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Get! Past Face..
Take a time out.
Ta get into meh..
Get inside my head..
Before you get into my heart.
Doing it backwards don't make me not depart.
Know me!                      

How do I really feel
How do I sort this out.
Getting to know you.
Do You really give me that opportunity.

Trynna feel like I am close to you.
Do you make me feel welcomed inside of you.
I'm feeling a come on lets get it let's go.
Sweeping me off my pillow.
When I'm ready to relax and chat.
Telling me it's time to go.
So I hang up and just go.

You haven't spread the right ingredients on the table.
Give me a festive meal I can recieve I'm capable.
I feel I've just been given the page with introductions.
And excerpts from chapter one.

And you say I'm the One.

I'm here with my time willing to give gentle speeches.
But I feel no reaches.
Reach out, reach in, see blindness isn't gonna bring a win.
What do I do for you,,
Do I feel like I've known ya a lifetime.
I'm left feelin rushed and outta time.
Me to chapter two.
Don't assume I'm who..you want me to be.
History provides deeper clues.
People's heart and minds make life changing adjustments.
I'm spiritual, clever and ready for better assignments.

Patience in my shoes.
Get, Ta Know, Who walking in these shoes.
Having paid a lotta dues
I'm easy to love..
Easy to Love..Fun to love..Worth it to Love.
...She's a reach deeper above.
What your viewing on her surface.
Its just the face.
SelinSharday Rose.. S.A.M ALL RIGHT RESERVED 2018
You feel you know me, I feel hurried by you.. get past the surface..get past the face..give me time I need.
Braedon 1d
I wake up in the morning and
I look into the mirror wandering why I'm still alone
You used to be the most familiar face
And now you're gone
And I'm thinking back on all that
I've done trying to remember what I did wrong
But you know that I can't cause I did nothing to you, you just gave up
I'm curled up in the middle of the room,
sitting on my knees, my face in my hands, my heart begging please...
'Someone fill me up I'm incomplete'
And my daddy never liked you but you's still got along
He warned me bout you, but I thought he was wrong
Babe you had me fooled right from the start,
I hate you for breaking my heart
One day, one day I'll get you back.
shiv 2d
and if it meant never losing you
the world and the stars
could crumble down to dust.

and i would not only watch on
i would help light the flames
to destroy it all.
lulu 4d
You were my cigar,
a very toxic one,
you were waiting to be lit.
I was your lighter,
i was hoping to see a flame.
We burned,
But now all that's left is smoke.
'our love has burnt.'
so, i thought but no.
You make me want to fly
way up in the sky
like the stars at night
you are my beautiful flight
you set me on fire
but I can't get higher
then the sky
that I shall fly
We are of the human race
Born to leave behind a trace
On the shores of Histories

Bless the world with our grace
Upon the weary human face
Befuddled with thoughts of Mysteries

Pondered over stretches of engulfing blackness.

Spark a light of Clarity empowering the darkness to behold.
07.11.2018 Wednesday -
Inspired by a poster saying 'She is human too' (in Tamil). But the poem is generally for all of human kind, men and women.
This is about the clarity of thought and truth that we decide upon (with Allah's guidance) which is bright enough to dispel confusion. I'm not referring to religious knowledge but general knowledge on science, law and society and the universe at large, in general. (But when it comes to Islam, Islam is not just a religion but a way of life, so technically Islamic religious knowledge includes all spheres of life and the universe).
From different post codes to different time zones ,
The difference is that i cant breathe the same air as you.
My difference is that the weather no longer changes  the way it used to when you where around.
The only thing that never went different is that amazing smile of yours, Even from a distance , even through pictures ,that smile still has an effect in my bones .
Am different now , we have changed , but feelings for you have changed ,they have grown that's the difference.
he called me all these names
but i think i love him
hes my one ideal
he may have cheated me over
but i love him
hes my one ideal
i want one more day to cuddle
cause i love him
he is my only ideal
i could be myself in front of you
and do you know how amazing that feels?
i'm usually so scared
so afraid of the outcome
but you always just love me anyway
that makes me feel so loved and free
i love you
i love that it's easy
like i don't have to try so hard for your love
not like past relationships
i don't have to beg you to stay
or cry myself to sleep
because i'm afraid you don't love me
i'm usually not one to believe what people say
but i believe you like i believe that i love you so ******* much
and today made me love you more
to be able to talk for hours
and hear your voice
it's like you were here
and every day gets better
and everyday i love you more
and everyday i miss you a little more
but that's okay
because you're worth it
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