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George Krokos May 24
You can never contradict the truth with a lie
even though there are some people who try.
From 'Simple Observations' ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Maybe if I hadn't tried
I wouldn't have failed
clear blood bleeds
runs as river goes
fills all hills
makes the red roses grow

the angels are crying
while the devils are laughing
who stop that crime?

the world turned his back
let Israel goes wide
do as the plan
and the mock may hide
they try to hide

the plants will up
growing carrying blood
increasing the anger revolt
one day, anger will evaporate
making great cloud
destroying every mount
making the solid so worst
and the tallest is youngest
the giant will be stunt
no one can not stop that
no one will not even open his lips
stop that
or the future carries bad result
do something and not stopping doing any thing. only stop that war
Sindi Apr 23
Look in the direction you want to go
Not at you feet
You will just fall down
Into the middle of the ocean

But there are other waves
In the sea
Swim, swim, swim
Paddle, paddle, paddle
And try again
© Sindi Kalumba
No matter how hard I try and try
There is no end
Things keep happening on replay
I just want it to end
Not trying to impress you, I'm just trying to get by
I've been running out of breath and out of hope and out of time
And if I pass this finish line, I'll just keep moving on
Surprised that I still made it even though it took so long.

'Cause I have failed so many times that sometimes I don't try
I wrap up in my fears and thoughts and curl up tight to hide
But no matter what it is that gets me on my feet again
To go again is all that's left, so I count down from ten.

Ten more breaths until my heart can settle in my chest;
Nine more hours on the clock until I get to rest;
Eight times more that I can tell myself I'm not alone;
Seven more reminders of the way that I have grown;

Six more chances left to give myself the care I need;
Five more minutes off the clock that I can use to breathe;
Four good beats to count inside my steady beating heart;
Three attempts that might not fail that I just need to start;

Two things left to say before I rise up from the depths;
One more time I'll brush myself off and take one more step.
We often confuse what we wish for with what is

Our minds and hearts can get into such a mess
We think yet we feel even more
Only to find the door to an empty room once more
Once it was great it felt so much more
Yet I seem to already know but I cant help but let it have another try
I let my heart have the start
Only my mind is clearly more aware
How , I just tag along giving in to be
more confused and tattered again
We think we can be smarter we can be stronger yet we end up again
in a similar mess
Confused & Constricted
Maybe I will listen to my mind maybe just maybe I will..
© Jennifer DeLong 7/11/19
You can say whatever you want
But that doesn't mean it's true
I suppose if the roles were reversed
I would have trouble admitting it too

Of course your memory differs
No two perspectives are the same
It was many years ago
So you are not to blame

But what you said weighed much more
On my ears than your own
I am not trying to make mountains out of molehills
My recollection is not overblown

It feels like it was yesterday
That those careless words left your lips
Even speaking them aloud now
Still stabs my self-esteem and rips

"With the way you are you deserve to die"
I am not making it up like you think
I did not misunderstand you
You didn't even stutter or blink

You did not say "You are gonna die"
Although I am sure that's what you meant
To summarize
I had it coming
That was pretty much the extent

You apologized right after
Realizing you were wrong
But the damage was already inflicted
Statement a little too strong

What hurts the most is you are honest
And only say things you truly believe
But when I analyze it you are correct
I beckon death with a push of my sleeve

So denial may have you fooled
But I can't forget what you said
And no matter how much I wish it wasn't so
Your comment will always remain in my head
To my dad
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