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Oskar Erikson May 11
this thing tastes like copper between your tongue and teeth
taking nourishment
in the sweetened bitterness
of belief.
Mazen Edlibi May 5
I question in pain the blood running in those veins!
Questioning those purposes i found created and realized in my journey!
questioning with bitterness..with being lost in my space, my soul, mind mind...**** inside me!
**** towards a black whole!
knowing nothing if i'll be getting out of it or not!
knowing nothing except i saw the lonely air, lonely feelings, lonely self!
I questioned finally if i have Human Blood!
Ahnaf Apr 4
life flew over my head.
could I have caught it?


but I wasn’t looking.
rather I stuck to boredom.

I sat in this chair three years ago,
      and it feels the same.
life seemed to have stopped.

I thought and thought and thought,
while others did and did and did,
     and I sit here looking at them.

...I can’t smile at their joys,
        it reminds me of my motionless existence.

and worse,
the jealousy and anger has stiffened my body,
fastening me to this chair
and prolonging my stay

I want to leave,
but it’s too hard to let go of regret.
I am a bitter man,
with eyes of hate;
help me if you can.
Dawn Treader Mar 19
Death is merely
Emptying the Goblet of Life
Back into the carafe
From which it came
I am bitter wine
Aging on borrowed time
Just thinking of my mortality
Zaza Feb 28
He's so deeply embedded within my veins
That even my heart beats memories of his kiss

But you took away the honesty
I once felt in his lips

And now all that remains is bitterness
Excerpt from my ode to cupid
Sage Feb 11
You have left me here
For over two years
Pining and praying
I've watched silently as you've loved another
Whispered his name next to the ever poisonous flower of 'I love you'
I've felt your lips on mine and I thought we might make it
We might navigate the battlefield of our youth and make it out alive
I've heard the deafening sound of silence as my heart slowly broke when you left me
Your reasons clouded in cryptic ever changing half-answers
I've celebrated when you finally let him go
I foolishly hoped now there might be room for me again
Afterall you never denied it
I've waited patiently for you to be ready
'I don't want a relationship right now'
That constant excuse that I respected every breath
But here we are
Two years later and you have led me on a wild chase through the gardens of love
Only to wind up in the arms of another
Someone new that hadn't ever even been in the picture
In fact he was pushed so far beyond the frame I didn't think he could ever come close
To your winter twilight eyes and your electricity that I thought you had promised me
But yet here we are
I'm loosing you for the third time and you still have never told me why
But I will shove it all away
My heart's been broken for years
What's one more *****?
I will always love you and I won't let our friendship suffer because of it. But I will forever be waiting for you to keep your promise
Chris Feb 5
Feelings are like ****.
I tried to flush them, gin, Jack, ***,
but **** is **** and with enough liquid it doesn't sink.
It  comes to the surface.
Brad post Jan 15
I’ve held onto this too long,
and it’s killing me inside.
The self-entitled *******,
that we selfishly call pride.

My every waking moment,
every irrational thought,
every time that I blamed others,
for what my decisions brought.

Ya I have a problem,
and everyone’s seen,
but that is no excuse,
for the way that I have been.

I’ve been a harborer of hate,
till my cup overflowed.
I invited **** in,
and if you knew me then it showed.

I shut myself off,
and told myself that no one cares.
I stopped worrying bout others,
and stayed out of their affairs.

I was selfish, and ******,
thinking only of me,
till the poison turned inwards,
on the me I used to be.

I’ve never hated someone,
so much as what I’d become.
The hypocritical *******,
of all that I’d done.

I know it might be too late,
but I still have to try,
because if the poison remains,
then I’m going to die.

I can finally see clearly,
and maybe that’s fate.
Either way I’ll find out,
so goodbye hate.
Chris Jan 12
My watch is made of iron,
Her watch is made of gold,

Now truth be told if they were sold,
Her would fetch a hefty price,
But when telling time, it's the gears inside,
That count and they're always steel, of course.

My gun is made of iron,
His gun is made of gold,

Now, to tell the truth if I could choose,
I'd take his rather, to be real,
But when killing a man you must understand,
The bullet is what seals the deal.

So even with all the advantage,
That gold gives to fat rich swines,
I'm prepared to take my chances with killing men, and telling time.
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