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Ashley S Sep 11
Sweet spiced cookies
wafting in my nose.
It draws me to the kitchen
and on my tippy toes.

Mama's made a special treat.
She says it's still too hot to eat.
I can hardly stand the wait!
I bet they'll taste so great.

I hold mama's apron
until she gives me some.
It tastes just like mommy,
and it tastes just like home.
My toddler's little world 💜
Zywa Aug 9
They smell sweet and warm

like fresh bread in the oven:

the newborn babies.
"The Queen of the Tambourine" (1991, Jane Gardam), § March 10th (1990)

Collection "Skin-contact"
Sasha Paulona Jul 10
In the car, in the front seat I'm your baby.
You go fast, you go slow I don't move....
I believe in places you take me
Makes you really high on lately
I can see, I can see your eyes burning through me
I know I'm your once in a lifetime
Staring into stars, in my saggy jeans
you're *******' mess, but I
Thanks for the high life
This is fun, things pass in Light years speed, and yes
Now I'm here with you, and
you like to think that you would stick around me
You know what? I wanted to make you think like that

The glance, the taste, the way we talk
It all comes down to write the poem of us
In a dream, the dream, You are dreaming..
Read me in anywhere 'cause I'm your open book
Grab my waist, don't waste any part
I believe that you see me for who I am
So spill any page to the floor,
Rewrite any paragraph in this chapter
Is it safe, is it safe to just be who you are?
Is it safe, is it safe to just be the way I am?
Alex McQuate Jun 9
Come to me,
Oh look and see,
Please tell me that I don't belong.

To this place,
O' to this world,
To this situation I hath rote.

But negative,
Nay I say,
Tis a situation so grand,
That it can be only sung out in the tongue of yore,
For it is only the most noble of mantles,
Of Fatherhood's door I adorn.

It shall be I,
I be armed with simple tools,
A fresh ***** or bottle,
To assuage my young liege lord's woes,
For betwixt the soggy ure or rancid scitan,
I dread knowing such knowledge,
But my sacred duties of ****** I shan't ignore.

So for now,
Oh humble bards and wanderers,
Listen to this tale no more,
Create such joy and celebration,
For upon this day,
My Firstborn son is born.
Threw a frickin' thesaurus at this one.
Me: "I'm going to acknowledge you, first."
Her: "I'm going to trust you, more."
Alex McQuate May 20
Time ticking down,
Like the guttering of a dying flame,
So close,
Can nearly taste,
Where you and me will soon be three,
When our son we can finally meet.

I can picture his little hands,
His oh-so little feet,
Eyes as big as plates,
So filled with possibilities and innocence,
A pitcher for you and me to fill,
With kindness and glee.

But it seems so far away,
Still seems like a bit of a dream,
That the hypothetical seems to still carry me,
On a cloud,
Gently floating,
On an azure dream.
Zywa Mar 25
As a baby, I

had a lot of fun falling --

into daddy's hands.
For Madelief dK

Collection "Ifless"
When spring arrives, it touches nature’s heart, and awakens it into a new life
Trees are blossoming
Beautiful Lilly flowers are blooming
Fields are dressed in a green garment
Blue butterflies are flying
Bees are buzzing
Baby bunnies are playing
Birds are chirping in backyards
Water springs are bursting
Water waves are dancing
Nature is burning love

I wonder, if we as human being could bring out the best in us, and show the whole world our inner beauty by the touch of spring?

Hussein Dekmak
Secret-Author Jan 17
Look at you, you stupid b*tch,
Hanging from the rafters,
Despite being cold youre still
So fat, one too many afters.

If I had to list all the ways
That you so let me down,
The first one would be long ago
That you refused to drown.

Look at you, you're so fat,
And don't you blame the baby,
It's been eleven days since you
Had him, go on a diet maybe.

Look at you.
Just look at the state of you.
vanessa marie Nov 2022
these butterflies
come and go sweetly now, darling
what if we tried again
and ran it all from the top
would you want to be my baby?
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