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Joanna 7d
As the quiet overtakes and the day moves into the night, my spirit longs for something that's right.

Something that gives me the way out of being continually torn.

And as the light pierces the darkness in the early morn, there is release for my broken heart, to take a new form.

Healing the breach and creating a bridge to living in an hour when everything seems to drive one to the edge.

Giving me the strength to walk without fear, knowing there is a purpose, and it's time to draw near.
Faith we are told is line upon line...sometimes the lines get blurred and sometimes they seem very disconnected. Faith of a mustard seed is all one needs.
William Troup Sep 19
Money mourns memories
   where wars would wait!
   Hunger hurt humbled
      me midway!

Money mowed morrows
   where willows would weep!
   Blue beach beautiful,
      she still swayed!

Money moved mountains
   through turning tides!
   Wonder will welcome
      me midday!

Moments mourned money
   with waving winds!
   Blush blinked beauty
      mirrors ... midway?
Mark Wanless Sep 12
one compassionate step
at a time
i barely move
my fault
People told me
I should write a poetry,
A happy one,
When I am feeling blue

I have been writing
For so very long,
And I'm still crying,
trying helplessly

Tell me what MUST I do?

On these quiet days?
When moon shines down?
When souls all embrace?
So silently

I hope
The rain will wash away
All these words,
Provoked ire from these pains,
That my heart can't take

Set me free..

- Ella Salvador
(c) September 2019
William Troup Aug 19
Zero craves to be the one,
   one in many ... but many a few!
One craves to be as two,
   two in surrender ... but many will do!
Two craves to be as three,
   three as family ... but many will come!
Three craves to be as before,
   before in harmony ... but many undone!

Two as one became you and I;
   my little eye ... we begin with I!
   We, so little, little of time,
      with chances away ...
      but what for today?

Today is two, three more to go,
   till five is done ... now two to enjoy!
   Time is little, little, but vast,
      and wasted on youth ...
      and for tomorrow? ... time?
William Troup Aug 13
As ...
Raging rivers talk no more
   where you and I,
   with butterflies,
      walk in madness and faithless time;
      where are we, otherwise?

Now ...
Raging rivers sing no more
   where you and I,
   with dragonflies,
      sting the pathways that lay in wait;
      who are we, otherwise?

But ...
Raging rivers dance the shores
   where you and I,
   with fireflies,
      light the doorways that open our hearts;
      who were we? ... analyse!
bk Aug 8
My heart is moving faster than my head,
It's craziness, but it is so beautiful.
My heart has planned out everything I want to do in my life,
while my head is still trying to figure out how.
But honestly, who cares about the "how"?
As long I know what I want to do in my life
I have 99% of my future planned.

Marya123 Aug 7
When the world is moving on
And you're stuck in one place
Seeing your friends race ahead
While you struggle to keep pace
Close your eyes, shut off your ears,
Breathe- learn to ignore them all
Feel the ground beneath your feet
Walk, as though you'll never fall.
Keep in mind the directions-
Only you know what they are
Have faith that your time will come
And soon, you'll have travelled far.
You will stumble, once or twice
There'll always be miles to go
Get up once more, try again
Keep marching on, as you grow.
If one day you reach your goal
Dream bigger, find a new aim
Help those climbing behind you
Don't forget from whence you came.
Separated like the freezer and fridge.
Cold shoulders has led us to our own ridge.
I should've checked the nutritional facts to prevent this from happening.
Because to be labeled "Great Value" with a bunch of fillers is baffling.
I brought spices to the table.  You brought your frozen cell-of-steam.
But after frostbite, you scream, I scream, "Who made this ice cream?"
It's like Blue Bell knew chocolate and artificial flavor would collide.
Because if our love was like ice cream it would be called the "Great Divide."
Good thing its not sweet.  I'm seasoned well without your freezer zone.
Although I'm organic and raw, I still live on.
The Chill is Gone.
By:  Thrystan Tate
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