I never thought we would end up like this..
Tangled in each other under the sheets
As the morning rays peek out
And spill through our window

I never thought I'd feel so cold without you
So empty

When did I start missing you?
When did the thoughts of you start invading my head?
When did you carve your name into my heart?
When did 'I hate you' turn into.. well, this?

I built my walls so high
I was sure you'd turn and leave
When did you even tear them down?
Love was a fantasy I never believed.

Sitting on our roofs
With the universe in the palm of our hands
Rolling down the windows
And belting out song lyrics to our favorite bands

And even sitting here I'm thinking of you
With a smile plastered on my face.
I never wanted to date again
Let alone be "that couple"...

But I guess that's what we are
This is what we're meant to be
We're cliche
     We're timeless
          And when we're together
                       We're free

This was buried deep within a pile of poems. It was so beautiful I found myself smiling myself. RH, as I know her, is a helpless romantic under all that negativity and her hate for all things "cliche", and to see that side of her come out in a poem was heartwarming. I hope you all a wonderful day ~BM


There was you

And with you

Came me

It was us

Us against the world

Strolling towards the future

Side by side

Lost in a warp

With the world plugged in our ears

It is you and I

Against us

Our backs turned against the future

(a future frozen even with global warming)

We look behind

Remembering not LOT’s wife

And the PILLAR of salt.



©Belema .S. Ekine

once there was us but now there is just salt

Even though
She's gone
I still
Hear her whisper
Haunt these halls
"I love you"
Even though
She's gone
These memories aren't.

Burn your brand into my skin and treat me like cattle
Just don't be angry when I leave the door open
I live behind gates you've born me within
I eat the filth you hand to me, last on the line
Open your mouth, talk to me like I'm below you
Tell the world I'm cruel when I bite back
Tip me over, you know I won't fight you
Metal in my hands say I stand firmer on all fours
While you struggle to confidently stride on two
I'm built to react, you call me sensitive
The bond we share could slaughter our herds
Send me away from your vile care
And prove to me that cleavers are dull compared to your words

it all comes down to
perspective, and
what we perceive is
so very different,
I know it's hard to see it
any other way but yours,
but yours is so unlike mine..
yes, we're on the same page in our lives,
but will be ever be on the same line?
I love you, I do
and in my eyes
everything was fine
but it wasn't like that for you
I only want to understand why
which I'm sure
I know the answer to

spiderman, spiderman...

Your eyes glare at me relentlessly
Why won't you look away
Burning a hole in the back of my head
Look away
But when I turn around I realize I'm frozen in place
Is there something you want to say?
Your pink lips remain sealed
What is it that you won't say?

Oh how I want to walk towards you..
But it seems you've made up your mind...

And with one last stare
No, Stay
You turn around
Please stay
And disappear
Or not...

Another unedited poem but this one I know was written as part of an excerpt to one of RH's unpublished books I had the pleasure of reading. This scene in particular brought tears to my eyes so I thought I would share the poem version of it. Its years old but still a beautiful write. ~BM

I only requested for something real.
Its more real when you are looking at it.
You believe in me and you.
I am clueless and some how scared.
I thought it was a joke, to push away good things
Because one didn't know what to do.
I feel my self believing too.
So lets take mirror selfies and make faces.
Lets be happy now.
And tomorrow.
Because right now... I think I,m liking you too.

Dharker 5d

A leader in position that isn't prepared
An upcoming leader ready to share
A leader who wants to take all that away
An upcoming leader, to say, “I guess that’s okay”

A leader in position that isn't prepared
An upcoming leader ready to share
A leader who wants to take all that away
An upcoming leader to say that’s not okay

How can we make it better?
A leader may say
If one does all the work to set the foundation
For them
Integrity how does that play?
You vs. Them
Or is it You vs. We
Now to swallow this concept

What does it take to be a leader unprepared?

The struggles of understanding your idea of a leader, when you have your own perception. Is using and getting over it, what you want in a leader? I know I don't.

I think you every single moment
In my sleep, in my dreams
All the day, all the night
I hope you're alright
Willow, I'll never force!
Making to you a promise...
You think me every single minute
At home of you, at work
You'd like to me to delight
On way, at beach, in the park
Renee, I'll never force!
Making to you a promise...
We think us every single second
Likes happy likes hurt
Our love likes diamond
We're like one, not a part
Ray, sorry; I'll never force!
Making to you a promise...

Burn your name onto my skin
For tonight I'm all yours
And when you leave in the morning
I want to carry you with me...
   A solemn reminder
            That not everything
                      You love

The end to another long and simply beautiful poem by RH. It was listed under drafts from a file years ago so I didn't want to publish the full poem but couldn't resist to share this beautiful part of it with all of you. It had no title either and I'm no good with them but I still hope you enjoy it as much as I did ~BM
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