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Mr Quiet Apr 30
Breathe in
Breathe out
You can make it past midnight
You can endure the crowd
Locked eyes
Small talks
Don't stare for too long
Don't talk to the walls.

But as the walls talked back and as the crowd faded away
I found comfort behind the silence
The sanctuary inside my pain
I saw no eyes
I saw no face
The only thing I saw was the infinite thoughts of my brain
A void of eternal sunshine that have put my attention astray
Avoid the sounds of each voices that comes outside of your inner-space.

An introduction to my soul
A faint whisper of my conscience speaks to me
Warns me of it's own destruction
Warns me of what could behold
What it fears
What it loves
What it trusts
What it holds
The complex continuity of my emotions in which my mind can barely control
Leading to a mass of questions from my cerebrum that leaves my answers untold
Why am I like this?
Confusing the wisdom that I already know.

As the sound of the crowd faded smaller and smaller
I fell in my cosmos and began to question everything
And everything became meaningless
But to find the meaning in the meaningless has become the same question as to why we exist.

Breathe in
Breathe out
You can make it until midnight
You can endure the crowd
Locked eyes
Small talks
Don't stare for too long
Don't talk to the walls.
this is a poem i guess
Ahnaf Apr 6
The moon stares silently


It's not like the sun
which we see without a single glance

The moon is unseen,
even in its full splendor


It doesn't bother
and we hardly bother to look
She walked through people's lives
Without them giving much notice
She was a grain of sand
In the ocean

She was meek and still
Her quietness permeating
Through the walls
Until she was completely immersed

They took no notice
Of her heart or her mind
They just kept looking
At the outside

They didn't even try
To look past her plain face
Because how could a plain face
Have a brilliant heart?

On the outside they saw
A grey flower past it's bloom
But they didn't notice
The inside breathing anew

They never even tried
To peel away the layers
But instead looked at
What was clear to see

Unfortunately she was small
But her soul was big
And a pity it was
That it would never be seen
maureen Mar 21
like wallflowers growing peacefully,
with asthenic transparency
i perceive everything with eyes so weary
yet pick up the little things even angels cannot see.
leaping from star to star,
yet never knowing where to land,
traveling to places unfamiliar  
casting shadows on every space at hand.

i can't help but wonder how it would feel to exist
with a presence that would linger,
one whose souls would reminisce,
where my voice would echo;
not as a croak of sullen desperation
but a sound that would cut through
the haze of hopelessness.

i would begin to think about the probability
of my misguided existence,

invisible, but sees everything;
no flesh and bone, but is hurting.
She had that passive presence
Like the ticking sound of a clock
Sometimes you might notice her
Most often at times you do not
Like a wallflower, she is
You notice her on the wall
But then you get use to her
And don't care if she's there at all
As if she is just forgettable
You can't help it if you forget
She is use to it, it's understandable
It still hurts her nonetheless
tallene Oct 2018
It doesn’t matter if I’m dancing in
The center floor

Or pressed against the wall
Like a flower

You never see me anyways
Deniz Eilmore Sep 2018
Lost somewhere between wallflower and wildflower
Eyithen Sep 2018
Girls like her peak in High School
Always thin
Good at everything
Great at sports
Lots of friends

Girls like me?
A wallflower
I'm not alone
I have sort-of-friends
I'm a shadow in the back of the class
Always silent
Mid-season I'm failing
Getting grades up just enough
for the final report card to say I'm "smart"
Fool the colleges i do
Silently being the only one who doesn't understand
But the class is moving on without you
Crying because I'm "not good enough"
Below/Average at sports
Never good enough for the team
Stuck on the sidelines
Always watching
My life is a TV program
I laugh and watch
But never feeling a part of it
I'm just a spectator

Girls like her peak in college too
Even more beautiful then before
A boyfriend to match
And a petite body that looks great in everything
Flying through college
Instagram model

Girls like me?
Flunked my first year
Home i go
More clueless than ever
"I changed my major" i tell them
I put on the act
"I know what I'm doing"
It's all a lie
A mask I wear
Falling apart inside
Feeling despair
The tears come easy
They come fast
How long will this misery last?
Comparing, Comparing
It's a bigger high school now
Except no one gives a **** this time round
I did this to myself
Want to fix it
Is it too much to ask for a win?
Medication helps the focus
I am making a plan

I'm learning
I'm finding myself
It's okay to take my time
It's okay if I'm a little slow
So why do i feel like I'm just fooling myself?
Everyone has a different path
I haven't given up
I haven't stopped moving
So why i am walking the treadmill?
Moving but still in the exact same spot?

I'm jealous of girls like her
They got it all
Wish things were different
Wish i was given their hand
Cause fate has delt me a rough one

She gets the grassy meadow
I get the stormy mountain
She gets prince charming
I'm still waiting
She uses her wit to defeat the witch
I escape and run through books and other things that distract

What is wrong with me?
Why can't i be good at things?
Why is this so hard?
I wish things came easy.

We were friends
Me and her
And i hate the green monster
that leaves me with this jealous anger

Stay away
Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat
All they do is cause me harm
All the doubts and pain creeps back
I keep reopening the wound.
Those negative thoughts i though were gone?
Well they are buried in the back of my mind ready to resurface.

This is just the beginning of my story
I know this
I am destined for greater things
I know this
I will make it
I know this
I will graduate
I know this

Yet, Girls like her
Leave me with lies that echo...
I have been struggling with school. I want to do well yet i self-sabotage. I am getting better. I have a plan and i am going to succeed and fight through college, yet i see pictures of a friend from high school and that is all it takes till i start to spiral into this black hole of doubt and fear.
OpenWorldView Jun 2018
Look around you
not with your eyes
but your heart.

Look beyond beauty
in sad and shy faces.

And then imagine
how they could blossom
if truly loved.
Y Rada May 2018
I saw you at a wedding once
you're so handsome and slick
so cool with lumberjack looks
my heart flluttered with thrill

Y'never knew that I looked at you
from the corners of my spectacles
You are like a graceful panther
I would be willing to be a prey


I accepted my limitations though
your whole attention was on her
the bridesmaid who glittered
romance budded in the atmosphere

And I stood there to witness...
dedicated to that guy whom i saw at my cousin's wedding hahahahhahahaaaaa!!!!!
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