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to quote a generation, “Whatever…”

history will mark the day this uselessness
is forever banned, this day will be paraded
along the Avenue where astronauts feted,
Super bowl heroes greeted in tall canyons,
no more ticker tape, will shred them invoices
marked overdue,  so they will remain status
unchanged, but whatever will be part and
parcel of the disparaged disappeared, for
it insults the recipient twice as much as the
mutterer utterer, for why not say, best direct,
I disrespect us both and won’t give a moment
to consider what you’ve stated, afraid, that exercising a
right to minimal modicum of caring will die out
with that generation, and we will spake a loud
and all will answer with feeling,  
with a smiling thumbs up,
and W. Whitman will join in…

Sun May 25, 2024
A few years ago, he was just a kid
Now a man, he comes back to fight
The demons and ghouls he came to rid
To help the town see light

He died the second he crossed
The town went under and away
The remains grew covered in moss
His wife received word and had nothing to say

His family continued to live
Although he was in their thoughts everyday
They lived modest, thankful for what he had left to give
Often visits were made to the site of decay

His kid learned the lessons he didn’t
A leader by birth, he brought the town together
He raised twice the army his father sought
They learned to adapt and change such as the weather

A few years ago, he was just a kid
Now a man, he came back to fight
The demons and ghouls he came to rid
To ensure the town sees the light
Jon Sawyer Apr 10
Your Love,
beyond generations.
10 April 2024 - "Ode to Mom"

My mother is a grandmother, as odd as it sounds.
Steve Page Feb 26
I'm full of long complexity
in this shell of masculinity
You see a pale reflection
of the inner deeper me

I'm not a likely poster child
but believe you-me it's true
I span across the gamut
between them, us, me and you

Don't judge this balding grayness
by the pallid, saggy skin
Start an honest conversation
- find the truer child within
Started in a very different place and the fifth draft landed in a more honest place
nadine shane Feb 2023
i carry my mother’s rage
in every part of me;

i am never without it

i carry my mother’s rage
just like her mother did,
and just like her mother also did

if destruction is a form of creation,
then my mother
was never an inventor.
David Cunha Oct 2022
What scares me through this dark forest?

It is not the dark,
Nor the wet socks,
Nor the treacherous rocks in the way
Nor the rustling of grass unpaved
Nor the occasional shriek of an owl
Nor the cold, nor the starvation
Nor the bats and insects and crawling creatures
Nor the unknown beyond horrid imagination
Nor the screams of sorrow's victims
Nor the silence, or the sheer loneliness

The only fear is existing
Painfully drifting
Having nowhere to go
No journey to bleed for,
Having to watch the forest burn
As hollers of delight emerge from monstrous look-alikes,
Siblings turned beasts of false pretenses and heavy machinery

And the more it burns, the more colorful it gets,
The more join in, the louder it grows, they're having a blast!
Till the smoke touches every molecule in the air,
Till we all suffocate in a carbon monoxide high
Forever frozen in a grin of painful ecstasy,
And the forest turns to ashes, awaiting a kinder generation,
A kinder species, perhaps.
october 17, 2022
3:21 p.m.
Passed down from one generation
to the next
not knowledge
but values - limiting beliefs

constraining, they were not healed
raised in the system, they knew only to heed
what is worse, their children plead
victims of the system their parents preach.
Systemic racism, systemic sexism, systemic- it never ends. flawed systems need to changed, not perpetuated further.
Tired but awake,
Oh Ginsberg and Kerouac -
I am beat
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