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"Why on your wrist?"
They always ask
"Why not closer to your heart?"
What they don't see
is that it is close to my heart
it is my most vulnerable spot

For you see;
the tattoo hides a regret
my biggest mistake
and my most triggering space

πάντα θα σ΄αγαπάω, γιαγιά
Where have all the good girls gone?
The ones who prefer brains to brawn.
Today's girls seem to like tattoos;
They like bad boys who bring bad news.

When I grew up the girls were classy.
They were smart and kind and super sassy.
But now they're shallow and superficial;
They're so covetous and artificial.

Love should be about heart and soul.
About the truth that makes us whole.
Forget Facebook and Instagram;
Just talk to me: I'm an old school man.

Flowers buried deep
Rooted in her skin
Growing in her sunlight
Drowning in her rain
A scattering
Of dandelion seeds
Left to thrive
In a local park
Popping up and out
Turned away from the ground
Face to the sun
Everyone wonders
Where we come from
Alice Wilde Sep 18
Ferns for my soul
Echinaceas for my childhood
Is what I told my mother when
She cried looking at my arm
That I had so thoughtfully inked
Botanical permanence.
Starry Aug 27
A festive time of year
That literally
Yums in a vains
And shows up on our skin
In wild yet beautiful
Talk leaves tattooed on us.
KJ Reed Aug 15
I have marked my body,
with ink, and pain, and careless abandon.
And now I am a walking museum,
of my life's work for all to see.
Just my tattoos and me
They’re all I need
Always with me
Seen me through
Through hell and all
My tattoos on me
They bring me peace
Jules AA Apr 5
funny i hadn’t seen it.
ironic, really.
truly wearing my heart on my sleeve.
but it’s good, a humorous reminder
that i’ve finally accepted it.
sometimes it’s better
to know who you are
than worry about being
a cliché.
the darkened heart
and inky tears;
they weep with me,
and smile with me,
and laugh with me,
and suffer with me.
a glyph, not to love
but to the reality of life,
life makes the heart hurt,
it breaks it into tiny pieces
makes it bleed,
makes it weep,
makes it real.
that heart on my sleeve
is a portrait
Salsa Mar 31
I see the stages of our days-
as markings in calendars and time stamps on calls,
signs of devotion, all in all.
I see them in reels of film
and picture frames,
playing on shut-eye screens,
and hanging, in the walls of my mind.
Visions of a life that passes me by.

The look in your eyes when you tell me "you're mine".
The sound of your laugh, how it melts like honey and warms me inside.
The taste of your lips, when you've had a lot to drink. Your saccharine smile, flushing china pink.
The feel of your hands, caressing the ivory. Dreaming up melodies so effortlessly.
The scent of your neck, of daisies that daze me, when you're all over me.

Enamoured with the way you walk, your hands in your pockets.
How you care for your dogs, and every living thing.
Your mind and the riddles it speaks, the genius of your thoughts sweep me off my feet.
And how you sleep so gracefully, how you reach out to me and wrap me in your arms unconsciously.

I beg my heart to capture this, to remember this,
I wouldn't want to forget it.
Like permanent tattoos and ancient wallpaper
I want you inked and plastered
in journals, poetry, & my psyche.
I do this just in case, for my heart's sake,
There's no doubt of you leaving my mind.
I can say it with candour,
There's no putting you away,
You, in all your symmetry, are here to stay.
About Jordan (of course, could I be more in love?). In the words of wolf alice- "when I see you the whole world reduces to just that room", and that's exactly how I feel. I notice everything about him when I'm with him. I never want to sleep or blink or look away. I love being in his home and just watching him live, he makes it look so beautiful.
Rowan S Mar 31
color splashed upon living canvas
a *******'d dalmation
rippling stories speak on
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