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Raven Feels Sep 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, they say you watch your life's movie tape within seven minutes of death in a dream sequence--until then:>

missed like a petal snatched from a pollen
like fingertips awaying a piano's key in time stolen
like the crescent's dimmed half
like the rise of a dream and awoken stance
like a back's ache from a pen's hold and bled
like the burden on my wrist
and the heart's silenced beat in time twist
like when that will never be an again
for the seventh minute we meet in my brain so-----until then
If I could tell you how I missed you in one paragraph
The first line should not be the same as what I feel right now
The words that I used to be love actually gone
I will write it as far as I have done
I could not explain all of the memories in my head
Everything I can hold was staying in my bed

If I could tell you how I missed you in one paragraph
I am not sure I could write to you
The sounds that I hear
It is all I will bear
And it’s now standing to fear

If I could tell you how I missed you in one paragraph
My lips were tightened
My eyes were blinded
My ear was deaf
My hand was holding all of the lines that now hope my heart could fine
Indonesia, 15th September 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
A Deco Apr 2021
it happened and my heart quickened
and I want you to feel pain as I did
but for the reasons
I felt it

someone was supposed to say sorry

but I only did what was set to be done

what was to be proven

I didn't know what I meant to do
particularly when it came to you
and how we seemed to dance around
without taking waltz lessons willingly

crushed toes and partly salvaged emotions

I had no intention of proof

by god that's all I wanted from you

some sort of pulse
anything to tell me what
I was seeing was worth beliving

but there is
no bar to high jump over

apathetic occupation where it didn't belong

but it stands to no more reason

what was to be shown

is what had to be done

Viki More Mar 2021
The remained was eternally desired affection,

Alas! That was only a fantasy, a sad confession.

I regret the failure to bond a great relation

I have never been kissed, a remorseful expression.

Would you kiss me? He had asked

I remained wordless and shocked.

Now I see him in frozen dreams,

The handsome body immersed in to the streams

His tender touch couldn’t reach up to me,

Like he is lost in horizon far away from sea

Oh come back my sweet love! Come back again!

You shouldn't have resisted the feeling,

I hear unknown voice in my ear whispering.

So I woke agitatedly in the middle of dark night

And wondered gazing at the glittering star

If he'd come and kiss my ****** lips with a delight

Then I realized and collapsed knowing he’s already gone far

Kiss love
mark soltero Dec 2020
everyday feels like yesterday
time melds together
when i’m feeling down
it’s always going to seem like i’ll drown
i long to find the day
where i can think
i’m free
my therapist said she misses my voice
i just never know if she knows
that i don’t believe her
Kennedy Dec 2020
i had a pb&j&shroom sandwich.
i hated it.
peanut butter is too sticky,
jelly is just not wet enough to help,
and the mushrooms were annoying to eat.
i did enjoy the bread though.
i watched the big bird movie,
just like we used to.
and after the big bird movie,
we watched a sad one.
about a man, and mrs. robinson.
i remember the premise, and the feelings,
but i don't remember much else of it.
at one point, i played with the shadows,
my hand seemed to turn into ribbon,
the walls breathed, the fan colorful.
i've heard horror stories
of looking in the mirror.
i looked at myself, and cried, and smiled.
there was no better feeling than that.
i noticed all of the small details around me.
the blue veins in the bathroom wall tile,
the sky, the stars, and the trees.
i cried a lot, and couldn't figure out why.
we sat to watch another movie,
and i felt what You felt.
Your pain when you were where i was
is hard to put into words.
i wondered if i was where i had to be,
if i was going anywhere,
and if anyone would miss me.
we passed the gate, and are headed straight down.
July Gray Nov 2020
I forgot how much I missed you
Until we started talking again
I've been through lots of painful things
But not many compare to losing a friend

You texted me a week ago
You tried to apologize
It wasn't your fault
(You liked looking in my eyes)

Said you found this jacket
In the picture, it reminded
Me of a 80s quilt
I said you should get it, you did

Adults keep pulling on our sleeves
Telling us to grow up
Keep only what you need
Well I needed connection
And I needed a friend
You were running low on those too
Maybe life's out to get us
Maybe they just don't care
I know it's easier
If I have you there
Alt. title: The aftermath of "Cut off"

I'm glad we're friends again
dailythoughts Nov 2020
the thing about storms
is that they are missed when gone
at peace in chaos
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