A dark shadow glides across the burning asphalt
    and stops while I fly past
    one foot in front of the other

A spider, I thought
     no, couldn't be
     too long to be one, and slow

Scorpion was the next thought
      no, couldn't be
      they do not call this area home

I had to stop my stride and turn
      sneak to where that dark blur rested

A long blue streaked tail
               fading into lightning strikes

A baby, or perhaps a toddler

All I know is that it's
  and fast.
  like me.

It made the grueling heat on these back streets
   worth the suffering.

Is it suffering if it is what I crave?
6 15 2018

Fish belong in the sea
Birds should be allowed to fly
Cats and dogs and animals roam
Cause in a cage wed cry

Ticking tocking
The hours go by
Thinking and thinking
In this cage we lie

The key in our sights
We try and try
So hard to reach out so far
But it lays beyond us

The answer unclear
So simple
So dear
Its right here

Inside of us
Lays the forge of firehearts
The flow of fuel
To unlock these chains binding us

These feelings we know
This cage is not real
When we find our key
The bars flood and fade away

We simply drift in this river
Together and together
Floating on by
With these new worlds we view with our eyes

That key is no secret
You have to make it
With new open minded hands
That are not yours and yours to close
There are no secrets

Life is only a cage
If you let it be

No need for fame. Its lame
A princess, dressed in white, seeks an opportunity to share her soul with a deserving prince. This princess is tall in confidence and full of admiration for herself. She's like a white tiger: rare and beautiful. She fights all sorts of battles to find her prince.

A prince, dressed in a suit, prepares himself to find a princess in order to live his life with a partner. He walks about like a lion, looking determined to get what he has set out for. He's a lion that is commonly found, but has a soul that is unique. He fights "gentleman" and boys on his way to victory.

One single path, travelled in opposite directions.
First sight: a connection.

The prince acknowledges the beauty and rarity of the princess. He gets on one knee and iterates that the princess is more important than he is.

He wears a piece of cloth that represents freedom and diversity.

This shows that people from completely different backgrounds or natures can become cohesive. Love has no protocol.
Damaré M Jul 12
My apologies Tasmanian Tiger, for the brute carelessness of the Hominid settlers. I was quite aware of you being one of the few marsupials... yes the sworn to be ascendant earthlings are out of pocket. Well I never got to meet you personally but I’m sure you was charged with great energy. Thank you for serving a purpose here on our heavenly body.
                                  P.S. maybe one day you’ll arrive again, and maybe us homosapiens will be expunged from this orb.
Pitter Patter
Along the ground
Sometimes silent
Sometimes deafening

They never stop
But when they do
Their life has been taken
Or they've stepped on you

Not too small
Not too big
Who do they belong to?
Do you know yet?

Ever heard an elephant stomp?
A mouse scratching along the floor?
These sounds radically different
Yet something we can't ignore

The question isn't the sound
But rather the footprint
As we all sport a unique one
But which one truly is the biggest?

Some would think, elephant
Probably not you though
Maybe even a dinosaur?
Don't let your mind overflow

It's as simple as you think
Most have already figured it out
Now go outside, take a heavy step
Make an imprint.

Is it all coming together?
It should have already
Us as humans
We're the most deadly

No matter how big it is
To the eye it's small
But we reign supreme here
On this earth, our home

Next time you see a print
Be it Dog, Cat, Lion, or Deer
The calendar lies
It's always our year.
When dealing with feral animals
It is important to note
Strays are far different
Take a feral cat, for example;
Their trust is almost impossible
To gain
Strays were once pets
Doted on
Yet lost or abandoned
Individuals advise you set
A Trap
For Untamed animals
Pay special attention to
Behaviors and Appearances
But refuse to release them, misunderstood
Not acknowledging the dangers
Cowering in blood stained bathrooms
Dust collecting for a moment
Only to cloud the air
Once the door
And the Body
Are broken down
Loud noises,
The raising of voices
May cause the animal
To further isolate itself
Leading to comments that belittle
Wishing Death
Upon Innocence
Another hole in the drywall
Stupidity, ignorance
Not capable of existing
"As you should,"
"Failing" at understanding
Your place as a timid feline
In a man's home

