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I am told you are my sunset child
The one who waits on the other side
with my Nan.
Sometimes I barely feel like a man
let alone a father
But for you I would chase down every shadow
I would light a candle
to remember.

I struggled as a child
life wasn’t always good
I know you are in better place
watching my face cry
as I write this
but I will try to replace the kisses
when we meet again
we will be father and son
and I will be your friend.
i dreamt of you last night
you of little existence
your tiny body moved within me
an umbilicus of desperate hope
a miracle of revelation
i dreamt of you last night

i pray it was a premonition
the child i dream of
Let men burn stars out from innocuous lightyears pulled through the vortex

Like needle and thread, sown by centuries of sparked, graceful union

(Their strength and vigor found in the cross-stitching)

And ever gently unfolding like outer reach, like inner *****

In the garden of our senses, flowing with milk and honey, by means of forethought or afterglow

One thought of ecstasy, one thought of infinite parable taking new light to bed

The sacred beams bending to form a crescent, a lunula of utmost happiness
Clair de Lune: Light of the moon.
Matt 6d
My baby passed away
And now I'm feeling blue
My baby passed away
And now I'm feeling blue
I thought she'd be my baby, but she has
Other plans

She hopped aboard a train
And now she's riding West
She hopped aboard a train
And now she's riding West
She said don't do it
Don't buy a ticket

My love's gone forever
Buried six feet deep
My love's gone forever
Six feet underneath
Oh, how she's the death of me
Way she says never
Simon Soane Oct 2
Right now,
as you lay warm and blessed,
your possibities are endeless:

You could be a ballerina who discovers a fresh science of soar,
you could be a globetrotter who finds a new meaning of tour,
you could be a plumber who invents a tap,
you could be the voice that makes all your friends' clap,
you could be a hair dresser who is known for her perm,
you could adore reading and be a book worm,
you could be athletic and win at sports,
you could be the lawyer who wows all the courts.

But now is not the time for possibilty,
only certainty:

the certainty that the two people you see the most shine on you with all of love's beam,

and think you are the best
they have ever seen.
Sarafæl Sep 29
September 27th
You died today
Your life just slipped away
Maybe souls exist and I’ll see you again
Pretty lies we tell ourselves but it’s all pretend
My tethers to this world are growing thin
I often wonder why the say suicides a sin
The world with out you has grown a little grim
I know I need time to grieve
But it’s hard when there’s no time to breath
nevaeh Sep 28
i already have a kid

she steals my scrunchies
and knocks my **** over
she eats the feathers off of my dream catchers
and sleeps on my chest
she bites me all the time
and apologizes with dead crickets
she chews apart all of the wires in my house
and frequently gets her head stuck in cups

she's a little ****
but she's the best baby
(the only baby)
i could ever want
🖤 my baby
Jada Sep 26
pregnant with jealousy  
I give birth  
and cradle it in my arms
I let it cry ... scream ... **** ...  
then I sing a lullaby  
and remind us that we are still
until it shrinks  
and crawls back into my gut
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