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If you really love me
Like you so drunkenly admit
Then I think you'll agree
We don't deserve this ****

Why does everything have to be so hard?
We try and we try
And somehow still end up in shards
Yet we never say goodbye

Why can't we say goodbye?

You know I can't move on
You know it's not thay easy
When you're anything but gone
And loving you's so easy

The way you draw me in
The way you kiss my lips
We know it's not the end
By the way you hold my hips

No wonder we can't say goodbye
Letting go is hard man. Every time we think we're over turns out we aren't.
KM Hanslik Nov 3
I hope you still know who I am
when this lease is up,
when our time runs out,
spills over the sides and disappears into the ground;
I hope you still see me for what I am
desperately trying to be.
Ken Pepiton Nov 1
If there was anything in the water, its's all been drunk by now

repeat that, mantra red neck style
drivin' down a for-real country road
with oak trees and double yellow lines,
windows all rolled down,
drivin' twenty-five…

If there was anything in the water, its's all been drunk by now

If there was anything in the water, its's all been drunk by now

con spiracy thee or ye and me we all you all we uns you uns

watchathank can the dumb white boy keep time,

or what?

It's a mystery t'me.
Could be.

If there was anything in the water, its's all been drunk by now
Christmas parties carried some punch when I was Junger. I'm thinkin' about rollin' back, value not price. *** rest ye merry, gentle men, wombed and un.
AceLione Oct 19
I wake up and watch out my window and see the sun
I haven’t climbed a mountain, fought someone, what else haven’t I done?
I want to live, I have many things to do.
Biking to France or start my own zoo.
Maybe sailing on the Great pacific.
All those accomplishments would be terrific.
I can’t wait till my heart goes faster because I’m skydiving.
I believe in anything even Frankenstein’s reviving.
You should stay alive, not just for yourself but for the people around you.
Or you could do it for yourself and do the things that you like to do
Life is precious, keep all its memories don’t be afraid to die because if you do that, you aren’t living
Jordan Ray Oct 9
I don't know where to begin,
Your eyes show me what I am missing,
They're deep, dark, mysterious
And I must be delirious,
If I think I've got a shot at this

I try too hard, and you cower away
I try not to care, but you're stuck in my brain
I try to play it cool, but you're hotter than I can handle
J F O Oct 9
but you didn't.
you stopped,
you didn't even try
and just walked away
and I wish you would care.
I wanted to be someone worth fighting for.
It's old news.
Forgotten by most.
But it haunts me,
like an unwelcome ghost.

Bravery colors my voice,
but my thoughts,
have grown so quiet.

As if admitting it's true,
even in my mind,
would be something,
to hard to do.
JAC Oct 3
As crisply as new shoes
meet ancient pavement

confident and certain
but not yet broken in

we set off into a sprint
hand in hand, grinning

and we could run for miles.
Since I am an open book all you need to do is listen. My life has never been a secret. Reason being is that everything that I have encountered can either benefit or save someone. There is no need to try to master mind my thoughts. I only shut down when I know that people mean more harm than good. If you only speak to me when you think that I have tea to spill... than for you I have nothing to give.
Do I trust you to share my thoughts, dreams and hopes with you? As I laugh at the thought…why would I? No, I don’t! While many take view of the smiles on a face I discern by your words and actions. I watch the side eyes that you give that suggest that I am doomed to fail. I know that you don’t understand me. There is no need for you to. Do as I do. Watch my actions and listen to my words. Get and understanding that I owe you absolutely nothing. As I conform to the new person that I am becoming there will be many changes.
I will no longer care how you see me, what you think of me nor will I try to make you understand. Throughout my days I have always concerned myself of these things. They have only caused me harm, stress and pain. This is my life and I will live it for me. Not for the perception that you have of me.
Many are not concerned about you as a person. Some feed off of your life. If they feed from you they are only taking away. Who replenishes you?
Amber Sep 30
eating chocolates
trying to be happy
telling myself
that there are
many fishes in the sea
u are not the only one i need
there are many others that can be
the one that helped me like u did
the one that cared for me when no one else did
the one that loved me like u did
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