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Aislinn Miell Apr 30
I’m merely a wallflower
Deprived of sunlight
Breathing the same air
In the same room
longing to belong somewhere
Anywhere but here

What’s the point in pulling me from my roots
When they’re buried too deep
And are far too frail
For only I can aid my bloom

You told me to get some rest
I promised you.
But I can’t sleep whilst I'm afraid to exist
Dreams just give me false hope
But please don't let me sit through this winter alone

And at the end of the night
As you held the weight of my body
You asked me,
Is it repetitive? How you live?
And you watched
as the timid flower shrived in your hands
Feeling lost in life
There's a quiet girl
Living in a noisy world
You might think she's cold
But she just want to be alone

She's always silent,
and always thinking
Her mind is so loud
it always screaming

She wants to be heard
But don't wanna bother anyone
She's just a simple girl
But she's no ordinary  woman

She's always on her own bubble
To prevent anyone to come through
If she feels like she wants to talk
She'll go outside just to be with you.
She's always on her own bubble
To prevent anyone to come through
If she feels like she wants to talk
She'll go outside just to be with you.
Khoi-San Feb 18
Paint stained yellow ******
a suitor popped her flower
she dropped off the wall
unhinged full of power
Lacey Clark Jan 12
This is all normal
Petting dogs and
Nodding at strangers
Holding the door open
Sometimes it makes me
Go underwater and cry
Where my tears blend in with the
Sometimes I wonder why I’m
Wondering why
We want joy
I sit so naturally perched on
A tall naked tree branch
That’s in a grey sky
With a vague horizon
And quiet brisk air

That introvert girl who loves solitude,
Simple girl that have a nice attitude.
A genuine person with a gratitude,
Just like an angel, elevating on altitude

She's one of the girls in high school
Different from those fool
At first glance she's cool
But she's stronger than a bull.

That introvert girl full of mystery
It's hard to understand her story
A riddle always brings misery
Need to answer to leads you on victory

It's hard to know an introvert person
She's always on her comfort zone
Its easier for her to talk on phone
That introvert girl love's to be alone.


That introvert girl
who likes to be alone
You might think shes cold
But shes a nice person

Shes so Beautiful
Like a morning light
Shes so kind
Like a silent night

She's not telling a joke
But she makes me laugh
She's not my ideal type
But she makes me fall in love.
Its easier for her to talk on phone
That introvert girl loves to be alone
You go to the

And it's no one's fault
It's just something
That happens sometimes

There are some good things about
Going to the hospital:
Smiley nurses, chocolate pudding,

Cool laser-machines
With big, ugly laser-jackets
That you put on to not radiate,

But most parts of the
Hospital aren't fun at all,
Some are really scary

They can poke you,
They can probe you,
They even electrocuted me

Ten times,
Four on my left side
And six on both sides

But no matter
How bad it hurts
Or how afraid you feel,

Just remember:
♡It's not your fault♡
It's just that something

That sometimes
Happens to

All People,
Big people,
Little people,

Old people a lot,
But beautiful people go too!
And even animals have hospitals!

Everybody gets sick!
Everybody gets hurt!
Everybody eventually dies!

That's when you
Go to hospital
But they can't fix

The thing:
Your hurt or your sick or
Your crazy

And then you
Get buried and turn
To dirt and get eaten by worms

But most times,
Every time for me so far,
You get out better

Maybe not great,
But better
And better can be a whole lot

When your feeling low
Or when your worried you might die
Getting out is the best part!

But you'll probably go again
Because that's just what people do
We go to hospitals sometimes
I don't like hospitals
But I seem to
Attract them
Written outside
The UNI Psych

(Not currently a resident)
Prose Aug 2019
( You saw the title , so please go on ahead and skip me.)

Oh... you clicked on me , I see....

Honestly though, don't mind me , i'm just here camouflaged masterfully into the screen page

My opinion ? , my voice ?  , it need not matter, i'm just here for the sake of it, besides anything I utter isn't heard or acknowledged....

so please I insist continue somewhere else and pretend i'm not here

What am I about ?

....Nothing really to be honest ,

..... look I feel a bit stifled here so please can you just go away , I know you're trying to be nice but i'm just not in the mood

Please please , will you go away I don't need to be judged or scrutinized by you ,

sooo please leave okay ....

i'm just an unimportant poem who you will forget about and stop reading ...

Oh my gosh, what is the point of you still reading ?

i'm not going to rhyme for you , and clearly i'm not that 5-7-5 syllable poetry style, what is it called ?...

you know what never mind just go please...

Still here... sigh....

I apologize for my rudeness , i'm not one to talk much to others, in fact when you really think about this, this is you reading me and me not actually talking ,

I do enjoy my own company but hey, who doesn't right ?

...And please don't assume i'm a loser or a nobody

because I. am. Not.

I am a hidden gem, who you probably have never heard of, my talents are untold myths...

I may be in the background but I observe and keep it moving,

Must I be involved in everything ?

Breon Jul 2019
Your humble florets hug the rough-hewn stone,
Your yellow sunbursts shock against the gray,
All tangled up together, none alone
As, stem to stem, you ward the morn away
Reminding me of duties for the day:
To comfort those who suffer all alone,
To stand with those who struggle on their own,
To see an obstacle and find a way.
It's toil, travail, and trouble for no pay,
But look how far we've come and how we've grown -
A wallflower's a humble thing to be,
But tangled all together, they are strong.
The bonds we forge in striving, all as one,
Enduring tests? They will not be undone.
"Faithfulness through adversity."
Flower languages are lovely things. Perhaps I'll properly complete a cycle on some favorite flowers.
ELK May 2019
I fear I am an wallflower
pianissimo to your fortissimo
head bowed
malleable as clay
shaping my tongue to be silent

You took the beast within and
removed it's claws
it's fangs
any defense it had
I smiled all the while
baring the pink of my gums
the shade of welts
and a soft flowers bloom

To you, I am the wrong note
in a roaring crescendo of a
nevertheless, stirring embers come to rest
in the corners of my mouth
and I like them.
Mr Quiet Apr 2019
Breathe in
Breathe out
You can make it past midnight
You can endure the crowd
Locked eyes
Small talks
Don't stare for too long
Don't talk to the walls.

But as the walls talked back and as the crowd faded away
I found comfort behind the silence
The sanctuary inside my pain
I saw no eyes
I saw no face
The only thing I saw was the infinite thoughts of my brain
A void of eternal sunshine that have put my attention astray
Avoid the sounds of each voices that comes outside of your inner-space.

An introduction to my soul
A faint whisper of my conscience speaks to me
Warns me of it's own destruction
Warns me of what could behold
What it fears
What it loves
What it trusts
What it holds
The complex continuity of my emotions in which my mind can barely control
Leading to a mass of questions from my cerebrum that leaves my answers untold
Why am I like this?
Confusing the wisdom that I already know.

As the sound of the crowd faded smaller and smaller
I fell in my cosmos and began to question everything
And everything became meaningless
But to find the meaning in the meaningless has become the same question as to why we exist.

Breathe in
Breathe out
You can make it until midnight
You can endure the crowd
Locked eyes
Small talks
Don't stare for too long
Don't talk to the walls.
this is a poem i guess
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