Ace Loren Apr 20
Heads bowed
Respect is due
Mindless slaves of prayer
Fingers tap a dedicated chant
The sounds of life fade

Life itself fades

Necks bent
Forever craned
Eyes worship the light
Don’t look away from the light

Screen shattered
Gravel stained
3477 sacrifices per day

Three thousand
Four hundred
Seventy seven sacrifices
Per day

One tap for likes
Two taps for loves
Three taps for Rest In Peace

Picking up the pieces of
Windshield, heart and phone screen

Three thousand
Four hundred
Seventy seven sacrifices
Per day

Heads bowed
I’m sorry for your loss
Respect is due
A moment of silence for
Mindless slaves of prayer

Ashlee Apr 25
Why does no one hear us when we call?
We call out for change,
they say "you're too young"
When we reman silent,
they say, "why don't you say anything?"
When we ask for help,
they call us weak.
when we push through,
they ask us why we don't get help.
When we cry,
they call us "too emotional."
When we don't show any emotion,
they say we're not "emotional enough."

Why is it never enough?
We try and try and try again,
but it's never enough.
How can we please you?
Maybe we can't.
Maybe we will always be silent

I suppose that's out greatest weapon
The silence of out generation
Wow that was angsty
Haleigh Apr 18
Converse shoes and sometimes vans.
Most of them aren't worn up because there's always new ones.

Skinny jeans and crop tops.
Whoever understood these shrinking styles?
This generation of despair and confusion.

Teens who look up to eachother more than their family.
Teens who find satisfaction on the side of a sharpener's razor or the end of a cigarette.
Teens who live in their young lives more than their parents ever did.

We're seeing chaos and murder of little children.
Wars in countries that hates eachother.
The oxygen thats thinning right in front of our faces.
And how much poison being thrown at us, brainwashing youths and toddlers.
Making them miserable without them being aware of it.

But this is the generation that knows the power of loving eachother.
The generation that uses that power to stay alive.

We're living on the edge.
We're seeing what the world is becoming.
And we are the only hope, to get shit back on track.
Hell even adults say that.
Chris Neilson Apr 17
Talkin’ ‘bout my Generation X
before the advent of text
and the ubiquity of Next
and the next Wetherspoon on the moon
though we are easy with physical shopping
for food, clothes and life’s necessities
away from the settees
the ‘65 to ‘80 demographic
a broad brush who never
beat a path abroad
like many millennials did
before they left Pampers
with their X men and women parents
never getting bored with board games
walking on by with walkmans
before the ridiculous discman
dragging a discus around was no fun
but harder to lose than Wifi
in the massively vast online sky
every generation has it better
than the one before
that’s what “they” say
whoever “they" are
we did that’s for sure
those 50s and 60s baby boomers
with their 2 ups and 2 downs
but those following us
the 80s and early ‘90s birthdays
they’re bucking the trend
make do and mend
with landlords on the make
unaffordable rents, easier to live in tents
with insecure jobs
whatever those untruthful politicians say
massaging figures while massaging egos
but that’s how it goes in a democracy
where we can all vote for the least untrustworthy
Generation X’s prime was the big hair 80s
into the grungey 90s
the last demographic pre-internet
pre-mobile phones and pre-clones
now propping up their millennial offspring
it’s their duty after all
to bail out the greedy bankers
with the obvious rhyming slang
but what will become of the snowflakes?
hope they’ve got what it takes
Stream of consciousness
Elicia Hurst Apr 14
Know that,
in afterlife,
it is not a crime to be born
out of time,
waiting for
the end of an era
that never came—
soon enough for you.  

Are you seeing the immortal roots of the trees
you’ve planted springs ago,
in the garden that has outlived you?
Because I hear you in
the leaves’ rustling whispers:

All life returns to the ground,
but this is how you inherit the earth.
To Sylvia Plath, Vincent Van Gogh, Alexander Hamilton, Anne Frank, Martin Luther King Jr., and countless others that are not lost but gone before.

