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Her smile
Only for a while
Drinks of
My support
More than a few
Friends regected
Her love was
Her curse was
Supposed to be corrected
My support was
Sometimes ignorance
Was bliss
Truth was poison
Imagery was peace
All in all
Leaving was key
I will miss her,
I always will
Her smile gave me a chill
Her laugh
Her eyes
Her arms wide
I will remember
The passion forever
Dedicated to my joy, curse and only one who could make me feel happy. Jaden my smile is forever yours (whether I like it or not.)
Her pain
The rain
Breaking the chain
The end of her love
The beginning of
The end
He left
He met
New reality
What you leave behind when you leave a relationship.
katie 2d
the familiarity right in front of my eyes,
that was you, the reminiscent of a beautiful sunrise
like the morning light after a dark storm,
you were a sweet release, the ultimate sense of warmth

i knew all of your favorite songs and sentiments,
and you, all of my complicated brilliance
the way you lovingly flashed your bright smile,
i became aware that you would be around for awhile

how could it be that you were always standing there?
one-sided knowing that it was love, that just wasn't fair
maybe it was for me to realize it on my own.
that no one else but you could be my home
to my one.
Amanda 3d
You know I dream of you almost every night
If you stay I promise I'll try to get it right
You might weigh too much for me to catch you when you fall
I will do my best to stand beside you through it all

I never thought anyone would really understand me
You've uncovered everything I've kept inside slowly
See a future brighter now that I have you
And the sun, moon, and stars are shining brighter too

You give reasons to smile and enjoy the life I live
Now I have a light that I can share and give
Owe to you all I have to show
I swear I won't be the one to let go
Just say you won't let go
You are stuck in my head, in my blood
To disintegrate with my antidepressants,
Course through my body like a bad dream,
Gone in the morning like a good dream.
I feel you like a ghost standing next to me,
Silent and impatient, I know you hate waiting.

But there's something about getting something well deserved
After all that time of waiting,
After all that time of wondering,
It feels so nice to get a taste of what you were patient for.

To sing a lovesick melody
Of hope and woe,
I'd never want to know
What it feels like to let you go.
I need a saviour from these feelings,
Is this what you wanted?
Be honest with me,
Are you afraid to let me go?

Do you remember all the songs we heard
And everything we watched
When we sat in your room
Wishing that the clock would stop,
Wishing that time would never move on?
We lived like a dream,
It was just you and me
To be stuck inside each other's minds
And then we lost it all.

So now you've been gone,
But you're coming my way.
I missed you, I missed you,
Never leave again
I can't face the day without you,
I don't want to doubt you,
But I am still afraid of waking up
From a dream that's gone on and on.
It's dragging, it's lagging,

But it's like a favorite book,
And there's that desire
To get to the fire at the end but
You know you will be sad when it ends
And you will tell all your friends about it,
You will gush,
You will blush,
You will rush to read the book again
And you will cry when the guy dies
Before he could tell the girl that he loved her.

So I suppose that after losing the point of this poem,
It's to say that I know you and what you will do.
Despite all of that, I still really love you.
Never lose sight of who you are,
And know that you will always have my heart.
Sprawled longways 'neath the blankets on your mattress
My ears fervently absorb you through the walls.
Hazy rivers cascade from your shower head—
The cadence soothing and familiar.
Lathered soap foam leaves your skin and slaps the floor—
Deep-voiced Goliath strugg'ling to roll his Rs.
Then the giant goes still.
All is silent but the overhead fan.

Curtain sliding
Towel drying
Muffled footprints 'pon the carpet...
The bedroom door creaks open
To the whisper of my spreading smile.
Eloise 4d
threads of fire
and shatter the sky
in shards of

like shooting stars
they pierce the air
yet all I could think
was to wish
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