Amanda 1d
I have wasted an eternity
Figuring a way to change my heart
Now I see that all I needed
Was you to keep me from ripping apart

If I counted the healing ways
You hold me together better than glue
I think you would be surprised to find
It is a lot more than just a few

Day after day you patch the holes
Sew the tears in my heart and my mind
With your love I stay alive and well
You are just the healthy choice I've been hoping to find
This is one from 2012, i added the third stanza today though, it just didnt seem like a good spot to end it.
Amanda 1d
I was lost before I met you
I did not know where I was going
Needed to meet the right person
To get slow motivation flowing

I was broken, scared, and alone
You came along, made me whole
Took the past pain I felt
Lent comfort to my face and soul

You made the choice to be happy with me
Life has been better since that day
I have a reason to keep pushing forward
When skies are dark, still, and grey.
Thank you for taking a risk with your heart
I don't pray often
But when I do, I thank God
For giving me you
I really don't pray often. I don't know what I believe in. But sometimes, just in case someone is listening, I say a little thank you for putting him in my life.
Vallery 1d
He makes me happy,
The sound of his name brings peace.
The feel of his skin

colliding with mine
sends shivers right down my spine.
He has a good heart

with good intentions,
just the thought of harming me
envokes protection
Haleigh 2d
It was sweet
and fast.
However, the feeling will always last.
It sent bolts of lightening down my spine,
And sparks of electricity through my soul.
A gust of wind across my mind,
And a bond that seemed indestructible.
That feeling of perfection.
That feeling of protection
Making my head spin in all directions.
How could such complexity come from such a light touch?

It seemed so safe
So innocent
So lovely
However, it meant so much more.
For this light connection opened doors.
This little joke, a small playful score.
How did it turn to something so magical?

It was light as a feather
Soft as a cloud
Sweet as candy
And addictive like a drug
This small connection could only be a kiss
A true kiss;
That wakes a princess from her sleep,
Turns a toad into a prince.

A kiss that happens in dreams
In fairy tales
And fantasies
However, it was real.
It was my first real fairy tale kiss.
Amanda 3d
Your stride stirs something in my soul
My eyes awed at the sight of your skin
Scent carries traces of battered trust
Tip-toeing hesitantly, settling in.

I took one look, was lovingly pulled
By the smooth mystery bursting in your touch
The careful aura surrounding your outline
Drew me into your spellbinding clutch.

Your many tattoos tell intricate stories
Flesh inked with past knowledge you keep
I find myself cravings answers to each one
The first time fufillment has reached deep.

The calm comfort of your simple smile
Warms my cold core, a sunny glow
Wild winds of distress slowly dissapate
Then reappear with a forceful flow.

Experiencing these things is not easy
All I had before were distant dreams
Never once had a drop of true love, now my heart
Is full of it, rupturing at the seams.
Sometimes i love you so much it feels like my heart it going to tear right open; unable to contain it all.
jordan 3d
Our first date involved you shoving your tongue down my throat and i don’t know if it’s because you couldn’t get enough of me or you couldn't get rid of the taste of her.
You don’t know
What it’s like
To fall
                   with you
You don’t know
What it’s like
To hold on to you
                    while you push me away  
You don’t know
What it’s like
To constantly glace at my phone
                Waiting for your name to pop up
                                                     But it never does  
You don’t know
What it’s like
To have to let you go ...
                You’re like the tide
                      come and go when it’s  convenient  
                                            Fo­r you.
Natasha 4d
We were once friends
But friends don’t devour each other’s hearts
And leave what’s left
In the sun
To burn.

I want to overflow with hatred
Spit it in your face;
Rip out your heart and place it
Next to mine.

But I cave.
Isn’t it funny?
Even after all you’ve done,
I fear hating you the most.

In my spine
By a thousand knives
I forgive you.
Amanda 5d
I wish I could take
All your pain and suffering
And make it my own
It hurts watching you do it all by yourself. I want to make all the bad things go away forever.
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