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I have several things left to pack:
First, the old grey jumper.
Second, a dusty photo album.
Third, that China plate from the kitchen.

Moving through to the hallway,
I swivel on the spot.
The cat eyes me from the stairs,
Swishing his tail left to right.

I gesture to him: In childlike voice
"Don't worry I won't be leaving you".

Boxes laid at my feet, I fumble about.
What a life;
You spend most of it collecting junk;
And then you realise,
What an earth are you going to do with it all?

Leave it behind?
Chuck it away?
Chuck it away, leave it behind?
A disastrously difficult decision!
We are all sentimental someway.

The smell of cooked beef wafted from the kitchen.
Ah, home cooked meals.
I suppose it'll be takeaways soon.
Until we've settled in of course.

It's really real now isn't it?
Like a punch of reality,
Slapping you in the face.
Mixed emotions,
A bit like Sunday: You enjoy it but know that Mondays coming.

Gently, I stroked my cat.
Amongst the purring:
There came a sudden realisation,
That I had not started my list yet.
©️ 2021 Joshua Reece Wylie. All rights reserved.
habiba Mar 31
Turn your head,
Fist your hand,
Forget the bed,
Make a stand,

Tis your play,
Stop, you'll slay,
Resist the urge,
To break away

You have naught to lose,
You know you'll bruise,
I urge you still
To make a move,

Deep breaths,
Steady steps,
Jaw, set,
How you want to be met,

Grind your gears,
Prepare to steer,
You are far more,
Than all your fears,

You were born for this,
A sum of all that Is,
A tiny little spark,
That tears the world apart
Fayez Feb 1
People stand around
Worried sick

Wondering and waiting
For life to click

They're always the victim
Always feeling sorry

Hoping for a fight
But never emerging in glory

To be fair
I will give them the benefit of the doubt

Even though all they do
Is willow and shout

It's true that it's tough to get up
When life takes you so far down

And it's hard to get respect
When you walk with a broken crown

There are situations
That hit you when you have no plan

But my mother always said
Tough choices make the man
I remember meeting people that have given up, and I felt I was close to give up too, but my mother always said tough choices make the man.
rig Jan 5
the view from my bedroom is ten years old,
a decade-long digital photograph
of a tenth-century building façade:
five windows on the right, five on the left;
four balconies, three cats, two birds, one door.
all this and it’s still one nothing to me,
an x to look at because i’ve no choice.
in two thousand seventeen i woke up
one september morning to the sound of
a life decision: count to ten and go.
Juno Dec 2020
your little corner of my mind
is a happy place;
the only place i can see you.

we think back to our childhood
the fun we had;
i wish i’d never left.

your little corner of my mind
could be a happy place
but it grows smaller every day
about an amazing friend i lost contact with when i moved away. i try to remember her but it gets harder with time.
Jameson Blackmay Dec 2020
I wish the world didn't move so fast
and stayed where it is
even though a progress
is essential for life
low poetry Dec 2020
i like to write under high pressure
you make me feel pleasure
sweet precious

i like to transform move to dance
old form can make new sense
or be nonsense

opened myself to feel the rhythm
doesn’t care it’s good or bad time
this moment like a shiny gem
stop playing their silly game

trying new like chef cook
paid for everything I took
reading the next big book
she like the way I look
Marilyn O Dec 2020
I was disappointed
Because you walked out on me
But I'll certainly not lose my appetite
Because you walked out.
Managing breakups; "It's not the end of the world"
Faizel Farzee Dec 2020
How dark the world as night still approaches, I look at graves
our morals we ghosted.
Left infested infesting our spirits, digesting our light in decay its invested.
Are we wicked? Or Bested?
By the trickery of the world molested. A feathered pillow lie our heads we rested.
Standing on the precipice of breeding pessimists born into a age of information yet still ignorant.
Oppressively with kids needing therapist.
To cope in a world of divided ugliness
This where the drug reaches, grabs hold until you defeated beaten broken to pieces, Leaves
Alone, lonesome no one knows loneliness as it knows you.
This a lying truth obscured by the lies in truth with the untruth that it brings. Lies without wings, a melody of deceit.
Thoughts butcherer till our ends we meet.
This the sad reality, life our chauffeur while we strapped to the passenger seat.
All we truly have, are  our own beliefs and that beating vessel in our chest. A pulsating heartbeat
We just passangers on a journey
A wicked ride
We chase rollercoasters
When we on one all the time
That's for you to decide.
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