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Catherine McCabe Dec 2018
A real win
is getting out more than you put in.
So, why do I go on and on looking for a return?
It seems I’ll never learn
that winning is endless
and makes a fool of us all.
How can so many continue to believe
How can so many be so trusting
Trusting in our failing government
Trusting in the daily lies spread
What is it gonna take ?
It's so obvious it really is
It gets so frustrating
When will we all be done
What is it gonna take
I mean seriously can it get any worse
It's plain to see no one's caring
about our freedoms our rights our needs
It's all just a competition
So many of us poor barely scraping by
So many treated like ****
Can't we all say enough
It's our government
It's up to us to say enough
and if we don't like now
I'm sure it's gonna end
It won't be pretty it will be distruction
Utter pain and devastation
© Jennifer Delong 1/14/19
Hanna 1d
Dreams are real if you believe...
Remember your dreams, aren’t real...
Everyday’s a nightmare...
After all, you’ll never succeed...
More useless thoughts start to crowd my head...
This is the same dream poem I had to do for my class except this is my friend Nicole’s. If you would like to read mine check it out. We both went for the depressing vibe.
Does it make you smile
when I say your name?
     My heart flutters when
     I do the same.

Do you think
of me as the sun
in a fine Tuesday?
    Coz you're my rainbow
    on that rainy day.

They see us as one
and not as two;
We can make a great pair
Does it make sense to you?
We are all a story of untold lines,
             but even though
                   we may write a novel,
           only we sometimes read it.

But others may read a sentence
                      and now that without a test read
                                        they'll never know us.
It's only takes a moment to realise
                              that we can be more than a story
when we are read with but a singular verse.
I had a dream
A dream about you
You and I were back together
Together we were happy

Then something happend, I didn't want to
To stay happy, I should have stayed in that dream
That dream was about us being together
Together everything was fine

I wish I didn't wake up
Waking up is what made me depressed again
Again I want to stay in bed
In bed I want to be all day

Please let me go
Let me go while I can
I can be gone
Gone I want to be

Next time I don't want to wake up
Waking up doesn't make me happy
Happy I'll never be again
Again I hate my life for waking up
“I love you” he says
But I cannot love back
How am I supposed to love when he took advantage
How can I trust when he did it
“U know I do too” I say
Because I cannot say the words
when we are caught up
in our own pain
and jealousy,
we end up hurting others.
Some may think where

But where just
          not there
               version of clean.
We could have been love


I didn't
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