Shane Leigh Apr 17

He walks on cold, desert lands,
The gusts of the season chilling him with ease.
He holds himself to “sharper standards,”
Longing for comfort in man-made technologies –
A man and his mind;
So hard to appease.

Among the carnal confinements,
None more galling than thermal boundaries.
No injustice older than the rule
Of ninety-eight-point-six degrees –
Chaining us to the depthless shoals
Of long forgotten, prehistoric seas.

my soul has ached for something warm,
something that would fill the void inside me,
but you never filled that void.
because you did more than that,
you created galaxies in me,
you filled me with stars,
a whole new universe,
where it's just you and me.

Nicole Rountree Apr 13

So many memories they tend to cloud my mind
Smells of the food cooking in the kitchen
Family gathered— ready and at attention
So many memories they tend to cloud my mind
I remember when we used to play in the park
I remember when our Grandma told us to be in before dark
So many memories they tend to cloud my mind
Sounds of laughter at Christmas time
I remember when we used to wait up for Santa
We were threatened with pepper in the eyes
Remember that?
Scared into sleepiness because our young minds didn’t know any better
With the morning sun, we rise and shine to open presents together
So many memories they tend to cloud my mind
I remember these memories represented our close knit bond
People grow
People change
I guess it’s naivety to think it would forever stay the same
It’s the memories we cherish and should hold them close
Keeping the people near and dear that we love the most
Because there will come a time when the reaper must stake his claim
We never invite him, but it doesn’t matter because he already has the name
He may come in quick or take his time, but when he comes it leaves us blind
Blinded by hurt
Blinded by pain
Blinded by the fact we will never see our loved one again
Blinded by the new memories of a new type of hurt—a new type of pain
Then the memories overflow and fill the frontal lobe-the part of the brain where memories and speech are controlled
You become speechless because you become filled and overwhelmed with the loss
Family comes together to comfort each other  
You haven’t seen some in years—it’s been so long since you’ve seen them you want to burst out in tears.
Kids have grown and don’t look the same
So handsome and beautiful, but you don’t remember their names
That’s how long—how long it’s been
Again, it’s a shame.  
You ask, “Why does it take death to bring the family together again?”
Then, in an instant, tears begin to form in the wells of your eyes
You realize how things have really changed and you don’t quite understand why
So many memories they tend to cloud my mind
I remember that there is a need to change the timeline
I remember when I decided to finally say
Don’t let the family, your blood, fade away
Embrace each other
Love each other
Motivate each other
Cherish each other
Protect each other
Keep each other
Continue to make memories—no matter how old we get
Make sure the family remains close knit

Yep, so many memories they just tend to cloud my mind
Family should always be together—until the end of time.

Pax Apr 12

Friend's Sincerity comes with Silent Comfort.

-six word story-

I've seen far enough superficiality in this world. That's why I don't ask much advice from anyone in the outside world. I've decided to look for them myself. A friend who understand without saying at all, is a treasure.

I find comfort within my poems,
The sound of the rhymes that comes from my head,
The words take me away to another world,
But it's not sadness I feel,
But I see things with a border mind,
I find the words speaks to my heart.

I find comfort in my poems,
It's a way for me to communicate with reality,
For my words carry no weight when they come from my mouth,
But with my poems I feel every word.

I find comfort in my poems,
They take away from the fabric of time,
And all the monsters that live deep within my soul,
It makes me forget that my mind lives in a prison,
Trap behind bars of unexpressed words,
It takes me to a free place,
A place where I'm understood,
A place where the stars are touched.

I find comfort in my poems,
They shield me away from the hardships of life,
And the loneliness the winds always whispers,
They give me unconditional love,
And no criticism for being different,
Sometimes they are the ones who have to ground me to this cruel world,
And keeps me breathing,
It is my rose to my thorns,
My peace and quite.

I find comfort in my poems,
When outside is dark,
I always stay up writing my heart out,
I write about my nightmares,
My fears,
My dreams of love,
And especially my caged heart,
Maybe my endless wishes also.


I can see the outline of the mountains
in the sky through the fog
it's such a comfort,
knowing they will never disappear.

Feel the wait of the world
you're not in a time capsule
but don't lie to me when I ask
"did you throw your heart in there?"
the weight of the world doesn't feel like much when you hold your heart between these cages
but you must feel
so put it on a leash
speak to it softly
discipline this thing in which you're so afraid of
you're in control
but remember
it needs time to roam free

Thomas EG Apr 3

I slowly debilitate into nothingness
For never before have I known this

Losing my appetite and my mind
Leaving my comfort far behind

Blinded by beauty, oh your smile
Could make this life seem worthwhile

There is nothing that I wouldn't do
For a chance to relax, just us two

Laying outside, beneath the moon
That shines but half as brightly as you

Sydney Scott Apr 1

My legs were shaking
so uncontrollably
as I inched my way towards the
cold tile floor
on a Friday afternoon

It climbed up my spine
Into my hands
as the water in the cup
Shook and spilled
onto the floor

I look at the new mess before me
then up at the one in the mirror
staring right back
as I realize
as of now
only one can be helped

Because the shakes came
and left just as quick
but the thoughts that clawed
my skull
took root within my mind for weeks
on end

And after they grew comfortable
they invited the guest of honor to vacation
within the gaping hole of emptiness
that existed within my chest

Except when he was there it didn't
feel so empty
only heavy
and even though i asked them to leave
they had grown too comfortable
with my discomfort
to give it all up


I want to lay beside you
and hold you when you're uneasy.
I want to be there when you're cold
and hug you until you go crazy.

And when you're sad
I want to make you feel better.
And when you're mad
I want to tickle you into laughter.

I want to comfort you.

it's 6:30am but I'm going to sleep.
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