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M Solav Jul 2022
Shades of yellow cast on our dreams
Skin burning through layers of sunscreen
When gifts of foresight weigh on our beings
Let great powers grow evermore carefree

To satisfy eternity.

Empirical evidence against the empire’s truth
Makes humankind akin to a neurotic fool
Who comes to think that it’ll always nullify
Oh for we all must die!

Young and old both playing their games
Seduced by the baits of short-term gains
Unable to afford the bail out of prison
Wait for great powers to relieve this addiction

To satisfy eternity.

Spawns of decadence in the wake of our new tools
Let us deter suicide with the poisons that soothe
They all say everything will fall, to act seems futile
Oh for we all shall die!

Whether in shame or in desire
Must we forget all we’ve acquired
For yesterday’s pride, tomorrow’s glory
Shake hands with friends and slain the enemy

To satisfy eternity.
Written in November 2017 as commissioned lyrics for a song.

— Copyright © M. Solav —

This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Persephone Feb 2022
I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever be satisfied in my life time
But until then
I will keep writing
Cassie Jan 2021
You'd think I'd have more to say
2 years and I still find a way
To bite my tongue and still feel numb
But yet, I've become a pawn.

I stuck myself to your word
Like a struggling flightless bird
And I make excuses for all my muses
But maybe, I've broken a mirror.

Maybe I've truly been cursed
Then wouldn't it be worse?
You've clung to me while I've tried to flee
But I feel nothing but regret.

You've always callsd me a nuisance
And I still choke on your nooses
Constantly on edge while you're by the ledge
But you're living in your own shadow...
mark soltero Dec 2020
lose myself in you
i want to lose myself in you

why would i want to live in my own mind
when i fit perfectly inside you
i don’t mind leaving it behind
to satisfy and start new
Ash Mar 2020
Beauty, i've realized, is not confined to one singular moment
Nor one singular place.
Not one precious moment in time but perhaps a web of them.
It's intrinsic to nature.
Confounded through and possibly limited by the dullness of people.
We need too much.
We desire emptily.
We set definitions leaving little space for the outlier.
But beauty, in its purest form, is the outlier--a great composition of them.
For what we set our eyes forth to blatantly, routinely, and  mundanely is often the most beautiful, masked by our innate desire for novelty.
colette alexia Jan 2020
I feel vulnerable
My heart won't calm down
And it's the strongest part of me
But it latches on too quickly
So help me
Satisfy me to linger
archwolf-angel Aug 2019
Living a life
When the voices in your head are a little louder than your own
No one knows
The things you have tell yourself everyday

Staying strong
Because you are expected to
"Don't be a disappointment"
Because it makes people upset

"Fake it till you make it, it works."
She told me
And all I felt was sadness
Because it dawned on me

That everyone lives in fear
Of being the 'let-down'
And we all stopped caring
For ourselves

Because 'we'
Are used
To always
That's why I want to be different.
I want to say,
"**** it."
sushii Feb 2019
Would you like it if I cried?
Would that make it more real to you?
Would you like it if I died?
Would that make my feelings true?

Would you make me go and hide?
Would that finally impress you?
Would you eat up all my pride?
Would that satisfy you?

That's how you'd like it.
That's how you'd like it, isn't it?

That's how I'd like it.
Flame Dec 2018
I'm like a piñata
You have to hit me
In the right spot,
With enough force
To be rewarded
With my sweet
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