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I wanna sink deeper
Flowing in your ether

Twist & turning all night, pausing every breath
Have my heart through this bond & my soul through this kiss
My conscience, your conscience
Your conscience, my conscience

Take our time
Laying side-to-side
Sensational baby
Can’t hold out in this fight
Feeling your love fall so deep has me drowning
15 minute break until the next round

I wanna take you down
(Take take take)
I wanna to take you down and put your body to bed

I want you to lay me down
(lay lay lay)
I want you to lay me down and show me your best
teju Feb 22
Oh, there it goes again
every once in a while
it's the same feeling
I wanna see you
I wanna hold your hand
and tell you
about everything
how I have felt
and my imagination

I'm waiting, waiting,
you don't know it
but it's true
can't get any word to write how it feels
I don't know if the wait is love
I wanna end the await and
and tell you
how I think about us forever

In my dreams, we're together
laughing around and
playing board games
stealing the last piece
of pizza from each other
laying on the ground,
pointing to the stars
cuddling on winter nights
and from there, who knows?
maybe that will be our first kiss

Is it just me and my imagination?
Oh, the feeling, the waiting,
I can't wait anymore
hold my hand and
tell me its not my imagination,
it's us!
Khoi Jan 30
- metaphor.
- the apex predator.
A very powerful description of the raw truth.
A hundred percent tested a hundred percent plastic found
in the gut of all dead baby sea turtles
Tony Tweedy Nov 2021
Two hundred billion galaxies, trillions upon trillions of stars,
And to reinforce our insignificance we search still for life on Mars.

We look upon a heaven so vast there is no rocket we could send,
that in a hundred thousand lifetimes could it ever near its end.

Twenty billion Earths scattered across all of time and space,
stupid to think we could be alone and its all about this place?

For over nine billion years the universe survived without our sun,
is it real to think when we arrived universal purpose had just begun?

The universe did not wait for us its evolution just carries on,
and so it will be in future times when all memory of us is gone.
explains itself
i write
This note
because it will serve as evidence
of us until the earth has to pass
death do our bodies part
But Not
This note
and not our Love.
i promise…
“For as long eyes can see..”
Delicacy8100 Sep 2021
His intentions were unclear.
Boundaries broken.
I pushed He pulled.
Gently, quietly he studied me.
Gradually winning a friendship.
Pulling my barricades down.

Days fell, nights pass
through a decade, he always promised, give me your love
we won't clash.

Impromptu to the fact, he sees right through me.
(Looking Glass)

Time has taken.
Time has given.
Amorous love, he has proven.

He stole my heart, A thief? A bully?
No Monster indeed, our love is rooted.
Day and night we stay entwined.
We are meant to be our *** does prove it.
Z Apr 2020
If ever we leave this moment
Please remember all the good times
Days filled with laughters
With two hearts beating the same rhythm

If ever we look back
Please forget about the bad times
The petty fights and silent treatments
Where everything is taken for granted

If ever we change
Please promise not to forget us
The “us”, who faced life’s twists
The “us”, who overcame the same

If ever our fate cross again
Please let's reminisce together
Those days made all seemed better
Even when we ignore each other

If ever there’s another chance
Please let’s make new memories
No hesitation, no guilt
This time, no goodbye
Mark Wanless Aug 2021
the sound of nothing
in our ears and the empty
is all around us
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