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Its nothing,
I know.
But its too much,
Though I wont show.
Im butterflies swirling in a storm.
Only visible are the fake smiles my lips form.
Help me,
But I dont know how.
Leave me,
Its nothing new now.
when stress and overthinking overtake you from the inside, even though you know its all ok. and nobody notices because you dont let them. even though you want to, you cant.
LeV3e May 12
I'm so obsessed with
Being better that I'll
Be better at being worse to, you

In our worst moments
You'd better remember
The rhythm of the words we spoke, cause

Through better or worse
Until death do us part
My better half is your worst
Kelsey Apr 29
I slipped out of the house
It was so congested in there
And family prodding
Scurrying from wall to wall
Furniture packed tightly
Papers and trash littered along the floors
The clock tick-tocking
Piercing my ears.

I stepped outside
Onto the concrete step
Shut the door to the noisy world
Life was still,
And I could breathe
So I cried.
uv Apr 27
As I scroll down hello poetry
Why do I read so much grief , pain and unpleasantry?
I understand life gives its blows
But stand up tall, let bad's be lows..

The sun shall shine another day
So write with joy, so you forget the pain
Be a guide, show other's a way
The laughter you lost, will be back again.
I was just scrolling down the latest page of he po and realised there is so much pain...
Life is tough ..and rough ..I have had my share ..let's write something happy , to make the stree go away..
Ever restless mind of
Mine, I wish thou
Would be still for
Once in my life.
Lonerblues Apr 18
presses her lips on the back of my neck,
coldness blowing over my skin,
with her hands decorative and curling,
Nov. 22, 2021
M Solav Apr 5
Where is that hand,
That motherly embrace,
Which comforts in its ****** -
That motherly hand I can trust?

Where is that hand,
That warming caress,
Which eases the nerves -
That cocoon of soft curves?

  There is no rest anymore
  In thoughts of exile and escape;
  My being is shaken to the core,
  My soul bent under the stress.

Where is that hand,
That soothing absence,
Which cradles you gently -
That silence of calm and mercy?

Where is the hand,
That promise of better days,
Which relieves innocently -
That convincing “don’t worry”?

  There is no rest anymore
  In thoughts of exile and escape;
  My being is shaken to the core,
  My soul bent under the stress.
Written on August 7th, 2021;
Completed in April 2022.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
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