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Jiya 4d
it's okay
if you're too broken
to love me

i'm broken too hard feelings...
If you’re Jim Jones, then I’m the drinker of the Kool-Aid
I will nod my head in submission and act unafraid
I shall follow in your footsteps and bow before your feet
For I am but a troubled girl who lacks a self-esteem

If you’re Charles Manson, then I’m your ardent devotee
My life, a mere sacrifice, for the desires of thee
Your love and approval is my only mode of existence
For I know nothing else, but am fearful of your distance

If you’re Marshall Applewhite, then I’m your Bonnie Lu
This world is blinded by sacrilege and doesn’t know the truth
So as the comet passes, and we are greeted by our deaths
I will kiss your cheek and say “you were worth my final breaths”

If you’re my spontaneous soulmate, then I am but a victim
For your sudden interest leads to a dangerous addiction
In a few weeks you will disappear and I will question why
While you tell your friends that you’re a "really nice guy”

And I will sit and wonder why you quickly lost interest
When I was unaware of your feelings of belligerence
After weeks of contemplation I will come to realize
That I too was but a sheep, that was herded on your lies
a sound, you slide down,
poetic dreaming
screaming loudly.
I was so wrong
Jiya 7d
my darling
we both have issues

don't shut me out
when you're sad

i love you too much
to ignore you

when you are in need of attention
especially now

i give you space
to grieve

over your emotions
at this time

but say hello
let me know you're still breathing

that you still love me.
lovers lie,
lovers be here now,
love is in the moment only
as nothing else
Cody Haag May 19
In a dream,
I saw his face
I knew he was
A boy to chase.
Heart of gold,
Eyes so kind.
The kind of guy
It's hard to find.
I want to be in love so badly.
I think of you
  in the vast, deepest recesses of my mind,
among whirlpools, and fountains
fairy forests and sienna deserts,
Californian sunlit highways,
  anywhere I could find
all the sweetest memories held by the two
of us in these oceanic landscapes.

I think of you
underneath the covers,
in these familiar sheets, on this lonely bed.
Eyes fluttering like shy butterflies,
soft noises and long sighs
embracing a pillow, like how I will hold you close
kissing you everywhere, head, eyelids to the nose
and finally your full lips
to have them part underneath mine
is a flavor I crave for.

I think of you
  miles and miles away,
where lockdowns and quarantines have become a normal
planes are stuck, hotels empty, airports have become ghost towns.
All the worlds' gatherings have been silenced, only nature has become Queen again.
We have resolved to think about what we have done,
in between pages of privilege, empathy, understanding and faith
and like all the people of the world
who are separated by oceans and unfamiliar lands,
I think of you in love,
with light
and with hope
that someday you will come to sleep and wake up in my arms
as I pray to be in yours.
Long Distance Relationships: Pandemic Edition. *******, Coronavirus.
I'm rarely happy and that is just pathetic
my love, since you came it was no longer the same
thank you for loving me
thank you for staying more than a week

I bet that you don't understand
that you aren't just a boyfriend but a whole savior
you made my world a better place
you made me forget about those ropes and bridges.

no matter how much poems I write about you
you will never see that
I will forever need you more than you ever need me.
Hannah May 18
Never have I ever thought I was pretty.
Never have I ever thought I was smart.
Never have I ever thought I was skinny.
Never have I ever thought I would get a boyfriend.
Never have I ever felt like someone believed in me.
Never have I ever felt not alone.
Never have I ever felt like I was enough.
Never have I ever not wanted you to know:
You ARE pretty.
You ARE smart.
You ARE perfect the way you are.
You DON'T need a boyfriend to live your best life.
You ARE believed in.
You ARE strong.
bianca May 16
I called you the night my dad was drunkenly following me around our trailer telling me that he was feeling just okay in his slurs
i ended up asking for help for the first time that night since I’ve always looked after him
my tía came and held me tightly in her arms telling me i was too young to be going through this while i watched him deteriorate above her shoulder
my mom picked me up and we drove the hour car ride home with nothing but my sobs and her fixated silence
i told you what happened and you kept asking me if I was okay
you sung me goofy princess songs and we spent the night watching ****** movie trailers and watched horror movies till four am
with the phone under my palm i was falling asleep to your breaths drifting away next to me
and that was the last time I’ve heard from you.
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