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Wary Oct 3
After his exit from my heart and my life
No contact no text nothing from his side
Suddenly met him after so long
My heart skipped a beat when I hugged him a long
My hands trembled when I held his hand and looked into his eyes
I got frozen when I looked him just tears rolled down from my moist eyes
Heart asked; so what did you come back with
I replied; his fragrance in me
#his fragrance in me always remember me of him
I thought our fate was intertwined,
But it turned out that I was just blind.
No matter how hard I try, we never touch.
I want to do my best to be okay and such.
You were my friend, I knew I could always trust you,
But you came back to visit and you were brand new.
The time between passed, and we’d forgotten each other,
It seemed like we were no longer there for one another.
You came back though and we had a couple laughs,
But it’s obvious we’re on separate paths.
I know I gotta say goodbye, it’s the right thing to do,
But a proper goodbye is long overdue.
Carl Miller Sep 14
Why do You appear to me?
In the reflection of a beautiful shell standing speechless
Looking at Me that way
On the sand where I thought our futures remained faultless
I don't want You to look at Me any more  
My face is deformed and You don't care for Me any more

Look away while You can
And gaze at Your reflection
The burnt ends of My anger toward myself
And the negativity of a life void of affection

Are making those ends fray and split
Like a stalk in a breeze
Calm and collected
Helpless and at ease

If nothing at all
then something, somewhere
Jasmine Reid Sep 6
i miss those days where i’d **** on lollipops and cigarettes,
i miss those days when it seemed like you missed me, and you hugged me so tight.

those days when we didn’t worry about debt and the slanted kisses on ones wrist.

i miss those days.
i miss that one yesterday.
Melo Aug 31
I emerge from underneath the ground
Dust off the dirt on my body and hair
When was the last time I came up for air?

I walk down the street and realize I’ve missed so much
My friends and family are different, grown, changed
The job I have has piled up more and more tasks, I guess I missed them

I make it home, it’s the one thing that hasn’t changed
The same rooms the same furniture the same clothes
When I look in the mirror I see a sorry face.
When was the last time I saw myself?

I keep walking in a dizzy haze
It’s all so different, I’ve missed so much of the world and the people I knew

I crave something familiar
Something comforting
So I turn my back on the world passing me by

I go back underground
Rahama Aug 17
It's been a while
I know
I remember
It's just that time flies so fast
And somehow I lost myself
And my bearings
And my visions
These days I wake up and I forget to pray
My thoughts immediately flying to all the things that need to be done
Problems that need to be solved
But in the midst of it
It became too much
So I ran
And now I'm back

I missed you
You were my source of release
The lifter of these burdens
Did you miss me?
Did you miss hearing me whine?
About every little thing?
Did you miss the way I would twist my words until they sang a deliberate melody?
I hope you did
Cause I missed you
And hopefully I'm back for good.
Hello my HePo Fam. I have missed you❤️
S Aug 16
I want to write you messages
on small pieces of paper
and put them in the corners
of the advertisements on the A train
in the hopes that you will see them
and recognize my handwriting
and think of me.
Paul Quinton Aug 9
It did not happen
    it would have happened
        it could have happened
            it should have happened

It did not happen
longing for unrealized possibility
The scent I miss
Not for reasons of bliss
But simply this

The scent of old paper
To read a new caper
Or of the candlestick maker

So many worlds to explore
You even had a second floor
I miss you old bookstore
Online shopping stinks when you can’t smell the paper
Hazel grey Jul 5
I am sitting by a shore
watching the waves come by and leave
I want them to touch me
dissolve me into tiny molecules
mingling and amalgamating
with each of theirs
dancing into a whole new universe
But the waves always miss me
By an inch
reminding me of all the things
i "just missed".
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