Standing across a room,
Looking around to find you.

I see you, I feel you, I think too much about you.

But you are blind.
Blind to my looks and glances.

You seem me, you feel me, but you don't think too much about me.

Skin on skin.
Hot flashes of flesh.
Too much to think, too much to feel.

I didn't ask for this,
But it's too good to be true.

Bite me.

You may leave your mark on me,
But I am not yours.

Because there is no us.
And there will never be...
An "us".
i talk \ \  too much
i feel \ \  us eroding
the gap \ \  is larger than ever
  slowly  _\  i drive the wedge in
     when will i learn?

even indifference is better than hate
and that doesn't say much
Heart Door

I've been picking out thoughts like you pick out a dress.
I must confess all the time I misspent.
It has been so long since I last ate,
But at least I'm moving in the right way.

With you at my side, I know I'll be alright
And in the morning light our love still shines.
It’s been three years now since we first met
And when I can't recall, you never forget.

So I'll let you know that I love you so.
My heart, for you, is always in full flow.
Writing all my words, I am just a pair of hands.
I love to hold you close; I have a need to be your man.

If the daylight ends and I fade away,
I want you next to me when I am old and grey;
Because all this is great, but you help me rise above,
All the mundane life that I would have, without your love.

I know what I have; it has no price,
Because with you by my side, I love my love life
And if we ever split, there will be no more;
Just a closing down sale and tape over my heart shaped door.

You're the only one I am letting in,
Because my love you give me all that I need
And if I ever say, let’s just leave this,
You have to tell me straight, we are meant to be!

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Diamond eyes

It’s all in the eyes; that is where your secrets hide.
The passion you possess, that wishes for you to be caressed,
Is the reason I am stood here before you, waiting…

I want you in my life; I want to be with you.
I think between us a fire burns.
I will remain sad until this one becomes two.
It is only for you that my heart yearns.

The two of us could build a future;
The heat between us could keep us together,
From now until the end, we could illuminate each other.
You are so desirable, that our love will shine as a guide to all lovers,
To seize the day and find the one they should be with.
You are my on switch; let us begin with a kiss.

We will last a thousand years
And the news of our love will always steer,
Those who are unsure, into the arms of those they love.
When the two of us unite, the world will stay in touch.

Hand in hand, sealed with a kiss; love me deeply.
We are linked together in harmony.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

I may be blind to the subtle movements of your all-seeing eyes,
But I am able to see that inside of you, you hold a beautiful soul.
I may not be able to lip read the thousand pages of your thoughts,
That aspire to escape from your heart and into my mind,
But as I hang on your every word, I truly am a good listener
And my ears are always open to your hearts true secrets,
If you are willing to show me yours.

So if you wish to confess your desires to me,
Before I leave,
Before I must go,
Then I will tell you over and over again that you are true beauty,
You amaze me,

The light to my rain; the best part of my day;
The crystal clear keeper of untold secrets to be near.
The fire in my veins;
My Moon, My Sun, My Earth…
My worth the thousand years wait.

If there is a way for you to ever love me,
Then let the Heaven’s speak!
Let the angels raise their voices!
Let their thunderous cry allow you and I to find a place,
Where I can tell you we should be!

If I cannot,
I will remain delayed…
I will remain in pain…
I will remain in my own dismay.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
alexa 5d
you never know what you need
when it’s standing right in front of you,
blurred lines of the person you’re
supposed to love
too close up to realize until
it’s much too late.
I had a dream,
you and I,
sharing the rest of our lives.

I had a dream,
where you could not hear me

I wake up,
looking for you all over.

I wanna wake up
when you come back.
Too late for being dreaming about it.

We fell down into fighting.
You were always the first giving up.
I get used to close the doors,

you leave open in me.

I don't dream about us anymore,
happening in the way I wanted to.
Is our time up?
Are you finished with me?
Was i not the right cup?
Was i not the right tea?

I feel like you've been through
And im holding on to thin air.
I dont know what to do
But just know ill be there

When you need me.
When your falling apart
Thats when youll need me.
And we can go back to the start..

But if you dont need me.
I ask for one more chance
If you believe me.
I just want one more dance.

With you.
The most difficult part of divorce is knowing the last thing you did with them wasnt enough
Cool beans.

You shine for me when I am in despair.
I will be your light when you are in darkness.
You are still with me even when I am not there.
I have chosen to invest in your interests.

If you are in need, then count on me,
To do all I can to see you through.
I will always be a man of peace.
Try to shout at me if you want to
And I will remain the same, cool beans.
The swinging sixties are in my dreams.
The hippie in me is looking for love,
So if you are the one I have been thinking of,
Then please give me a free hug.

I will not give up until I make your day
And make your smile;
Have a nice stay,
For the rest of my life,
By being on my side.
If you are, I will always remain,
Only a heartbeat away.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Do you remember when we used to meet at our own special place?
I would wait there impatiently, just wanting to see your face.
All day I would think about you, the only face in the crowd
And then you would appear through the unknown faces,
Like a gift from the clouds.

Down you would float and I would kneel and offer you my love,
Because I could not stand to see you with another.
There are times when we would be alone together sharing a hug
And I could picture the two of us growing older together.

And when I am old, to me you would still be as beautiful,
Because I would still see you as the woman I met so long ago.
I imagined telling you that at last I can be hopeful,
Because you gave me hope that day, for always,
Because you are my hope.

I waited for you like the summer in winter;
I longed for you like a man dying of thirst in a desert.
You are the nectar to the bee and the wedding ring for the finger.
You are all I could aspire to attain, my poetic verse.

You inspire me to love like Casanova on his wedding day;
I need to change my very essence to bend to your will.
Let all who hear of me know of your name,
Because you are the only cure I have when our love life becomes ill.

No argument must end all the love we share with each other.
No man can come between what the two of us have.
No woman can lure me away from you, my perfect lover,
Because your love makes me happy and I wish to never again be sad.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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