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Tara Nov 6
A generation filled with hate,
fueled by our elders,
every decision lies in their hands.
The perpetrators of our demise,
is not ourselves.
It’s the world that’s been created for us,
what a surprise.

A generation filled with pain,
depressions an epidemic
that others don’t always understand.
A world created for competition not salvation,
or finding inner peace.

A generation filled with love,
society has taught us to suppress.
Who's the best? Who's the most powerful?
Redefining love to something people can barely express,
swimming in an ocean of fear;
fear of rejection,
fear of failure,
fear of ourselves.

A generation filled with so much,
That was always told:
it’s not enough.
futile people are becoming less
of a run-in and more of a day-to-day occurrence
mental health is on a deep spiral because of the
trauma placed upon most women and some males
love has turned into a "thing" between people
what the **** is a thing
and why do most lovers have one
instead of a relationship
instead of a "thing" its now ****
and that is now accelerating
my sister, brothers, mother, dad, acquaintances, and strangers
i fear you all cause even a brother cant be loyal.

my life is full of ****
just like the world as of...
well always
Isaac Oct 30
Our grandkids will have grandkids.
This cycle will never end.
The world forever moving on.
Each generation a brand new friend.
Let us be the generation
That will one day make Earth say:
"Why do you have to leave?
I so wish that you could stay!"
Written 31 October 2018
Alfa Oct 16
I carve myself out of a cardboard cutout,
I wish I wasn't empty,
stuck between two worlds that do not want me.

I am like the globe,

Rushing blood gurgles through my veins to my head, my
words sound like Russian out my hot mouth
"so spicy"
they say it cause I'm foreign to them.
My blood pressure rises,
the tea kettle screams,
on the perfect pictured home oven,
i am fuming.

I look out at the white picket fence,
raised oppressed gates,
overtaxed, overcharged, overfed, rising still.

The fury builds inside me,
I stomp the fence,
break the oven,
crash the globe,
and weep at the **** I was made out of.

we will never win.

but, it doesn't matter if we're the minority or majority,
the darker you are,
the faster you talk,
the farther away from the home land
  ...                                                       ­     

they'll still give you the gun.

           But, they'll blame you for everything that happens after.
A comment on American societies mental illness, health crisis, racial racism/stereotyping, gun laws, my own identity as a first generation american from immigrant parents, and how chaotic, hopeless, and dissociated I feel about my own self. How apart I feel from America's "dream" and what America really is today... thank you for reading.
MarvelMe Oct 9
I looked up to you
I wish I were you

You and I were the same
Even though people told me you were insane

I didn't care what anyone said
Because when I needed you
You always came to my aid

But then you weren't there for me
When I needed you the most
It felt like no one cared for me
I was so lonely

I used to hate you
I'm glad I forgave you

All the thoughts of fantasy
I dreamed us as a family
Ended up being a sad tragedy

I won't make the same mistake
I'll be there for every birthday cake
From the time they wake
To the time we go to the zoo and see a king snake
In fact well even make Swiss steak
Or cupcakes
Or pound cake
We'll play with snow flakes
We'll go see great lakes
I'll be there for heartbreaks

I'll give them the love I never had
I've forgiven you already and I'm not mad
But at the end of the day I'm still glad
You were my Dad
Dad's are important
Christopher Oct 6
Everyday I swear is a hassle to just get up,
but it never stopped you from getting the mountains.
I cry and whine but really I'm just walking my mile for the first time.

Though my shoes are already,
seems like my gear is always falling off.
Trying so hard to keep it steady
I look at your directions on what you did but can't seem to see how you did it.

I see you napping on the bench
Right where he used to let watch cars go by.
His bus finally picked him up
So you decided to take his place and take a break.

So while you rest and replan your task's
I'll be on the side calling out your name.
Cause you set an example and set a route for me.

I'll run my course and set it out right
Pass the torch and send the map
I will make this right so they can run their course with a guide.
She's sleeping on the couch and worn out from her race. I run mine so in time, my kin will know
Haylin Oct 1
My generation was born in the age of technology.
We don’t know how to communicate without our phones or computers.
"You have to disconnect in order to connect with one another. Put down the technology and connect with the soul."
I have learned that if you just sit down with someone, you can learn so much.

“A friend talks to you. A good friend listens.” I am a good friend.
Before phones friends would sit under a tree and talk for hours.
That’s what this world needs.
Proper communication.

When I’m with Dakota, we put our phones in our bags.
We sit there and talk or enjoy each others company.
We stopped ourselves from becoming these internet addicted zombies.
We have learned to become human.
Hannah Sep 27
Don’t trust anything around you.
Everything is a lie.
Can’t even trust my own thoughts or your thoughts or what you say but I’ll consider it all.
We’re a consideration generation with no truth.
Being silent
Is a new trend

What if?
I am an old soul
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Innate Nature
Beneath the layers of smiles,
deep down,
we hide our real selves.

From lie to lie,
from pretence to pretence,
we camouflage our reality
with the stylish masks we wear,
whilst the monster behind the mask chuckles
hoodwinking a whole generation!
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