.
"I think I've explored erotic dancing to its limit."
"There are very few new moves I can learn,"
"Though I am more health conscious than most of these girls,"
"I'm getting older."
"I'm only so flexible."
"What can me tell you about writing?"
"Do you think I'd be any good at it."
"Well," I told Regina.
"If you've already exposed your body on the stage,"
"Exposing yourself emotionally, spiritually and psychologically"
"Should be easy  for you."
"I'd say,"
"Give it a shot!"
"Why don't you start by signing up with Hello Poetry?"
"Hmm," Regina thought.
"Do you think that the people who read Hello Poetry"
"Would be open to my message?"
"After all,"
"I've lived a different life than most ordinary people,"
"Dancing in this strip club for the past five years."
I reassured Regina.
"When you sign up with Hello Poetry,"
"You will find that there are no 'ordinary people',"
"And most have ideas stranger"
"Than anything"
"On your mind."
I’d rather
not leave
the gentlest
touch of
my bed,
for I have
found a
the beauty
of silence,
whom has
passed in
my life,
their words
float in the air,
feather light
and softer than
the cloud of
my pillow,
I wish to stay
here, with
a cup of
milk, and
drown in
the thought
of you.
Mahra 3d
Find comfort in the rising sun instead of letting your blinds shut through the night,

keep your phone down and let your eyes wander and breathe breathe breathe.
There’s so much more to life than screens.
JAC 5d
I said It's just so easy
what is, what's so easy you asked
the words slipping from tired lips

we lay in pitch black
your back to my chest
our eyes not adjusted

being comfortable with you I said
you laughed, the best sound I know
no it isn't you said

we could see silhouettes now
each of us tangled in the other's
breathing in tandem

who made you the expert on me I asked
you did, silly you whispered
and I understood.
Still working on dialogue poems.
trf 7d
Tides move in swiftly
when the moon has to let us know
how powerful she is
and her phosphercsecent glow

Howling songs in the distance
like southern cicadas do
asking her to forgive us
holding hands next to you

I was born down south
I was raised by the heat
Cornbread in my mouth
I crave a country beat
When I go to the river
And the levy breaks
Don’t blame me
for all the mess we create

Southern cicadas
you sing lullabies
Like Mother Nature
You overwhelm the skies
But in the morning
And three cups of coffee
The only rhythm is my heart beating trepidatiously
Bee 7d
how lonely must one be
for the warm embrace
of tears flooding your eyes be considered comfort now

osamělost: the czech translation of the word ¨loneliness¨
Shadows plastered on a wall,
One wooden purple cat
Family photos, frames and all,
Our patchwork coloured flat

Softer carpets than before,
The quiet lull of cars
But further in I'm grated, sore,
Uneasy with the stars

Catharsis gurgles out my name
With fangs drenched red with blood
But I don't want to stay the same-
A self-releasing flood

So through the dying light I trace
Beyond the softened keys
A comfort zone in outer space
With blackened melodies

There's nothing here except the art
Of a thousand dying men
My blood pumps fast, I click to start
And spread these wings again

Then, once the song has ended,
I can finally breathe once more
There's nothing like some music
To treat the red and raw.
a nightly routine, of sorts
Marisa Hope Jul 15
Comfort: something I had never felt with anyone I had been sexually involved with until you
Feelings: something I never had, even with my ex, until I kissed you
I came to you as a rebound, not thinking much
We both knew I only had a month before I was moving
But the last kiss we had was one I can’t forget
That was the kiss that I felt, felt something and everything all at once
Before you sex felt forced and with people that never made sure I was okay...
You changed that
Before, during, and after
You'd ask me if I was okay, constantly making sure I was comfortable
You may be one of the biggest assholes I’ve ever met, but I just want to be able to call you my asshole
Then I moved and I dreamt about you every night, new friends said, "tell him, he deserves to know, and you never know what he feels"
So I told you I had feelings
To which you validated and then told me you haven’t felt for someone in 7 years
Yet, I was the first one you’ve had sober sex with in almost 5 months
Now we snap, we even have a streak
But it’s nothing compared to being in your arms and the feeling of your lips on mine
All signs lead to you having some sort of feelings, so do you?
Anthony Perry Jul 15
There is something violent about how I see the skin on your body
Its so rich and smooth, almost decadent and unlike you

This observation turns into a premeditation when you touch my cheek
Its almost like i can feel the heat melting off your bones

As I laid you down and slipped a knife underneath your sternum
You whispered something hidden in painful tones like a sharp breath piercing the guttural moans

But I dont need to hear words to know the searing desire steaming from your guts as I replaced them with hot stones

The blood on your finger tips remind me of fresh water on leaves after a storm and your severed head looks like its been through famine, disease, and a damaged city plagued and war torn

Yet there is still beauty in the decayed decadence that is your mutilated corpse

The moonlight drowns in the canal of blood begging for remorse while the insects march and sing a song of things that can only get worse
This is a poem about the need for closeness between two people
Shreyas c9 Jul 14
I live two different lives that are becoming intertwined,
One is on the outside and the other inside my mind.

When the outside world is toxic and in complete disarray,
Diving into the inside world why should I not just stay?

Maybe it feels like I am standing on the edge of an abyss,
Forsaking the outside world lets embrace the internal bliss?

I met an old fellow traveller when I was about to quit,
so I paused just before jumping into the bottomless pit.

Unravelling our narratives I realised benevolence is still alive,
Could this outside world be something I could after all survive?

Sharing some dark secrets and my deepest beliefs,
The warm comforting ear gave me some sort of relief.

I still dive into the inside world when things seem terrible,
but at least now I can say that both worlds are bearable…
When you meet someone who makes your life just bearable enough... where although not all your problems are solved atleast they are listened to.
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