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How dared I be happy
And not awake to a miserable state of mind,
Just like yours?
Why fight for the best of the best
When you can have all toe, sorrow on the fanciest plate served...
Why wish for better days
When we know that suffering can make us so great...!
And wonderful...
Wonderfully hateful, resentful, pitiful... Rad!
How dared I try reach happiness?
To your face: a great scam!
How dared I reach to that perfect state of mind called happiness?
I must Have been out of me mind?
Being all close to knowing the best days in life?
Oh, the horror!
Why, if I can have all your sorrow... and more added to the core?
Burning magical core
You wanted to dance with me
With bare feet
On broken glass
With no music
When I was a paraplegic

You wanted to do the impossible
Just to laugh probability in the face
You wanted to dance with me
In the middle of the pouring rain
But I don't like your chances
I don't believe in fate
he wanted to dance with fate
i dream of a world where **** no longer exists.

i dream of a world of respect.
where I no longer have to defend myself...
or look over my shoulder late at night when I'm getting in my car

i dream of a world where I can truly be taken seriously,

when I state the truth that I am in deed a feminist...
and no in deed I do not hate men.

i dream of the time when **** no longer exists.

when I can forget what you did.
just erase your entire memory with a gigantic bottle of mental white-out

blot out your entire existence so you are unable to hurt anyone ever again.

i dream of a world where **** no longer exists.

i brace for this brand new day and I dare to dream...
a bunch of words that came out unexpectedly....
tryhard Apr 2020
is a silly
foreign thing
when you
haven't wanted
in ages

look at me
so full
of wishes
yet laid bare
of hope

did i learn
to want
what i
did not

did i dare
to reach
for the moon
when all
i did
was stare at it
from down here

i cannot
blame myself
for never
or daring
why should i
i should have known
the moon
was unattainable
in the first place
me being very extra about something that is not really that big of a deal lol
MSunspoken Mar 2020
Voicing fervent beliefs
As hard as stone
Carry your legacy on-
Or simply create your own
strut the halls
With perfect posture-
Never forgotten,
Is that confidence
Swing your gait-
A daring sashay,
And lead the weak-
make them tough as bone
Yet never forget
In which you came-
So speak your name
Scream it to be remembered
The name in which
leads people together
This isn't for my "challenge"...
BUT! Somehow, this isolation is feeding into a new writing block.
Being surrounded by people sheds a light on my writing, giving me near endless possibilities. Though-I no longer have that.
So, here I am, trying to recover (of course, it had to be an inspirational poem).
Esther L Krenzin May 2019
It is not weak to yield
nor is it courageous
to rely on subterfuge
Speaking your inner truth
comes from daring to brave
eye rolls
shaking of heads
and mouths that smile yet
form cruel sentences all the same
You'll bleed
dripping perspiration
oozing all the love
you cannot find
Just when it seems as if
the sun is obscured by clouds
you get to your feet
tense muscles unclenching
utterly at the mercy
of all the light
you are just now starting to see.

-Esther L. Krenzin-
Speak your truth. Live your dream. Act on your word.
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