I feel like an asteroid
A planet
That drifts
But orbits
I communicate with many, many people,
But have only a few
Close friends.
My social conditioning
Is typical of That of a Millenial
Than a typical
51 years old man.
I live for sensations
Rather than having many
Close ties.
In reality,
Some of the nude models on 500px
Give me more comfort
Than most  of the people I relate to
From day to day.
At least,
I don't feel rejected by Them.
They don't act like
There is something more important to do
Than to spend time with me.
Lily 1d
Loads of knowledge, literally at our fingertips,
Yet no one knows what to do with it.
We don’t want the billions of videos,
Facts, and pictures that are available to us.
As a human race,
We are craving something more.
We crave sunny days,
Gentle fingers through our hair,
Adorable newborn puppies running for the first time.
We crave a cozy family movie night,
Tucking obedient children into bed,
Sending them off to school the next morning with no worries.
We crave the fulfillment that our favorite meal brings,
The joy of spending a day with friends,
The comfort of a good night’s sleep.
Because the simple and everyday things
Are the ones we can never have.
Yudoni Jan 20
A bit on edge, hardly blinking,
Train of thought means I can't stop thinking,
Laying in bed, got to get a early one,
But the things in my head are demanding attention,
I felt at a loss with no inner quiet,
But I went upstairs and we had a riot,
If you fake it til you make it and find joys with friends,
You will start changing and it won't be pretend,
Thoughts can't be silenced and will help you grow,
The more you accept, the more clarity will show,
Find the memory of the things that make you laugh,
Be grateful for the bad that shows you the greater path,
We need both dark and light, both day and night,
To realize that through our thoughts we can fight for right.
If we clouded by shite and have shivers up our spine,
Accept the body, self and mind and say this is all mine,
Cause no matter how sheep may try, each is one of a kind,
Sorrow, joy, anger and love are there to help us find,
That we alone possess the power to have our hands tied,
Realize you are your best friend in the secret place inside,
You can rest knowing that all will be fine long after we've died.
You know when you want to sleep but every anxiety keeps you up - but you find a person you love and share something nice with them
Amanda 2d
Let the moon blanket body in bliss
Gently guide your goals away
It tries to remind us that nothing
Will render you wise like dismay

Real regrets and spinning woes
Are aquired every steely morning
They come closer to thrashing our comfort
Without a single dashing warning

You must hold onto happiness
There is no force that can kill true peace
If you really want it for yourself
A shifting of mood will not cause it to decrease
True happiness is created
I can't hear the cars,
but I can see them;
the rush of tiny sun-reflections moving south, towards the suburbs.

I can't hear the footsteps,
old men in hand with little boys--
each crunching the crunchiest leaf,
and then the next crunchiest,
and then the next--

The postman;
the couch;
the Sunday afternoon.
When I went to school in Chattanooga, I spent most of my time anxious. I wrote this trying to conjure some comfort and relaxation. I didn't work. Soon, I left that city to be near someone I loved.
Keep me in your thoughts tonight;
It's all I've got to keep me tight.
I see a face that is not yours,
My eyes have swept along the floors.

I cannot find a single thing--
A familiar place or welcoming.
Untouched touch upon my skin
That never fails to drive me thin.

Keep me in your thoughts tonight;
You'll never know if I'm alright.
I'll think of you, dreaming too,
To make all nightmares be untrue.
Sometimes you want so badly for someone to take the place of your past pain.
The smell of old bouquets stemmed between pages of a Bible you never read.
When you left, I sought, and flipped through the garden of words in our bed.
The pricks at my fingertips with nary a droplet spilled;
you were savvy to my exaggerations but still,
I'd hear you smile through the ether.

The wonky gleam you wore in your cheeks,
with unabashed rue-j'accuse, and your shelves
filled the room to the brim with socialist glee,
"They belong to us, not you or me."
You kept adrift for a while in the paddle-boat, on the quiet.
The quiet was all that kept you.
Now you mostly keep to yourself.
"wonky gleam you wore in your cheeks,
with unabashed rue-j'accuse,"

Rouge, blush
Rue, regret
J'accuse, accusation
"What's mine is yours,"

I wish I could fulfill your life with mine.
The feeling of two as one, nothing left undone,
Touch my things and leave oily prints.
Move them around; I'll find them again.
Or do you remember where you set it? I think you said you used it by the phone.

"My days are yours,"

The same sunrise glossing over slitted eyes.
They pull me in even when you've seen the worst in the night.
The shouting right beside me, or from the other room
As we go about routines, disturbing but not disrupting
It's okay with me, if it's okay with you?
Living together with someone--that comfort of being in a home and sharing your things. Even when they misplace them and it irritates you, the little things aren't a bother when you can unroll your skin around them.
Xaha 4d
I thought I found comfort in the hollow of your chest
But baby these feelings
Are too hard a test.
I can’t forget your past -
Can’t separate it from mine.
We’re bound together
By fragments of time.
When your heart was at peace
And your mind was at rest
And I lay at your side
I felt truly blessed.
But it always interfered -
This uninvited guest.
I should’ve known Better.
I should’ve at least Guessed.
Aishah 5d
what is the use
of the light
if it couldn't
brightened up
my life the
way you did?
I find comfort in darkness because you left me there
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