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Daa Rajab May 30
It might be said:

When there is the genuine sensation
Of tingling insides, wavering breaths
Then know that I have been moved,
Pulled away from my imagination
Because now, I see you.
I do get nervous at times.
Ash Mar 27
Beauty, i've realized, is not confined to one singular moment
Nor one singular place.
Not one precious moment in time but perhaps a web of them.
It's intrinsic to nature.
Confounded through and possibly limited by the dullness of people.
We need too much.
We desire emptily.
We set definitions leaving little space for the outlier.
But beauty, in its purest form, is the outlier--a great composition of them.
For what we set our eyes forth to blatantly, routinely, and  mundanely is often the most beautiful, masked by our innate desire for novelty.
I feel vulnerable
My heart won't calm down
And it's the strongest part of me
But it latches on too quickly
So help me
Satisfy me to linger
dvalentines Aug 2019
Living a life
When the voices in your head are a little louder than your own
No one knows
The things you have tell yourself everyday

Staying strong
Because you are expected to
"Don't be a disappointment"
Because it makes people upset

"Fake it till you make it, it works."
She told me
And all I felt was sadness
Because it dawned on me

That everyone lives in fear
Of being the 'let-down'
And we all stopped caring
For ourselves

Because 'we'
Are used
To always
That's why I want to be different.
I want to say,
"**** it."
sushii Feb 2019
Would you like it if I cried?
Would that make it more real to you?
Would you like it if I died?
Would that make my feelings true?

Would you make me go and hide?
Would that finally impress you?
Would you eat up all my pride?
Would that satisfy you?

That's how you'd like it.
That's how you'd like it, isn't it?

That's how I'd like it.
Flame Dec 2018
I'm like a piñata
You have to hit me
In the right spot,
With enough force
To be rewarded
With my sweet
Shilpa Panigrahi Dec 2018
Some of us
are just
a free meal to
Curious brains
Lustful eyes
Hungry egos

Know your worth
and become good appetizers
to the ones
who value you
Like a feast
from paradise
Marco Benitez Jan 2018
A crystal ball, with only one goal that it set for itself.
A crystal ball, with the power to change shape and color at will, whose only purpose was to satisfy.
It went around, looking for who it would be a victim of.
It finally finds a lonely soul, and with the goal to satisfy, it changes to the soul’s favorite color: blue.
Once it had finally pleased the lonely soul, the crystal ball went away, proud for what it had achieved.
However, the crystal later on stumbled into another soul who detested the color blue, so the crystal changed its color to yellow in order to satisfy it.
After that, it met another individual who looked down upon spheres, so it changed shape in order to please the individual.
As it met more and more people, it changed even more, up to the point where it had no comparison to its original look, all just in order to please whoever it met.
But no matter what color or shape it changes into, it will never be able to gain everyone’s satisfaction.
Harry Roberts Sep 2017
You don't care,
So ******* to.
Life's never fair
Or nearly ever through.

I burnt like a *****
At the stake a witch,
Heretic, non conformist,
On a penny you switched.

I was cinders
Amidst the timber,
Never could fit
So to the rest thought **** it.

Pour the fuel
It's raining from buckets,
Abrasion, the friction makes it hot,
Sparks & burns the ******* lot.

I'm chaos, worth more than the
Pay off,
A taste of fury to satiate your thirst,
Once a lick and forever you'll be cursed.

Kiss Kiss ~
Leave my lips pursed,
Hands on my hips
You find Apathy dispersed.
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