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She ordered the thief to dismiss

She walked on her toes

Trying to make no voice

She opened the door suddenly

She found the leader eavesdrop

She said suddenly without wait

"don't you feel with shame"

To listen secretly at the princess room"

, What will my majesty do?,

If I make him known"

The leader face got red

He hurried in his steps

She entered the room frown

And ordered the thief to get up

After she was closing the door

He said with great astonished

What did that smart deserve

To be paralyzed without movement?

What did that beauty give

To get worth to get harm?

She said "this is a long tale"

Began with a morning on a day

Our princess has a kind heart

She helped the weakness all needed

She walked on the market as she used

She found small boys cried

She wiped their tears and attended

Them to her suite to change their mood

They ate and washed

They felt with rest and get happy

She knew the worst act in the city

There were several boys getting unhappy

She asked and discovered the ugly

The bad witch woman did her magic

To have money to have the land

She hurried to the king to let him know

Her father show her his lover

That would make his heart grow

With green with love and do

The best for all men as a hope

And he will be more strong

As he might get a child

His kingdom will be known as good

Land  through the world and land"

The princess became very happy

She wanted her father to hear her story

To decrease the sadness of his town

She ordered the boy and try

To tell the king about the try

Of destroying his kingdom

By doing bad things and dull

When the boy swathe king's lover

He shouted suddenly "the scaremonger

This the witch that spreads the disfavor"
the thief must come to meet that one to get rid her from any worse
Emmah 1d
I am just a moth
In a world of butterflies
Nonetheless, I fly.
Dear little girl with stardust in her eyes,
never stop dreaming.
Dear tired mommy with wrinkles of stress,
never stop caring.
Dear over-worked daddy with alcohol breath,
never stop trying.
Dear little baby giggling and so blessed,
never stop smiling.

For each day it gets harder,
each second gets tougher,
but if you just hold on,
I promise you'll get stronger.
Emmah 2d
I am a stranger
From the outside looking in
I’m trying
I’m trying to be here
But no matter how I try
I’m still not inside

I am a nobody
Invisible to those who are close
I’m trying
I’m trying to be a part
But no matter how I try
I’m still overlooked and forgotten

I am nothing
Meaningless to everyone
I’m trying
I’m trying to mean something
But no matter how I try
I’ll always be worthless
GulRukh Aug 3
Do you ever feel the noon breeze?
hot yet relaxing brings you to an ease
it unfold the memories inside my brain's deepest crease
mesmerizing breeze i am standing under a tree
Moringa Oleifra the mighty
on which sits a sparrow chirping in mystique
and another strange little bird with long black beak
chirping tooo-weeee-t
on the other branches two squerrals playing hide and seek
and there sits a crow alone on one peak
i am in whirl of memories of past year 2016
didn't i mention it's about a boy in his thirties
he talked ocean deep
but treated me like i am a feast
like he is a ringmaster and i am his beast
i can still feel the pain of that time when all the good is out of my reach
Why do i think of him now when i am in peace?
would he think of me like i did?
nah or may be
nostalgic or i might weep
my orange colored dress doesn't irritate me in this scorching noon
but thoughts of you did
i have to head back from this muzz
i am going back to my people who loves me
where i am allowed to refuse
where there is no abuse
i am returning to peace
goodbye noon breeze
When brain unfolds some harsh memories of the past
Alexis 4d
Carpe diem!
Run away!
Go away!
Vis major.
Wasted youth.
Do you want to know the truth?
Never let go.
a shame time and tide
dont wait : t 'was by a second
the crab missed the waves.
its  not just us humans.
I don't aim to please, I aim to release myself from the demons that haunt me cos every night as I lay awake on my bed they taunt me and I'm not willing to take the easy way out cos that's the fools way out and in reality it's a path of greed doesn't really leave you freed from this life of strife and if I might add it's a way to another hell, cos really tell me how would you look your maker who gave you life in the face and tell him you got tired of living lost all hope and stopped believing you realise that this path ain't so relieving. Take a step back and ponder on how greedy you would be when you realise you left a lot of hurt behind in the hearts of all those who cared for you when they realize that they can no longer stare at you nor talk to you cos you're gone....... Think about it and tell me, is this the path you want to choose..... Reality hurts and life's short but don't cut it short by your own accord. Not so sane mind.

I'm doing the best I can
With everything I am
But I am always told
They don't give a damn

I try my hardest to succeed
But there is a part of me
That wants to run away
And say I need to be freed

So I pick up my pieces
And stand up tall
I gather myself once more
So I don't fall
Ilion gray Sep 9
I remember

The way it was...

One June afternoon, when everything in the universe broke...

I was walking down Bushwick Avenue amid the crumbling concrete,

a Brooklyn Bound L train skimming beneath
The Earth,

Amid the strident race of rusty,
tinted town cars drifting
through the traffic.

Turning left down Madison,
nothing could prepare me for the silent,
pulseless minutes that suffocate,

There would be no sound in the apartment tonight.
No other soul wrapped in wanting skin.

I loved you savagely...

                                         I'm going to be alone,

the concrete has expanded since you left,

The blocks are longer than last summer...

The hours just pass.

what it took to get to the front door... From the corner...

The fear of entering our house

After I've lost you, I come home where all these memories are stained,

Black streaks of desperate cigarettes,

Big Black trash bags full of empty Scotch whiskey bottles, filled

With Guts,

Blood teeth and pounds of skin...

With miles of empty dry veins,

Like a river that God Fell
into these days, have become too long.

Sometimes I wish I'd never felt the Sun

its fingers burning my skin,

I will burn
from every memory of you.

The total emptiness of this space, where love was put to rest,

The emptiness just stares...

Stealing seconds from shallow pockets of years,

Stealing years,

From the shallow pockets

Of life
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