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Aya 2d
so much anger burns in the pits of my stomach
a cold, bitter blue flame that consumes rationality
it leaves blisters sweltering in the hollows of my bones
with a dull white noise in my head that cries out for pain
and all i can do to sate the violence is to shatter already-broken skin
and tear at an already-torn heart
and still it eats away at me,
love that has nowhere to go, love that has rotten away
and here it becomes no wonder why there is nothing left to save me
A Yorks Sep 25
Maybe I'm bitter,
But finally I can see,
That I was to blame.
Ahh ****, no matter how I twist and turn things it always seems like I miss
It seems
to just be this ******* mess
I want to write exuberant
want to be happy, a big ******* party
But, my cynicism
my slowly increasing bitterness
makes me to the person I hate
So, guess that’s fun
B D Caissie Aug 10
Bitterness and hate tend to leave a sour taste in one's mouth. I secretly forgive for selfish reasons, for I have tasted it’s sweet freedom.
It’s not every second of the day that I want to be bitter
And don’t say I’m not because I know I am, I admit it,
And it’s a colossal amount of seconds that I don’t care about being bitter,
But it isn’t all of them.
Not really.
I still wear her shawl
hand knitted

not an item
I'd buy in a shop
but it's so Mrs. Saks

lamb soft
under many layers
of crusty chill

she'd have it on
standing all of
five feet tall

hands on her hips
peering sharply
down her steep drive

her wooden hut
buried in rambling thorns
of isolation

I'd ask about her life
in the old country
for her as if yesterday

in broken English
she'd tell of the scenes
that bitter day

I'd make notes
to write that essay
so people see

her checklist
sharp as martensite
toughened steel

of mountain fire
fathers and sons
picked off

mothers' wails
made to look

their babies smashed
screaming in shallow soil
as soldiers laughed

hyenas glibly stealing
a people's jewels
not seeing

the core
lived on
Carl D'Souza Jul 25
When bitterness bites my heart
with anger, resentment, hurt
and a sense of unjust treatment,
what should I do?

Does it soothe my heart
to accept what has happened
as Destiny?

Does it soothe my heart
to strive to discover
what I can do
to improve my situation
to increase my joy and happiness?
When petals of a wilting rose are plucked
Do not be surprised when all that remains
Are thorns
Vanidy Jul 4
Leave me alone.
I don't want comfort.

I don't want such holy water
Over these wounds I caused to myself.
I won't want your uplift
When this weight on my shoulder keeps sinking me down.

Why do you want to play with me?
Why are you still here?

Leave me alone.

What else do I do? Lie to myself that I'm useful?
Sweetness stays for awhile before everything returns to bitterness.
Your comfort can only sweeten so much of the bitterness of my uselessness.

Leave me alone.
I went on a breakdown after multiple problems in a week, both in life and in games.
Guden Jun 25
With ink and skin
We write thank you notes.
We are thankful
And blessed.
We are destroyed
And built again
At the end of a long flight
While our flags look remarkably similar.
Same colors;
Stars that start
To fade away.
Like the scent
On my lips
Of your neck.
Absence makes the heart grow bitter,
Fonder of hatefulness
Scared by the scars of our love.
Machines translate our emotions,
Into data
Yet life goes on
As it should
Not for me though
Thank you
Spelled backwards is goodbye.
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