Steve 17h
They didn't lie
Time does fly
Yesterday had me at sixteen
Now I'm just old
Haven't been through it all
But I seen dark days
More self inflicted then not
I guess it's just life
No worse then the next
No more tears shed then you my friend
My heart breaks and the pain is the same as the rest
Don't get wrong
I had more good then bad
I love life and wouldn't change the worse of the worst
That doesn't keep me from missing a few things

How nice it would sound to hear her words
The calmness I would feel everytime she said it's going to be alright
To know the truth was being told
To see look in her eyes and see a beautiful soul
Have one last listen as she whispered
Goodnight and I love you son

The stress would fade if he was here
Hard to breakdown from the weight of the world
When he has me laughing at the world
My biggest fan who refused to let me say no I can't
My idol and best friend
A teacher who taught with actions
To be cliche
They will never be another like him
My brother left way to soon
I pray one day my son turns out to be just like him

If I could I would sit for hours without being in a rush
Born a man
You clocked more hours then ten men in three life spans
Took care of people and helped raise more kids then anyone will ever know
Life threw you some hard hits but never left your feet
You looked up to true grit John Wayne
I looked up to you John Wayne

I could go on cause theirs alot more I reminisese about
But theirs always something that tops them all
This time its
I miss you and me
I miss your touch and your lips pressing against mine
Waking up next to you after falling asleep holding you tight
Your smile and the sound of your laugh
I want to go back to putting us first
I want them to refer to us as them
I miss you , I miss me
I miss us
Every day as the time passes,
No one cared ‘bout how to caress
The softest wind of summer breeze,
Or the fog of cold wilderness

Just as to what everyone says,
Society hears  you always
Everyone knows about your mess,
Just so you know, you have me yes

Enjoy the things that you have now,
For it will never last sooner
Let  go, appreciate and grow,
Forget  things that gives you sorrow

End of your time won’t let you speak
For the life you’ve had gone to peak
What if today will be your last?
Would you still care to change the past?
I can't remember
what we had
last night

I only have things
that feel like dreams
For it was too good
to stay with me

Your hand in mine
with the view
I took you to
I'd never been there
so we could share
our joy
of discovery
as the sun
began to set

And then
the clouds came in
and faded
any truth
of us

Did we happen?
What if
I told you
not to discourage
The world and you

You're the part of nature
The very part to be loved
and captured

The world can be cruel not
meeting your expectation
  I want to encourage you

What we are not
We all need to be cared for
No-one needs to control you
You put you or not?
But your heart and soul
inside you
Was worth every
Worldbeat of a shot

Like an energy force

What we hear
let nature
take its course

How it got to you
But of course
Unexpected surprise or not
Another divorce
Spiritual eye
compelled you

To be or not to be
(The Shakespearian) dialogue
But what is concealed so secretive
Our loved ones
The world revolves around
(Many Rules) a dust of the wind
The dead ones The wild or bad ones
 What would it be without
colors and no control
The kindest hearts of souls

It's not very logical or practical
To use it never to abuse it how
another person transforms it
Solving the problems
Such a delicate moment touching a rose

And snap a pose Lady Madonna

Like it-or, not the Vogue space alien green
Your money is not always what it seems
The whole world in your hand
Feeling alienated mind polluted
The things that we are? Being Lifted

Why does a business make you feel
Nothingness the number
Well let's consider
yourself part of the family
We are not on this planet
to be right or wrong

How every molecule
 something clicks
The good earth Apple
computer console
All the keys comma, star,
how far will it go
So many deceased or not ever pleased
@  # whats the odds percentage %
The exclamation point! !! & etc
The addiction movies the drama

Fresh blueberries the sour cream
Not watching your diet what a dilemma
Those landmark cemeteries so
vivid not a dream and life to
your fears and dreams

Every Data color is the
warmest earth worth every beauty of color

Those homemade brownies
The revolving Globe
Her Grecian robe contemplating
You're the physical sensible person
Trying a (Sun filled) vacation
How it groves to shape right in
Healthy or not we were
born  to be loved

