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Mary-Joy May 31
Dear baby,

I only knew you existed because there were two lines on a stick,

I loved you already,

I wanted you here,

But we would both wait,

Excited to announce you to anyone,

You are the life growing inside me,

Your Dad was so happy,

So speechless,

But you were not meant to be,

You died inside me,

An empty place in my stomach where you should be,

A space inside my heart where you will always live,

Within me,

Dear baby,

I love you,

Mummy loves you,

Daddy loves you too,

Rest your life,

Up in the sky,

My angel goodbye.
Mark Wanless May 18
smoke rises
from village hearths
baby's sleep
Steve Page May 5
He's my Uncle Steve -
he rhymes with make believe.

I never see him, but I believe he's there,
sitting near with his low hum,
refraining from making a show,
rather staying below, but making enough for me
to know - comfort, making me safe,
making the difference between sleep and awake,
between making zeds and making a peep,
making space for me
to make myself at home,
snuggled deep, quietly full of the stuff
that makes great mischief.

And when I awake I know he's gone,
taking his low hum back to where he came from.

He's my Uncle Steve -
he rhymes with make believe
and he'll make a return when I need him.
I baby sit.  Sometimes I wonder if they even know I'm there
LC Apr 29
baby ducks are enveloped
within their mother's shadow,
gliding across the pond.

but under the surface,
the ducks furiously kick
to stay above water.
Escapril Day 28! Prompt: only an illusion.
I stuck with a simple metaphor that could be applied to many situations. I hope you enjoy this poem!
I bet your eyes glitter like the ocean floor during sunsets
His eyes were like pink skies.
You might smile and laugh in a way that would bring life to the room full of sad hearts,
He was the life of every party
and to mine.

I'm sorry if I didn't get the chance to show you how he makes coffee at four in the afternoon, listening to songs of screaming pain and longing.
I'm sorry if you didn't get to hear how he sings his heart out and teaches me how to make barbeque in the middle of the night.
I'm sorry if you haven't got the chance to smell our favorite shirt, I was planning to keep it unwashed until you're here,
so in a way, you know what his hugs smell like.
I'm sorry if you didn't even see the same moon we loved.

You held on so tightly and I know it was hard, it was for me, too.

But I know, you lay in the bed of clouds softer than the cheap mattress I got from the department store.

In the next life we have, I'm pretty sure I'll hug you so tight that we'll never be apart anymore, my baby.
Now, you rest easy and wait for mommy.

**we  might not meet in this lifetime, but surely, I'll never let you go the next time I get to meet you, again.
The pretty lady screams
**** ME NOW!!!
Putin’s bombs just murdered her baby
What life will the young mum have now?
In a shattered country war death hate killing
The ******* waited decades for this

And acted not caring the cost
Of Russia’s neighbouring nation
Plus thousands of dead Russian soldiers
Let the traumatised lady be an example
Of what it’s like to be in Putin’s war

Like the husband’s family also killed
By Putin’s mortar bombs while waiting
To flee their devastated homeland
Remember them all make him pay
For every single death and injury
And ruined town and city…
Julika-Skai Mar 11
After day comes night
After night comes day
When the sun rises in the sky
And the sky is heavenly blue
I wonder if the blue that's growing inside of me
If it's you?
You may be so small and precious
Adored and loved so dearly
Not knowing but expecting
A God-worthy wonder
I carry you
The wonder that you are
My baby blue.
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