Feb 2018
Luna Fides Mar 31
i witnessed a burglary today.

kids were seating at the back side of the jeepney
dirty feet hanging,
snot running down their noses
the one beside me says,
“these kids will be thieves one day.”
and i look at these
little mud-eyed ones
filled with silent anger
and confusion.

if this is how we cast them
how could they change something
that was molded in stone for them?

we are responsible for the next generation
and yet we rob these children
a chance to create their own identity
and blame them for things
we should’ve
jeepney is a public form of transportation in the Philippines
Madolyn Mar 27
A hurting generation
of broken children
we are the end of this
alphabet of problems
our future is hopeless
full of student loans
and a job crisis
the millennials have
warned us so

So we dull our pain
with jokes and memes
ridiculed by older people
but we know that
our future is dull and
filled with hardship
so let’s make our now
bright and fun
and most of all
a good memory
for when things get hard
All the gen z kids I know are scared of the future, we’ve grown up hearing of how bad the millennials had it, and it’s our turn to be let out into the working world.
Renea Mar 22
It seems few know what it means
People of this generation are mindless
But we are not who we seem
You see we all have dreams

I don't understand how people can bully others
We all know what it's like
Do we really have to lose another
When will we learn that we are all alike

Few show it
I admit that I forget it sometimes too
But we have to commit to being kind
It's the only way to make it through
Our generation has to be kinder
They tell me to sit still.
I can't.
Call it what you want but I'm listening
To every word you speak at me
Not to me, not these days
When you say we're addicted.
To what?
Social media?
We're constantly on our phones,
We don't care about the world we live in,
All we care about are followers and likes.

Who made these platforms for addiction?
Was it the generation being hated for using them?

Or was it someone else?

Open your eyes,
There are bigger problems than social media.
As you read this
As you hear this
We are pumping toxic chemicals into the very air we breathe.
Entire forests are being destroyed.
Ice caps are shrinking.

But we're too lost in our social media to care.

You clearly think that
The teenagers in school,
Still too young to act for themselves
Must be the ones at fault.

Ask yourself:
Who owns those power plants?
Who’s cutting down the forests?
Who’s too ignorant to see the problems they're creating?
Definitely not the school kids.

In 5 years I will proudly present to you

Generation Z

We will recognize the problems that you created, and we will work to fix them.
But until then, stop blaming us

For what you've done.
I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by
Snapchats, left swipes, number of likes and screen-lit nights
Destroyed by 4 second nudes and the two buttons that make 4 seconds infinite
By searching amazon prime for a suicide prevention kit
By taking one sip too many and ending the night with plenty of tounges down your throat
By Geebs with too much milk, opinions stronger than silk
Both good yet impressionable and easy to lose control
By LED light seeping into the numb soul of the follower searching for love on Google
Destroyed by the vibration of a body-count notification
Destroyed by that first battery-powered rip, desperate for a trip thats not to the therapist
Desperate to feel addiction, the need for need combined with heriditary greed
Addiction lowers suicidal thoughts, craving the next day to take your next shot
Shots of vodka, shots of hate, shots at children, all shots are great
We feel alive when we hear about death, we finally appreciate oxygen breath

Destroyed by the friendships lost over hillary vs donald
Waiting for the day we get old, so that we have a say & we’ll look back and realize these are suppossed to be the good old days
The days spent sitting in metal chairs next to the boy with pot-smelling hair
Destroyed by the fear of never being enough because college prep means you are on track
And on track means you’re two steps back
The princible said “cover up” to the girl with the huge rack
Every eye that is layed on you is a personal attack

Behind the scenes of these motherfucking memes is self deprication and pain that we somehow all relate to
Waiting for the iphone x to come out so that we can feel brand new
Destroyed by depression becoming the media’s new obsession
Destroyed by the inability to jump into a TV screen and live a different life
Destroyed by your fucked up families strife
The ‘correct’ kids words cut like a knife
Destroyed by the fact that there is not enough beer in the world to drown all your fear
About the fact that your stuck in high school for at least another year
This my 2018 adaptation of Allen Ginsberg's poem "Howl"
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