My eyes are wide shut
This silence is deafening
I keep on stressing
Heart beat hastens
Silence so loud
Unspoken words
Like a hot rod
Burns in my chest
So much to tell you
So little said
We're not paid to hurt
It hurts to love.
But I love you.
By Arcassin Burnham

I wonder here from this seat with dimensions on my mind like I got a one track road , ain't no way to go,
But I smile again.

I wonder how someone could ever love a person when they really lied and told them that they'll be there forever, yeah whatever,
I smile again.

I wonder how many times could take when your parents always say that you will make a mistake in their eyes,
I hope you smile again.

I wonder will I ever see the hands of God in front of me on a new plane of actuality,
Heaven will make me smile again.

On the country roads,
Angels come to life,
Is it time to spend,
What to sacrifice?
Finding happiness,
While thinking too much,
Trying to make a mends,
But you ain't had enough,
Instead you smile again.
Look around and see
People who don't have
Everything that they need right now

Then look at the ones
With guns in our schools
Taking others with them in suicide

So just feel free
To sit there in your chair
Doing whatever you could possibly want

Without checking to see
Where your children went
After they told you that they felt depressed

Yes I know this world
Is still messed up
But could it possibly hurt to try
Marching ahead
Broken paths we trek
Dare we try again?
Onward, Homestead

Let us trudge ahead
And never bow our heads
Even in death
We’ll make it to the Homestead
The journey to where we ultimately belong is perilous, but one way or another we will make it.
and so i've been wanting to do an open mic
to take that step into my fear of the public
to let others hear the voice i have inside
but will the feedback hurt?
will the reverb bore them?
will the whoosh of my breath on the mic
reflect the lack of air in my lungs
the feeling of eyes glazing over
or worse digging into my skin
will my ear drums crumble
upon the sound of my own words
should i just stay and recite to the birds
at least their mocking sounds like song
Alya Adzkia Jul 7
you asked me
to understand
while I'm here
staring at blanks
craving answers
for questions
in my head.

and you're not going
to answer
you neither understand
nor tried to.

— you've changed,
so I had to change too,
that it could be fair.
Time in my eyes
Time in my window
Time in my mind
Time in my ears
Oh time!
Oh time...
Oh why!
Oh why...
Don't kill me!
Don't try!
Save me!
Save me!
Oh great Time!
Oh great...

Ammar Jul 2
You've done this before
and all that came from it
was hurt & regret
in the end
the only place left to go
is home
and you know exactly
where that is
so don't burn the attic
or the walls
the hallway
or the lounge
there is fear
there is stress
but beyond that
is success
so stop
and breathe
there is a mountain of troubles
left to defeat
time isn't your friend
and health isn't mine
so there's no time for games
and no energy left to drain
and so you stop
there's misery where you're running to
there is grief
there is sadness
there is hurt
there is regret
there's a life where you run from
there are troubles
there are solutions
there is happiness
there is love

but if you run
you'll find yourself far enough
to never find the way
that leads back
you've been taught to run
but who showed you to fly
Ilion gray Jun 27
I am yours.
To keep
Or kill,
To own
Or burn
Freeze and melt
And drip down into
Until nights are dreamless,
And the day sky loses the moon,
      Because when you kiss me
Planets arrive suspended in
perfect silence, traveling
Through the loneliest stitch of space
of infinite galaxies
Of Rolling hills of black..
I forget all the empty things
I forget that I am a drifter
Into every morning that bears
Dying day..

Your smile Ignites spinning
Stones in space,
Sets stars aflame
Pouring molten eons down into
The patient,
Frozen planets dripping
Life into the dark.

If you squeeze my heart..
And take it,
So be it.
you have rearranged the notes
Adjusted the measure
Of its beating/
When you enter
Walls shatter and collapse

In you the earth stands still..
        In you it turns again.
And although I walk with wildfires,
The fire would never meet you,
I will only rise above you/
so the devil can not see you,
I would hide you beneath my skin
And in between my bones
If you are tired...
Of being alone
In a world
That's not your home.
just don't stop
a little goes a long way
trust me
i know it's hard
just do a little bit more everyday
and soon everything will fall into place
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