Lori 1d

an astronaut feels the Earth on his skin
the beach on his hair after lightyears
of the void emptiness of space

stumbles on a time capsule
a photo album inside a cave
hidden once a grave his family
cremated ashes exploring the sea

interstellar travel he dove right in
to the images of hideous close ups
of every person so beautiful but he
couldn't hear their voices anymore

this was not his family humans then
had poor technology they froze time
on film and paper but we see beads of
time in our higher fifth dimension

he found video clips of family vlogs
citizens of the universe communicate
with the mind we don't talk anymore
its inefficient yet the past they laughed

he saw how they hugged got intimate
wondering why they don't inseminate
the women or get assigned partners
who are compatible and capable

he asks himself what does it mean
to have a family perhaps it was
unnecessary duty or obligation
or a foreign little thing called love

an astronaut feels the breeze for
the last time as he seeks something
important out there in space

futuristic perspective of (insert whatever you like here) prompt. I don't think i make any sense. Basically, its about thehypothetical  loss of family units or family relationships in the future.

We laid on the couch
Talking, as if laughter and funny faces were smoke signals
Dancing playfully alongside inviting words and kisses

Time freezes.
And the minutes turned to hours.
And your smile took me away.
Again and again and again.
What is time anyway?
I'm where I need to be
I'm where I want to be.

This couch
A time capsule of
sweet memories

Any given Sunday

As slaves to breath
We work in fear
Afraid of our master

God help us
Save us from
Your creation

Crimsyy 4d

I wonder why we keep
calling something
begging for relief
I wonder why we
call each other "company',
but if you insist,
I might let you stay
as long as your love isn't
just a fleeting feeling,
always flying away.
When I realized that
glass couldn't make me bleed,
I realized then neither should you;
you're only a broken person
and all your parts
are made up of damaged appliances,
just like all of us.

Tarrish Crosby Apr 13

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Genevieve Apr 19

Love me like you want me &
           Want me enough to love me unconditionally!
        Be the something that shines within my soul ;
         Please do not destroy me instead Embrace me
          I know sometimes you just simply wish to erase me and shut me up with some jerky line!

      I Pray you can forgive me for all the hurt I have caused over time,
      You have no clue the cost it was to have ever broken your heart;
       I am constantly repaying for it with each and every weak spot you find
when we argue from time to time!

        I get to relive what I did or did not or it's all in your head;
For me even though I still have you and you chose to stay
it is almost unbearable on some days.

Guilt Swallows me whole; knowing at any moment you could
choose to act out just to punch back but you claim you'd never do that although I call BS!!

I beg to differ since there are times we relive my past tending to point the fingers! My actions made me weak and guilty too so please don't punish me by withholding love to me from you.

Crying at night when you do not see
this sometimes is the story of me,
So just know this now I have and will always be
In-Love with you giving you everlasting love from me!
Just please do not keep on punishing me.

For those times you screwed up , Some tiny and some huge we all sin and make mistakes so this is for you, and all who go forwards feeling guilty or like their being repeatedly punished for something long ago, Its hard to get them to love you like they did once before.
Kee Apr 19

Will you remember me?
My smile, my teeth, the feel of my lips?
Or my laugh?
The way I held your hand?
I always made sure our pinkies were wrapped together.
How about the first time I told you I loved you?
Will you remember any of it?
I know we ended five months ago but I can't help but to want you still.
And hope that you want me too.
Do you remember the time that we snuck into the grocery store at 5 am and ate all of their kisses?
We threw up all day after that.
But, it was with you, so it was worth it.
Oh, there's the time when we made love on top of your roof.
It was cold, but you made me warm.
You told me you loved me right after.
I hung onto those words.
I still do.
Will you do any of these things with her?
Will she make you squirt a vanilla milkshake out of your nose like I did?
Do you lose yourself in her the way you did with me?
Did she become you, and you, her?
Was there a time when you couldn't tell the difference, because you two were so alike?
We loved each other for three years and although you're ready to let go, i'm not.
I miss you.

Wrote this in the library during school. Had half of it sitting in my journal though.

so the word for you folks tonight
to the mother who's struggling to make ends meet with two jobs
to the father who is struggling to put away his addictions that seem to win every waking second
to the girl who wishes she was someone else
i'm here to tell you even in  your circumstances
even when times when waves come crashing at you
and you can't find the strength to swim
His hands are faithful
he will pull you out of the mud and put you on level rock !
steadfast is his love
say goodbye , step out of the past

i just wanted to tell you that i appreciate all your words .... each and everyone of you , and i know poetry seems like a good place to out your worries so ..... son't ever think what you write does not matter to someone .... #lovePau
Katli Mathobela Apr 15

We held each other up
Only to see us let go
We built each other up
Only to tear each other down
You lost yourself,
Trying not to take me down with you
You let me go
So that you wouldn't hurt me
I wanted to help find you
But this is a journey that you must travel alone
Patient is what I have to be
Because you cant get over love easily
Til you have found yourself
I will wait
So that I can finally utter the words
I love you

© Katli Mathobela 2017
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