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Laura 4h
I wrote all these poems
Especially for you
And now you're gone
You took my poems
And broke my heart
Leaving nothing
In its place
But tears and grief

I wrote all these poems
Especially for you
To show you just
How much I loved you
The words came naturally
From my heart
To my pen
And now it's just heartbreak
From the hole in my chest
To my pen
Laura 1d
I can't deny what I felt
I never will deny what I felt
Because that was
The best ******* love
I ever had
I just wish
You had been ready
I wish
You could have accepted it all
Because nobody
Will love you
The way I did
And you threw that away
You threw me away
And as much as I would love
To say I regret it all
To say I hate you
To say I wish it never happened
To say I'd take it all back
I can't
Because I can't deny what I felt
When we were in love
When you loved me back
You always are there for me
You care
And you love me

But i'm always a disaster
A mess
And a monster

And I don't know if I can let myself lead you on any longer
I diffidently don't deserve to ave you in my life, and I know i'm filing so massively but sadly enough this is my best.
I sat on the edge of the lake
on the biggest rock by the shore.
Midnight was the clock,
starry the sky,
frozen was the earth.
I looked up from below and saw Orion's Belt.
The stars on his hilt,
to the twinkling lights of his bow.
I could see them.
I could see all of them.
In that moment, I remembered something.
A poem he said he'd written
for me.
He'd called it Orion's Belt.
I remember what it was like
to be his,
but I remember so much else now.
He's a liar.
How much of what he told her
was true?
All of it?
none of it.

All these years and you still don't trust me. You're so quick to believe him. That was always his trick; his false sincerity. He should own up to it.
Lily 1d
~Your hugs leave lasting impressions that I can feel hours after we touch~
Mihle Mdashe Dec 2018
The stars are aligned,
That's why I'm your stargirl,
And you're my starboy.
Your eyes hold galaxies in them,
That's why I'm forever captivated by you.
I'm transfixed by your effortless allure.
You've stripped me bare
And still looked at me in awe.
I've seen numerous galaxies,
By just staring into your eyes.
My starboy,
Loves the most,
And jokes the most.
Put a smile up on my face,
Frowning seems so foreign.
Romeo's lips.
Those lips awaken the devil in me.
Those lips have kissed all my valleys.
Together we steal stars and planets,
Together we build our own universe.
You are the coonstellion that guides me.
Haylin 3d
Like a field or a forest,
That color I deeply desire.

Like the heart of the ocean,
The color I could get lost in forever.

But when you change from green,
To blue,
And back to green,
Then mix them,
It's like heaven.
Like all the stars have combined,
Into two beautiful eyes

Those eyes are yours
And I will drown in them forever
Haylin 3d
I never cared for blue eyes.
a simple, dull tone of boring pens
and pale skies and puddles.                    
a common color among a million eyes.

until yours.      
then pools of shining ink spreading across plain pages,
filling chapters of my life.
a bright summer horizon expanding before me,
everywhere eyes can see.            
a huge, infinite ocean of sparkling blue,                      
blue that fills my eyes and mind and lungs,              
voluntarily drowning in your color.
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