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elaine 13h
These halls close in on us,
it is just us now.
Me you,
living in harmony, just like it should.

Dance with me now, for we have all our lives to worry,
come with me now, we can be together.

Live! Don’t let the silly past creep up on you, it is just me and you.

Nothing will hurt you now. I will become a soldier of the night, protecting your sleeping soul.

Lay down now love, the day has come to an end, I will be here with you tomorrow, for we shall dance around lily pads and hold each other close.

It will all be fine now. Just rest.
Come with me now, for the adventure has just begun, we will live together in peace, the wind guiding us.
Lydia 17h
I'm so embarrassed to even say so
but this morning I got so upset I threw my water bottle at the door and it went everywhere
I haven't done something so irrational in a long time
We were arguing and it was over something so stupid
I don't know why I snapped
but I looked crazy and the ugly part of me showed its face
I immediately started cleaning up
Ashamed and embarrassed of what I had done
wishing that cleaning up the mess would also clean up the bigger mess I had made between us
I know I get angry
I know I have issues
But I never wanted to show them to you
I told you if you left you would never come back
if I'm honest
that's all I'm really afraid of
when we argue I'm afraid you'll never come back or you will leave me
That's a crazy way to think everytime we get mad
but I'm so used to being left alone
I'm so used to being this way
I don't know why I show it in the way I do
I get so mad instead of telling you what I really feel
I have growing to do
I just don't want you to leave me
I'm sorry for making a mess
Lydia 17h
I wish I was simple
easy going and easy to love
I wish I could be sweet when your mad
and know just the right things to say to end a fight
mellow tempered and cool
I never want to fight with you
I am in my own way

I'm the opposite of what I wish  
instead of the sweet summer breeze I am the torrential wind during a storm
and I can't just be a drizzle
I'm a downpour
I am all or nothing
I don't know how to be anything else
I've spent years trying to figure out how to be something I am not
I've tried crawling out of my skin
and forming a new face
being me is my biggest downfall
I never learned to make light,
and you left with the light that we created,
even through all our darkness
I'm here,
there's nothing here,

Since you left,

Carrying with you the fire that I helped to build...

how can  a heart heal while it’s still being  killed?

You weren't the only one who was alone,
under all this sky...

Looking at the immensity,

Wondering if it's open.. or empty,

I'm ashamed of how selfish, humanity can be.

Knowing how we theorize the death of our beloved sun,
simply out of  envy of its eternal luster... knowing that we grow dark and empty and eventually die...

How we leave the game early when our team is down... and there’s not enough time to go back and win... as if now.. In defeat, we would be wasting our lives to stay with them until the end.

I no longer want to love you,
because you left me there when the coldest winds came...

You left Me there....

Because even though I dried your tears....

I couldn't stop the years..

And I couldn't stop the rain.
Amira 2d
I thought I understood distance
When my maths teacher defined it as
“The amount of space between two points.”
He taught me distance can be measured in various units
As steps, kilometres and miles
or even intervals of time.

I thought I understood distance
When I counted 2362 steps walking to school
And noticed my dad’s car meter increasing two miles
In three minutes driving me back home.

I travelled a distance measured in kilometres and hours to see him.
Such distances can be easily crossed.
Either I took the next train, or drove my car
Distance as an amount of space was two thousand kilometres
And distance as an amount of time was only a few hours.

I thought I understood distance,
But never the amount of space between two specific points;
My lips and his lips.

I travelled a distance measured in bottles of wine and years to kiss him.
Such distances can’t be easily crossed.
I could walk miles of skin
And distance as an amount of space between us
Could extend tiresome.
But such distances aren’t necessarily a barrier.
I have crossed all the oceans we created
I counted all the bodies
And I have indulged in his lips.

It took me two bottles of wine and twenty years
To understand distance

But my understanding is obsolete
For him and I ,
Are still two distant entities.
I started writing this poem with great inspiration, but the inspiration wore off halfway through, which is why I still feel it is not complete. Please tell me what you think, and what you would suggest.
P.S : the poem is written to be read in a loud and slow manner.
Dominique Aug 25
I want to step out of myself
When I'm lying vertically on seaside rocks
Staring at the place a full moon should be
On the azure petal of a bright sky at noon
Because it would be easy, wouldn't it?

Join a different subjective reality,
Step into an opposite consciousness,
Without this heart that loves too clumsily
(It may be gold, but gold is heavy)
Without stupid desires or the weight
Of sparkling sins like bubbles in champagne
(Come on, girl, think of your grades)

Who's to say we're not a film?
A rattling picture show that keeps skipping
That lasts too long but is never enough
All I want is to have the chance to remember

That I am also a we

That I feel and I'm not alone in that
That we think therefore we are and we are therefore we think
So I try to step into the clouds
And find myself shackled to the ground
On a beach in August without sand.
sonder-  n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

inspired by a conversation I had with two friends in Brighton about how our consciousness creates reality and how we're all connected <3 I often wonder how it would feel to live someone else's life for a while.
I lie here/

Beside you/
The pores of our bodies/

Like Tiny volcanos erupting

I would die/
love you again/
Between walls made of marbles and hands/stew pots,
and frying pans clanking,
Against cabinets,

there are Cracks in the tiled floors,
where we tore our skin
Left tiny essence droplets/
in puddles from ice cubes
that tumbled  down into our
empty cup

Only god could rip
A star in two,
it’s funny

The way the kitchen killed

You and I/

Not the knives.

I would die in a world where people

Are more like cannon balls/

And plastic faces are invading/

Yesterday I discovered that the earth really is flat/

All the ice melted and we were lost in the roar of Waves rushing/
sliding to the edge/

You squeezed  my hand/
and you whispered "close your Eyes"/

Your tiny fingers outweighed
the ocean/

And I happily died knowing,

I Lived!

I lived Where Angels have not tread for
10,000 years/

My lips touched your skin/

And there will never be words to say/

What I have felt/

But that your smile/

Eats Time/
Now that I have loved you
I am a child,

Exploring the Shores,

Of secret oceans
on a planet in a galaxy at
the most ancient end of infinity/

Where the light drips from the always/

Into the Dark
faeri 4d
We drifted;
Like the continents,
Like icebergs,
Like thoughts.

Like lovers,
we drifted.
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