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You can water your plants.
You can walk your dog everyday.
You can feed the birds in the park.
But the day that you forget to sustain your plants,
or are too busy to cater to your dogs need for the outdoor experience,
or run out of bird food for the park,
things tend to fall out of balance.
Plants survive,
so do the dogs
and the birds.
They start to believe in an entitlement to your generous acts.
Something I've learned
is that it's not always your job to take care of someone else.
There's always rainstorms,
back doors,
and picnic crumbs
waiting for their turn to take care of someone.
I used to feel pressure for having to be the source of someone's happiness.
why do you chew me up,
why do you ask me to stand under
your flag and its stars, when in a clock’s
turning, i move as sheep to pens, going
from stall to stall, all to learn about you,

why do you hold me on your tongue,
why do you let your baby sheep be
slaughtered in their pens, while your
bleating is too loud for anyone to
end the massacre of the babies;
why is there no discussion,

why do you show me off,
why am i on your tongue, like a snow-
flake on a child's, or the straw
on a sheep's; or the dryness on a man’s
when he is done chewing his meat,

why don't you spit me out,

why don't you let me sit in the mud,
by the **** and the bones of the butchered

why can’t you stop the bleating--
uh oh muck row
January lunchtime–
I smile at the chef, my friend;
and think of poor cows.
Sat in a restaurant, ordering meat.
M-E 7d


I guess you should watch it to unnderstand it.
Katy 7d
We both have this need for attention - to be loved
Being alone absolutely terrifies us
Yet we're content being alone together

He understands rules and knows how he should behave and so do I
However, we both falter at times - we can be a bit too much for some

I have sat and wondered endlessly about these things trying to figure out how we could be nearly the same
With the answer in front of me the entire time

Our pasts have shaped us
Both of us were left behind by the people we loved the most
We trusted them and they tossed us aside
The trauma of being thrown away and withered down made us who we are
*Finley is my dog*
Jade Jan 14
Dark curly hair, swirling brown eyes, flawless face, perfect features.
It was beautiful.
But like all beautiful creatures it was caged and tormented.
Tested and abused.
Till finally it was internally broken and scared.
Now it’s considered normal.
Interpret as you will, feedback is greatly appreciated as I’m only just starting to write
piper m Jan 10
If I had four paws
I would feel no obligation but
to please you

I would sit by your side,
and stare straight into your mind

Innocence leaking from my eyes

You would pat my head
as if to say
I love you too
a little cheesy, a little confusing, don't ask me why the title is woof, it just is
I find it surprising  
that animals can sometimes
understand us
better than people.
Their eyes;
full of love and hope.
Their attitude;
showing care and gentleness.
Words are not needed
for them to tell us their love for us.
And yet we,
cannot love each other
the way animals can love us.
Noah Clark Jan 4
Yellow and black,
too heavy for science yet
weightless to the air.
You fly.
You protect.
You die.
Your senses are keen,
and your smile is bright.
You work all day,
and rest all night.
Mr. Bee, how do
you do it?
How do you manage to
stay so happy and optimistic.
Your squished and smashed,
hit and bashed.
Yet your smile is omnipresent.
Mr. Bee, teach me how to live
happy in this cold and sad world.
the sensuous curves of their shels

the clicking of their hands

the look in their eye's
more peoms inspired by my crab friends
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