You can’t stop smoking
I can
You can’t ignore weed
I can
You can’t avoid drinking
I can
You can’t stop shouting
I can
You can’t shut up complaining
I can
You won’t drop that gun
I will
You can’t help silence
I can
You survive with violence
I can’t
Toleration with independence
Seizing opportunities for peace
Let the wire choke your lungs out
Hell in front, war of apes
Animals in the streets, Grodds
Telepathic maniacs attacking blocks
Rappers in the venues spitting fires
On every head spreading contagion
Zombies alike, transformers of Lannesters

Bryan 2d

Nature sees what nature sees,
And nature does what nature does.
Minds believe in memories
And sometimes hearts believe in love.
When hearts and minds do both agree,
Conceived are dreams converged as one,
But love of life and logic leaves
Our livelihoods left out of luck.

Deceived are these who dream of things
Composed of money, grease, and blood:
Mechanical beings, with cogs and springs,
Like clockwork do this planet run.
In tightened shifts, devices click,
And slowly start to smog the sun,
But smoke and fog made synthetically,
How many does this bother? None.
Machines, you see, they do not breathe
The air they leave beneath for us.
They call this craft their politics,
And leave us here to pay in blood.
One by one, by one, we wonder,
Where the humans lost their love.

When will men begin to see
What nature sees how nature does?

Cows in a big field
Shit all day long standing up
I'm glad I'm human

Soz it just came out but I'm glad I'm human :)
Inspired by animals in fields x

Die fledermaus is in da haus!
He's rabid, and he won't delaus!
A puny violin he plays,
The 'Treues Liebes Herz' of Strauss!

Die fledermaus is in da cupboard!
He's reading books by L. Ron Hubbard!
He vaants to suck your stupid blood,
And bounces like a baby rubbered!


Vyscern 5d

Pick my mind up, brush off the dust
Wait what's this I'm missing a part?
Turn it over there lays a smouldering dart
Flick it off and blow away the specks of rust

Twist my head off, place it inside
Reconnected to my neck for the final time
Flash to the stage, velvet arms wide
Nervous in the presence of grand design

A grander plan I couldn't understand
In prayer to the Devil I clasp my hands
"Please reset the face, such high demand
For just living on a home and residing on land"

Turn to the Heavens I hope you exist
Because its the last place left on my bucket list
Everywhere I go still holds zero hope
And surrounded by people I'm surrounded, alone

I'll fight my way out, only killing myself
Choke another me by whipping out my belt
Turn to a monster, the mirror on the wall
Place a bullet with shaking hands and laugh as the glass falls

Shred my skin off underneath a clear sky
All I smell is blood, my flames never die
The rage that drives me, the fuel in supply
The fact it ends me I will always deny

The only death I see is the walls around me
Closing in on my head is such a bounty
The last time I got lost they never found me
I walked back in because I felt unease

Finally I embraced it, now we are one
If my words are bullets then my fists are the gun
One follows the other, when you're knocked down cold
I laugh at myself and condemn that soul

A tremble of the hands indicates an animal
The smile on my face painted for the carnival
Makeup smudged crying against the door
I turn around and walk because I walk no more

My heart is a nade with two seconds left
The pin was pulled when you stole my breath
I felt the pain of it through my chest
You gave me reason to keep killing the rest

Every day I wake and sling my crossbow
Because when I'll see another me I can never truly know
I kill these demons, I see all evil
I kill myself because they're not real people

Kenya83 Oct 13

Craving more than what we've got
A desire burns and it burns a lot

I'm not speaking monetary
I know the answer is in me
How can I affect humanity

Save the children from the horror of war
Stop the bullets that take animals to the floor
Feed the homeless and the poor
End our planets suffering core

I'm a dreamer,
But they are dreams of love
If only peace would fly
Like the dove
If only our priority was kindness
And life was priceless

If only we took what we need
Instead of being governed by greed
Take, take, take, and when it comes to giving back
Generosity seriously lacks

It's not my problem
We have nothing in common
It doesn't affect me
So just let it be

It's not my family,
Nor my community
It's not my country,
So it doesn't bother me
It's not my ocean
So continue to fill it full of poisonous potion

They're not my animals,
Who cares if they go extinct
I'll breath in toxic air
So long as it doesn't stink

Be complacent
And you're complicit to all these things
Take responsibility
For the outcome that it WILL bring

Abraham Oct 13

Grey lions run with us
through the mirrored cave and down
the temple staircase
will I remember you?
or this day or night
will you remember me?
feeding obswine turtles by the orange shore
them lions sleep next to us
and we dream.

Bedtime has come, and now I count the sheep.
A single sheep arrives: I count the sheep.
A second sheep arrives: I count the sheep.
Again a sheep arrives: I count the sheep.
A mother sheep with lambs: I count the sheep.
A sheep with peas and hams: I count the sheep.
A lamb that's half asleep: I count the sheep.
Little Bo Peep's white sheep: I count the sheep.
That claw the sheep to shreds, I count the cats.
That gnaw on sheepish heads, I count the cats.
That paw at bloody threads, I count the cats.
That jaw their fishy meds, I count the cats.
Bedtime has come, and now I count the sheep.
The raw and red undeads, I count the sheep.


Timothy Daly Oct 10

Baby hedgehog
crushed in the night
I'll cry for you

oli versaw Oct 8

it is such a sad thing that people kill
these beautiful beasts, i say
to myself as my eyes lock onto the

mirrored tawny frames of the
animals only a short distance from me.

they did not run yet, one’s
graceful neck turned in my direction
(was it thinking the same of me?)

time stopped
still on that calm
dirt street; three deer in a
row before they
gallop away and i know

this is what it means to feel free.

the deer are far too beautiful
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