Our eyes see but they're
not clear not the friendly
Environment somehow mean

Or bluer than the sky clean
But "Hi' nice welcoming
Robin bird fly__*
Maybe it's not your true birth

Like a cry overflow

What do you know he knows
or she knows
Enjoy yourself your mind will be higher
Overly confident to feel pompous
The Showstopper word it nutritious
Don't underestimate
Who we really are the believer

Don't pull yourself back
with negativity

Accept the craziness
You're not the wallflower
The world captures you
every day cry or make it
your time to pray
Your head was spinning
with fascination like it was your
time of blessing
That European trip the
airplane pop of ears what is glory
Let the people hear your side of the story

The restlessness above all  the love
With such a will of ambition list
Feeling the dizziness

I know the world would be
a better place with smiling face
Show your hair with the
fresh cut daisy
The brightness soothes you
The Daisy my favorite
because of Mom
She taught me well

I will always be her daisy
What makes us happy
That personal growth we don't
need a wish just push forward
We were meant to do
this together
intertwined as both
Toward our happiness
What revolves around our world to see the world free or wild what do we really feel like in this heavenly good earth. We should kiss the ground we walk on or not is it really using up your time you are the one so worth living or not to find peace even when it's not what we need to resolve to move forward and love who we are
While we stand in this dog park
And I look off into the sunset
With you right in front of me

I realize that I am happy with this being my life
I would love for your brother to be our son
For your dog to be ours that we have raised for years

I want to hear your voice echo as you call the dog
And for your voice to be so deep that the minute you talk everyone gets scared
Except for me

They expect for you to be this big old grumpy man
Who used to belong to the Mafia
Not the cuddly cute man you actually are

I’m excited for the day to drive I off into that sunset with you
Go some where and find a house
And call it ours

A house like the ones right in front of me
Tall and wide with 4 rooms and a finished basement
I want us to find our home

I want to call some town ours
I want to know the city like the back of my hand
As we grow old there

I want to create memories with you everywhere
And to recreate old one but this time with our kids
But those memories will always be ours

These memories I have right now are ours
There the memories we have made together
That have helped shaped the way I view you

As a man who’s tall and buff
Owns the place around
And is never scared

These memories are memories I want to never forget
I want to never forget looking at you and the sunset
I want to never forget us
"You're mine , your ass is mine. You are all mine."
Not knowing no one ever told her that. And she loved the way his lips told her that she was all his.
We're connected we're vibing . But you're still mine and I'm still yours.
Is it you?
Is it me?
Were we ever meant to be?
Are we drifting?
Are we braking?
Are we real or are we faking?
So much energy.
So much time.
Do I give up or is that a crime?
I hurt you.
You hurt me.
This is an emotional killing spree.
Is it you?
Is it me?
Because we always seem to disagree.
Another day of disposable dispair
Hae Sun 6d
Everybody’s rushing with their lives
So they take what’s easy
They takeout Chinese food for dinner
They find the song they like online
They read the synopsis instead of the book
They say good night too early only to find themselves awake at 2 am
looking for someone to talk to
They make 3-in-1 cups of coffee
They type, they forget to write
But you darling, you’re not made for the “now”
You’re not made to-go
You’re not made for takeouts
You’re for later
You’re for enjoying lunch for an hour
You’re watching sunsets for dinner
Because time will never run out
for something that is not meant for the time being
Let’s take this moment in and stay still
We’re not for now
We don’t need to figure out how
Because darling, we’re not made for now.
haven’t written anything for so long until now
If anyone asks,
what will you do for me?

Just reply,
I will give you today.
Genre: Q & A
Theme: Precious Time
Tanya Louise Jul 10
we love you, you shithead
but curse your stupid inability
and reverent ignorance

we're the heart and fucking brain
and we're finally in sync
funny how the first time we're in agreement
is because of you

we're crushing hard, bits to pieces
but you even fucking know us
argh! just see how we can't stop
thinking about you
beating for you

the worst of all this
you're in love with someone else.
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