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Ella 14h
Yeah, maybe
Maybe I know that people do love me
But does it
Does it frighten anyone else that
That one day no one will know your name.

(I'm frightened)
Well, isn't everyone frightened of fear?
When I'm gone, all of me is gone and
When I'm here?
I guess not even I know me
I don't know what synapse in my brain is firing you see
Do you?
Know your own brain?
Because I like to think that I'm important, but
Really I'm another human, just like
The rest
And so are you and you'll die
And so will I
Which is comforting
And not
Once all I've done will be forgotten
And my memories will be sodden
Or everything
Of that I'm not sure
I guess that's why no one ever knew before
It's comforting
And not
That no one else knows what on Earth we are doing
On Earth
But, I digress
When I'm all gone and not even a dress
Will be left of me or you
And that means there is forever mystery in what we do
Which is yet again
And not?
I've confused my brain now
Let this be forgot.
Air heavy as a stone
Fear always hardening the lung
Smiles were taken off and gone
From the sweet heart where they hung

Building a wall made with glances
You need to shield all your senses
And their cold words, they hurt the most
Take your whole mind and get it lost

Pain at your home, pain at your school
So scared you can never break the rule
Raindrops slips in the cracks of your shell
Damping your eyes in ways you cannot tell
And as those silent tears roll down your cheek
I wonder will you ever find all that you seek

If there's a warmth that I can bring
If there's a thing that I can do
If there's a song you'd like to sing
I'd be glad to sing it with you
And in your head put back your crown
Whatever happens, I'll never let you down.
Kerri 4d
It’s as if the bare branches
****** my hair
with the comfort of Autumn
Each time
the soft, shushing wind
whispers through the trees.
Beneath a milky moon
I find peace
Knowing that
The heat between
me and Summer
Has fizzled out.
To another day of touching
Touching for inhabiting
Breathe my soul, torch my hair
where do I begin?

I’m the abdomen for your head
when you depend on
When you lay on, I stay stiff for you to frail on
Always making noises because of you
Pierce my lips together so I can hum on yours

Sharing care for others please let them stare.
Shaking because of the rush
Never bold dancing for you not to touch me here
Lick off my rough patches until I’m bare
A world where it does not matter
All you need is your pen and paper
Where words are crafted into beauty
Where you expose your own honesty
Writing out what you bottled up
Writing the contents of your heart
Hoping there's someone out there
That they are feeling the same way
To tell them that they are not alone
And let the poetry ease their pain
My thoughts on reading poetry
Anya 6d
When you sink
Into your mattress
As you nose your way
Through that white sweatshirt
Speckles of brown paint
From when you were painting
Your shed
Your hair splayed
Fragrance of
That new shampoo
Silky, smooth
Just warmth
And softness
So much,
That you just want to melt
A rushing river
turned to a trickle by drought
flows once more in rain

a creative mind
clouded and clogged by comfort
flows once more in pain
Jordan Ray Oct 11
I turn to comfort in the smoke I exhale.
Try not to panic when I'm feeling this way.
I see the light but you're well out of reach.
I try to surface but the waters too deep.
SofiaBelhadj Oct 8
She chases autumn leaves
As though they’re
Wild scurrying mice,
Of brown and red,
And yellow ochre.
There’s a flurry of leaves
As she pounces onto her
Imaginary foe,
Which barely escapes.
She carefully peers beneath
Her soft playful paws.
In a whisp of crisp air,
It vanishes.
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