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Haylin 1d
My father's voice was like a bomb
when he was clothed in anger
His words were driven by stress and pain
and he loved that pain like no other

In the wake of his wrath
grew flowers of sorrow
I felt my innocence die
and my maturity grow

I am my father's daughter
and I carry this fear
That I'll be a bomb like him
in the upcoming years
Second best to all of your friends,
'Cause you know I'll love you 'til the end.

I am what the others were;
A hopeless fool who's dancing in your blur.

Wrapped around your finger, I do as you say.
It feels like you just linger, but I'm asking you to stay.

Unsure if you can handle this, so you keep your options open.
I pretend I don't notice, so they don't see me choking.

Constant competition with people I've never met.
Offering you a better life in pictures on the internet.

The grass isn't greener on the other side.
But when you've got no grass, even the weeds look nice.

I used to be the wild rose, and you didn't mind my extra thorns.
But now the cold wind blows, my petals fall and I am scorned.

Everyday, I hope you still love me.
In your eyes, is there anyone above me?

Every night, you leave me guessing.
Be honest with me, relieve my stressing.
Renhui 6d
I grew up in China without much to eat
Nor decent clothes to wear
Or many books to read
Yet I was time rich
I was worry free

Now that I have a refrigerator packed with food
Closets full of clothes
And rooms filled with books
I run out of time every minute
I am restless and anxious

"Sweetie, you are still free Wednesday night
Let us go to a concert by the riverside."
"Sweetie, out of these hundreds of restaurants
Which ones do you like?
Don't you have favorites?"

When it comes to choosing a major or a job
It is even worse
There are 5,000 universities and 200 majors
I can be in Seattle or New York
Miami or Washington DC
Or no, Chicago or Salt Lake City

I can be a doctor or a lawyer
An analyst or an engineer
Or no, a meteorologist or an entrepreneur
So many materials to browse - Ivy Leagues and Fortune 500
Many professionals to talk to and internships to work on
Hundreds of jobs to investigate and to be interviewed
And many lines of work to wet my feet

Barely have I settled on a job
Now I must vote for the President
Am I a Democrat, Republican or Independent?
How do I know truth from lies from all these thick newspapers?
"Sweetie, here is another website for you to learn about her views"
"Sweetie, come to our final fundraising dinner for the candidate"
At last I casted my vote for the head of the state

Now I must choose a man to be my husband
Is it right to choose someone I lusted
What if I become pregnant and then get abandoned?
Which one of these men would I last?
Would this gentle man love me till the very end?
"Sweetie, I find a date for yo -- you must meet him even though you are on match"
"Sweetie, no I do not want to influence you, but he is definitely not your type"

In a paradise of choices, duties and activities
I am pushed into the abyss of excessive stress!
I am a woman making my own living
Not a queen with a kingdom and an army of servants
Or a millionaire with long lines of wise counsels!
Go with the flow in life and life is all about choices are two totally different lifestyles. The later is filled with stress because it makes personal choices so important that people lose the real perspective in life. Many things in life are out of our control...  That is why we go through so much pain and suffering believing we have full control. Personal fulfillment should not be how many medals we won or things we have experienced but about self cultivation living a life with awareness and simplicity!
Icy burn, an ache
both dull
and knife point.
Am I going

Cervical, thoracic,
lumbar, and sacral
tension, or
is it
Am I going

Dark days, I try to run
away from myself,
just to sniff in circles,
distracted, burning

Good days, I practice
all the basic moves
a mixture
of modern living
and disregard
made me forget.

Guess I'm pretty broken.
Isn't the concept of
properly aligned
posture fun?
CGW 2d
When I am alone the dark thoughts return.
You don't know me.
Like parasites they rot me from the inside out.
Making me scream inside.
Death is my master.
Sitting on a storm playing puppets with my emotions.
Controlled calculated movements.
A darkness in my eyes.
I'm trying to grasp reality but only capable of
gasping anxiety.
I'm trying mother but the waves are too high.
Goodbye world.
I've seen enough.
"computer turn off."
This is made up.
Not based upon me or anyone else.
Inspired by Radioheads, Fitter Happier.
The thoughts of suicide riddle my brain,
They're around all corners of every word I say.
Every thought I think or memory I look back,
The symbiote of suicide leaks out of every *****.

Writing and romanticising all my bad habits isn't smart,
But it's the sacrifice I make to make sacrificial art.
There's beauty in trapping myself in a box of sadness and doubt,
Walls made of paper; so maybe I can write myself out.

As unhealthy and sordid as it may be,
I find self-solitary to bring out the best in me.
As unstable and morbid as it may seem,
I find thoughts of suicide to bring out the best in me.
This is your garden
A kingdom with a court of fireflies
Flowers bloom
For lightening bugs
Keep drinking coffee
From your best friends mug
Watching your garden grow
You're so warm
I can see it in your eyes
Everything you touch goes green
Every time I speak
Things turn blue
Lets go sit on a rose petal
Forget about
The *** on the stove
Just keep on watching
Your garden grow
Life is worries and wonders
Focus on the wonders sometimes
Josh 5d
Today was hard,

Like every day,
But worse,

And it pushed me,
To the edge,

I couldn’t handle it,
So now,

I’m laying here,
Feeling this pain,

It will go away,

All because,
I gave up today,

Because life is a game,
And I wouldn’t play.
but i like it,
the stress that i
heap onto myself like an extra serving
high expectations that i know I can't reach
"shoot for the stars", yeah,
but my spaceship light up and fall back down
straight through the clouds
that they said would catch me

but i like it,
the stress that makes my hands
shake, my heart race, my mind buzz
every smoke, every drink, every kiss
one hundred times better

and i love it,
the stress that'll crush me alive
diamond in the rough
nah, i'm just some coal
combusting, all or nothing
to the end.
stress feels so good
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