Here, now, summer is synonymous with loneliness,
Scorching heat with empty houses and empty driveways.

In a few hours, your room with a future lost
Out of my own free will,
And the beach we used to frequent will be synonymous with the ghosts of hope and a lover scorned.

I called my uncle today and I almost cried.
His voice is synonymous with love unconditional and pure,
As he half-jokingly admits that he loves me more than my siblings
When I was young and sat on his shoulders and drooled on his hair,
I was synonymous with daughter years before he had his own.

As I text my friends, snort at their jokes and cringe at their mistakes,
I wonder
What am I synonymous with?
I'm breaking up with my boyfriend tonight
I miss my friends
I love my family
Haleigh 1d
In a tunnel of dark
You are my light
In the shadows of evil
You are so bright
You guide me away
From pain and suffering
And lead me to a place
Of hope and loving
You made me feel special
When i gave up on hope
You tied me down
With your special rope
You cleansed me
Of all the hate
And turned me into
A clean slate
You are special
In every way
And not a week goes by
Where i dont think of you every day
My boyfriend wrote this
Billie 2d
Sometimes I sit and think for a moment.
I read back over old conversations in my head,
commit them to memory to the point where I see them before me every time I close my eyes.
Because it doesn’t seem real how much you love me.

After my lifetime,
it feels strange to finally be in a place where I can think of my future,
and actually think about living it,
with someone else.
Being happy.
Having someone who wants me to feel safe,
and warm,
and protected,
and it’s almost surreal.
It’s strange having someone feel the same way about me that I feel about them.
You’ve become my new motivation,
knowing that if I work hard,
it’ll be so that our life together gets better and better.
With you,
I feel like I can push past any challenge presented to me.
I know that whatever happens,
as long as we’re together,
it’ll be okay.

I could never write enough poems to tell you how much I love you.
Because I love you more than every star in the sky,
every grain of sand on the beaches,
every leaf on the trees,
every drop of rain tonight,
every tear I’ve ever cried,
every word I’ve ever written,
I love you with every cell in my body.
You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
And I look forward to every day I get to spend with you.
You make my life brighter,
and much more fun.
I love you.
And I will continue to do so until the day I die.
i love him so much.
Chloe 2d
soft hands
against soft skin.
soft touches
draw sighs from within.

soft words
make everything okay.
soft smiles
make my entire day.

i miss you
even though it hasn't been that long
because it just doesn't feel right
when you're gone.
Chloe 2d
I want to lie
Naked by your side
Feeling your skin
Soft against mine.

Let me hear your words
Whispered in my ear
Tell me that you love me
Stay with me, here.

Call me all the sweet names
That put a smile onto my face
And press your lips against mine
Because I love the way you taste.
And I miss you.
Lizzie 3d
it's been a while since i felt this feeling
listening to your music on repeat
dreaming of the day we can be together for each song

"we've got our whole lives left, to make some memories"

imagining your rough-skinned, yet gentle touch
the smell of your clothes after work
the taste of your spit mixing with mine

"have you looking so pretty as we ride through the city"

picturing the late night trips for fast food at 2 am
while you drive, your hand on my thigh
the moonlight making our skin light up

"i want the entire street out of town just so i can be alone with you"

i want you all for myself,
because i'm selfish
and i love you.
a poem about my love for my boyfriend, Zach, using lyrics from songs i've stolen from him. (lyrics with their songs listed below)

"we've got our whole lives left, to make some memories" -Lost Boys by Ocean Park Standoff

"have you looking so pretty as we ride through the city" If You Were Mine by Ocean Park Standoff (ft Lil Yachty)

"i want the entire street out of town just so i can be alone with you" - Adore by Amy Shark
Amanda 3d
There was a girl
Who met a boy
Everyone before had
Treated her heart as a toy

You see, this girl was scared
He'd turn out same as the rest
Was reluctant to give him
Thing beating in her chest

Determined to prove her wrong
Every day gave her his time
Slowly the wall she put up
He fearlessly began to climb

Tried to push him away
Did not want him to get close
But when she parted from his touch
She craved just one more dose

He was falling for her as well
She stirred something locked inside
Re-awakening a hidden part
Of himself he was certain had died

Promised to be real with her
Told exactly how he felt
She heard him say "I love you"
Three words made her melt

It was clear she was worth risk
Though he too, had been hurt in the past
Somehow sensed this was different
From relationships that did not last

He threw pride and fear aside
Asked her to do the same
Took a little longer than he thought
Her resolve he was able to tame

She finally let him in
Let him see pieces that were broken
Found her wounds starting to heal
With every honest line spoken

He showed his darker side
Bravely bared all, it was tough
With each kiss and adoring look
Smoothed edges that were rough

Balanced eachothers scales
Two halves of one soul, complete
Both filled with ecstasy
From heads to floating feet

This is the place I leave our tale
Of love simple, pure, and true
If you have not guessed by now
She is me, he is you.
A bit different from my usual writing style
clara 4d
nanny told me
"you can run from everything
except for the man you love"
and i never did believe her
until i saw his silhouette in
the sand on a beach five hours
from home at one thirty AM.

he told me
"i want to build a universe around you"
and i am too stubborn to let him
he orbits the chip on my shoulder
until i learn to control my own tides
and encourage my own ebb and flow.

i told him
"you can't take it back"
but i meant to say
"i love you, too."
Taija 4d
I felt you in the air that night.

The windows were shut but a breeze still ignited a wave of goose bumps all over my body.

Wrapped up in blankets, I felt the touch of your frosted fingertips on my shoulder.

My love was never warm enough to melt your arctic presence.

Amanda 4d
I blame myself for the worry weighing down your weary soul
Lack of support and fights have been taking their toll
Need me to take care of you but I'm not sure that I can
Barely able to survive without an added man.

Have the brain of a woman, the heart of a girl
Constantly swept up in the day to day whirl
You, the steady voice of reason
Reliable no matter circumstances or season.

Tears never help me see clearer
Or wash away hurt shown in the mirror
Loud silence doesn't make you understand
Gloomy eyes glued to yours will not have you reaching for my hand.

Run far from here before it is too late
And we turn into people we hate
Time takes loved ones known, and those who know you,
And changes them into people you once knew.
It's sad when someone you know becomes someone you knew
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