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When I met you i didn't notice the change that was taking place
I didn't feel what I feel now.
Its been 3 days since I last met you
My heart feel relaxed to an far exceeded way.
The chemical reaction got my blood flowing.
When I am with you I am so happy I can't comprehend
When I am beside you
I forget the world and I only see you.
I keep you at my gaze
I am so mesmerized
I feel I have all the time in world you.
When you kiss my lips
Time stops, heart rate goes up
I only see you.
I would have been by self forever if I hadn't met you when I did.
I can't exactly tell you how you make me feel.
When I understood these feelings
I was already thinking about our future
Its so clear to me
I should be sleeping right now
Ive been thinking about you I forgotten to fall as sleep
And here we are.
Ive barely been sure about many things.
I'm sure how you make me feel
Its real and your worth me taking my time with you.
I miss you for as many times I'm not right beside you.
When I hug you every Time
Times stops for a moment and I can hear my heart berating hard.
I saw the splender of Heaven the first I time I looked to Helens beautiful eye's and the feellin just like I'd been taken to Heaven with sweet baby wrapped In my arms

For my sweet baby she showed me a Heaven In way I'd not seen ever before when she lay down ***** beside me and the first time I saw my sweet baby In her full

And the first  time my sweet baby and I made love It was surely to Heaven she took me on wave of pure ecstasy
but sadly my sweet baby has

and I dought I'll ever see Heaven again for I saw Heaven once In my life time when first seeing Helen In her full
I remember the first time I saw my sweet baby In her full glory It was then I'd thought I had been taken to Heaven with my sweet baby wrapped In my arms
Mitch Prax Feb 4
my baby girl
is like fresh laundry
straight out of the dryer-
so soft, so warm
so similar to home.
Ayeza Celda Feb 2
Baby...I still love you so much... I don't know kung bakit sobra kitang gusto... I tried to do everything to forget you pero  wala eh,mahal pa din kita alam ko na di ka maniniwala sakin kasi di pa tayo nag me-meet in person di pa talaga natin kilala yong isa't-isa ...pero di ko alam bat sobra kitang mahal...

And I can't handle it anymore's killing me inside ... I don't want to let you go....I really don't want you to go...because I love you ...kung alam ko Lang na magiging ganito tayo ... di sana napigilan ko ung sarili ko para di mahulog sayo

I'm tired to pretend na ok lang di ako nasasaktan...alam mo kung may gamot Lang iinumin kona un...ayoko na...I'm really tired in this situation ...

Why!? Bakit sobrang mahal kita... my heart now is broken ...I don't know if i can still fix it,
Just tell me how can I forget you...
Don’t be sorry, I trusted you, My faults not yours.maybe I just love you too much...
Yordi Feb 2
My head is full of thoughts
My heart will stay waiting till it rots
It beats for you
Slowly but surely
I wonder how your love would be
Patently I wait holding myself back
I just hope it’s not too late
He broke your heart
Now it’s locked with a gate
How ****** he was
To lose your heart for quick ****
You’re a queen
A beautiful girl that just can’t be unseen
Will I have a chance
Or Shall I forever stay in this love trance
Idk if I should ever show this girl my poems
Yordi Jan 31
I can’t keep still
Sitting down makes me ill
My sane is gone
My minds on the run
On an endless path
full of pain sorrow and wrath
My sun is gone covered by clouds
A dark journey I take
With a smile on my face
Look closer
You’ll realize it’s fake.
Stuck in my head
Cat Lynn Jan 28
That is what they say... as if it is something funny
But why do I feel this pain of longing for their company?

There were a total of seven of us... And two of them passed away

"They don't count, they were just tissues and organs that didn't make out in time."


DON'T DISCARD THE REALITY OF THEIR BIRTH!!! They took just as much force and care just like the rest of us!!!

Steven... You were the original first born... you died from stress and an aching heart of my mother

Bethany... You died out of determination and demand to pick up something that was over the weight

There are days where I wonder why the Lord couldn't have made you guys live... a life with me...

He has his reasons... what matter is that I will see you in heaven someday... I will finally get to meet you and see you face to face
I love you guys... I really miss you both...

I feel so pathetic
Yordi Jan 28
Where is it that we’re going
Will we make it
Do we need to stand before we sit
Like crawling before walking
A young baby is born
Yet day by day he is torn away from his innocence
Cry cry cry
Baby it’s time to say goodbye to your childish ways
You’re now a man
Onto the world of lies
Be safe this place ain’t for your weak eyes..
Do you really know where you’re going
Panda Jan 28
The Fire Man wandered through town
Looking for a gal
To find some peace of mind one night
Clothes nowhere to be found

A Woman of Ice caught the mans eye
His flame catching hers as well
A storm of passion blew between
Unknowingly brewing a spell

A Water Child was brought about
Come from their flames and ice
A child so sweet, he lifted their curse
As in him they found a new life
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