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I want to write,
About my family, friends and relations.
I want to write,
About my thoughts, feelings and imaginations.

I want to write the fragrance,
Of every flower that I smell.
I want to write the sweetness,
Of every fruit that I consume.
I want to write the bitterness,
Of every challenge that I face.
I want to write my experiences,
On every single moment of my life.

I want to write the emotions,
By the pen of my nerves.
I want to paint the nature,
On the canvas of my mind.
I want to capture the beauty,
Through the lens of my eyes.

Every minute, new thoughts knock my brain,
And I hold my pen to carve words.
But I put down my pen again and again,
Because, I'm not getting any inspiration to write!
Peris Wambui Apr 22

Dear heartbreaker,

Why are you chasing something that's already gone?
Why are you realizing your mistakes when it's all too late?
Why are you apologizing when I've already made up my mind?
Why are you giving me your time when my clock long stopped?

Why are you showing your concern, when every mistreatment is packed up and on replay in my mind?
Why are you trying to make things right when I don't care anymore,
Why are you finding it so hard to let go when I've already given up?

You knew a day like this will come,
You knew one day I'll get fed up and find my way out,
You knew one day I'll untie all the knots and set you free,
You knew one day I'll stop begging for you to stay,
You knew one day I'll stop apologizing for your mistakes,
You knew one day this love you called 'desperate ' will fade and turn out to an illusion.

You were my life,
But the blades of rejection cut deeper than a knife,
You were my breathe,
But that air we used to share, chokes me now,
You gave me reasons to live,
But now, no amount of threats can shake me with a life I no longer care about,
You gave me reasons to smile,
But nothing is genuine now, the smile I give is just a reflection of my pain.
Happiness, joy, were my particulars,
But now, pain is just part of me,
Sad songs, my comfort,
The hole you dug, my home.

Please, just don't follow me,
Don't ask how am doing,
Don't try to stop me from what I'm about to do.
Let the fire that kept our love burning,
Consume every piece of memory to ashes.
You are just a little too early, to say goodbye,
But a little too late, to save a life...


©tiana... 💔
Hamna Apr 13
Is there something that can lift my bitterness away?
Can it free me of my lingering wrath?
Or help my throbbing heart to laugh?
Or empty my mind of loathsome?
Evaporating the wholesome grief I had swallowed in my hippocampus.
God has granted this gift to our hearts.
Why don't we perceive life as bliss?
Oh, Flourishing Forgiveness!
How I longed to taste your fragrance!
To obscure my grief-stricken heart with your warm radiance.
Enter the teary eyes, O Forgiveness, with your gleaming light!
Heal the grudges that make our lives tight.
Help us flip the decrepit pages.
And abandon our grimaces.
‘Whoever severs ties with you, approach him with good conduct. Whoever deprives you, give to him, and whoever wrongs you, forgive him. ’ -Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH)
I'm sorry to say
Things didn't go your way
Chalk it up as dues to pay
Just please don't lose your faith
You must wrestle sin
Don't let it in
Or let it win
Or you'll get grim
On a lonely limb

Despite a deluge of hope
You yell lose and nope
You can't use a joke
Singing the blues to cope
You feel threatened
Before I finish my sentence
So our contact is lessened
Because your empathy deafened
Always puts me in second

You become negative
Ignoring relatives
You have hell to give
In the cell you live
Where it's dark
And barren
Bitterness is stark
And apparent

You expect me to save you
From what Satan gave you
But he's totally enslaved you
You need Jesus to bathe you
Because I see the same you
And will always blame you
Using a shame tool
To change fools

I hate to slice ties
But in your eyes belies
A sinister surprise
That'll bring my demise
That's sitting on ice
Precariously waiting to melt
To release your anger
So before any damage is dealt
I turn into a stranger
Jason Mar 24
I want your tears to rain on me

To pour down my cheeks

I want to feel the salt of your pain

Scouring away wrinkled years

I want to drown in the truth of you

Parching tongue, renewing thirst

I want to savor the sweetness of love

Quenching bitterness
© 03/24/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Penny Z Mar 4
Take back the memory.
You have it.
Yet how can I give something away I don't want to be without?
Sometimes loss is the best thing.
Why does it not feel that way now?

If you knew
the games of chess
I play with you.
You would wonder why
you win so easily
whilst it is I
who loses her king
each time.

What is it like to go from white
to black,
move along the squares, the moods,
whilst I'm here wishing to go back.
Take back my faulty move, return
to those halcyon days,
toasting under the sun.

The rain should have been a sign
for those days long gone.
That our day is past, our time is through,
for not much longer would I lose you
roz Feb 6
i wish i can flow out my emotions
and have a taste of it
maybe with a bourbon glass
anything, without complications

just to see if it hints bitterness
a glint of sadness
see if it dances with joy
i hope not for sorrow

mundane aims blandness
and i dont know anymore
seems like i cant feel anything
are they bottled like Jim Beam?
i just feel empty most of the time
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