mslu 1d

We were never them
their glass would shatter and scatter
when hard times came
but you and i
we may have cracked
but our shortcomings became masterpieces
of what we used to be,
celebrations of what we weren't:

then we fell
through the same cracks we celebrated
and nothing broke our fall
so we floated,
in disbelief, we gazed at each other
where a thrashing ocean of emotions
pierced our stare,
a draining era
that left us like them,
and scattered.

. . .when we happened to us.
mslu 17h

clearing up trails
taking down signs
why are you making me get lost for you
what's this pleasure you find in me losing myself to find you

to know you

that parts of me have to be left behind
what is this you hide that all of me is not required to see

to recognise

in a crowd of figures
doing the same thing

I  think  you think you got me...

I run from things when they move too fast,
Because my last relationship left nothing but cracks.
But you promise to stay and I promise to love you,
Even if I know that none of what we say is true.
Because human beings promise forever, not even stopping to think if they'll be around for that long.
So when my blue boy promised a lifetime,
I thought it would be okay to sing him my lovely midnight song.
But when he left after leaving marks under my skin,
I knew not to fall in love again.
I am claustrophobic,
I have severe philophobia,
But I'll say things like I'm yours I'm yours I'm yours,
And then I'll leave again,
Because I'm not made to love anyone like you, I must confess.
My feet move fast,
But you'll see how fast they can go when I'm running from the things and the people I called my home.

Fear of Love Phobia – Philophobia. The fear of love (or falling in love) phobia is known as Philophobia.

Many times I've been alone just reminiscing
Of kisses and hugs and what could have been
Of looks and touches and many Ifs
Of strokes and curves and things we would miss.

Many times I've been caught off guard
When forgetting seems to be so hard
When someone mentions your name
When I'm doing things we've done the same.

Those were the times we had.
The times when we're still mad.
And that's how they will remain.
Our reminder to keep us sane.

I wish that I died with you when I had the chance,
So I don't have to die alone again.
Because in my dreams we drown together,
But in reality we're nothing more than friends.
But how can you be Just Friends,
With someone you're in love with?
How can you smile and laugh with them,
When on that very bed you've felt their skin?
In hushed kisses and promises,
Forever was in every gasp,
But when you introduce me as your best friend,
No one really thinks that.
"I'm over her."
"It wasn't even real."
"We're just kids."
Are the lies I spit and spit,
While going home to brush my teeth so no one can smell you on my breath again.
Inside and out,
I've fallen for you,
But when we roam about,
No one knows our little truth.
I wish that before this ended,
We drowned in one more kiss.
I wish that before we truly ended,
I felt a little more of that Perfect Deadly Bliss.

Dark haired girl
Eyes like her soul on fire--
Have I met you before?..
No, you say
Yet I have
Someone like you is unforgettable

You cut your hair short
Changed up your voice
Your fancy dresses turned to jeans....
But that fire in your voice
That passion in your soul
Burns brighter than anything
I've ever seen

I've known you before
And not just from my dreams
Wreaked havoc in my life
Yet mended it through and through
Changed my looks
Made me into a man

Yet when I asked
You shook your head
And claimed
You didn't know me....
And that was the first time you ever looked me in the eyes
And knowingly unknowingly hurt me

Lies hurt more than not remembering and Nostalgia's a bitch
Saumya 2d

Although the skies appear blue,
Blueish white, with cottony hue.
Coloured orange, with fainted red
Dazzles bright at each sunset.

Evening sky, intensely blue,
Fainted is the sunset hue.
Glowworms dance, adorn the hue
Happiness spreads  in the world anew
Into this landscapic purplish blue.

Juggling, days
Klucking nights
Lying stunned in this hue so right
Man, the creature, so curiously few.
No matter it's a day or two,
some hues amaze like a landscapic view!

Orange red, with deep yellow in blue,
Pearly stars, adorn the view.
Quilty cold, in the days with dew
Rosemary looks majestically new!

Sun, the ball of fire for few
Teaches, turns a page each new,
Unknown, interesting, perceivable to few
Vanity is so pale, to take,
Wander, wither, breath well each day.

Xmas may not come each day,
Yawn, smile, admire all days, as uncertain are night somedays
Zenith meets  only the braves,  let zephyrs cuddle,  embrace your zealousy face.

ABC Poem/Alphabetical poem:

ABC poetry is a short form of poetry. It is normally written to show feeling. It contains five to six lines in each stanza. You may begin your poem with any letter of the alphabet.
The next three lines must follow sequence. So if you start with the letter "G" the next line must start with the letter "H". The last line can begin with any letter of the alphabet.
Example :


Sleepless, fitful nights, (first four lines follow the order of the alphabet)
Thoughts of you adhere.
Untouchable, love abounds.
Visions haunt me;
Memories sustain me. (last line begins with any letter)
- Anonymous.

Read and lemme know how was the poem.Thankyou  for reading, reacting, and Commenting!

Why 50?
I know, but I don't.
I'm sure, but I'm not
             (It seems vividly vague
              when it comes to you).
It seems clear to me,
yet it's clear that it's full
of smogs that poison me
every time I breathe,
but filled with enough breeze
to calm me.
It's a maze
               (your words are)
that I get lost to
               (Hell, I don't even know
                if I can get out of this one).
Your smiles, and laughs
have been so special
that it leaves me
with a feeling that is
               (but it's so familiar
               that it becomes
               uncertain to me).
I'm halfway already,
yet I'm still not sure,
but the same goes to you,
               (Or should I even call you,
We've been so close
that you made us so far.
Or is it me?
Were my words
the labyrinth that you dread,
or were my smiles
those you damn for being so
Are you uncertain
of me
just as much as me
to you?
I'm not sure;
you're not sure
               (We're not sure if we are),
but if we look at ourselves
as halves of a hundred,
why don't we become together?

50 lines.
50 lines of me,
              of you,
              of us,
              of the uncertainty about us.
50, near and far from a hundred,
like the both of us.

i need a distraction,
and i don't want to use you,
but god i need something to do.
i have enough regret for the both of us,
i just need her off my mind.
don't need to remember,
just need to act.
don't need to feel,
lord knows none of this will be real.
i need to chase away her scent with the feeling of your bones,
need to distort my dreams,
with the reality of being unknown.
i need to forget,
but i swear if i see her everything will come back.
so let's close our eyes,
and turn off our ears,
i'll feel my way around your body,
just distract me.

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