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i am more me, and you are more you, when we are truly us.
I felt so unsure
While I was blinded
To see the truth.
Only to feel haunted
By the memories
That I once called "us."
As it was temporary
And an experience
To behold in reality.
You and I are
Just another story
To be told.
.Loving you
Is a sinking ship
And as I bail water out
You pour bucket after bucket
Right back in

.It won't be long now till we're treading water.
Karmish A Oct 5
There is thunder without rain
And rain without thunder
But how devastating they are when together
Just like you and I
Amyrah Oct 4
I still feel your lips,
Pressing against mine.
It's slight pressure, erases the bad
Gives me hope to go through this night
Beautiful kisses
SmallKid Sep 18
If I can make a wish
I would say..
I want to be pendrive

Cause I wanna keep our memories together
The sweet-bitter moment that we make
The challenges that should we take
and I wanna keep our loves moment
until it compact of memory
of us
luv u alls
Von Sep 15
I'm right here
No matter how small my existence
Even if you have a past you'd like to hide
Even if you're thinking you'd rather die
No matter how dirtied your future

I'm right here for you
Andra Sep 11
let me

i want to be

me and you

stay the heck
and stop making me be afraid
that with every day that goes
you go as well.

i only want to trace itineraries on your forehead
and lose my dreams in your arms
and exhale wishes on the steamy window of your car
and cry green tears tasting of gin and tonic
which you will hold in the palms of your hands
and when you have no more room
you will hide them in jars
in the room at the back where there's always cold
because the heater doesn't work

i can't be like this if you are not here
and my cheeks tremble only when i feel your presence in the room

if you need the certainty
that i will be here when you come back
well then,
just so you know,
i will be
at our place
especially at 9.36am
and i will think about
how lovely would have been for you to kiss me then
but i will smile because
you were so
that you didn't know what to do

stay here
don't make me ask you
I have written this years ago and have just re-discovered it... Funny how you learn from your old self.
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