The trouble with certain
Humans is
They're far more animalistic
At their cores.
no time for great sex
no time for grey love
no time to run errands
no time to pet your animals
no time for the drive thru
no time for alcohol
no time for coffee
no time for children
no time for fishing
no time to watch birds
no time to brush teeth,
comb hair or make toilet
no time to drive cars,
abroad trains or planes
no time for incest, rape
and murder
no time for fire, flood
and hailstorms
no time to be alone or lonely
no time for 35 cent pears
no time to buy gingham dresses
and striped bathing suits
no time to throw a bowling
ball through the window
no time to egg the
neighbors house
no time to borrow
jumper cables
no time to cry
no time to travel
no time to create
no time to dream
no time for sleep
no time for poems
no time for music
no time for movies
no time for hate
no time for religion
no time for politics
no time for opinions
no time for the needy
no time to make money
no time to enjoy yourself
no time to live life and dance

so no matter
how much the world
tries to push you,
always remember
to set aside time to
chew your poetry slowly and
write your food with grit and
Bird songs like ripples in the water
Create a mirror reflection
Foxglove white as alpine snow on the high mountain
Foxglove purple-pink as a coastal winter sunset
It's scientifically proven fairies live inside their blooms
And when the flowers drop to the ground, they wear them as skirts!
Spring bursts from every corner with a force that exclaims- no one can stop this.
The dirt, the flowers, the birds, pay no regard to the peoples news.
Their requirements for growth are simple:
Water from the rains
Sunshine bursting through clouds
Nutrient rich dirt
Buzzing agitation of furry bumble bees
and Solitude.
They can't crowd their mind with too many things,
too many worries.
They just grow as much as they may will...
How simple.
How lovely.
The American Library Association
      implores cognoscenti tubby alert
impersonators, who
     call themselves Ernie and Bert

     took a page from Sesame Street Playbook
oft times accompanied
     by a Soundcloud of dirt,
boot none other then Pigpen,

     (who worked for Peanuts),
     and pay-dirt, though
     dismissed, cuz he did not exert
true grit, plus more seriously scandalous

     sordid details suppressed kept from press,
     (which scurrilous breach of conduct
     involved said scallywag
     violating more than flirt

discovered in prurient compromised activity,
     where his skin flute encircled,
     with an ambrosia girt
transgressions possibly affected

     public television station benefactors,
     and sterling reputation of bottom line, nor hurt
locker talk (albeit via exaggerated mainly
     to make a profit sounding proper

     sanctimonious Cliff (hanging) notes,
     asper faux expected by
     a "FAKE" trumping prophet,
     sans motley crue comic
     stripped of more'n
     motion picture PG ratings,

hence future lurid, graphic,
     banal, ampersand
(&) dressing room banter
     muted, disallowed, and banned

so storied characters birthed by Charles Shulz,
     (who passed away prior to near canned
aforementioned indiscretion debacle)
     returning amidst fanfare hoopla

     much as possible grand
jour "Making Peanuts Great Again" hand
diddly restoring full metal paperback jacketed
     glory and apple pie order land

ding rebirth of cherished popular iconic
     easy to digest bookworm feed
which unexpectedly, inadvertently,
     and horrifyingly

     brewed ferocious breed
on par with the Alaskan Bull Worm,
     whereat armed guards
     strategically stationed

     at libraries entrances indeed
aware voracious young readers,
     would pay no heed
to any obstacle, and such unstoppable

     ravishing knowledge
     hungry kids did exceed
capacity security details dashed away,
     faster then Clifford
     the big red dog speed!
Randy Johnson Jun 29
I have two purrfect sweethearts and I'm smitten.
They are yellow and they're my two new kittens.
One of my babies is a girl and the other is a boy.
There's nothing like pets to bring a person joy.
They're beautiful, adorable and tame.
George and Peggy are their names.
I love to stroke their soft fur.
When I pet them, they purr.
They've taken a shine to me and owning them is something I'll never regret.
They're two purrfect sweethearts and they're wonderful pets.
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