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s Apr 14
I remember those
alluring brown eyes
Hint of yearning
with lust of plight
Warm kisses on neck
and the break of ice
Marks left as souvenir
for the committed vice
Raven Feels Apr 7
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, just something to share from my drafts:]

mess me once

mess me twice

split the deeds

then **** the ice

fly if high or die

bought them special in need for a bail

to my depressed longing vail

what if served no more

what if dead the excite I anticipate greedily is sore

not of a notice

not of a presence

brought to numb and sleep till reach of no heavens

return the air

in need of light despair

breaks of laws and mounts of odds and dares

no truth in compare

let the brush do its fair

she knows how to care

no one but her

I do not know yet aware

to you alone I declare

nowhere to be found you are here

Ruchira Mar 22
Wandering so far
There's still the world, I wanna seek out
Where I can hold myself
You be the home, I've always dreamt about ...

Exploring so deep
There's no bottom, I can't strike
Where I can shallow myself
You be my someone, shore like...
Ruchira Mar 19
We are a mess
You and I
Longing for a fairytale
While living an alibi....

One too high to soar
Other too deep to dive
Just to meet each other
See how hard we have to thrive ...

Though it's a delusion
Or horizon they say
Destined to meet there
Just to push further away ...

A never ending yearning
But love will never fade
You be the joyful melody
I'll be twilight serenade ...

We are a mess anyway
You and I
Longing for a fairytale
While living an alibi....
For three reform years
Engaged in a killing spree
Not allowing citizens’
Mind for a second to be free
Among ethnic & religious groups
Creating and fomenting antipathy
Of the highest degree
We proved adamant
Rejecting every peace plea.
No wonder, no wonder  
We treated kneeled mothers
With a cold shoulder,
In such manner, we gave order
“Do it. Go ahead
**** the feeble, elderly
Even every lacerating mother
In her bed.
Turn the land a river red
With atrocity ‘TPLF made’.”

About money worry
Should we why?
For three decades we ******,
We bled the country dry.
Dollars we dispatched abroad
Stashing-away some in our abode.

Promising African democracy
On par with current Ghana,
We chained some political prisoners
With a hyena—our emblem
In our ill-reputed political game.

Many to subdue,
Out of the framework of law
We brought to life
A score of Guantanamo bay
Where numerous, underground,
Were tortured night and day.

As a junta
When our mind threatened
Us of a conscious pang
On it, we put out our tongue.

We were
A living billboard of a terrorist
But putting on a mask
Many we blacklisted
On the terrorist list
In such a fashion
The myopic—UN, EU
IMF, WB— the offender
For a victim admit.

Massacre, genocide
We committed with great passion
Also exposing our own nation
For a possible invasion.

Odd as it may sound, attacking
The national defense force
In barracks out to keep border
But defeated by a militia &ENDF
We complain attack on our
Ethnic group by a country yonder.

Dealt a devastating blow
Our moral has hit ever time low.

During our heyday
In our state the demonstration
Of **** victims we used to ban
But now reversing the talk
Loud shout we can
To the international community
“Come up with ‘Stop **** spree
In Tigray!’ decree”

While in TPLF’s reign
A single junta did **** girls fifty
But none of us saw that
Uncouth or naughty.
“If accused
Let alone bring him to court
We could see him off to port!”
We said.

What is more
By ENDF after defeat
Before we retreat
Let us release thugs to run amok
And on Tigray’s rebuilding
And stabilization wheels
To insert a spoke.
There is no organization
No nation as UN, EU &US a fool
But who seem cool.
Fabricating lies
We shall prove ourselves
Innocent in their eyes.
Abroad on demonstration square
Shouting for help flat on our back
To dupe the global community
Let us try our luck.

Of course, media outlets
That deserved a high five
Have fallen from grace,
‘cause for want of integrity
Journalism has observably
Made a nosedive.
Unfortunately those
Countries with integrity
Could see through
Our mask
What a bad luck.///
The truth could be buried for a while but not for so long. Ethiopians and Eritreans together exposing
Chevy Carroll Mar 14
What is black, more than evil in the night?
Souls tainted by darkness, ravens in flight?

The colour of all nothingness,
Yet everything a person is,
I am not black, but inside I'm so empty of bliss.

Black is beauty, black is a tone,
There's nothing quite polar yet similar to white in its own.

With shadows come light,
Hidden from view in society.
Discriminate, incriminate,
Black is more than a variety.

It is a culture,
A life,
An identity,
Someone's strife,
To die at the hands,
Of someone,
Who doesn't understand.

Where there is shadow,
There is also light.
Shadow is darkness,
Much like the night.
Light is the beauty,
The love in our sight.
For every hateful man,
Is a hated woman who fights.
I am white. The experiences are not my own. Black people are black, brown people are brown. It's not difficult to write this. Identities are not exotic, so exotic terms are not necessary. Sun-kissed is to describe a Cali guy, not a person ethnic identity.

Anyway please tell me if this is insensitive as I am not a POC and thus don't have these experiences of my own.
Ash Mar 1
Few years and I don't have to look at your last seen but to gaze at you instead.
Nought Feb 27
If we don't even know,
Who we are,
Are we anything at all?
What makes us who we are?
- Astro
Nina Feb 9
3 am


What if we both left the earth,
And just run over it.
But I wish I could hear-
That we don’t have to be ordinary.
I’ve been thinking too much,
I feel tired inside,
But I am never tired of you,
You don’t know what it feels like.
I would write you a million love songs,
just to hear you sing,
I’ll make this feel like home,
this isn’t just a thing.
I would give you all the stars,
If you give me the night,
Where can I go more than far,
If we are out, out of time.
I’m strong enough to leave you,
I think I might die,
but weak enough to need you,
my heart asks me to cry.
Memories haunt me. I can't hide my feelings.
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