Time heals
takes time;
have patience.

Rachel C 15h

I feel at home
Not because I'm at house.
Home is not a location.
Not even close.
Home is what I feel when I'm with you.
I'm wrapped in your protective arms.
I'm home.

Umi 23h

Accompanied by the beautiful starlight,
Even if mother nature makes things distracting tonight,
All I may think about is simply to hold you, to guide you on
To be close to you until we are greeted by the blush of the dawn While the birds, bugs, bees, flowers and trees rest
I have but one simple request
Oh my dearest, let me love you, from now and forever
Let us be happy and shine together!
Like the moon is in need of the suns light to be able to give us light
Your gaze is what makes this night for me very bright
So will you say yes ?
To this mess?

~ Umi

linhp 1d

the idea of you alone
gives me hopes and strength
that even on a bed of thorns
my heart still finds comfort
whenever you visit me in my sleep.

I must confess

I had sex with my ex, yesterday

It isn't exactly what I intended on

Their warm body fit mine like a broken in baseball glove
I don't expect much to come of it
I'm learning to not expect much of

We enjoyed each other's energy

As I ran my fingers through their hair

Like I did before

So frequently

                                 But this time it was different

This time, I didn't care of tomorrow
Wondering if I could do this again
Wondering if I could keep them forever

                Instead, I recognized the beauty in a moment

I was grateful for their being

I was grateful for their fruit
To let my tongue dance

With the idea that forever is the ugly sister
Misused, abused, and forgotten

    Due to the only constant that her sister Change, will always win

Tilde 6d

How strange it is
This comfortable sorrow
Sinking between the pages words awash around you
These heart-holding hands that fill your chest to empty
A lovely sort of sadness in others' words
Like a soft blanket atop a feather pillow

Yet in a bed
Where one side is left bare and empty

Troy Jan 10

I fell
head first
Into the quiver
Of Cupid

For the first time
I feel as though I'm free
Free to laugh, smile and joke
Free to be the true me

So long have I been hiding
So long has it been
Since the sky has graced my sight
So long since life filled me

Things that should be there

All rush forward
Seeing the light for the first time
Feeling the warmth of it's glow
The comfort it brings

Eyes grow wide
As the mind comes to realization
Maybe this is real
Maybe you are finally whole again

Reaching out with a simple gesture
Grazing against such a familiar touch
Feeling the warmth grow hotter
Seeing a smile for the first time

Things long forgotten
Finally risen to the surface
The familiarity of this presence
Gentle brush of ones true self

Shell has now crumbled
Lost forever in the void
No longer needed
By this one true self

Opportunity surrounds me;
so many options, like a restaurant menu,
pick and choose which items
best suit my palate.
But my mouth seems too dry
to fully appreciate the savor
of these new cuisines;
tho they are quite fresh,
well prepared,
and, no doubt, more nutritious
than my usual burger stand.
the burger stand seems more appetizing.

I know it is quite strange
to crave a tasteless hamburger
when filet mignon is on the table,
however, I think what I truly crave
is the familiar atmosphere.
People who understand why I'm there,
because they have been doing
the same for years;
keeping with the daily tradition
of quick and familiar.
Tho often fantasizing of gourmet,
new would be
too much of a bother to find agreeable.

And so stay satisfied
with the everyday grease ball burgers
and soggy fries.

I feel like the hardest thing about going for better opportunities is stepping outside of your comfort zone. It's easier to go back to poor living simply because it's familiar
Umi Jan 9

The way of the tears are the way to comfort
Sigh my friend and come to rest,
Relieve yourself and let it all out,
Mama is here, cry it out loud,
You will feel better, don't worry my children
To feel sad is natural, it is a blessing even!
Our darkest moments are a gift from above
How else should we be able to determine times of ease and love ?
I will be here with you, do not worry
You are not alone, you are not a bother,
This is why there's no need to say sorry
Just spend time here with mother
I will try my best so that you put on a smile again
Don't feel crushed, it will be better...
Rest your head on my lap, let me sing you to sleep
Until the next day arrives
And the sun arises before our very eyes
bringing light
Sleep tight, my child

~ Umi

it’s large and soft and full of memories
now tainted by the thought of her
countless nights spent soundly sleeping side by side
comfortable and safe
but those nights have ended
will never return
exchanged for awkward glances
and menageries of bugs in my gut
i miss that bed though
i miss the closeness and the warmth
of her body next to mine
the routine
the sameness
the consistency

but life isnt consistent
unless the consistency is change

so i tell myself
there will be other beds
better beds
other girls
better girls
far better than she
better faces, better smiles
better memories
stronger feelings of comfort
and belonging
and acceptance
and love
for myself
and someone else.

inspired by a boy to write this. wrote it from his POV because he told me how he missed sleeping with his ex girlfriend in her bed
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