Heidi Ludwiczak Apr 18

then here we are...
trying again - after a fall
   everyone expects you relate to a meme
so you did... but you will not pursue it!

then here we are...
you tried, again and again
  only difference is you encounter unlike faces with same heart

charmed, captured and you are ready to be taken away

then here we are...
another day, where you left crumbs of you
feels like the pigeons following you around town
where all you wanted is a dove --

clock timid down, energy drained
then here we are...

this time completely different
rarity of defined good -- though you doubt
cause your passion completely sucked up out of you

where's the fate... sanity that you thought you still have

then here we are...
you just let it be, this is good
this is good ----
you calm yourself

smoke more cigarettes, you wish the smoke will take away memories...
then here we are...

Saint Titus Apr 14

Honestly, I've never felt alone
My thoughts keep hitting a depressing tone
Light in life, keep it light
Fear the dark, keep it right
People make me lose my shit
I've long since had my finger on it
There's something to be said about solitude
Mental gymnist mindset feud

I've been fed too much too long
Now its all I can taste
Fall in line or fall apart
The choice; voicless restless ill never make
Structurally sound, yeah maybe so
The footing never lets me down
But walls I cannot abide
Living life or letting die

Can't have it both ways
What a damn shame
So ungrateful
Sitting bankrupt, linen table
I won the world and still feel
Like someone somewhere owes me something
Take the second
Grasp it
Something you would have sooner wasted
Self reflect
Can you taste it?

It might not be up to you
But either way you get to choose

Its like three in the morning

Like swimming in the sea
I am a wave crashing over you
With a current too strong
And too deep

On the side of a cliff
With arms outstretched and fingers clenched
Reaching for everything
Be it far short of eternity

When I’m standing tall
Like a pendulum
Rocking in the springtime of youth
Until my stride becomes a bitter fall

As the wicked winds are howling
Having carved their way inland
Ever trying to push me off the edge
Midway through my own decent

If you dare

If you will

If you'd like to see

All of the TRY that is left in ME


"You're not going to be happy unless you're going Mach-2 with your hair on fire and you know it."
elowen morey Apr 5

on a scale of 1-10
I am terrified
terrified of putting myself out there just for it to be ignored
or even worse
yes I like you
do you like me?
is there anything I can do to help?
please just give it a chance
it won’t hurt to try
i’ll be here

Emily Gray Apr 5

I'll never need that safe card
I don't need to be safe
I'm going to win or lose
No in between.
So let me fail,
Or let me thrive,
I'm not settling for second place.

I get distracted by little things
It looks like I’m hunting love
I know I want Love
But then I get distracted by simple momentary things
I know who I am supposed to ask out on a date
But, seems easier to ask someone else
Because I’m too scared to fall for that person
And get “we’re just friends” as a response.
“Hey I love you why you telling me your dramas about the guys you like but end up lying and hurting you?”
I think
But I never say
I just listen
“Don’t be fooled” I say
“I won’t” she says
Weeks later she telling me the same old stories
“Try me”
I think
But I never say
“What if she is telling me to ask her to be mine? What is she thinking?”
I think to myself
Gosh, I wish I wasn’t too scared to lose you as a friend
I wish you knew I mean it when I say I missed you every time I see you after two, four or eight months
I wish you were mine
Just mine
I fantasize about the things we could be doing if we were together
Then I remember what we had
Were we too fast?
Was it a perfect thing on a bad time?
I don’t know, but
I loved every little moment
I told her she’s one of the best things that ever happened in my life
I meant it
When did we fuck this up?
When did we become just friends?
Am I in love?
How can I win her back?

(to be continued)

Alasia Apr 3

Breathing is not an option here,
Pressed against windows to fill
The cracks:
Don't let the water in.

The streets are flooding.

Find higher ground,
Ink bleeds down pages scarred
With words:
Save yourselves.

The streets are flooding.

Home groans against the pressure,
Begging to break and snap with
Powerless moans:
Don't succumb.

The streets are flooding.

"Find higher ground!" I scream,
They glare at me for disrupting
Their silence:
They won't hear me.

The streets are flooding.

The sound pools in my ears,
I used to collect rain drops in
Clay pots:
I want to rush the waves.

The streets are flooding.

I am too scared of heights to climb,
The glass is fogging I am trying
To breathe:
Open the gates.

I am flooding.

Carly Mar 31

It's so much easier now

I can find 2 or 3 a day

It makes it easier on myself

Those reasons won't drive me away

But will help me get out

And for that, I'm thankful.

Luiz Syphre Mar 29

"Cause and effect"

Found dead on the floor

Angry crazy lover broke down his door

She settled the score

Tah dah! Is that how these work?
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