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how long did it take you to forget?
the overwhelming pain that latches onto your heart and won’t let go
it will always be there
for you to break
you are surrounded and there is nothing you can do to rid of it
because this is what your life is now
constantly drowning in the waters that are depression
Wyatt 3d
Hugging on my collar,
her scent was stuck on me.
I felt such immense feelings,
like I was brought to life again.
We stared at starlight like
it was something brand new,
but her expression was
all that I needed to have fun.
She took the bad vibes
and absorbed them all,
converting them into
warm breaths on my neck.
I felt at ease, comforted.
She made me feel safe,
I felt happy for once.
She was still hugging,
almost like she knew
what I was missing.
I'm indebted, always.
connor 4d
The wind is knocked out of me
When I see you walk into the room.
Wearing my old sweatshirt;
A mug full of hot cocoa
In your small hands.I'm
My heart flutters, my face
Feels hot when you settle
Onto my lap.

I am entranced by your focused gaze,
My hand at home on your hip,
Tracing slow circles into your skin.
A smile on my lips when your breath
Catches; and you lean into me.
This sensation of your body against
Mine is comforting.

The movie has faded
Out of my memory,
But you remain.
I like this one :))
KMH 5d
This place was a home.
It is poison.

I want to breathe but
The air is toxic and
Your harsh words slice

I want to sleep but
The monsters want to keep
Me awake. It is only me that they

I want to rest my
Weary, aching feet but
The chair, the sofa, the bed-
This house is made of

I want to come home but coming to this place isnt coming home it is like walking into a place i used to know and finding it burnt to ashes and these ashes are **** and coarse not like the fine grey ash of a volcano not like the kind that creates new growth it is toxic it is poison it is toxic it is poison and i just…

I want to come home to a place that is warm and welcoming and gives me peace. I want to rest my mind and heart and soul. I want to feel safe and let myself go. I want to come home.

This place was a home.
It is only poison.
©KMH 2018
Foreheads close
And noses cold.
Your love reached in
And warmed my soul.
I live in a bubble
That shuts others out
I can create holes
But I cannot break it

I walk in circles
Among other people
We’ll say “hi”
But no more

My bubble is nice
It’s my comfort zone
A cozy spot of relaxation
And isolation

It’s a painful comfort
It’s a lonely conversation
It’s an ache for someone
Willing to come in

I love my little bubble
I hate my little bubble
I’m comfortable alone
But I’m not happy
Nyx Dec 6
In the silence of the night
Through a few words uttered out
He somehow unveiled everything
Understood everything without doubt

With his head on my shoulder
Concern and sincerity in his voice
How could he know everything?
Should I be fearful or rejoice?

And how I wish to hear his words
Granting me comfort and safety
At last one understood me
Even if we haven't spoken lately

How can he be so kind
Even when he's broken to the core
Where insecurities creep and self deprivation roars

Yet he's so precious and perfect
In his own special way
He deserves the world
Though his happiness refuses to stay

Oh how I wish I could help him
In the ways he helped me
To find comfort in my presence
And to set his mind free
Liam Beets Dec 4
Morning shines
The birds whine
The day's begun anew,
Creature rise
No surprise
The smell of morning dew.

Roaring tide
Trees abide
Filling land with sea,
A calm mood
Brings lush food
Filling them with glee.

Calm of night
Dark's delight
The nocturnal come to play,
Dug in homes
Wooden domes
Not wanting to become prey.

Comfort of home
No need to roam
The creatures now get to rest,
No need to worry
Nor need to scurry
Since family is the best.
Allan Mzyece Dec 4
We die because we expect death,
we die because we lack faith,
we lie to avoid shame,
isn't all the same?
i told you frowns are for clowns,
not for somebody wearing a crown,
please wear that smile that makes you feel like you won a race that had millions of miles!
don't quit! you have reached too far for that
If nobody believes in your abilities
I will be here
supporting and caring for you to put up your best!
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