By Arcassin Burnham

In this,
Right here,
To break you.
An Angel,
Planting secrets.
Can not,
You like a tattoo,
You know,
That's not what you want me to be.
Not stressful,
Bursting from the seams,
So comfortable,
Given the circumstances,  like more
A passion,
Like an inspiration,
If we're still friends , I'll give you an
What do we do when there are queues
for all the supermarket checkout bods
we head for a session of self serving
like scanning numpty clumsy clods

Put your empty bag on the side
Dear God there's an error already
forlornly looking around for help
jelly legs feeling none too steady

Told to take the bag off and start again
"listen mate I've no time for this shit
my frozen green beans are thawing"
Can't find the bar codes, my teeth are grit

First bag full now second bag on
flashing error it's in the wrong place
back comes helper to move it an inch
my head's in bits and I'm off my face

"Where do I weigh my plums?"
I never thought I'd ask out loud
press fresh produce then on the scales
my life passes under a cloud

It's time to chill, finish and pay
contactless, debit card or cash
the nightmare will soon be over
but left with a stress related rash
I hate those bloody things!
Peace you’ll never find,
if your eyes are blind
to the naked now.
Just look––you’ll see how.
I am tiny,
miniscule amidst
these waves,
gray, grave, and claiming
every ounce
will and work
from my poor soul.
I have so much to give,
but how little it is
when compared with
the demand.
Liz Carlson Mar 15
oh im drowning
far below
you don't see it
but i know
its there

shallow water
never seemed so
carry me under
keep me captive

no one knows
im gone
and thats
the torture of it all

move with the current
or you're
forever lost
can't go that way
don't you know

oh we're all drowning
far below
we don't see it
but we know

we're forever lost
in the current.
it reels you in
and never let's go.
Her feet dashed up
the carpeted stairs.
Somehow, tears dancing
on her dry lashes.
The offbeat of her heart,
flashing with no purpose,
or anxiety.
Possible flecks of usual failure,
cupped by disappearing let downs.
The familiar, sullen weight
that reigns like a dark creature
inside her ruinous flesh,
harshly taking her down.
Still cut short of
her palpable breathing.
Anticipating petaled resentment,
and only getting unexpected comments
with her two glassy eyes.
Isabel 7d
One day everything was fine,
The next you were gone.

You didn't come anymore,
You didn't talk anymore,
You didn't even text back anymore.

Poof, you were gone in a blink of an eye.
No warning,
No signs,
No nothing.
You just disappeared.

I guess one could say it was gradual,
But when something happens,
Does it really feel like that?

I don't know what to do anymore.
We're all left hanging on a thin rope
Waiting for your next move,
A sign,
Something to lead us all out of this misery you've brought us into.

The worst part
Is that it happened before,
Then why, oh why did we fail to see it again?

For all we know we could have stopped it,
but here we are back to base one.
Staring at your helpless battle,
Staring at it behind a glass door,
That is locking us out,
preventing us from helping you fight that battle.
Wellspring Mar 15
I feel like I'm drowning in a lake,
Battling with a constant headache.

Is it stress?

I assume that I'm not the only one,
who's head pounds like a drum,
At the simple thought of love.
Nah bruh. Serious headaches. My new glasses aren't doing it for me.
Katie A Mar 13
I can’t hold on anymore.
I fall to the ground, panting.
I’m so tired of being in pain.
Nothing has every hurt as much
My sadness, anxiety, and stress
Do not even compare to
This physical pain and tension I am currently feeling
I feel it everywhere
My chest
My spine
I will never get used to it
I think I’m fine but then
It gets worse
I try to hide it in the most creative ways.
I can’t reverse the pain.
Madolyn Mar 12
we search and we search
pulling and pulling this magical thing
from every living and inanimate thing
stuffed animals
your best friends
blasting music through your ears
and everything in between

we grab and grab
holding onto anything and everything
that makes us feel good
our crutches
our comfort
we give something the power
to make us feel okay

but how easily
this comfort can slip away
or turn into something
addicting and unsavory
so take your comfort
and hold it tight
but realize
you don't need comfort all the time
I tend to get addicted to my comforts, especially now, going from being really sad to really stressed.
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